UFC 249 Picks, Last Dance & Madden Mayhem Week 2 (Ep. 819)

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The guys recap the ‘Last Dance‘ and pay homage to the gambling G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan. Plus Madden Mayhem recap from week one and week two picks. Rich Slaton (@RichSlaton) joins the podcast to give out UFC 249 picks and more!

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Speaker 0 (1m 39s): welcome everyone to the Sports Gambling Podcast side. And Sean stacking that money green was my partner in Picks Ryan. Real money. Kramer. What’s happening? Crime, dog. Sup homie. Uh, nothing man. Just didn’t see you taking a sip there. I would’ve, I would’ve gone longer. No, you know, normally, normally you, you fill that little, uh, that little area. There was some, some riffing, some talking. You try, you just throw this up on me and that’s, that’s all I had. I’m pulling a A.

I’m pulling a Michael Jordan here with just the glass of whiskey sitting right next to me. Uh, you know what it is? It’s, it’s Tuesday, Sean, and you know what? Tuesday is thirsty Tuesday. Tuesday is the longest. It’s the point in the week where I’m further away from Madden MAYhem on both sides. All right. So I’m Jones’ and it’s been two full days since I’ve seen a game and it’s two full days till I’ll see another game, Sean. But I’m excited to talk about it. Yeah, we’re going to talk about Madden MAYhem give out our Picks here for a week too, and then returned to the program Rich slate and giving you all the information you need for UFC two 49 of course.

Uh, yeah. I mean we, we go through all the Picks there. Kramer, were you able to pull up the A UFC music? Why? You know, I, I went to go hit one that I thought it was the UFC

Speaker 3 (3m 0s): music. It is not,

Speaker 0 (3m 3s): is, it wasn’t

Speaker 3 (3m 4s): got to be in front of my face somewhere. There’s only so many things on the soundboard and yet it’s so hard to follow it. You need to eat. You need to reload it. Add it in the playlist. Yeah. Oh, Jesus Christ. I’m certainly not prepared then.

Speaker 0 (3m 20s): Alright, well you can try and figure that out and why you while you do Kramer just to everyone, remember we’re brought to you by MyBookie tat agg, and they’re doing a $49 free bets on a UFC two 49. It’s pretty easy to just make a $49 wager on Donald Sironi versus Anthony Pettis. And if you win, Hey, you win. If you lose, your $49 will be refunded as a credit. But again, go over to MyBookie dot age. You use the promo code SGP.

Get up to $1,000 in bonus bets, and it’s the exclusive home to Madden MAYhem, all the Madden MAYhem spreads, all the UFC spreads. We’re going to be given out later with Rich all courtesy of our good pals over at MyBookie dot. A G Kramer, before we get into Madden MAYhem of course, a Last Dance been watching it, been loving it. Uh, Michael Jordan versus the world is just awesome. I love, I love how petty is. I love how he’s just, it’s like he wants to kill everyone.

No survivors. That’s, that’s what’s really makes him so fun to watch as a competitor. And then the Gambling stuff comes in finally in episode six and it’s hilarious just seeing him throw quarters to like see who gets the quarter closest to the wall with this albino security guard. I don’t know what’s going on with him and super light. It wasn’t a white guy with a Jerry curl. Maybe it was, maybe it was just the white guy with the Jerry Jerry curl albino vibes to me. There was something going on with that dude.

But uh, yeah, and it was great when they Amman Rashad finally got him for the sit down and they’re asking Jordan like, do you have a, do you have a gambling problem? He’s like, nah, man, about a gambling problem. My wife would be starving my kids and be starving. He’s like, I don’t have a gambling problem. I have a competitiveness problem, which I want to get that on a tee shirt. And the next time my wife as if I have a gambling problem. Quick side note went on a heater over at the MyBookie dad. Hey G blackjack table, red hot A. So I just, I’m gonna use that as my neck.

Speaker 3 (5m 25s): Sean, you called it out because when they were tossing quarters, it made me, it reminded me of a, an old time if they were making a documentary about Ryan real money, Kramer, there certainly would be a chapter about a certain, uh, high school soccer trip out to the great state of Oregon A to play. Some are the best teams on the West coast. Well, you got a bunch of dudes who are all very much in a Gambling and playing cards, uh, and, and some rich kids on the teams.

I remember we, we fleeced one of the rich kids for like 500 bucks. I had to go to his parents to ask us for the money. Uh, for some reason, that story of watching Michael Jordan just be like, yo, my one verse your four. I’m like, Oh my God, dude, he’s got it. He is, he’s got that, he’s got that gene so hard and, and, and, and frankly when he, I love that he wanted to go on record, but it’s crazy to me that no one, Ahmad Rashad, no one said, Hey dude, you look like a cokehead right now.

Take like, I should’ve brought a prop for the, for the show. I forgot we were doing, we were doing video shot, but he’s like, you know, you don’t know. I got a problem. I ain’t got a problem. I’m here, aren’t I? Everyone’s healthy. What’s wrong? This Jesus man, like fucking relax.

Speaker 0 (6m 44s): He did have a ashy Larry vibes from the world, from the world series of dicer. He’s like, come on man. Just, I just need one more hand. The black Jack A dude, it was so great. He was just, he’s like, no, fuck everyone. Yeah, so what? I paid this a slim guy, $57,000 due and that was so great when the courtroom sketch of slim, his trial, they decided to add his golf clubs into the courtroom sketch. Oh man. And he must be just so, I think he’s like, he must be decent enough at golf that he thinks he can win all this money.

But Oh man, he got it.

Speaker 3 (7m 22s): You got to give it up for Jordan and, and there’s elements of this where I’m like, wow, like I’m immediately like, John, man, I’ve been saying LeBron’s better than Jordan. That’s very hot. Taiki I’m totally wrong. And then I’m like, wait a second. Jordan is like a mastermind sociopath here. That’s what I’m dealing with when they have a story of him doing X and they come back and he’s like, A just went down. ACO my family, no big deal. I’m like, I believe the man, I believe that he just wanted to get out of the city, but in reality I’m also that guy that knows he was looking to go place the F $100 let it ride because he was down 20 K you know what I mean?

Like that dude is a junky and, and he’s a junkie of the best kind. He’s a junkie with the bottomless pit of money. So, and, and the willingness to be like, you know what little squirmy bitch, I’m not paying you. Good luck collecting. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (8m 14s): Yeah. For those who’ve never been, you don’t just casually go to Atlantic city. It’s a, it’s an event. It’s a choice you make. You’re not just like, Oh, go to Atlantic city. It’s like, no, you go there for emission. And the only mission is Gambling. It’s not like Vegas where, Oh, you go for the ambiance and the shows and the dinners. It’s like, no, you go just for degenerate level activities. Um, but yeah, I mean I’m sure, I’m sure our boy Michael Jordan would be getting in if he’s, if he’s not throwing quarters against the wall, you know, he’d be getting into some of this Madden MAYhem Kramer, just straight domination Jordan would be proud.

Um, six and two against the spread betting you heads up and even better you threw in like A you started chasing and uh, I got, I got a second half in that A crazy Vikings game where they almost, uh, it was like Vikings bears, right. And I bet the team total late. And the two point conversion almost to end the game, get some to 25 but then the bear’s and Travis ski drive down and kick the game winning field goal. So, uh, I dunno, you have to look at the simulation making.

Speaker 3 (9m 25s): Let’s just recap. Let’s go do a quick rapid fire recap.

Speaker 0 (9m 30s): Sure. Well, all right, I’ll blow through these chiefs. 41 31. A the spread against the chargers. Chargers are catching 10 and a half. That was a crazy ending cause the chiefs, they couldn’t get the clock run out and instead they kick a 61 yard field goal, which is insane.

Speaker 3 (9m 47s): You were on the wrong side of this one. Uh, so, but that’s all right. It’s all right.

Speaker 0 (9m 53s): Herbert played well. And if you’re looking ahead that the chief’s defense is the real issue.

Speaker 3 (9m 58s): I mean, Herbert played well in defeat. He, uh, he slung it, uh, three and I remember, uh, Colby Dance not happy with the start, slung it for touchdowns, 370 yards. But in the end he just, it wasn’t enough because he was going against Patrick Holmes who, Oh, by the way, there were for 385 yards.

Speaker 0 (10m 19s): A Vegas, the Vegas Raiders, 34, Broncos 30. Now this line that we actually ended betting, uh, it closed that one and a half. We picked it on the podcast, that four and a half, it’s created as a win for me because, uh, I don’t know cause I got your $50, but um, interesting game, Broncos, Raiders back and forth, close game, AFC West battle. I don’t think the writers have a shot against the chiefs, but we’ll get to that criminal.

What was your take?

Speaker 3 (10m 52s): Uh, you know, the Raiders, there’s something going on there. Nelson Aguilar, a fresh start out there and decent. He absolutely, I mean if you wanna talk about, and if by the way, I’m going to tout my own workshop cause I put it in the effort, you should go check it out. I’ve been having fun with them. But, uh, you know, you look at the stat sheet and you’d be very surprised to see Nelson Aguilar sitting there with an eight for one to 10 and a touchdown line. Um, I mean, look, a lot of receivers have peaked the a hundred yard Mark 14 in fact, but I would say Nelson Aguilar did it in a quiet sense and, and you know, for sure the chiefs are going to be the favorite, but uh, I’m very much looking forward to this matchup.

