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Top Ten Fantasy Football QBs For 2020 (Ep. 831)

top ten fantasy football qbs 2020

Podcast Recap

The SGP guys start their fantasy football preview series with their Top Ten Fantasy Football QBs for 2020. The crew identifies some regression candidates, rookies who may crack the top ten and second year breakout stars.

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Speaker 1 (1m 31s): Joint, listening to the sports gambling podcast. Exclusively on SGPs.

Speaker 2 (1m 37s):

Speaker 0 (2m 11s): Good. Remember you went into the sports gambling podcasts. I’m Sean stacking the money. Green was my partner in pigs, right? Real money Kramer what’s happening. Kramer Falcon launch has, has been successful. Falcon launch has been successful. Are you talking space X

Speaker 1 (2m 29s): Just in general? I feel like much like it was a big day for America. It was a big day for NASA. It was a big day for space X. When they launched that rocket, it’s a bigger day for the sports gambling podcast, the sports gambling podcast network, the DJs out there because we are officially launching 2020 NFL content. It’s no longer way too early. No, it’s no longer ridiculous to talk about football. Although we are still short of July 4th,

Speaker 0 (2m 59s): Well and

Speaker 3 (3m 0s): Special times call for special circumstances. August is going to be insane with the NBA playoffs heating up there, assuming they all decided to go to Orlando, Kyrie Irving King, classic Kyrie Irving fashion, trying to have a mutiny. What are we doing? It’s one point the players are losing one point $2 billion. If they don’t play. I don’t see that happening. Who knows though, at predicting, what’s going to happen in 2020, besides a, when it comes to football. And of course I am the SIM God. So simulations I’m dominating, but the rest of predictions have been off.

My favorite part is people on social media going, you, you can’t tell these players what to do. You can’t, you can’t tell them what’s best for them. It’s like, no, sorry, lady. That’s what sports talk is all about telling players what they’re doing, right? And telling them what they’re doing wrong. And they, their, their job is to play sports. We, you know, make millions of dollars, have their own opinions and thoughts, but I can have opinions on that. And it’s called sport sock. You’re right. You’re wrong. You suck. You don’t suck.

That’s what it’s all about. And I think what’s happening here is I think people are conflating people wanting to stand for something and send a message. And maybe that’s holding out. Maybe that’s what the, what we’re talking about here. But they’re all, they’re conflating this with a guy who just doesn’t want to play like, yeah, this isn’t like, I mean, this is a controversial, controversial thing to say because of what’s going on in the world right now. But Kyries backing into this reason for not playing. I’m not trying to be a Dick. Like Kyrie has not been a thoughtful guy.

His entire career. He’s been a lazy guy. Well path when the path of least resistance presented itself to Kyrie, he took it every single time, including when that meant not going on the internet and learning about how the earth was round. And just assuming it was flat, something,

Speaker 0 (4m 53s): Some would argue that he is thoughtful because he thinks outside the box. You just assume it’s around because you’ve been programmed Kramer. Alright, enough enough about basketball? No one, no one really gives a shit about that. The guys are gonna play, check out our, our playoff preview podcast. Tons of stuff to bet on, including where they’re going to stay and play or props. All the action is up

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Speaker 1 (6m 27s): Sean, when you earlier sent me, that sent me that just Jim, where you’re like, we got to do a podcast, the EPLs back, I got to get our boy Billy, back on the pod. It’s going to be, I’m going to tweet it out. It’s going to be on the Instagram, but just showing shot of me, calling for soccer, content, Sean, being excited. I am excited, but really I’m excited for the only real football, the national football league. We have some listener questions. We have our top 10 Kramer. How are we going to do the listener questions you want to, you want to get a couple right now?

Should we get the, I like when you just ask the question, are there some questions for you? There are some questions. And I think why don’t we get at, why don’t we get out of the, out of the way? There’s a couple that are clearly troll questions. So can I feel like worth answering any anyway, let’s hear them starting off with, at Indian kid 23. Assuming he can say that. Cause he is Indian. It’s not Indiana kid to be okay. So either of the country, India’s name is Jamie, which I don’t know what’s going on either way.

He tried to some Jamie’s on customer service calls before Jalen hurts, better fantasy football season and Carson Wentz you. Okay? I read it. Are you happy? It’s a hot, it’s a hot take, right? But it’s also one of these where

Speaker 5 (7m 44s): So Carson

Speaker 1 (7m 45s): Wentz shows that he can be a durable franchise. Quarterback started 16 games last year. Unlike Danny dimes. We’re not talking about again. This is where, when I know things are affecting you at a personal level, you’re immediately attacking. We didn’t even bring up. Danny dimes. Danny dime should not be a threat to you. Danny dimes is not a franchise quarterback yet. Danny dimes is not a threat to the Eagles yet, yet when I bring up the fact that Carson Wentz is not durable. The first thing you do is try to throw a hand grenade at Danny dives that tells me you are scared. My friend, look, I think the interesting thing here is that Jalen hurts.

We’ll contribute fantasy points. I’m going to assume, I’m going to assume. We’re going to walk into the season where Jalen hurts is not even the backup quarterback. He’s a, he’s a gimmick player. Who’s learning the system. It’ll be interesting. There’s a, there’s a world where he’s not active on game day. I think they do figure out a way to crowbar them into some passages teams maybe, but especially early, I, he may not be active because he’s not going to shake. It’s going to be so hard for him to beat out stud failed for the number two job that he’s going to sit there as a, as a number three, maybe he’s worth drafting in the last round.

If Wentz gets injured, maybe he does end becoming the number two or maybe he is involved enough in that taste them Hill type role where it makes sense, playing him in the flex. I don’t see that. Especially with all the miles, they have to feed on offense already, but maybe, maybe you draft a minute for those who are like, Hey, I’m doing a 28 round best ball draft with FFPC, you know, do I take a stab? But maybe if you have Carson, once you grab him, but even in the situation where you think he might be a gimmick player, look what tastes some Hill’s done. It’s not like he’s going to flash onto your roster and a basketball format.

