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7 Takeaways From Lenny Dykstra On The Sports Gambling Podcast

7 Takeaways From Lenny Dykstra On The Sports Gambling Podcast

Everyone’s favorite toothless, dumpster diving, cunnilingus aficionado Lenny Dykstra (oh ya – former MLB all-star and convicted felon, too) made a memorable appearance on the Sports Gambling Podcast yesterday, and the man known as Nails came through in the clutch once again. Go here for the full Lenny Dysktra interview.

While any time Lenny opens his mouth it’s worth a listen, here are a lucky seven takeaways from the interview, with approximate timestamps.

1) Pete Rose’s Gambling Was an Open Secret (11:00)

7 Takeaways From Lenny Dykstra On The Sports Gambling Podcast

Since this is a sports gambling site, let’s start with some gambling talk. It’s now widely, publicly known that former star baseball player and manager Pete Rose was (is?) a degenerate gambler. This included the unforgivable sin of betting on games that he was involved in.

Lenny says it was an open secret while Rose was managing that he was putting money on his games. Questionable pitching decisions was how he tipped his hand, claims Nails.

2) Bet Against Away Team on Getaway Day (14:00)

Another betting tip from Dykstra. Always bet against the away team when it’s getaway day in baseball. His theory is that the away guys have been out partying and enjoying the extracurricular activities in whatever town they’ve been camped out in, and are spent by the final game. So Sunday afternoons, check the away teams on the board’s schedule, and if you see one that’s been away from home for awhile, short them.

3) Nails Used to Blackmail Umpires (17:00)

Blackmail is a strong term, but that is pretty much what Nails did to the umpires in 1993.

He claims he spent half a million dollars digging up incriminating evidence on MLB’s umpires before the 1993 season. He then used this info to “persuade” the home plate umpire to shrink his strike zone.

Dykstra’s numbers seem to bear out this point as he enjoyed his best year in 1993, going from 40 walks to 129. On top of leading the league in free passes, he also lead the league in runs and hits and came second in MVP voting. Money well spent.

4) Amphetamine Use Was Rampant (20:00)

No real shocking revelation here. Everyone knows that baseball players relied on “uppers” back in the day. Moving on..

5) Lenny Hates Ron Darling (22:00)

7 Takeaways From Lenny Dykstra On The Sports Gambling Podcast

This is pretty much well known at this point now too, as Lenny is suing him. Former teammate Ron Darling made the mistake of writing some baseless accusations of Dykstra being a racist in his book.

Not a good idea to get into a pissing fight with Nails. Plenty of vitriol comes Darling’s way in this podcast.

6) Lenny Is A Self Proclaimed Missionary Man


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Lenny Dykstra breaks down why he’s a self proclaimed “missionary man” when it comes to sex. #Phillies⠀ ⠀ LINK IN BIO

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Lenny may be an animal on and off the baseball diamond but when it comes to his sex he’s all about the missionary position. He’s also worried about possibly breaking his dick.

7) Yankees vs Dodgers in the World Series (47:00)

The conversation ends with a little more sports gambling talk. Lenny predicts the 2019 World Series will see the New York Yankees take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Not really going out on much of a limb here.

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