Uh, next, sorry, not this Thursday but the following Thursday, May 14th, because I do think this Raiders team is sneaky. I think they have the ability to run the rock and I think we saw that Kansas city is going to struggle there. Sorry, we’re not, this is not rapid fire.

Speaker 0 (11m 48s): No, new Orleans 31 Panthers eight I had the saints, they rolled and me, there’s one of the teams A I would Mark his as a real, real tough out in this Turney moving forward.

Speaker 3 (12m 1s): I mean in the end it was Christian McCaffrey versus a whole team of people and A

Speaker 0 (12m 6s): Teddy bear drive and just kept checking down. And that this was probably the only game that wasn’t that fun to watch. Falcons 27 against the new luck, uh, Tampa Bay bucks, who, uh, I mean, they had a ton of offensive weapons. Couldn’t get it done. Matt Ray, I mean, Julio Jones, like once he figured out to just keep throwing it through Julio Jones, they dominated. But, uh, yeah, Tampa was in the game, but just couldn’t pull it out. 27, 24 Falcons move on.

Speaker 3 (12m 34s): I’m happy that I’m in a way, I’m happy the bucks are gone. I love this narrative that the page, the Patriots are gone, the bucks are gone. Uh, but you know, th this, uh, this Friday night in general, two games that we saw go under the only two unders we saw all weekend and overs again. But the strong gotta wonder if it was because of the flashback Friday throwback unis. They were playing more of a, a throwback brand of CPU football. Sean,

Speaker 0 (13m 5s): that’s probably what happened there. But yeah, they, it was weird. They just insisted on A, on sticking, sticking into the running game, even though they had Evans, Godwin and Gronk. Uh, speaking of the, the, the Patriots, they lost 16 to 38 dolphins. One, they were four point dogs in new England, one outright, uh, two at a pretty solid game. Their gut didn’t start off great, but really, really had a good second and a half and a new England’s offense. Brian Horter just couldn’t get it going.

Speaker 3 (13m 35s): Yeah, I mean to a 28, I mean, again, when we, when we watch this game, remember the Patriots are to three nothing. It was like, alright, well two is not doing much. This Patriot’s defense always shuts people down and Simms and then to just absolutely caught fire. 28 of 36, 358 yards, four touchdowns, no interceptions, absolutely stellar debut. Now much to talk about Patriots, just no offence, and I will say this and other shocking stat from the first week in a Madden MAYhem Sean, 67% of teams with a 100 yard rusher won their game.

Am I being crafty with numbers or am I giving you a trend to look for map Rita 144 yards, quiet

Speaker 0 (14m 20s): the correlation or causation. A welcome to UAB for any of the program. He had a, he had a great stat as well that 67% of the teams who when the kickoff A received first end up winning their games. Another. Uh, and and of course you can hop in on that live wager and chase that trend and MyBookie daddy G bills at home. They want 45 to 30. This was almost another loss for you Kramer. Cause I had the jets, the jets were up 30 to 28 on their own.

I 15 Sam Darnold just needed to get a couple first downs, run the clock out. Uh, and, and they were catching six and a half. No, he fumbles. A Bill’s pick it up, almost take it to the house, get a quick touchdown, then another touchdown. It just kind of fell apart there at the end for the jets.

Speaker 3 (15m 8s): It was a moment and it’s the absolute moment. And the reason I took the bills to be representing the AFC in the super bowl was because Josh Allen is the ultimate Kramer FML quarterback. And, and he got me back. It was an exciting battle. He had just a stellar day, five touchdowns through the air. Not a ton of yardage, but who gives a shit ran for like almost 80 yards. Uh, this dude is electric. This was this the game of the weekend.

Speaker 0 (15m 37s): Uh, yeah, it was pretty good. I don’t know. I mean you, you maybe give it to that bears Vikings game too. That was, that was pretty exciting. The end. And I would say that Falcons box 27, 24 and it was just so interesting to see Brady and the different color Jersey and, and all those weapons in Atlanta being able to win outright. So there was a number of G pretty good games. But yeah, it’s certainly up there. Packers 31 17 to the lions. A covered the eight and a half point spread. I had the Packers God off to a slow start there.

Detroit had a defensive touchdown, but eventually Aaron Rogers, Devonte Adams, just too much. They’re for the lines.

Speaker 3 (16m 14s): Yeah. I mean I, if I’m not mistaken, I believe the lions were up 14 to three in this game. They ended up giving up what, 31 seventeens the final, um, not much to talk about. I was a little disappointed. The lions had opportunities I think to exploit match-ups and they didn’t. And at the end of the day, Aaron Rogers, the Davante Adams out, Aaron Rogers, Allen and Lazard are just going to be really, really hard to stop. I mean the running the running game didn’t even contribute.

Speaker 0 (16m 48s): Yeah. And their defense really, their defense is kind of quietly solid. I thought like, uh, I don’t know. I mean Detroit only had one offensive touchdown and there their often certainly is an amazing, but um, yeah, I think green Bay is kind of green Bay, new Orleans, two best teams I think so far. Chicago last game, 28, 25 winning outright in Minnesota and, and we kind of hit on A the crazy finish there where Minnesota was down, didn’t really have a chance.

Drove down, captain Kirk got the touchdown and the two point to tie it up to 25 but Oh no, look out Mitch Vick, AK the truth. Mitchell A drove down and and they got a game winning field goal and got the wind moved on. I don’t think this bear’s team is going to be around for awhile, you know.

Speaker 3 (17m 39s): Um, here’s the thing, they play defense and they have a quarterback that can run around a little bit and they have weapons around him. I actually think this is, this isn’t going to be a strangely intriguing matchup. I don’t know if I would choose to be on the pack or the bears but uh, interesting to see the late games seemed to be the more electric matchup every night of the first weekend. Of course. Sean, we have another eight games left in the first round. We’re going to be previewing them and a couple of minutes before we do real quick by the numbers.

Sean, I wanted to recap how we are so far odd. Even Sean right down the middle, we are not seeing any sort of DGN madness style thing. God is sharp skew A the one overs is that still going on? Uh, essentially Thursday, Saturday, Sunday all the games went over. Friday the games went under. It’s six and two dogs against the spread. Four and four dogs straight up. Three and five like things are very down. The middle home teams are five and three against the spread things are right down the middle.

Sean, I even gave out a winning teaser. Things are all sorts of scrambled. And the other thing, that’s the only thing he got right there. I also wanted to take a look because we had been talking all all weekend long about how it seemed like the scoring patterns skewed to the second and forth much like in real life. So I wanted to see how bad was that skew showing? You wouldn’t believe it. The first quarter on average averaging all the teams, teams are averaging only 4.1 points in the first quarter as compared to 9.6 and the second and 9.3 and the fourth.

So we’ll, we’ll see if MyBookie adjusted. But that first half or first quarter under, uh, under, I think they’ve been set in a lot of those first quarter under is at minus nine and a half. I mean that seems pretty solid. Yeah, I mean even you, you blended over 16 teams and you’re looking at 8.2 total points, uh, and that skews even lower for the home teams down to 3.1 points, uh, in the first quarter. So you know, the data kind of backs up.

We’re going to see more scoring in the second and fourth. Uh, we’re going to see slightly more scoring in the second half about a point on average. Uh, and we’re also going, we’re going to see the home team scoring more than the, the away team so far get granted small sample size Sean, but we are seeing about four and a half points of difference here and the average points 57, uh, so they’re going to have to start juicing these totals up a little bit I think. Or we’re just seeing some edge case games, Sean? Yes.

Let’s take a look over at the bar. We’re literally like, we’re 46 hours as we record right now. Maybe 44 hours away from starting. I can’t wait. Opening game Sean and you wouldn’t believe it. All of these games already up. Yeah, and that’s awesome. Over at my bookie dot A G S as well. Sean, the futures you want to get involved, I don’t know if you see some of the Brady and the bucks were a favorite almost at eight to one.

They are out. We are seeing prices adjust all over the place.

Speaker 0 (21m 6s): Now with Brady and the bucks. I know a lot of people had at Tampa Bay winning, maybe even make a little bit of noise there in the brackets. Of course you can check out the leaderboard. I think we still have like eight perfect brackets but Sports Gambling, podcast.com/madden that’s where you can check your bracket, check it out the leader board, but yeah, it’s still early to start to really see where people are at. But A a couple of people off to a great start for sure

Speaker 3 (21m 32s): and the let’s get to these games. Sean, by the way, last thing about the brackets, there will be, we’ve been told there will be an additional bracket contest when we get down to 16 teams. Sean and I’m also, we are in top secret discussions to potentially offer some squares pools for the games. I don’t know. Stay tuned. Thursday night, May 7th 8:00 PM on the East coast, 5:00 PM on the West coast, the Indianapolis CPU Colts head to Tennessee to take on the mat.