So yeah, even, even in season long, are you ever playing a taste them? Hell, I mean, I think even never, I mean, in those like DFS one game, it’s a troll. We’re taking too much time for that. If we, if we address the trolls like this every time the gram 303 wants to know, does Danny dimes just make the top 32 quarterbacks lists now? That’s that is also a bit of a troll question. Ryan, I’ll let you handle that one. Well, I think, you know, you, when you, when you take a look at what he did last year, what did he do? Like throw out the numbers because he obviously through the, through a lot of pics, that’s fine.

A lot of, a lot of players who have gone on to be great players have thrown a lot of pics in their first year. I’m just saying he held onto the ball a little bit too long. That’s concerning because that’s more of a mechanical problem to me, that’s a problem. And that leaves the fumbles. But I think much like when he was coming into the year, you know, when you watched him play, I think objectively Sean, even you would say his arm talent and his athleticism, some surprised people he’s got more arm talent than I think people thought.

And he definitely has more athleticism than people thought. Now, can he refine it? Year one, a year or two under the tutelage of Freddie kitchens and Jason character, Jason Garrett, again, I’m buying into the all rise Joe judge system. And again, I’ve given you the argument, Sean, that perhaps Jason Garrett maybe falls in this category too, but definitely Freddy kitchens where he was promoted past his worth. He’s back to being a play caller, essentially, which is what he thrived at. It’s the reason they made him a head coach in Cleveland.

So I’m going to, I’m going to roll the dice and say that if he can take a big step from year one to year two, he can absolutely become a top 32 quarterback in the NFL. All right, that’s a hot take. I think I seriously considered putting him on the top 10 fantasy list. He did not make my list, but I think you can make that case pretty easily. We see that year one year two jump. And you know, here’s where the insight comes in the bad defense and they could be playing catchup. And as much as Danny diamond struggled in his rookie year, he did have games where he had four touchdowns, five times.

I think he had one. Did he have one five touchdown game? Am I crazy where he put up serious? I came prepared today. Sean, if you look at, and, and specifically about Denny dimes, if you look at Danny dimes per game average, and I’m using, you know, I want to say I’m using the, the a 20 yard

Speaker 3 (11m 54s): Four point per touchdown, one point per interception scoring. He averaged more points than per game. Again, he averaged more points than Tom Brady, Jared guy, Jimmy Garappolo, Phillip rivers, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Derek Carr, Kirk cousins, Baker Mayfield Gardner men’s shoe. That wasn’t a two incredibly impressive one, but the point Mitch to risky Sam Darnold like, I can keep doing this. The point being he was on an a per average basis.

He was right next to Carson Wentz right next to Aaron Rogers, right below that kind of upper echelon of fantasy quarterback. So do I think he can take a step forward and be a 18 to 20 point per game guy? Yeah. And if he does that guess where that puts him? Well, last year, a Josh Allen, 18.6, Kyler Murray, 18.6, my homes 20.8, Russell Wilson, 20.8. So that’s pretty high praise. And, and you know, the thesis of this episode will be wait on your quarterback.

I think, I think we’re both on the same page there, but that’s a good reason why. Right? Daniel Jones, if you look at, if you look at a lot of rankings, I would say, let’s, let’s go with a con, I would say even quote, I’m using fantasy pros dot cap. Okay. For the 2019. So a good job of making kind of a consensus ranking. So it’s kind of an industry wide ranking. I believe they have him around

Speaker 1 (13m 22s): 15. Is that correct? That sounds about right. So yeah, I, I, you could make the case again. He didn’t make my list. No, but especially with the, like you said, they could be playing from behind. Maybe they open the offense a little bit. Maybe he makes a step up the formula. Is there Kramer? Why don’t we kick things off? We’re kind of doing the episode without doing the episode. Well, it’s, we’re working, we’re working our way in there. Give us your number 10 quarterback. Oh, backwards of four. I’m always, you always get me with this.

Why would we not go? We, you saved the best for the end because this isn’t the top, the obvious stuff. Isn’t the

Speaker 3 (14m 0s): All right. Hot take here, because I think, I think he’s a guy and here’s what I’ll say first. I think they’re much like we discussed last year. I think there’s probably a group of, I don’t know, six guys at the top seven guys at the top in whether we want to say one or two tiers, maybe even three tiers after that. I think, I think from, from that like seven, eight, maybe even nine range all the way down to like 17, it’s a lot of the same guys.

So this becomes about preference. And while I will say, Sean, you’re going to be able to get a steal on Carson ones this year. And, and Carson Wentz, I think met a lot of rankings. He’s not in the top 10 Sean, which as much as I want to hate on Carson Wentz, that feels like from a per game perspective, if he’s on the field, he’s scoring better than a top 10 quarterback.

Speaker 1 (14m 52s): It’s about the injuries for him. So what did I do? I wanted to make sure I got a good backhanded complimented on, on you early. So Carson Wentz is my number 10 while I have him higher than the industry. I just think a lot of this is about we’re talking to the common man. We’re not talking to Ryan Kramer. Who’s going to do a bunch of ridiculously deep drafts where there’s no depth, but, but in a situation where I can just wait and take Carson once is one of the last quarterbacks taken in a situation where when he gets hurt, cool, I’ll drop him and go somewhere else.

I love the upside potential on a per game basis. You know, you’ve talked about Deshaun Jackson, staying healthy. They’ve added some weapons there. There’s there’s reason to believe miles Sanders. There’s reasons to believe this team could be good. So I’ll Sanders in the screen game. I think one nugget worth using when you’re talking yourself into Carson Wentz and I, of course, don’t have a number of 10 minutes. I have a few spots. I figured I didn’t give him. Number one. I looked back at our rankings last year. I made him number one, possibly led to chinks in the season.

So I did not give him the number one slot. I think one set that stands out for me when you’re making the case for Carson Wentz, 4,000 yards passing without a receiver, having over 500 yards receiving. So that to me just shows he was able to get a lot with a little, if you, if these speed guys come through, if Sean Jackson stays healthy, if they can get something out, a rager out of the outside, the two tight end set miles, Sanders pass, catching, and ability has been huge for them last year. And I think it only gets better.

