10 Best NFL Beefs: Mason Rudolph vs Myles Garrett, Aaron Rodgers vs Matt LaFleur, DeVante Parker vs Michael Thomas

Josh Allen is tough and his beef with PFF will prove just how tough.

The 2020 NFL season is fast approaching and we are fully into the hot stove season for football. Nothing makes football better than one-on-one battles of two players going head-to-head on the field.

However, there are too many good NFL beefs that are not just player-on-player, why limit the beef? The summer is going by quick, so know your beefs so you can claim your NFL beef of choice now.

10 Players Aaron Rodgers Hates

10. Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky

The clock is ticking on Mitchell Trubisky’s tenure as the QB1 in Chicago. He has put up sub-par performance after sub-par performance over his three years as the Bears starter. Enter the Big Nick Energy of Nick Foles, formerly of Jacksonville and Philadelphia. Nick Foles may be the newcomer to the Windy City, but on a Bears team stacked with talent he will quickly contend to be the starter under center.

On a team that has built its roster around not disrupting Mitch’s delicate ego, the addition of Foles will certainly lead to unrest. Nick Foles will come in and bring his BDE and expect to be a starter from day one. Most NFL locker rooms want the best talent on the field and Foles knows he is better than Mitch. Look for the animosity to simmer all season and eventually grow to full-grown beef by Week 5.

9. Tom Brady and Drew Brees

After years of looking outside the division, Tom Brady finally has a divisional rival at quarterback who is nearly his equal in the pantheon of quarterbacks. Brady and Brees both have a desire and drive to be the best and now they get to prove who is better in two head-to-head matchups in 2020.

Circle these games as both aging QBs will try to assert their dominance over the other and claim NFC South supremacy. The games should be high-scoring and provide plenty of chances for both of them to claim the upper hand in their beef over who is the best QB in the NFC South.

10 NFL Players Tom Brady Hates

8. Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes

The only way the Monday Night Week 3 game between Mahomes and Jackson could be better is if they hated each other the way Jordan hated Isiah. However, even without that level of beef, this rivalry is gonna be beefy for years to come.

Just looking at highlights of these two from last year, the one-ups will be coming all night. Buckle in for what should be a great start to what will be the premier quarterback beef for the next ten years, fingers crossed. All we can hope for to make this game even better is Lamar calling out Mahomes or vice-a-versa in the leadup to the game. Whatever happened to some good old fashioned animosity between players? Lamar and Mahomes could build this NFL beef into something special.

7. Cam Newton and the Haters

As of writing this piece, Former MVP Cam Newton remains without an NFL job. That is a travesty. You know it, I know it, and most importantly Cam knows it. With each workout video and post-workout picture he posts, you know he is keeping a tally of everyone who doubts him and every team who passes up on him.

When Cam finally does sign with a team for the 2020 NFL season, he will be a man on a mission. He will be out to prove that he is not only a starting-caliber quarterback but that he is also a long-term answer for a franchise. A motivated Cam should scare whoever lines up across for him and you know Cam will not be shy about letting everyone who doubted him know what he thinks about them. This is 100% grade A beef coming in right now and we should all be ready for the show.


6. Dak Prescott and Jerry Jones

Dak Prescott’s agent should be on the phone daily with Jerry Jones doing his best Jerry Macguire impression. As of writing, Dak remains unsigned to a long-term deal and Jones just took another shot across Dak’s bow by bringing in Andy Dalton to be the QB2 in Dallas. With each passing day, Dak has to be brooding more and more while Jerry tips his hand and shows how little trust he has in Dak long-term.

If Jerry truly believed in Dak he would have paid him a long time ago. However, they have been at a stalemate for a while. It remains to be seen if we will see this animosity start to bubble up. You can feel the tension starting to build in Dallas and we can only hope that Dak starts lobbing bombs in Jerry World over his contract to really turn up the heat on this Texas-sized beef.

5. Ronald Jones and Ke’Shawn Vaughn

In 2019 Ronald Jones finished the year averaging 5.1 yards-per-touch with a little over 200 touches. This is a better average than Zeke and Josh Jacobs, but Jones never managed to lock down the RB1 job in Tampa. Fast forward to this offseason and Tompa Bay has brought in Ke’Shawn Vaughn as a shiny new addition for Bruce Arians and Tom Brady.

Ronald Jones has to be steaming like a White Castle slider right now. Despite being a capable and talented veteran, he is suddenly being talked about as an afterthought to a rookie who’s college team went 3-9 last year. Jones has earned the right to play with a more capable quarterback and you can bet he has little interest in backing-up Vaughn. The beef will just stack higher and higher this year if Arians does not commit to one back as the year goes on.

4. Josh Allen and Pro Football Focus

Pro Football Focus is thought to be a Mecca of analytics and football wisdom. Yet for some mind-boggling reason, they HATE Josh Allen. Not dislike slightly, not think he is overrated, HATE him. They compared him to Mitchell “Sad Sack” Trubisky the other day.

Josh Allen is a quarterback on a team that won 11 games last year and was a blown call or some better tackling away from winning a road playoff game. PFF can continue to ride the Josh Allen hate train, but Josh has plenty of cowboy in him and he will remember this all season. Look forward to the press conferences when Allen throws shade at the analytics “masterminds” while hurdling more hapless defenders en-route to a Bills playoff run.

3. DeVante Parker and Michael Thomas

Stop the presses! Why are we mentioning Devante Parker and Michael Thomas in the same sentence? Because a meaningless Instagram poll by the NFL on Fox has sparked a beef between two top-ten receivers. Nothing like two superstar receivers sniping at each other on social media to refocus our attention on the actual game of football.

The two superstar receivers spent a good amount of time sniping back and forth with Thomas talking down Parker as an under-achieving first-rounder, while Parker called out Thomas for benefiting from being force-fed targets. Thomas makes his thoughts clear that Parker does not belong in the elite-receiver territory. We all look forward to continued sniping between these two off the field, and hope it keeps going until we can watch the two of them go shot for shot on it.

2. Mason Rudolph and Myles Garrett

Dear Steelers, please put Mason Rudolph on the field for both games against the Browns. The AFC North provides some of the best beef in the NFL, and the Garrett/Rudolph beef could be one of the greatest of all time. Mason initiated one of the all-time ugliest incidents in NFL history that ended with him taking a shot from his own helmet to the head.

Myles Garrett is a dominant force and his beef with a backup, below-average quarterback could be so much better if Rudolph were starting again. With these two teams playing twice a year from now until eternity, it could be so much juicier if Rudolph was competent and not a punk who starts fights. This whole incident started when he tried to rip Garrett’s helmet off and kicked him in the nuts. It remains a miscarriage of justice that he was never suspended for his role in the brawl.

1. Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur

Matt Lafleur drafted a quarterback in the first round who has a less than stellar track record in college. Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks of this generation. There is not much to say here, A-aron is one to hold a grudge for a while, just ask his family.

LaFleur most likely resents Rodgers getting so much credit for his success. This NFL beef will be simmering on the hot stove all year and will boil over more than once. Grab your popcorn and enjoy it.

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