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NFL 2020 Schedule Interactive Prediction Grid

NFL 2020 Schedule Interactive Prediction Grid

The NFL Schedule Prediction Grid is back for the 2020 season!  NFL released the team schedules for 2020 last night and now it is time to get in on those early team win totals.

You can fill out the grid that is embedded below or for the best results, use the fullscreen app here.

The app is simple to use:

  • Go through a team’s schedule
  • Click once to mark a win (it will turn green)
  • Click a second time to mark a loss (it will turn red)
  • Click a third time to reset that game
  • When marking a game as a win/loss for a team, it will mark the opponent’s game accordingly
  • Example:
    • Team A vs Team B
    • Marking Team A with a win will go mark Team B with a loss for the same game and vice versa

Once you mark the wins and losses for the entire season, then head on over to the Standings tab and view those win totals and division winners so you can lock in those futures!

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