We’ll save him for the, the running back show. But Sean, funny enough, only three guys average in the seventeens, right? In a cluster. And that’s Carson Wentz, Danny dimes and Aaron Rogers in per game per game, fantasy points. And, and even if you look at last year, Carson once was nine. Why do I think he’s gonna regress with better talent? Maybe he doesn’t play the whole season. Maybe that’s the angle, but again, from a per, from a per game basis, I think he has the ability to take a slight step forward. And again, if you can get a guy who’s going to be flirting with 20 plus points per game, that is an absolute steal.

And again, waiting, you’re not wrong. You’re not blowing it. Third quarterback. Yeah. You don’t need to draft him that early. Wait til nine guys in your league already drafted quarterback. And you’re still ending up with Carson. Wetsuit could very easily be a top three fantasy. There’s another guy. I mean, did you, did you already go 10? No, my number 10. There’s always one rookie who finds his way into the top 10. Now a lot of chalk outlets, a lot of bread and butter outlets are just copying and pasting their ranks. I go against the grain. Isaiah, when the industry zigs, you’re not going to see this guy in a lot of top 10 lists and I’ll have to see how he does in training camp, but by early number 10 fantasy football quarterback gimme to, Ooh, I I’m, I’m kind of, I like it.

I’m in a weird spot because I don’t like him longterm as a quarterback. I, but

Speaker 0 (17m 50s): However, I think there’s tremendous fantasy value for him in this dolphins team. If he’s a day, one starter, you have to see if that happens. He’s a guy that’s going to make plays. If he feels pressure, he’s going to run around. And I think this Miami offense that Miami offense looked good with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Now maybe they ease them into the starting role. So then he’s not a number 10 fantasy football quarterback, but there’s always a rookie who cracks the top 10 and fancy. And I think too, it could be this guy. I love the Brian Flores team. They seem to rally around him.

And again, conditioning is going to be an issue. This season, Miami at home, with the heat, with the humidity, you want a guy who’s very comfortable playing in that environment. He played in Alabama hot and humid, sticky. And I think, I think Miami early in the same way that Denver is going to have a nice home field advantage, especially early look for Miami to have that same. So give me two, a number 10 and you like it

Speaker 3 (18m 42s): To see someone who can use their legs. Kyler was the example from this past year, finishing it number seven. And again, a lot of that was solely because the legs. So I liked that pick two is on my just missed. I do think that if you look at the rookies, I think to, I think Herbert probably we’re not going to see Starlink tie rod. It’s going to be hard, hard to imagine tie rod not starting to start the year there. Then when you look at smokey Joe up in Cincy, I think, I think you can, you can talk yourself into that one too. I think all of those guys have the upside of skirting.

The top 10. I just don’t think any of them have the pure mobility. That’s going to raise that floor up enough and there’s going to be

Speaker 0 (19m 21s): Touchdowns. Like don’t you just see them running a wild cat with two in near the goal line and him just lowering the shoulder and getting in there. They’re going to be worried. He gets on. And maybe that’s the case. I want to see with you though. I’m with you. I wish I want to see what happens in a preseason Kramer. Who’s your number nine.

Speaker 3 (19m 36s): Well, I, I told you I wanted to give you a backhanded compliment. Yes. So I, I I’m buying into Jo judge. And if I’m buying into Joe judge and I’m buying into Jason Garrett and Freddy kitchens, that’s because Danny dimes has taken that step forward. And I just called out. They profiled similar last year. They both have, there’s both a lot of really good reasons to think they could take a step forward. Carson Wentz with the talent around him, Danny dimes, with the maturity in the NFL. I’m going to put them at number nine because that’s the smack in the face.

I think he’s just going to have more opportunities with the bad defense. The Eagles, the Eagles project is one of the top defenses in the NFC. So I don’t think Carson Wentz is going to have as many of those comeback, garbage time stat patters,

Speaker 0 (20m 22s): This guy. I mean, it’s hard. He’s over the Hill, but I still think he’s got enough in the tank that warrants a top 10 fantasy ranking for me. Don’t do it. It’s a little chalky, but give me Tom Brady. No, it’s, it’s chalky for sure. But to me it’s more about proofs hearing quarterbacks. They just kit fantasy points. And there is, there is the case that he’s over the Hill, but he does. He doesn’t have Gronk, you know, Goodwin. He has, I mean, he’s got Mike Evans, like he’s gonna have decent enough numbers and maybe not.

It’s a little too high, but I wanted to throw one of the older aging vets in there. Some of the guys that didn’t make my list, I’ll throw this right at Aaron Rogers, not on my top 10 list, Matt Ryan, who will, a lot of people are sneakily high on not on my list and drew Brees. Now to my top 10, I kind of had to pick one of those guys from that group. I went with Brady and it’s mostly cause I like crock

Speaker 3 (21m 19s): Well, and I, I, I’m an, I’m just going to throw out the killer bees because I braise and Brady didn’t make my top 10 if you’re drafting them. Cool, wait, wait on it. But if someone’s, here’s why I do this every year, Sean, but I kind of explained to my rankings. Also I do have bias towards guys who I know that some asshole is going to take way too high. And I think Brady’s a guy that, but also as much as I wanted to make sure I put them at a point where I would never feel the need to take them.

Speaker 0 (21m 45s): He even in that shitty new England offense with not a lot of weapons, which is making him excuse me, because certainly his ability to throw the ball hurt that team. They S he still had 4,000 yards and 24 touchdowns. So if you can just get up to 30 touchdowns, which I think he could in this Tampa Bay scheme, I think he’s, he’s certainly tapped 10. Now I I’m, I’m down on maybe the wind total of the box. That’s what I’m leaning right now, but top 10 fantasy for Tom Brady. That that makes sense to me. Who’s your number eight.

Speaker 3 (22m 15s): Well, and we, we kinda just, I, my list is crazy, I think, but I’m going Baker Mayfield here. I think he’s probably going to go lower. He’s a guy that I’m probably gonna end up with way too much of, because

Speaker 0 (22m 32s): Now what are you talking yourself into this, the fancy angle.

Speaker 3 (22m 35s): I’m just talking myself into the fact that he had, that he had the moment he had the career changing season, where he was shit. He, it was the circus. Everything could have everything that went wrong, went wrong and everything that was supposed to go, right? Didn’t Baker’s got talent all around him. He still is a first round pick. And I think he still probably has the talent if they can just overcome the circus aspect, which now you get rid of that. You put a guy in who maybe again, Freddy kitchens was not a head coach. There were a lot of things wrong with that situation.

