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best interviews sports gambling podcast

As always Sean Green and Ryan Kramer are bringing you the best of the best on the Sports Gambling Podcast. You may have noticed that they are starting to rack up some big-name interviews and some memorable moments.

Instead of making you listen through the lesser moments, let’s be real though there are not too many of those, we have selected the best moments and interviews from the recent history of the SGP. So kick back, pour yourself a cold one, and let it ride with the best of SGP.

Joe Theismann – Punts and Oreos

Joe Theismann stops by and joins the gang to talk similarities between the 2020 NFL Draft and when he was drafted, minus all the cameras in houses. Listening to the greatest quarterback in Washington history talk about how he started as a punt-returner might give Taysom Hill and Saints’ fans some hope for their future as well.

He also discusses the Washington quarterback situation and offers up thoughts on Dwayne Haskins. Oh, and Mrs. Theismann stops by with some Oreos as well.

Mike Leach – Bigfoot and the Air Raid

We here at SGP really love our football and the football coaches love us too. Mike Leach joins the guys talking about all things Washington State Football. Including his hopes to recruit two-way superstar “Bigfoot” and his influences on the team.

Anytime Coach Leach joins us it is gonna be a good time, but this was great to talk about his career in the classroom as a college professor as well. He also discusses his use of counter-intelligence and spycraft in the college football world.

Jake “the Snake” Plummer – Beatin’ dem Boys and CBD

There’s a Snake on the loose at SGP! Jake Plummer exposes the values of handball as a cross-training activity and tells us some of the hardest battles he has had on the handball court. Also listen as he dives into the value of CBD, how he has used it, and how he promotes it for recovery and more.

He also plugs his tech company for teaching the mental side of the game and how ReadyListPro can improve coaching for players of all levels from youth football on up to the pros. Plus, anyone who loves beating the Cowboys is a highlight of the show in our book.

June Jones – Barry Sanders Wanted to Return

June Jones is one of the most well-traveled coaches having coached at every level of football from high school to the NFL and everything in between. He talks about his stops and philosophy along the way including the NFL, University of Hawaii, and XFL. We also get the inside story of Jerry Glanville always leaving tickets for Elvis.

The biggest bombshell was Jones claiming Barry Sanders did not want to retire and would have returned had Jones been the Lions coach. Jones tells the guys that if he had been named Lions coach Barry would have played another “two or three years.” Lions fans will be pained by that news, but for the rest of us, it is a great anecdote about the futility of Detroit.

Lenny Dykstra – Blackmailing Umps

Sean and Ryan spent an entire interview with Lenny confirming what many of us already suspected about baseball in the 80s and 90s. Pete Rose’s gambling was an open secret and amphetamine use was rampant. Then beyond those juicy nuggets, we get to hear Nails explain why he hates Ron Darling and talks up why he considers himself a “missionary man.”

Dykstra then drops a nugget for all the degens out there when he talks about always betting the away team on getaway day. So all you degens out there pay attention to those Sunday games to wrap a road stand and bet against the away team. But wait, the best comes when Dykstra tells us Degen Nation that he spent a half-million dollars on digging up dirt to blackmail umps into shrinking the strike zone when he was at bat during the 1993 season. It seems like it worked too. Credit to Jeff Fox for breaking down this episode even more!

Bill Burr – He’s Bill Fucking Burr

Burr is friend of the show numero uno. He has made multiple appearances, but his rant about Super Bowl 52’s sieve-like defense. Plus he drags Sean for calling out Tom Brady and claiming Nick Foles had a better game, despite Brady throwing for 500 yards. Bill continues to defend his Pats and comparing the Super Bowl to a “division three high school game” for its lack of punts.

Anytime Bill Burr joins the show it will be a great day, even if he is a no-good Patriots fan. Bonus re-listen for the fact that it was show #600!

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