Verbal lead, Tennessee Titans. I’m wondering if the simulation version of himself will also cut off his Dick to win Madden MAYhem but the Titans are minus two and a half minus one 45 and the money line Colts Plus one Oh five 46 and a half is the total. Sean, talk to me.

Speaker 0 (22m 26s): Well, do you want, do you want first dibs? I feel like I need to give you every advantage you have because I’m up big on Ukraine, right? I don’t want to, I don’t want, I don’t want to put you in the locker there with Robert Mays.

Speaker 3 (22m 36s): No, that’s fair. That’s true. Snake draft style and what you want. You, you want first dibs. Give me the Colts baby. I’m a no, Paul in this deal is loaded. This team’s loaded. I love Philip and uh, you know, we all know that tightened up is a, is a bitch thing. I mean, come on.

Speaker 0 (22m 57s): I mean I feel great that you selected the overrated Indianapolis Colts. A sure, sure. They got deforest Buckner and, and Frank Reich, uh, CPU Frank. Right. But I think CPU, Phillip rivers, he might turn the ball over. And this is in Tennessee. This is in Nashville. Kramer. You yourself pointed out the stat that uh, you know, highlighting how people with 100 yard rushers and how good they’ve been, uh, winning these games. And I think, I think CPU, Derrick Henry, they’re not going to, there’s no way to factor in how many carries he had last season into the CPU.

They’re not going to give them a low rate and they’re going to give him an awesome rating cause he’s awesome. He’s going to run all over this indie team. Gimme Tennessee minus two and a half all day. One last to add

Speaker 3 (23m 47s): the only quarterbacks that one there games while throwing for less than 358 yards where Mitchell Dubiski and Josh Allen and both of those guys ran for, for North of 50 yards is Tannahill capable of going for three 50. I think that’s what you have to ask yourself. And that’s what I’m really leaning into on this handicap, Sean. The night games, the Houston Texans where we won’t see Deandre Hopkins because he was an explicit, explicitly traded for nothing.

Uh, and, and a great contract with David Johnson. The CPU Texans are hosting the CPU. Jaguars were the Texans led by Deshaun Watson are minus seven minus 400 on the Moneyline Jags plus two 25 43 and a half is the total Europe. Sean, it’s your pick.

Speaker 0 (24m 39s): Uh, what do I do here? I, it’s really hard to back this Texans team without Deandre Hopkins. However,

Speaker 4 (24m 47s): yeah,

Speaker 0 (24m 47s): I’m going to take Houston minus seven. I don’t think, I don’t think the SIM, uh, you know, the Sims give Minshew the respect. Maybe he deserves it. Talk about how awesome mobile quarterbacks are. And Madden I’ll take a mobile quarterback in Deshaun Watson. He’s the best quarterback by far that’s going to be in this game. And the Jaguars, you could make a case for them cause they, I think they had a pretty good draft, brought in some good defensive town, but they’ve lost so many, uh, you know, clay as Campbell, uh, Jalen Ramsey, uh, Yanick and is on the team may, unless he gets traded between now and then.

But uh, I’ll go, I’ll go Houston minus seven and I feel good about the Texans at home and, and I think David Johnson, he might still be okay in Madden Wilson

Speaker 3 (25m 35s): and that’s the, that’s the trick. I think he’s going to add something to that backfield and make them even more dynamic. Hard to see an angle as to why you’d want to get involved with the Jaguars here. But it does, I hate, I hate, I mean it was obvious, right? Yeah. No one is going to take the Jags here, but who knows.

Speaker 0 (25m 55s): And maybe, and maybe you’ll get that closing number closer to 88 and a half, nine, once people start pounding in the Texans.

Speaker 3 (26m 1s): Well, and I mean again, we haven’t seen too many teams have a pass rush effect. The game. Texans have a just dreadful offensive line. So that could be a game where we see a Jag’s team get after the quarterback and maybe that’s the difference. Moving over to Friday, it’s all about the NFC West. And to open the night, we have the Los Angeles Rams coming back from their team retreat on Jared golf sux Island, and they had up to Seattle to take on Rus and the Seahawks minus for, for the Seahawks, minus one 95 Rams plus one 40 47 and a half is the total.

Yes. Give me, give

Speaker 0 (26m 44s): me the little muscle. Russ. Russ is a guy as a SIM. God, I think he’s a he. He’s not quite my home’s, which is kind of silly, but I think he’s like a 97 I know they have a shitty offensive line, but God damn it, there’s no way that Jared Goff is going to beat the Seahawks team. I’m going see Hawks here laying on the floor. I think the CRA, the crowd gets hyphae and A. They show everyone that there the 12th man, the virtual 12 and I see the case for Seattle given first choice.

Maybe I go Seattle, but it’s not a cop out. I’ll back this Rams team. We saw this though, this Rams team, even though even like last year when they were out matched, they went up there and they played a super tight good game. For whatever reason, these games are always super close between Seattle and st Louis. Even when, even when you know or sorry, Seattle and st Louis cause I was, I was thinking all the way back to when there were Jeff Fisher in the st Louis Rams, this Ram Seattle game. Even when they had just Jeff Fisher and it was golf’s rookie year, they always play each other super tight.

I think this is going to be a field goal game and I think the spread will matter and I’ll happily take the Rams. Plus four

Speaker 3 (27m 59s): all right. John, the nightcap 7:00 PM on the West coast, 10:00 PM on the East coast. The San Francisco 49ers are hosting the Arizona Cardinals Niners minus 10 and a half minus 600 and the money line, Cardinals Plus three 25 50 and a half is the total. Both teams on paper improve themselves a lot, which means they are going to be, I think, pretty decent squads in the game. We saw Arizona keep it close and real life twice with really that being the kryptonite of the 40 Niners defense.

The mobile quarterback. Sean, you have the choice. Are you telling the boys?

Speaker 0 (28m 39s): Yes, please. This is a little A exercise in game theory, right, and I act. I acted like a gentleman by giving you the first pic knowing it would set me up for this second game and the NFC West bracket where I could steal the Arizona Cardinals who are catching 10 and a half. Are you kidding me? Kyler Murray. Deandre Hopkins. This is what like the Madden simulation just loves these kinds of players and again you nailed it. Arizona kind of hangs with this team. Otherwise, um, here’s what I love it.

Cliff Kingsbury ride and all that A sweet tail. He’s going to get from his showing off his mansion in the virtual A NFL draft it Arizona could be alive dog and I love them at 10 and a half

Speaker 3 (29m 23s): and even the Isaiah Simmons pick, right? Like people are saying O positions.

Speaker 0 (29m 28s): Finally they can cover a tight end, which will be huge when you go against kiddo.

Speaker 3 (29m 32s): But also he, he might be better in the game than he is in real life right now because he was such a high pick. I would also add, here’s what I would say. I think Niners rushing attack is extremely strong and I think the Cardinals ability to stop the run is extremely weak. So there’s, there’s this, I don’t, this might be a game where I look to take Niners team total over because I think even if the Cardinals keep it close, there will be a lot of points scored. I think this is a game that goes well into the fifties so maybe even just the game over Sean NFC East Saturday night overlapping with UFC.

This is going to be one of the night. This is going to be 92 screen experience. You have to figure out Mayhem your UFC two 49. I got to figure out how we’re going to hook this up, but we might have to change our sitting arrangement so we can look at the big TV wall. Sean, we have the Redskins headed. Joe Theismann his Redskins. By the way, check that out and hit that subscribe button. Scroll down a little bit. You’ll see that we interviewed Joe Theismann. Uh, we even talked to him about calling virtual, uh, Matt and games and being uncensored Eagles are hosting the Redskins.

Eagles are minus seven and a half minus four 50 on the Moneyline Redskins plus two 50, 46 and a half is the total. Let’s go baby. Shawn, do I have first pick here? No.

Speaker 0 (30m 60s): You take the Eagle’s and you’re going to take the giants and the next game I,

Speaker 3 (31m 3s): hold on, I’m going to take the Philadelphia Eagles. Nope, because like Jalen hurts maybe starting and we liked the mobile court and I’m just kidding. No, of course. I’m not taking the Eagles. Give me the Redskins. Oh, they’re pretty bad there. This could be, this could be taken candy from a baby.

Speaker 0 (31m 21s): Well here’s, here’s the, I think if you’re a Redskins SIM backer, you’re hanging your hat on. The idea that chase young, they give him a good rating. He gets some pressure against the Eagles, but again, they have a healthy Deshaun Jackson. You saw what he did and that opening game of last year. Then you throw in Jaylin rager who? Ryan, do you remember that game? You were giving me a haircut. We’re watching the Madden SIM. He got to the touchdown. He could get involved and again, Al Shawn Jeffery probably won’t be with the Eagles come 2020 but he is a hashtag SIM God in Madden matchup nightmare.

I think they’re able to move the A the ball pretty easily and they’ve gotten a lot better at cornerback Derrius slay. I think they could get some pressure because, uh, they didn’t have it all last year, but they have a healthy Malique Jackson Jackson, they brought in Hargrave and Fletcher Cox. That rotation at defensive tackle is a pretty strong Redskins. Don’t have Trent Williams. Uh, I’ll take it to any number, but yeah, give me the Eagles minus seven and a half.