I wanted to get a little hot Taiki here. And again, I think putting Baker here, I wanted to put someone in the like Ben Roethlisberger, Baker Mayfield, like just wacky, going to have an offense where they’re slinging it around a lot. I know Nick Chubb is going to be the guy, but I just think there’s a lot of opportunities. This, this, this is going to be a high scoring offense. And I think we might get the year, the year late, like post hype. Cleveland’s a good team.

Speaker 0 (23m 31s): It’s weird. I feel like even though last year was the hype year for the Cleveland brand. There’s even media members that are like, Hey, we’re one year off. The media has gotten smarter and they’re yeah, they’re realizing, okay. We were one year off. We’re going to hold on this team, Kramer, this team, I missed their hype by one year. And this guy, I guarantee you is not on anyone’s top 10 fantasy lists. There’s always one quarterback makes that year. One to year two jump. You gave it to Danny dimes.

I’m going to give it to another quarterback. True Locke, Whoa, little, little hot Taiki. I like it. I, and it’s based off a small sample size. He played five games. He only had seven touchdowns in those, but the kid is kind of a winner. They’ve given him a ton of a skill players around him, Melvin Gordon. And of course we got the kid from Colorado that we love running out of the backfield. Phillip Lindsay, Phillip Lindsay. I keep blanking on his name, but Portland, sun. Yeah, Courtland Sutton, Natalie, Judy, have you seen the videos of Judy working our fan?

This team, they have a bunch of skill players around them. And I think that the conditioning thing could be a thing early that they jump out to a couple of quick leads, drew Locke. He’s riding that confidence. He’s right. He has that starter swag and he gets off to a nice little start there. So this is, it’s a bit of a projection because we saw him on such a limited sample size, but give me drew lock. No, one’s talking about him. And again, if he’s your starting quarterback week one and you, and you waited the last round of drafting, which you probably can do, I I’m fine with that.

Maybe draft two of these guys, you draft two and or maybe you get, someone’s going to take Brady, but you know what I mean? Like you take two of these guys that are probably in the 15, 16 range. Maybe even take a shot at drew luck, back them up with like a Matt Ryan draft them late. And I think you’re in a good spot

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When you sign, enter the code SGP at checkout box of awesome dotcom code SGP 20% off your first box and showing real quick. I was just making some notes because I, I, I feel like we didn’t talk

Speaker 3 (26m 44s): About the Rogers things. I also don’t have Rogers in my top, top 10. And I think it’s more just because clearly they’re trying to go a different direction and it’s not, it’s no longer going to be the Rogers show. So I figured I’d share with people my 11 through 20. Can I do that real quick, Ryan Rogers to lock, which Ryan Rogers, Ryan Rogers, Matt, Ryan. I really, I, I hate him, but I, I do kind of live in this Falcons, in the dome to a lock Brady breeze, Stafford cousins, borough, and last guy, Tanny Hill.

Speaker 0 (27m 17s): Tannahill that, that one’s tough. Cause they’re going to, you know, they’re going to keep feeding Henry. I have a feeling he plays good, but I don’t know if I want to mess with them. Number seven, what do you got?

Speaker 3 (27m 26s): All right. So now we got, and I want to share those 10 because to me like eight through 20, or maybe I would draw it. Like I ended up Brady, but like eight through 15, that’s all the same to me. So I’m waiting now. Now you’re entering what I’m calling the tier of guys who can use their legs or Patrick, my homes. So to start with this one, I know Kyler finished here last year and I know I’m I’m I guess by, by this nature, not looking, not seeing any progression in his game, I think he will have a better season.

I just don’t think he’s going to get as many rushing yards. I think him having a better year as him being more successful in the passing game. So I think we’re going to see a lot of points kind of shift, and we’re going to see more wins in that column, which is important. So I’m going to go Kyler Murray here. He certainly, you know, the next couple of guys I have you’ll you’ll see, Sean are very much like guys who can use their legs guys who use their, their arms. And I just, I couldn’t put Kyler ahead of any of them. So Kyler Murray is my set number seven guy.

Speaker 0 (28m 33s): I also have Kyla Marie, number seven. You didn’t even mention the Deandre Hopkins acquisition. I think that’s a big part.

Speaker 3 (28m 40s): I think a lot of people are going to say there’s more net new points. And I just think maybe they’re not going to be losing by a shitload all the time. So maybe he’s not getting garbage points. Maybe he’s not needing to run for all those yards.

Speaker 0 (28m 52s): And me and everyone is kind of dubbing Kyler as that second year guy, who’s going to make a jump. But I think contrary what we saw, like the, the, the point against scholar Murray is he had this rookie year where they were down a lot. Oftentimes he’s scrambling around making place. Now the films out, they have a year of film on the Kingsbury system. Sometimes that can make things tougher for him. So I think projecting him at seven when he finished seven last year is kind of realistic. So is it weird that he could progress and still end up with the same amount of point? I guess that’s, we’re saying the same thing.

He can, he can have a better year plane, but not maybe be as successful in the fantasy world. Alright. Who do you got? Number six.

Speaker 3 (29m 31s): Six. And this is really a lot to do with injury injured. Like I would say the next, like, this is the tear of Kyler question Mark, and a couple other question marks and my number six guys is going to be the Shawn Watson. Are we, are we rolling?

Speaker 0 (29m 47s): Yes. I also had to show Watson.

Speaker 3 (29m 49s): And unfortunately here this again, I don’t think if you’re going to draft a guy high and his name’s not Patrick with Holmes. He has to be able to throw the ball or run the ball. And with Deshaun Watson, the reason he’s in the Murray zone is because he’s just, I don’t see how he gets through the season this year. They get, they took away his best weapon. I don’t see how he gets through the season. And he’s probably not even on my draft board, honestly.

Speaker 0 (30m 13s): Yeah, he’s, he’s maybe not a guy I’m going to take a shot on if you end up with him, that’s fine. But what do you,

Speaker 3 (30m 19s): You know what, I’ll switch them to seventh actually, while we’re talking.

Speaker 0 (30m 21s): Okay. You’re going to swap, I, I think the case for him besides the whole missing D hop and the injury thing, which, which are both valid. One thing that stood out to me that could be kind of a regression thing is the, if you look at his, I dammit, I had it right up here, but his is rushing from last year. He had nine rushing touchdowns, which is kind of crazy and feels like a bit of an outlier. If you look at his attempts traditionally and what he normally does nine or sorry, seven rushing touchdowns for Deshaun Watson feels like a lot.

And I don’t know if he can do that. He had seven the previous two years, and then he has seven. Again. I don’t know if he’s going to get seven again. I think that’s one thing that kind of scares me. But all that being said, I think number six, seven makes sense for him. So number six

Speaker 3 (31m 11s): And keep in mind last year, he, he was only, outpointed on a per game basis by Lamar Jackson. He missed a game, still ended up fifth. So, you know, he didn’t get it done. I just, it just feels like we’re skirting.

Speaker 0 (31m 23s): We’re he’s going to explode, but he’s also playing in the AFC South.

Speaker 3 (31m 29s): Yeah, but they’re, they’ve been driving the car on the freeway in second gear for like a thousand miles.

Speaker 0 (31m 35s): When they put the donut on only drive 30 miles with the donut on bill. Brian’s had this doughnut on this team for four and a half years. Something’s going to blow out four and a half years just going up and down the Panama city drag

Speaker 3 (31m 47s): Where I picture bill O’Brien vacationing my number five. Wait, is it my turn? Yeah. My number five guy, you know, he brought me a lot of, a lot of fun moments in Madden mayhem. And that’s Josh Allen. I like him to take a slight step up this year. I know you’d be like, well, Ryan, you know, you look at the averages. He’s, he’s just not there. He’s going to make some boneheaded plays. I just, he is an absolute firecracker when it comes to variants. And if you’re, if there’s one guy I might reach for this year in terms of a quarterback, it’s going to be this Josh Allen, are we, are we having the same ranking?

Speaker 0 (32m 22s): No, no, no. Josh Allen is in my top 10. He’s not my number five. It kind of ties into a question front of the program. Pat Fischer checks in on Twitter. Does Kramer think that Josh Allen is QB one? This season QB one material, certainly. Right.

Speaker 3 (32m 38s): In fact, yes. You have to, you have to take if you’re drafting Jay, here’s the problem. If you’re drafting Josh Allen, you’re drafting him in a position where he’s gotta be here. Like you’re drafting him before the last quarterback you’re this is a guy that’s probably being drafted.

Speaker 0 (32m 53s): What’s his ADP. Do we know? It looks like his ADP is seven.

Speaker 3 (32m 59s): What those source I’m looking at ADP as seventh quarterback, seventh quarterback drafted, which typically that’s, you know, typically the way the quarterback market’s going to go and we’ll, we’ll get to this, that your, your top tier guys, Lamar, you know, whoever else you like up there, they’re probably, you know, depending on the league, third round fourth round, maybe fifth round. So I would imagine Josh, Allen’s a guy you’re taking in the sixth, seventh round, maybe eighth round. Again, I like weighting better. I do like Josh because I very much like Josh in best ball leagues.

And I’m taking him in basketball league because he could be boom bust. There’s not many guys on this list that can put up 40 and he’s one of them.

Speaker 0 (33m 37s): My number five Carson Wentz didn’t want to put them higher. Didn’t want to jinx him. But we hit on some of those points. The 4,000 passing yards without the 500 yards receiving the legit speed they’ve added on the outside to me. I, and again, this is a he’s, he’s got a fully healthy off season. Now the off seasons, obviously pretty weird. But speaking to that point, he’s in a division where he’s going to have six games, all against teams who are installing a new defense with a new head coach.

And on the short and off season, that’s going to present a lot of opportunities. I love what they, the Eagles have done as far as bringing in the, you know, these new offensive minds to kind of do some of what Shanahan and the Ravens did. They brought in morning wag. They brought in ScareLA to do some of that play action stuff. Get those tight ends involved in that’s. When Carson Wentz is looked at as best play action, getting them outside of the pocket, kind of putting him in a good position to create those Carson Wentz type plays.

Health could be an issue, but he started all 16 games last year. I’m looking for that Shannon this year, gimme Carson Wentz. Number five.

Speaker 3 (34m 46s): I love your restraint. I love your restraint.

Speaker 6 (34m 49s): I’m a new man Kramer. Well, cause I didn’t want to jinx it last year. I put them number one and I feel partly responsible for jinxing in him. We’re talking football, we’re talking sports sports are back, baby. Perfect time to start your own sports book. And you can do that by just going ACE per GP. Use that link. Get up to six weeks free leading paper and providers start your own sports hook. Don’t need to know anything really about running a sports book or operating a website. They’ll get you set up.

They’ll get you taken care of use that link ACE per G P a

Speaker 0 (35m 28s): Final for Kramer. I feel a little

Speaker 3 (35m 31s): Dirty about this one. I got two more guys in this, in this go home and get your fine. So this, this is my next tier. This is the tier of dudes who are just going to have an insane opportunity. One because he’s the only dude on his team and that’s Russell Wilson and the other in Russell he’s next. But the next guy is rain, rain, Dakota. Oh my God. He just can’t eat well. And again, I’m never, I’m not going to be taking a quarterback this high.

So I probably won’t end up with DAC, but sorry, reign Dakota. But if you, you can’t ignore the fact that he will use his legs. You can’t ignore the weapons around him and you can’t ignore the fantasy production of Mike McCarthy offenses in the past. Now you might say, Hey, well, Aaron Rogers is pretty fucking good. Agreed, agreed. But Mike McCarthy was the coach and it was his offense. And you know, you could argue Aaron Rogers never had these weapons. So if DAC can do what he’s been doing, and by the way, he was the number two quarterback last year.

I know it’s gross to say that, Sean.

Speaker 0 (36m 38s): No, of course.

Speaker 3 (36m 42s): And again, he was only out pointed on a per game basis by Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson. So that’s pretty fine company up there, but sure. Maybe heels out. Maybe it doesn’t play. That’d be great. But if we’re talking about he’s playing he’s, he’s, he’s, he’s suiting up and you’re drafting them because you know, he’s suiting up. You gotta, I you’re silly if you don’t take him here and you know what? Yeah. Put ’em put ’em or four. I can’t make them three.