Speaker 3 (32m 20s): And this is a tough spot. This is an absolutely tough spot, but anything can happen in the NFC is Sean and for the nightcap, my New York giants, they had to Dallas to take on. Unfortunately it’s going to be Dakota in the starting spot, even though Andy Dalton’s there and they’re selling the virtual hold out and they’re not scared to go into the season with Andy doll. When I saw that come across the ticker on ESPN, I about, I about jumped out of my seats, Sean, because I would love to see the Dallas Cowboys start the season with Andy Dom giants catching 11 and a half feels a lot like a Superbowl that was played a little bit over a decade ago, plus three 50 Kramer minus seven 100 for the Cowboys.

48 and a half is the total. Um, this is disrespectful. I know the giants aren’t, they aren’t that good, but 11 and a half and start to pick a 11 and a half points. I’ve watched a number of A simulations between NFCS teams. And here’s what I’ll say. Uh, I’ve seen, I’ve never seen the Redskins beat the Eagles. I’ve not seen that yet. I’ve seen the G and I’ve never seen the giants beat the Eagles either for the record, but I’ve seen, I’ve seen the giants and the Cowboys have to split in the numb in the games.

And, and uh, we, I’ve forced the kids to watch it. It’s the whole thing. Like, can we watch the giant? There’ll be like, can we reset it? This giant team sucks. Anyway, I say all of that to say there there’s a, there’s a lot of reality to the upset possibilities because the giants that the off season adds to their backend and their line backing core has created a situation where they can actually get an interception. They can actually turn you over and while Dallas is loaded everywhere, the combination of Saquon Barkley being an absolute beast and Evan Ingram being like a Daniel Jones will throw for 3.0 like he, we’ll meet the criteria to throw for three 50 I’ve seen him do it a couple of times.

I just want will the defense do enough? And I think Derek makes the mistake because Dak has not been focused on football. Zach’s been focused on this goddamn selfish ass holding out, not coming back for America’s team on a night where we will fade ex Cowboys, we will fade guys named cowboy and we will fade the Cowboys.

Speaker 0 (34m 49s): Very selfish act. He’s he, he’s breaking the quarantine rules and he’s holding out. He doesn’t care about anyone else. Brian, you mentioned Saquon Barkley and force. I would, I can’t help but share with the audience. When I checked our Twitter DMS and you’d been D, I mean the guy who does the Madden roster, making a case for why Saquon Barkley should be listed as the third down and back and to the giants off heads. It was a hilarious exchange because the guy’s like, you don’t think Dion Lewis is going to get involved?

And you’re like, no, I’ve watched a bunch of these Sims sake. One’s going to be in there and third down and he’s getting, Deon Lewis is not running the ball 10 times to say Quan Barclay’s 12 carries it.

Speaker 3 (35m 33s): I was simply giving him feedback to make his roster more. Um, yeah. I mean, listen, I liked, I like to be a man of honor, so I don’t want to be changing anything about the roster. And apparently I’ve caused all this hubbub over at my bookie Shaun because they’re now using the updated roster. Who doesn’t want updated rosters? They’re awesome. It’s awesome. I even another competitor site show and I see us doing a world cup style. Um, Madden simulation tournament sounds a lot like something we’re doing. They won’t have awesome commentary, so fuck them.

Speaker 0 (36m 6s): Well they won’t have, they won’t have ask some commentary and really world cup style. Do you really? You really want to be thinking about soccer? No. You want to be thinking about real American football USA and I’m a, I’m a huge USA fan and A America’s team is that the Cowboys America’s team is winning Betts and I will, I’m not going to say I’m going to take the Cowboys, but I’m going to take the team opposite the giants in this selection. Kramer.

Speaker 3 (36m 34s): All right, good luck with that. I’m going to S so you’re taking the Cowboys.

Speaker 0 (36m 39s): Uh, I’m not going to say that, but I’m taking the team that’s not the giants in that matchup. Trying to isolate this and send it to your father.

Speaker 3 (36m 47s): This Sunday, the AFC North kicks off at 5:00 PM on the West coast, APM in the East coast with the Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the Cleveland Browns. Sean, the Cleveland Browns are minus two and a half minus one 45 in the money line and plus one Oh five for the Steelers. 47 and a half is the total. You know you asked me about this when you said Hey, is that number right? A that number, that number is absolutely right.

Speaker 1 (37m 16s): A

Speaker 3 (37m 18s): I don’t get it big. Ben has owned them. A I have first pick here. I’m a little worried to apply. Here’s the thing, I’m trying to read. Sean, I don’t know if Sean’s going to take the bangles. I’m pretty sure the bangles suc and I’m pretty sure Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are awesome and I’m pretty sure I want to be on that side.

Speaker 0 (37m 39s): Do you want a tray? Do you want the tray? I’ll tell you. I’ll take a trade cause I don’t, I don’t think I care here. I don’t care what side of the A the revenge gate. You’re whatever. The mouse and the muscles. Yeah. Give me, give me the Steelers as a home dog. Minkah Fitzpatrick against Baker Mayfield. Yes please. Big Ben coming off his injury. They’re not going to the CPU. Doesn’t know how to factor and rust or that crazy weird beard he’s got going on are all the whole the bread. He’s eaten in quarantine. They don’t have a number to figure that out.

The guys just carved, loaded like he’s ready for a marathon. I love Pittsburgh. Is the home dog here. Give me them catching two and a half. Are you kidding me? Brown’s road favorites, didn’t we? We figured this out last year. That’s not a good formula.

Speaker 1 (38m 23s): A

Speaker 3 (38m 24s): well here’s the problem. This is a CPU simulation and I’m not sure that Madden has captured what it really means to suffer in Cleveland. And so I think the collection of these talented individuals that will surely shit the bed and real life might not shit the bed in the CPU land. I love it. I played the game right. I was going to take Cleveland the whole time cause I’ve watched them dominate some of these Simms and now I get to take my Baltimore Ravens because I think this bangles team might be really bad.

And, and while Joe burrow, it’s going to be exciting to see him make his debut. He’s going up against the MVP and I think Lamar Jackson, I think we’re going to see a couple. We haven’t really seen a team that has a real life dominant rushing attack. Ah, the chargers that are right. Uh, which matches real life. The dolphins. Maybe that’s what they’re going to go for. But this weekend we’re going to see San Francisco and Baltimore play against teams that might not be very good at stopping the run and I think we’re going to see what kind of medicines a team like that could be.

So even though we’re laying 14 and a half A with the 7:00 PM on the West coast, 10:00 PM on the East coast coast matchup, the final match above the first round and the Baltimore Ravens laying 14 and a half against Joe borough and the Cincinnati bangles minus 1200 for the Ravens plus 500 for the bangles. That seems like a lot for a SIM. 50 and a half is the total yam. I’m going chalky here. I think the Ravens role similarly to how San Francisco is going to roll.

Speaker 0 (40m 5s): Oh dude, love it. Give me Joey B. Joey borough, Joe exotic, the kid from LSU. Tiger nation rise up AGA green back on the team. Zach Taylor, Joe Mixon. This is a team that can, Hey, this is a team. We’ve seen these worky quarterbacks look kind of competent. A I think 14 and a half is huge for a divisional game. So yeah, I’m happy taking the Bengals here at grammar.

Speaker 3 (40m 34s): Wow. All right, let’s do it. Somehow we managed to flip flop where I’m taking, we’re taking all dogs are all favorites every night.

Speaker 0 (40m 44s): Love it. Um, all right, let’s throw out a lock. A dog and a, do we do a tease?

Speaker 3 (40m 50s): Should do it. Two years. What do you mean? Should I hit my teas last week, Sean?

Speaker 0 (40m 54s): All right, I’ll start things off. A dare throw the lock on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Speaker 3 (41m 5s): Do it bro.

Speaker 0 (41m 7s): Uh, yeah. Fuck it. It’s CPU world. Give me, give me the Eagles minus seven and a half. And then for my dog, there’s a couple of live dogs I got in the kennel. I’ll, I’ll make things interesting. Give me the Arizona Cardinals upset. Alert. Plus three 20. Let’s go baby. And for my teas. A I’ll take Pittsburgh up to eight and a half. That’s, that’s just

Speaker 3 (41m 34s): easy all day. A I’ll take Houston down to one again. Great value. And then uh, yeah, I’ll do Rams up to 10 Kramer, I’m going backwards from its Houston minus one Philly minus. You’re taking my ideas. I’m not taking your teas. Here’s the minus one. Philly minus one and a half and indie up to eight and a half. Oh, that’s a good one.

Uh, for my dog. Give me, Oh wait, hold on. Where is that? A Daniel Jones. Say Kwan Barclay and editing room. Walk down into big da and all over the city of Dallas plus three 50 born side bet. Do you want to take a side bet for one unit over under Daniel Jones interceptions?

What are you sending the number out? And I’ve watched the Sims, I think I’ll give you, I’ll give you even money at one point. Over one and a half. You want over one and a half interceptions? Yeah or no turnovers over one and a half turnovers for Daniel Jones. I’ll take one year. I’ll do it out to know if you’re going to make it turnovers. It has to be to now. Come on. It’s a bad bet. Even for interceptions dude. He throws a lot of them. I’ll think about it. I’ll get a desperate Kramer day off.