Speaker 0 (37m 4s): I did not have a Dakota rain Prescott in my top 10. I, my soul would not allow me to do that Kramer and earlier, but I mean, he’s gotta be a Thompson. He’s gotta be a top 10 quarterback. That doesn’t mean he has to be in my list. You can, you can put them in your list. Doesn’t have to, my dad, there’s a chance. Maybe I’ll listen to the podcast. Although I forget if I mentioned this already, but I told my dad, dad, we’re having a lot of like big name athletes on the podcast lately. And Dan BB, you know, thrown out some of the guys who have coming up, maybe even possible Eagles.

And then I threw in, I go, yeah. And we just also had a, you wouldn’t believe it. Well, we had Jim McMahon on that was a great interview. And then I go and one really enjoyed Joe Theismann. And then my dad just go Theismann. Huh? I always thought he was a pussy. So dad, daddy, not a huge Joe Theismann fan. I didn’t follow up as to why he thought he was a pussy. Maybe. Cause he let you explain the pump returning. Yeah. I mean he returned punts with a one bar face mask. I, I don’t like him as a red skin, but it’s tough to call that guy pussy. He did let Lawrence Taylor break his legs.

So maybe that’s why my dad wasn’t a huge fan. Brussel. Wilson is my number four fantasy football quarterback. Again, he puts the team on his back. He gets it. He just gets it done. And 30 plus touchdowns in the last three seasons, which is when you’re doing the math. That’s rare. You see that kind of consistency. I’m done waiting for him to regress because every year in passing touchdowns, there’s usually a high and a low. We saw that with my homes, 50 touchdowns and then 26, Russell Wilson has just consistently 30 touchdowns. Plus I went back since 2013.

He’s been a top 10 fantasy football quarterback every year, except one, he was 11. So even you never think like Seattle has this high power dynamic offense and you may be scared away cause they’re always running the ball. But Russell Wilson just gets you those points. He, he’s not afraid to run, to get the first down. So Russell Wilson.

Speaker 3 (38m 58s): And I think, you know, what we might’ve seen last year is he might’ve found a real weapon that he likes to throw you into. So, you know, he’s been his best when he’s had those receivers that can go down the field and kind of play that, that jump ball game. And then you sprinkle in lock it. If he could just say healthy and maybe a little bit, little bit of the, the, the, the running back passing game. Again, it I’m done thinking that Russell Wilson is gonna regress. I’m thinking I’m done thinking he’s touchdown per percentage is going to regress. He just means too much to that team’s offense.

And while they’ll frustratingly run the ball repeatedly, just like they do in Madden mayhem. At some point they always give Russ the ball and tell him to go win the game. So that’s when he racks up those points for you. I can tell you

Speaker 0 (39m 39s): Third down. So we’ll get a couple of scrambles, maybe a couple of Russian Tufts.

Speaker 3 (39m 41s): If there’s a guy like he probably, if I look at my rankings and I think about where guys might go, Russ is a guy that I, I do think there’s a chance. People are down by the time we’re drafting preseason and people are down on him again, because there’s, you know, you get the rookie hype, you get, you get the fact that so-and-so is going to be, you know, everyone’s going to be super high on deck because of the Mike McCarthy. Everyone’s going to reference this another hot take. People will reference just like they’re going to tell you that since he has some good players and Joe burrow is a potential sleeper, they’re going to tell you that Aaron Rogers, Mike, that Mike McCarthy offense was top 10 for eight straight years,

Speaker 0 (40m 20s): Russell Wilson right now, 12th street. We’re in a, in an era where Russell Wilson’s kind of boring. You know what I mean? Like who’s, unless you’re in a league with the Seahawks fan who is taking Russell Wilson in the first half of the draft, no one. And I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t say draft him in the first half of the draft. I’m just saying, once quarterback start going, he’s not going to be the first one. He probably wanted him to be the first five quarterbacks going. People want that shiny new thing. They either want the Lamar Jackson, the Patrick, my homes, the person who had a huge year, last year, probably not going to do quite the same thing or they want someone that they have.

That’s kind of like the secret, you know, that guy making that one year to two year jump. I think a lot of people are going to be overdrafting, Kyla Marie, but no one’s going to be overdrafted and Russell Wilson. And there’s going to be a ton of value there. I think the goal of the guys in mind,

Speaker 3 (41m 3s): My, my like top tier of quarterbacks, those top seven, the guys who can use their legs. I think the one guy who I’m going to be much higher than is Russ. But again, what you’re saying, I think the people will sell themselves on Watson and Allen and Marie over them. I think people will potentially sell themselves on Brady over him, you know? And so I think in, in, you know, your home draft, one Wentz is going to go before Russell. So I think I, I definitely think you’re right. I think Russ is going to be a guy who falls probably further than he should. And if you’re comfortable using a mid round pick on a quarterback, he could be that guy.

Number three for me. Yep. Let’s do a top three. Well, we just did it. I was trimming in it’s Russ. And this is, this is like, so for me really it, the tear is like Russ and DAC. And then the tier is Josh Allen down to Marie. And then this is the end. And now, now we’re going to the top two tier. So yeah, I would everything you said about Russ and just the consistency again, I’m probably gonna employ a, take a late quarterback. So I don’t know if any of these guys make sense for me, but Ross is the one guy I could see if I’m sitting there in the seventh round eighth round, maybe I’d take him.

Speaker 0 (42m 10s): Number three for me, Lamar Jackson. I mean, I think we’ve kind of hit on it. I think he’s going to be, he’s going to be in the mix. He he’s still going to be running the ball a lot. I don’t think he’s going to have that MVP type year. I think he’s going to have a similar, similar drop that Mahoney has had. I mean, he didn’t have 50 touchdowns, but I think he’s still going to be productive in that offense. He’s going to be involved. I just don’t think it, I don’t think it’s going to be everything worked out for Baltimore, except of course, when they got into the playoffs and they felt the wrath of hashtag tighten up Lamar Jackson though, I can only go down and you don’t, it’s very rare to see in the modern NFL, back to back years of a running quarterback, putting up huge numbers, here’s the thing.