I know, I know how to play the market well. So let’s, let’s take a look back at that future and save it for the broadcast. Oh I haven’t given out my lock yet. Oh okay. And for my lock, give me the Seattle Seahawks that that spreads to small CP. Russell Wilson is just going to dominate. But uh, what was I going to say Sean? Let’s take a quick minute to look at those futures though. Cause I feel like we gave out some nice, some nice price teams last week.

Some of those teams still have not played. One of the teams that has played, and I’m still noticing a price that just looks off the Buffalo bills are still 30 Sean, they’re going to be favored against the dolphins and then their down to eight teams. That one

Speaker 0 (43m 56s): that that is, that is tremendous value. And again, Josh Allen is that kind of quarterback that can take advantage of it. I think we gave out Packers 15 to one. They certainly look like they can cruise

Speaker 3 (44m 7s): now. 10 to one. Yeah,

Speaker 0 (44m 10s): so definitely some value there. All right, before we head over to the UFC, two 49 with Rich Slayton want to give you a shout out to ACE per head. Again, thinking about starting your own Sports books. Sports her back, baby. You could be booking UFC action this weekend. All you have to do is go to ACE per head.com/sgp that’s ACE bread.com/s G P U up to six weeks free when you use our link there. Plus ACE offers a live bedding, an amazing mobile experience.

They get you set up great customer support. Uh, you know some of the best customer service around. Again, ACEs, the paper had provider you want to go with that you want to use. Become a small business owner today. Shout out to the small business association, ACE for hud.com/sgp for up to six weeks. That’s espera.com/s G P

Speaker 5 (45m 7s): joining us on the line stand up, comedian MMA expert and East Sports broadcasts the Rich late and Rich long time. No talk. How are you doing man? I’m doing phenomenal. A I’m glad that someone is keeping degenerates, involved and community at this time. If there’s a time when we really need to come together and throw our money at bad bets, this is the time to do it and uh, we can all do it together. Yeah, I mean it’s first off, it’s awesome that we have real actual humans playing.

Uh, Sports and uh, I, before we started the podcast, you were even saying this, this card they’re putting together for UFC two 49, it kind of is a dream scenario. Uh, what, what, what are you most excited about? UFC two 49. It’s just the way if you, if you follow the sport for a long time, it’s just a card of bangers like there. In fact, one of the main main card fights is probably the worst fight on there. And it’s just because Dana white is trying to promote a guy who should lose this job and you know, we’ll talk about that later.

Uh, it’s, but the rest of this is all a series of bangers at the star power on this. It’s, you don’t have the big like superstars from the general public, but this is a, like, if you’re a fight fan, you’re going to get your meal ticket punched on this one for sure. First off, I’m kind of disappointed that fight Island didn’t happen. There was a lot of talk. We’re going to do it and it’s so hilarious that he, there was all this talk about we’re going to do it on an Island and international waters. And then they just said, ah, fuck it. We’ll go to Florida. What happened to fight Island?

Rich I don’t know man. It’s like fight Island. This whole thing would have been worth it. And I mean all of all the lost money, all the death, all of it would have been worth it for a thing called fire Island to actually happen. That’s, that’s the, the line that I’m taking. If a thing that stupid, he did this to happen, then I’m a 100% like do pandemic every five years. But we didn’t get it. And that’s the big, it’s the single biggest strategy tragedy that our country is going to face in 2020.

No exaggeration, I’m just picturing, I’m picturing somewhere between survivor and like escape from New York. That’s, that’s what fight Island would be. This means it means we’re one step away from the ultimate fighting, like the ultimate sword fighting championship. Do you understand how close we are to this being as real as it gets? Like fuck the guy as it gets barred. Just real. This is elements of surviving the game. Choose your weapon. I mean make it happen. Uh, yeah. Uh, and, and I know you also do the e-sports announcing.

I mean, this has to be kind of crazy. I know our site, all of a sudden we’ve, and we’ve been doing our like simulated Madden games, but we’ve been dabbling in the East Sports as well. And walk us through like the crazy amount of interest in that that’s changed in the past couple of months. Uh, well, here’s an interesting part of it is that for anybody who’s working in e-sports right now, views are up and money is down, which is a weird part about it, right? Like YouTube everyone’s views are through the roof, but the actual ad dollars coming in are way lower, which is a weird balance and back and forth.

But in terms of busy, like I just finished a 12 day run of commentating competitive clash Royale, which is the, the main game that pays my bills 12 days in a row of doing it between like professional leagues, uh, uh, outside organized competitions, my own stuff on my own channel. I did a university of Kentucky, had a, had their hoops at home event, which was a two K tournament that uh, uh, who ended up winning it. Who is like the main guy for UK, the A, the number one player for Kentucky. Sean, you’re the college basketball guy.

Oh dude, I’m totally brain. Uh, blanking for what’s going to go, he’s going to go and the first round I’m going to go on to the top five, probably a man. What’s his name and butter like their number one star ended up winning the tournament. Oh really? He was, he was playing two K. Yeah. He was like, he was in and they put him in as like the . He’s our biggest star at the school. We’re excited to have him and hopefully he wins and he ended up doing the whole running the whole table across everybody. But it was a four day event. A I’m cast, I’m casting competitive online browser-based golf tournaments. I’m casting class Roy.

I’m casting everything. It’s, I have never worked this hard in my life. My kid barely knows me. My wife is like, we live in the same house and I recognize your face. It’s, it’s, I’m lucky enough to be one of the busiest people alive right now. I hate to break it to you, but Sean and I went as far as to create a fake football tournament just to escape it, just to escape the, the isolation we were in. I saw you were getting pressed for it, dude. I was like, I actually, I, I think I saw it from a press source that you guys didn’t link. Like it came to me externally. That’s how impressive it was.

And I, it’s also impressive how, how committed you are to this lifestyle that you were like, we cannot have such a downtime period where no one can disappoint their family by losing too much money on a competition. So you guys made it happen. We have to figure out a way for people to bet on stuff and what better way than just creating simple. And it really is funny that it’s, when I tell people, they’re like, Oh, so you play Cramer in the video game? And I go, no, no. We watch the computer play itself in a video game and they’re like for people to bet on.

And I’m like, Oh yeah, people bet on it, man. It’s, it’s, it might be. I think that this is one of those things that pops out of this whole situation that actually survives. It’s so, it’s so stupid that it’s great.

Speaker 0 (50m 29s): And Cramer and I’ve been going back and forth where like I think when Sports come back, we may still be doing, I mean probably not to the same degree, but I do think there’s like a, there’s definitely an Avenue and, and especially with like how realistic the graphics are, it’s, I don’t know, it’s fun.

Speaker 5 (50m 45s): Might as well. And you know, you never have to bench someone for CTE and Madden so you’re good. All right,

Speaker 0 (50m 56s): let’s get to it. Let’s talk a little UFC two 49 of course presented by MyBookie dad, H E. This is, where are all the ads are coming from? And UFC two 49 they’re actually doing a $49 free bets. So A you put your bet, a $49 bet on Serone versus Pettis. And if you lose, you get it refunded as a MyBookie. Dot. Agee credits Serone right now A plus one 15 dog pedis, the minus one 45 favorite a the over under two and a half rounds.

Rich what are you feeling here?

Speaker 5 (51m 31s): Well first I want to talk about Serrano for a moment because, um, and I, you retweeted this and it’s very important. I could not have nailed that Sironi picked from last time, more to the point where he just released a video about how broken his brain was walking, walking into that title fight. He, he all due respect, it’s Donald Serone and entertain me for, for many, many, many times for him, for over a decade now, who deserves to be, have a plaque and the UFC hall of fame, the guy is a professional choke artists at the top level.

He is better than 90% of the fighters and 10 steps behind the top 10% and it’s the fact,

Speaker 0 (52m 13s): and when you usually, when you say choke artists in UFC, and that could be a good thing, but for Serone it’s not. And yeah, the video, he’s just admitting that he didn’t wanna fight. And then the interviewer is like, well, so when did you know you didn’t want to do this fight? And he’s like, I don’t know, maybe like two days before I was thinking, what am I doing here? Why am I going to fight this guy? What? This is exactly the opposite. You want to hear? You want to hear a guy like Mike Tyson who is just, I’m going to beat this man. I’m going to eat his children.

Yeah. Okay. I want to bet on that guy. Can we take a quick aside real quick to talk about this mic? Tyson news. Have you heard of this, Sean? I know he’s like put out a bunch of videos where he looks super in shape and, and people are like, is he going to try and make a run? What’s the actual news? And apparently there’s some sort of like promotional charity fight thing, possibly happening. A series of fights maybe Rich do you know anything about this?