Speaker 3 (42m 57s): Averaged over six points more than the next highest per game average. He, he scored 70 over 70 points more than the next person in this case stack. I just think Lamar, Jackson’s going to re I agree with you. He’s going to regress. He’s my number two guy. So I’ll keep going. But he could regress.

Speaker 0 (43m 20s): He had 1200 yards rushing. You’re not, he’s not getting over a thousand this year. That just doesn’t happen.

Speaker 3 (43m 25s): Yeah. You take those points away. He still was the number one quarterback by 50 points. That’s all, that’s my point. So that regression will happen. And I think he would, I think he regresses by as much as 15%, 20% and the points 15%, he’s still the number one guy. You know what I’m saying? So he could lose a lot of his points. He’s still the best. I think it’s hard to ignore the floor that, that running game creates. And to your point, sure. Maybe the difference is he rushes for 900 yards instead of 1200. Maybe he drops a couple of touchdowns, but if he drops 300 yards and five touchdowns, how many points is that?


Speaker 0 (44m 1s): I’m still the number one guy I’m worried. I’m worried about the caries again. He’s he’s number three. So I’m high on him. I just think, I think there’s some people that ended up passing by my number two, Patti, my homes, I think adding and never love what you did by the way. What do you mean? Continue Edward to layer, getting him involved in that screen game. Andy Reed loves that. The only reason he wasn’t higher last year for fantasy was that injury on that QB sneak kind of took him out. What’s I mean, Patrick homes with confidence now, the world’s his oyster.

I mean, I think he puts up similar numbers in a 16 game slate. I don’t see why he’s not going to be number two. I think they, I think he has positive touchdown regression, which is crazy considering he had 26 touchdowns last year, the pendulum’s going to swing back a little bit. He had 50 the year before 26 last year, I think 35 plus is right in that perfect wheelhouse for Patrick moms. And in fairness in his fit, the 50 touchdown year, he had an insane

Speaker 3 (45m 0s): Touchdown percentage. I believe it was 10% or something insane like that. So I think elite quarterbacks tend to sit around 6%, but he, he, yeah, he regrets too far. So I’m with you. I, I have him as my number one guy and I think it’s, you know, I think the only reason he wasn’t the number one guy last year is he missed a couple of games and Lamar Jackson had the season of seasons. Again. I, like I said, Lamar Jackson outscored everyone by lots of points to, to put you put it in perspective. Lamar Jackson outscored the sixth guy last year, Josh Allen, by 125 points.

That’s insane. That’s 425 down to 300. So the point being there’s a lot of space for the, to come back. But yeah, my homes is the guy. I don’t know. It’s Andy Reid’s offense. Sure. The hangover might be there. The defense still, isn’t going to be stellar. They’re still going to need to throw the ball. He now has gotten hurt. So maybe he’ll tone it down a little bit with his arrogant bullshit. And I think if he focuses, if he can stay focused, I mean, there’s a good chance when we’re, when we’re all done with this. Patrick Holmes is the greatest ever.

Like he has that ceiling

Speaker 0 (46m 10s): Even greater than John L

Speaker 3 (46m 12s): I don’t want to, I don’t want to be too hot Taiki, but they’re what is stopping them other than Andy Reid’s time, man. I mean, they’re there they’re clearly the best team in the NFL when they’re playing their best game.

Speaker 0 (46m 25s): Well, and I was listening to an Eagle’s podcast. They had Jeremy Macklin on and he said he was watching the super bowl. He’s really happy for Andy Reed to get that super bowl to kind of cement his legacy. And he brought up a good point. He goes a lot of this stuff that we’re doing the end of Andy Reed era. And even when he was in Kansas city, it was awesome to kind of see the natural progression. Like he’s taken this stuff and everyone used to give him so much shit in Philadelphia for running, for never running the ball for always passing, always passing.

He was ahead of the curve. And now I think it’s just that perfect time. He has the quarterback. He has all the skill players. The defense is good enough that, I mean, you know, just to keep them in the game and what’s not to their division, very, very winnable. And it just lines up for another dominant year for the chiefs. It’s hard to go against them right now where we stand in mid June.

Speaker 3 (47m 19s): Just imagine if, if they had gotten their wish and gotten Mitchell true bisky instead of Patrick homes,

Speaker 0 (47m 25s): They really missed out Kramer. My number one, I love it from the city of Buffalo, hashtag bills mafia, gimme Josh Allen you’re number one, fantasy football quarterback, 17 rushing touchdowns. The past two years eight in 2018, nine, and 2019, they brought in digs. The division is up for grabs, whatever he’s doing in the off season, he’s gonna figure it out. Titan. He’s a high variance guy. He’s a boomer bus guy, but the turnovers don’t really hurt you that much in fantasy.

I think the defense will put them in good situations feel position-wise and it just feels like Josh Allen. What I saw out of him, even though they lost that playoff game, but he’s just a guy who doesn’t give a shit. He’s ready to put his body on the line. And maybe it’s a short shelf life for Josh out, but all things being equal, I could see 20, 20 being the year of Josh Allen and Jim just kind of balling out. So if you’re in a draft,

Speaker 3 (48m 23s): So maybe, maybe it’s the it’s the, you already had six. Are you taking them in the sixth round? You’ve drafted two running backs, two wide receivers and maybe a tight end.

Speaker 0 (48m 33s): Well, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to let someone else dip their toe in drafting quarterbacks because no one in the leagues I’m in is going to take Josh Allen. Number one. No, but no one anywhere. Don’t worry, Sean. Well, I can probably get him as the six seventh quarterback drafted. Feel like I’m in a good spot with number one potential. And can I tell you what I’ve done? Yes. In best ball a couple of days, you gotta lock him up in basketball.

Speaker 3 (48m 56s): I’ve taken, I’ve done a Kyler Murray job. I had the first pick. So on one of the snakes, I just went Alan Murray and I just grabbed a little early. I think it was like seven, eight or eight, nine. I forget what it was, whatever it would have been there. And I just went early and grabbed him. Because again, I mean, I think by the time we’re, I do think by the time fall comes, Sean, John, the secret’s going to be at Josh. Allen’s four’s too high for you to let him slip past it.

Speaker 0 (49m 23s): 17 rushing touchdowns the past two years. And he’s coming off a year where he only had 3000 yards passing. I think that’s going to go up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a 4,000

Speaker 3 (49m 33s): Digs has an M like digs was catching passes from Kirk cousins. Yeah. Equally enact.

Speaker 0 (49m 38s): If he just gets a couple of those deep balls, which inevitably I think he will from Stefan, someone digs is going to catch a couple deep balls. And I think that combined with Josh Allen, the way they run, they even got him involved. I mean, he had a receiving touchdown in the playoffs. I’m telling you like this, guy’s going to have a magical fantasy year. I can feel it. And you can get him at a great number. So maybe it doesn’t quite hit that. Number one. But man, I love, I love rolling the dice on Josh Allen this year. And maybe a lot of it is from watching him in Madden, mayhem and simulated Madden tournament.


Speaker 3 (50m 13s): How many people were saying Lamar Jackson was going to be the number one guy,

Speaker 0 (50m 18s): Perfect example. There is always that one to two year a year run. And it always is a, a lot of times it is a guy who can run a guy who the ability

Speaker 1 (50m 28s): To pick up first downs with his legs in today’s NFL at you, you have to differentiate yourself with the ability to score six point touchdowns on the ground and get those again, right? Like you run for 40, 50 yards. It’s four or five points extra. It’s the reason is another guy who, if you want to go early and take some of these guys in later, I mean, Mitch might lose his job, but his, he had a high floor too, because he would fucking run the ball. And it’s just, it’s the cheat code. It’s the absolute Chico. It’s the same thing as the PPR wide receiver, right?

The guy who catches eight balls for 60 yards. It’s the cheat code. Yeah. I mean real, just to kind of do the mat there for you nine rushing touchdowns. That’s what, 54 fantasy points that works out to 13 and a half passing touchdown. So if, if he throws for like 33 passing touchdowns and you throw on maybe another 12 touchdowns worth of passing points, that’s like 45 touchdowns for Josh Allen. And that’s, that’s very reasonable. Any, he seems like a guy who doesn’t get banged up too much.

Even though he takes a bunch of heads from Wyoming. Sean, country’s strong, man that we have never had a K metric. Faler never had a cane metric score. That high also be the number one fantasy quarterback.

Speaker 6 (51m 43s): It’s pretty rare Kramer for we wrap things up. I want to give a shout out to cushy dreams. That’s all right. Cause she dreams premium smokable C B D my wife. She tried out the smuggle CVD said thumbs up recommended to your listeners. I’m enjoying the creative pre-rolls Kramer. I know you’re a, you’re a peace pre-roll CBD guy, straight up piece, straight up piece shipping legally, all 50 States pre-rolls are really cheap.

You know? Great. If you’re just hanging out on the porch, the deck to a little social distancing in your backyard, fire up a nice little CBD. Pre-roll go to cushy, promo code S GP cushy Promo could SGP smoke your CB D because you can. Hell ya. Oh yeah.

Speaker 1 (52m 31s): Sean. Hell yeah, indeed. Oh man. Felt good to talk real football. We’re going to be doing a think, try and do one of these a week. Moving forward, breaking down the different positions. Yeah. And I, I, someone asked me if, if we post our fantasy rankings anywhere and I said, well, there’s a podcast. You should listen to it. But they were more like, well, what about your like top 500 rankings? And I’m like, well, that sounds like another podcast. Maybe, maybe we’ll do something. We’ll say, yeah, well I think we will. Maybe we do. We should do a mock draft for sure.

Like, yeah, we’ll do a mock draft podcast. Well, if you guys are interested, I think we should be starting to do some more best ball content and know basketball is kind of a heating up. And popularity is way ahead of that curve. With the, you know, the Oregon trail guy with the best ball, getting out there, doing it for years. I remember like I was, I might probably as many as five years ago, July 4th, Dick Olson sends a text. He goes, hop

Speaker 3 (53m 26s): In this. I split this $1,200 basketball team with me were drafted in July.

Speaker 0 (53m 33s): Dick has been a been off the grid, but we gotta, we gotta locate him. Get him back. The return of Dick Olson do it’s a fantasy content. And of course, all June we’ll be doing a SIM summer continues, college football tournament, Saturday and Sunday nights, eight o’clock East early game, 10 o’clock East Lake game and Madden Sims Thursday and Friday night, same time. And you get all the information sports game. My POS on Twitter at gambling podcast. Anything else?

Check out the Jim McMahon interview. That was awesome.

Speaker 3 (54m 6s): Go to all the interviews we’ve been doing. We almost should, should like figure out a way to get these in front of people again, because we have about a dozen. I feel like over the, over the past couple of months, while, while the quarantine has been hit, people are going to start coming back. They’re going to be flocking back. And while they flack back to us, they should make sure that they’re subscribed to the sports gambling podcast network feed. Because not only is the EPL show coming up.

Speaker 0 (54m 29s): Oh,

Speaker 3 (54m 30s): But Billy Billy’s been just working overtime, doing fight shows almost every week for the UFC events. DAS Boone does league a show, which is new to the sports gambling podcast network. If you, if you want to wait for a little while and he even did a little illegal content, we have the NBA odds pod is heating up with the playoffs around the corner shot. What else do we have? Three dog Thursday. They were, they were hitting on the golf’s return.

Speaker 0 (54m 55s): Schwab Schwab challenge that went down.

Speaker 3 (54m 58s): We have a new podcast on the horizon. Stay tuned for that. Perhaps. I’m pretty excited for it. Not going to tell you any more than that, but hit that subscribe button, sports, gambling podcast, network feed. And of course the college experience feed. If you’re wondering where it went, it spun off to its own feed. You can get all the Colby you would. He now has no time restrictions. He can go for five hours if he wants to. So green light again, look that, look that up the college experience anywhere good podcasts are sold.

Speaker 0 (55m 29s): Thank you for participating in the sports gambling podcast for the sports gaming podcasts. I’m Sean stacking the money green and he is Ryan

Speaker 7 (55m 36s):

Speaker 3 (55m 39s): Kramer. Let it ride. .

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