Speaker 5 (53m 7s): I don’t know, other than the video of him with um, Hafael Cordero who is one of the, one of the great MMA striking coaches of all time on the other than that video. I don’t know anything about this, but take my money dude. And right now,

Speaker 0 (53m 21s): which is what I’m saying, right? Imagine a world where there’s no Sports and then you’re me, Mike Tyson’s

Speaker 3 (53m 26s): going to come out of retirement to fight anything. I would pay $49 and 99 cents to watch him battle a bunch of hanging dead cows in a goddamn freezer because, Oh my God, when I saw that I was just like, Oh yeah, we’re getting this family though. The whole family’s watching and I don’t care what’s going on in the world. We’re all watching Mike Tyson come back to fighting anyway

Speaker 0 (53m 50s): and necessary. It’s a great throwback for like nineties athletes cause we’ve been enjoying this Jordan documentary and a and you feel like, I don’t know, I felt like a kid again kind of watching Jordan dominate in the nineties and now Tyson coming out of nowhere. We’re getting training montages of him. It’s, it’s really a great time to, I dunno it to not have Sports. We’re, we’re at least getting a little A and especially now that the UFC psycho, we kind of got sidetracked there, but stay on the sidetrack for a second. Sure. Why did they cancel the U S open of any sport?

That can be played with no audience and that is like safe for this situation. Tennis is like the, the sport you need to people on a court at once you get the, you know, make them fetch their own balls, get the ball boy’s out of there, make the ball boys wear gloves or something like that. I don’t know. It’s not the U S open. Like if they said, Hey, you know what, we’re to do it now. It would, it would be the only thing I’m going to watch on television. You know what I, I read for that actually, that the U S open had pandemic insurance and they were like one of the few people who had pandemic insurance and I think they saw, they saw the pay out right away and they’re like, all right, we’re out of here.

Okay. But I, that’s, I bet you that that must’ve had something and you’re right, they A

Speaker 3 (55m 4s): and the police, so in my neighborhood to make sure people weren’t using the parks, they put police tape all over the picnic tables and the playground. And you know, I live in an area where the, the, the space that would normally be a basketball court is a tennis court. Well, they even put police tape over the tennis court. I’m thinking this is, this is the isolation game. You’re nowhere near your opponent. I’m with you. Rich we’ve taken it too far. Same with skateboarding, right? Meanwhile I’m watching the Korean baseball league and they’re not fist bumping, but they’re rubbing elbows.

Certainly all sweaty, like come on. Well and real quick, Kramer flipping bats by the way. Up triples, quick shout outs. There’s so many awesome bat flip montages for Korean baseball. Apparently it’s like a big part of their game. Shorter fences of course, Sean, we’re breaking it down over at Sports. Gambling podcast.com we have a Korean baseball expert, but yeah, they’re there. Just do yourself a favor. Google the bat flips in Korean baseball. It’s, it’s really hilarious.

Speaker 0 (56m 6s): Don, real quick though before we get back to the fight stuff, you talk about them closing down parks. I shit you not. I went to a basketball court and they had the club installed on the basketball rim. So that no one could take a shot. I tweeted out a, I put a photo up on, but uh, you got, it’s just like unbelievable. First off, who has two clubs laying around that they could just throw there. Honestly getting on top of a ladder and installing the club on a basketball rim.

Probably more dangerous than one. And then a couple of guys playing pickup ass.

Speaker 3 (56m 41s): Oh, well they are the ones near me. They’ve taken the rims off. They just took them off. Same with Santa Monica. They just took the rims off. It’s bullshit.

Speaker 0 (56m 50s): Fucking crazy. But at least guys can fight to the death. And we’re looking forward to seeing that Saturday UFC two 49.

Speaker 3 (56m 56s): And Sean. Yes. I don’t want to steal your handicap of this free roll fight that we’re breaking down here though. But we, we’re not gonna we’re not going to back a cowboy now, are we?

Speaker 0 (57m 7s): Uh, well, you know what, I, I accidentally already put my $49 free bet in over at my bookie and since Serone was the underdog, I immediately took him. I liked the idea that, uh, he wants to fight in this fight. That’s what I’m, I’m basing my complete handicap around the fact that he didn’t want to fight last time. He’s due for a fight where he wants to fight to give me Sironi. Plus one 15. Rich

Speaker 5 (57m 38s): yeah. Uh, well first of all Serone and again, this, and someone might clip this and be like, look at how much these guys hated on Serone. I’m a guy who’s paid for every fight Serone has ever been in that I could pay for cards where like you shouldn’t pay for the paper view to watch him fight, but he’s 37 years old. He’s on a foot, three fight, losing streak. And I don’t know if his mind recovers right now. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. And look, if there’s a guy he can do it against. It’s Pettis who also doesn’t look great right now either.

But I just think between the two of them that, uh, if I’m, if I’m betting more against one than I am for the other right now, and I’m betting against Serone and this one.

Speaker 3 (58m 18s): And, and just to be clear, Shawn, this is, this is, this fight is Saturday night. Yes. Yes. The same night that the New York giants will be taking on the CPU Cowboys and Madden MAYhem I will be fading the Cowboys on both counts. Gimme gimme Showtime, Pettis baby.

Speaker 0 (58m 39s): Love it. Yeah. He’s only A. I mean, what is minus one 45? So, uh, even money like at that point, you know. Yeah, exactly. I suppose on, for a guy who doesn’t want to fight any, that is, that is really troubling. Moving on to the Uber under the next fight, and I think this was the first flight of the A, the actual pay per view portion, uh, Yorgen de Castro squares off against Greg Hardy, Greg Hardy minus two Oh seven favorite DiCastro the dog Plus one 67.

Correct me if I’m wrong Rich but this is a former Dallas cowboy, Greg Hardy, correct? Wasn’t any of the NFL?

Speaker 5 (59m 19s): Yes it is. It is former cowboy Greg Hardy

Speaker 3 (59m 23s): and that’s all I need to hear that Greg Hardy was a huge piece of shit. I’m going against him at Plus 160 Rich are you on board or or I mean he’s a minus 200 favorite one. What are you, uh, what are you seeing here on this one?

Speaker 5 (59m 37s): To all your listeners, there are few chances in this world and you get to bet and be a good person at the same time. And in this fight on Saturday A former defensive end for the Cowboys can and convicted woman beater will be getting a paycheck for professionally competing in athletics for some reason. Again, any God that you worship will thank you for bedding against this man and putting your faith in the idea that he should go back to humping and a forklift.

Like you should have been doing it from the very beginning. Now you might say, Hey Rich the odds favor guy Cardi and they do. They’re right. He’s a better athlete. He’s bigger. Sure. Absolutely. And if he played, if he fights smart, he should win. He’s got an 80 inch reach. His opponent is six foot one. He can keep them on the outside. Absolutely. But I’ll tell you this about the Castro. If he gets inside on you chops down that leg, a bunch of that nasty right kick that he sits on and on the inside clips you with that right hand where he gets power inside of a phone booth Hardy can go to sleep and I am praying for all that is good in this world that that happens.

So you have a chance right now to take, I believe a Plus 190 a little bonus by putting that prop bet for by Kao, for DeCastro and not just making a bit of money but also pleasing all that as good in this world. At the same time.

Speaker 3 (1h 1m 6s): Kramer, I assume you’re on the, on the same page with us here. I mean it’s almost like I’m some sort of scheduling genius to have had the NFC East night for Madden MAYhem fall on the same night as an actual UFC sporting events with guys named Cowboys with the former Cowboys. Sean, look, this guy once threw a woman onto a pile of guns. It wasn’t that he decided this wasn’t, this wasn’t like your standard run of the mill domestic abuse. He, he threw someone on a pile of guns and step one, you shouldn’t be throwing someone.

Step two, you shouldn’t have a pile of guns. Sorry. Bad gun kit. You don’t pile guns. You have a nice safe. All right, like a gentlemen. Anyway, putting them somewhere. And of course I’m going to take, I’m going to fade Hardy here. And not only that, but Rich I’m feeling really smart cause I went deep. Sean and I prepped for this and I told I was going to tell you to take Castro by TKO or Kao. A you should shop this though Sean, because I know some places will offer inside the distance.

Some places will offer Kao TKO the prices fluctuate. But I, I’ve seen them as high as plus two 40

Speaker 0 (1h 2m 21s): so, and, and if you want to do a A anti Cowboys parlay, you can take Anthony Pettis and you’re going to the Castro A parlay those together. You’re getting up Plus 30, 50, maybe even throw the giants in Madden MAYhem plus 11 and a half and you’re over a Plus 500 there. Here’s the, here’s the reality of what this fight, right? It’s that um, Hardy’s a superior athlete and he’s six, six 80 inch reach. If he played, if he fights a smart slow fight on the outside, that’s why he should when this one.

But uh, if you look at the Castros fight history, he’s six foot one. He’s fought taller guys before his fight against Ross Hilton who uh, and like a regional circuit fight, who by the way is a, is an inferior fighter to Greg Hart. He’s inferior fight skills. Uh, but that guy is also big, lanky, tall with a long reach and you can see the recipe there, the amount of power that, uh, um, that the Castro can generate on the inside. I mean literally from here to here, knockout blows. It’s, it’s insane. So if we can get inside chop with those leg kicks and get that right hand, I think there is, I think there is actually not just the ethical vote for Castro, but there is an actual path of victory here to love it.

Love it. The two for right there. Next up we’ve got Jeremy Stevens squaring off against Calvin, Qatar, Steven’s uh, like plus 200 dog Calvin Qatar minus two 50 favorite of Rich. I’ll let you, uh, start this one off. What are you doing here? A little Heaton’s a fun guy to watch. He always has been a fun guy to watch. Uh, he comes for relentlessly. He wants to take your head off over and over again and he’s won some big fights. Even had a run where it looked like he might get a shot.

Uh, and I’ve taken, I’ve taken a shot at gold at one point, but he’s, he’s bad specifically at what Calvin cutter does well, which is moving laterally. Calvin cutter is exceptionally mobile. He gets side to side well, and Jeremy heathen gets caught when he comes in. Our Jeremy Stevens, all he gets caught when he comes in and he’s also not good at winning point fights. Right. The majority of his losses, I think, what is it, 12 of 17 of his losses are by decision and cutters, a smarter fighter and a better fighter and better equipped to win that long point fight that there half of it is that the majority of Steven’s wins are by knockout and Kao 19 and 28 I believe.

And that’s not something he’s going to do to cut her in my opinion. Cutters too elusive, too smart and has never has only been finished once and for losses and that was a submission loss. I think that at this point, the over 30 Jeremy Stevens who’s got like 45 fights somehow at 33 years old, I don’t think he’s fast enough in 145 pound division to be as dangerous as he was three, four, five years ago when he was really hitting his best stride, his best from one of the fights for a long time. So in my, in my opinion, I think cutter takes the, it takes the, the opportunity to hear move’s one rung up at the latter.

And I think that one, what’s the line again? Sean? Cutter a cutter is about a minus two 50 favorite right now.

Speaker 5 (1h 5m 18s): Yeah, I think, I think that’s not bad. And uh, I think that’s actually pretty much right on the line. I might’ve liked him better at two 20 and I don’t hate him at two 50.

Speaker 3 (1h 5m 27s): Uh, and, and I’ll throw this out cause I’m 100% with you here, but winning by decision, you can find anywhere from even money to plus one 30. So maybe, maybe an alternative way to, to juice up that number and still and still a fade. Little heathen,

Speaker 5 (1h 5m 46s): Steve. It’s hard to finish dude. And he really, it’s hard to finish. So I mean I wouldn’t be betting on cutter putting him down. He can, he certainly can put him down. But, and I mean this will kind of be, and maybe like a referendum on where Jeremy Stevens is career wise moving forward. So, yeah, I think the decision, the decision choice isn’t bad. Uh, Steven’s has a route to victory, which has low kicks cutter boxes in a very, in a, in a stance that kind of leaves his front leg open. And Jeremy Stevens, I mean, if somebody did the Melendez, he can low kick you like crazy. But I just, I just don’t see it. And this one I think, and I think the cutter minus two 50 or even at that, the decision where it’s almost even, money’s a good call.

Speaker 0 (1h 6m 19s): Yeah, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll go with you there. I gotta I got to throw a couple of favorites. I usually when in doubt, just go dog. But, uh, you made a great case there for cutter. So I’m in there minus two 50. But yeah, I like Kramer’s idea. Maybe go a decision there and get a little better price.

Speaker 3 (1h 6m 34s): Sean, you should listen to the people who know better, you know,

Speaker 0 (1h 6m 39s): uh, well then you want to listen to my Madden MAYhem Picks because I’m dominating you Kramer six and we bet every game against each other and I’m six and two against Cramer right now. So I have the, my bookie. Dot. AIG account is flushed with Kramer’s cash right now. Next fight. We got a, uh, this is going to be a brutal high air Rosa. The truth against Francis and God knew in Ghana a minus 300 favorite against Rose in the room and say this is a plus two 40 dog.

Where is he from? Somewhere in Norway. What’s going on with that name?

Speaker 5 (1h 7m 14s): Right. I actually know this is the only fight on the main card who I don’t know much about. Um, so I don’t know if Kramer has something better for me.

Speaker 3 (1h 7m 21s): Well, I can look that up while you’re talking.

Speaker 0 (1h 7m 25s): Um, yeah. I don’t know if you don’t got a lot on him. I’ll take A. I’ll take Rose and truth and, uh, plus two 40 fucking, he’s the, he’s a crazy dog.

Speaker 5 (1h 7m 35s): What’s Francis right. And what’s the, what’s the, what’s a favorite app?

Speaker 0 (1h 7m 38s): A in Ghana. He’s a, he’s a minus 300 favorite.

Speaker 5 (1h 7m 42s): I mean, look, the one thing that’s, that’s kind of deceptive, and I’ll say this about A about Rosen strokes, I think the attitude of never pronounce the name A about what was about his record is you see winds over, you see Kaos and go for it. Andre and Alistair and his last two fights, and that looks a lot better than it is. But keep that in mind that those are the bills. Late 2019 chaos over to guys who’ve had their chins shattered over the past. I, I’m, I’m kinda surprised that no one bid on this and gave the odds a little bit better for this one.

Um, and he said it was minus three 50 or for 50 for Allister, R for us and guns and gun down to minus 300 then a minus 300. I don’t, I don’t see a good reason not to take that. Um, as a, if you’re going to do like a parlay of favorites, I don’t see a reason not to take that. There’s nothing. You look at Rosa Struse a resume that stands out as like, Oh, this is why he beets the most frightening puncher in the UFC right now.

Speaker 3 (1h 8m 40s): Sure. Well, I, I’m going to teach our listening audience a little bit about the Republic of Suriname and what the hell’s that? A certain NAMI and what continent do you think this guy hell’s from? I’ll give me, I’m not even going to, yeah, just give me a continent. I’ll give you one guess. Africa, Asia. It’s South. It’s a Republic. It’s a Dutch, a former Dutch colony in South America. The language. Yeah, it’s, it’s still, that’s what that does. So that’s where that Duchess, cause I was thinking Norway.

Well, somewhere up there, but, and kickboxing, right. The Dutch and kickboxing are very intertwined. So interestingly enough, yeah, it had no idea this country existed in South America. I’ll be honest. Uh, you know, it, you’re right, there are times to, to take a stab at a dog and there are times to just remain chalky. I think this is a situation just to, to stay chalky and you know, the extra chalky way to play this is just, uh, in Ghana and the knockout, which you can find for a year, somewhere between minus one 15 and one 35.

Next flight we got Dominic Cruz A plus one 95 dog squared off against Henry. Say Hutto A say Hutto is a minus 235 favorites. Rich which way you lean in here?

Speaker 5 (1h 9m 57s): Is this fight at one 25 or at one 35?

Speaker 3 (1h 10m 0s): A Kramer, do you have that? I don’t have it in front of me.

Speaker 6 (1h 10m 5s): A

Speaker 5 (1h 10m 6s): I actually don’t remember. And that, that actually does color my thought process on this one. It looks like this is at one 25. Yeah, that’s that firmly colors. My thought on this one. Dominic Cruz is one of the greatest to ever do it. He’s a magician, he’s an artist. He’s brilliant. Um, and, and in terms of lightweight fighting that, you know, one 30 long time, one 35 pound champion, he’s phenomenal. And he’s also still very young. He’s 34 years old. Um, and people haven’t seen him fight for a while after his lost to Cody Garbrandt.

And he then went in to the announcer’s booth. This is where things start to get real, like questionable thumb with Dominic, right? Is the, let’s look at all the factors. And again, he’s the one for like three years, right? Yeah. It hasn’t fought at the end of 2016, 22 and two, one of the greatest to ever do it. He’s been out with lots and lots of injuries and at this weight being mobile and having injuries to your knees are to, to big problems. Um, Cody Garbrandt made him look kind of silly, but also the thing that actually isn’t to say to me is the dropping down to one 25, 135 is the weight.

We’re cruise lips. That’s a great weight for him. I don’t like fighters dropping weight late in life. I don’t like it. I think it’s a bad move most of the time. And Henry Cejudo is phenomenal at one 25 and he hits like a truck at one 25 and he’s fast enough to go against dumb. He’s smart enough to go against them and let’s not forget, he’s the guy who finished a man who might be considered, if you look at the overall resume in lifetime, easily a top five pound for pound of all time in mighty mouse.

So you look at Henrietta Hutto and I had to just think between the power and the speed, the being healthy, the being fit, Dom’s lay off, Dom coming down 10 pounds, all those different pieces. I think that the line is a little bit to close here and that’s the Hutto in my opinion is a fairly easy pick on this one.

Speaker 0 (1h 12m 1s): It’s very disrespectful that this is only mine. What was Shawn, what is my book you have? Yeah. And mine is two 35. I’m over here. This is the fight you if you like another favorite, if you like A in Ghana for example. This is maybe what you parlay with it and this is, this is lack written all over it. Real quick side story about Cody Garbrandt. I actually, I wrote his A, I wrote his episode of ridiculousness and uh, you know, he was a good guest. You know, just typical like MMA guy just wants to talk about fighting and stuff and, uh, Rob Dyrdek the host is like talking to him and he’s like, Hey, did you ever have to, uh, you know, get into a fight with someone in the street?

And he’s like, yeah, it’s actually a real funny story. It was a Christmas Eve. I was, uh, with my nephew and, uh, we went to a gas station and this guy kept talking at me and, uh, so yeah, yeah. I just freaked out and beat the shit out of him in front of his family. It got real crazy anyway. And he, he was like laughing, telling the story and then the audience is just like, Oh my God. But, uh, he was a great guest and a great sense of humor. It’s pretty funny. Great story. Yeah. And he really, you might hear the little guy and a gas station somewhere and no one’s really sure about it, but now he talking about, and the show has like crazy videos of like, car crashes and guys break and they’re like skateboarding.

But like for some reason this story just freak the audience out. And it was, it’s hard to sit through those videos or that girls laugh. Oh, Chanel. Well there I gave you almost a little bit of a Chanel laugh in this beautiful final fight. The A or this is the A co main event. Just in a, those are the main event. Oh, sorry, I thought this was coma. I maybe I may have read that run out of the evening. And Sean, I think you may, I think the crews, the crews by may technically be a co main event with this one.

Either way. Justin A Gacy Plus one 55 dog against Tony Ferguson. Tony Ferguson minus one 90 favorite. Rich what are you doing here besides correcting my pronunciation?

Speaker 5 (1h 14m 9s): Uh, this is interesting because this and a lot of ways in many ways mirrors the earlier fight. Jeremy Steven’s and Calvin cutter. Um, and in terms of its two fighters who I kind of view in somewhat similar ways. A, the only difference here is that that first fight between Jeremy Steven’s and Calvin cutter is like a a S as a so Cal brawler against like a cerebral fighter in this fight is two complete maniacs but just engag is a forward facing go out on his shield. I’m going to swing for the fences, talented fighter, hard hitter whose willingness to do whatever it takes to please the fans is part of, has derailed his career at this stage.

On the other side of it is the most as one of the most cursed fighters and the history of the sport. Tony Ferguson who for I think the fifth time now has lost the fight against Khabib A from being made fourth or fifth time. Tony Ferguson might be the best guy who casual fans, truly casual fans, haven’t heard of. He’s the best. He might be the best guy at one 55 who’s never held the belt specifically and it’s been injuries and missteps and times off and weird stuff for Al kukui.

He’s creative, he’s dangerous, he’s way smarter than he seems cause he seems like a crazy person and he kind of is. But he’s wasted. He’s a smart, crazy person and he’s simply a better fighter, a longer fighter. And I believe in the end I’m a more well-built fighter for this division than just engaging my pick here is that Tony Ferguson. Let’s get you to do what he wants, which is go out on his shield somewhere and the second or third round.

Speaker 3 (1h 15m 53s): Oh I was just going to say, and he, he’s a, he’s from beautiful Oxnard, California. Tony Ferguson. Yeah. You definitely don’t want to judge this book by its cover cause you hear the name Tony Ferguson. You think you’re breaking down some golf tournament or something? No, you’re breaking down an absolute maniac. Another one that again, you could view this line as being a bit disrespectful. There are those that will say that Tony Tony Ferguson invites the invites a little bit of context. So maybe that’s concerning. But uh, not surprisingly Sean, I’m remaining chalky.

It feels like I’ve been chalky for a couple months here, but I’m, I’m staying on the chalky side of this one. I have a feeling I’m going to be doing some round Robin parlays, but some of these favor, these like minus a one 50 to minus two 50 favorites and one one fight goes wrong and my whole night’s ruined. So explain the round Robin. Parlay Cramer for the uninitiated. Uh, well let’s just say you liked three fighters and instead of just being a normal degenerate and bending a three fight parlay, you wanted to get a little more juice and you said, you know what?

I want to do a three teamer but I also want to do all the combinations of two teamers. You can do with that. That’s around Rob and steal. Try box. Say yes. Say you like four or fighters. Then it gets real fun cause you got that four teamer and you got four teamers

Speaker 0 (1h 17m 10s): and then you got a shitload two T anyway, you get the point. It’s extra DGN action. Especially if say, Hey, you’ve been Jones in a bet on something for the past couple of months that it’s not, it’s not video games on the screen. It’s actual guys beating each other. I’m going to, I’m going to go against the grain here with you guys. Our writer Jeff Fox, he did a Picks post. He made a case for a Gagey. He thought

Speaker 5 (1h 17m 33s): A he’s got some decent wrestling that he doesn’t use enough. You may use it here and I’ll take the Plus one 55 I’ll go against the grain. I don’t know man. I mean, yeah, gage has some good wrestling, but I think that really underestimates how good A Ferguson’s defensive wrestling is. How nasty. And I mean like nasty. You might break something as jujitsu is. He’s super, super creative. He’s, even though he’s not that tall at six feet, he’s long. He’s like one of those weirdly shaped guys where his limbs are just like out there a whole bunch.

Um, and, and the one thing is, I’ll tell you this one is that of all the fights on this card, which there should be a ton of fun ones, this is the one rear leg. None of neither of these guys are going to be willing to let this one be a boring fight. They’re not going to be like, well it’s empty in here. I guess it’s kind of quiet and let me take it easy. They’re going to act like there are fans who might boot every single second of this fight. Rich

Speaker 0 (1h 18m 25s): we, we’ve heard uh, some of these different, uh, you know, leagues and stuff they’ve talked about possibly like piping in virtual fans or CGI and fans are pumping in the crowd noise. Does the UFC have any plans to do anything like that? Do you know?

Speaker 5 (1h 18m 40s): I have no idea. I mean, what do you do? Like how do you carpet the rooms? There’s no reverb. Like it just sounds like in Korean baseball they have like cutouts of

Speaker 0 (1h 18m 51s): fans. I can’t can imagine it is Florida. Maybe there’s a guy with like a wife beater holding a monster energy drink. And like a solid, solid

Speaker 5 (1h 18m 57s): gold shade screaming out. It’s Florida. They might just let them all in any way at this point. You know, like that to say screw it, let’s go. I dunno man. The th th the fact this has happened in this kind of crazy eye because there’s only three, one in the ring. I don’t think it’s, I mean it’s an interesting, there’s a, there’s a S there as far as talking about all these sports and contact. This is a weird one because that’s a very high contact sport operated by a very small number of people. So it’s kind of a weird 50, 50, 50 back and forth with it. Um, my only real concern is how they’re handling the officiants because you can limit contact to different, to like within different camps pretty easily.

The question is like how many officiants are they using to limit contact from like one firm, like fight three to fight five. Um, and that’s the, that’s the only really interesting question from the whole thing. But I don’t know. I, I’m excited to see it. Color me wrong. You know, I want to see some people punch each other. I want to see someone throw a thing through a circle. I want to see a bunch of different crazy stuff happens and this seems like it’s going to work. I think just, I think Tony Ferguson is gonna is gonna beat that guy and just engage you. It’s going to be really fun to watch. Uh, I hope that Greg Hardy like breaks his ankle and the way to have the ring and then still like fights cause he thinks he should do it and then breaks it again and it gets punched in the face.

Um, and the other one. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (1h 20m 11s): And then ends up on a pile of guns. All right, let’s uh, let’s throw out a LOC and a dog. I’ll, I’ll, uh, I’ll kick things off here. My lock, I’m going to steal the obvious one and say Hutto and minus two 35. And for my dog I’ll also go A against Greg Hardy. Uh, Castro Plus one 65. Kramer, what do you, what do you lean in here and lock and dog.

Speaker 3 (1h 20m 38s): I think for the LOC I’ll throw out a parlay so I’m not giving you a minus 235 favorite like Sean stack and the money green over there. I think. I think you, you take, you take that pick, you tie it to Tony Ferguson. That will be my lock. A so I’m just, I’m piggybacking on your lock Sean and just making a little bit better for my dog. Yeah. Fade Greg Hardy. Are you kidding me? That’s the easiest dog I’ve had. I mean that dog is going to run fast. It’s going to eat, it’s going to get me paid. And if you want to have some extra fun, parlay it with some, get some Saturday night.

NFC East Madden MAYhem action.

Speaker 0 (1h 21m 13s): Yeah, it’s going to be, it’s going to be a wild experience cause we’ll have, we’ll be calling the A Madden MAYhem Madden games and then a side TV upgoing with the UFC fights. And of course you can stream Madden MAYhem on Twitch Twitter YouTube so it’s pretty easy to have a little side screen going while you’re watching the UFC action. Rich a LOC and a dog.

Speaker 5 (1h 21m 35s): Uh, my lock is on the undercard. I think the scent de Luca is a much better fighter than Nico price. I think the bad bad matchup for price and a lot of different reasons and it minus two 75, I don’t think, I thought that was a bad numbers for a guy I think should beat, should win this fight eight times out of 10 at least. Um, and for my dog, yeah, go to, to go to Castro. Let’s get, let’s send Greg Hardy to, to his career as a Walmart greeter early. Okay,

Speaker 0 (1h 22m 1s): awesome. Well appreciate you calling and as always Rich make sure you give a Rich A Follow on Twitter at Rich Slayton and a where, where can people to check out there, right?

Speaker 5 (1h 22m 12s): Yeah. I mean average Slaton guys, I’ve given you so many good Picks over the years. I mean, I’ve, I’ve made, if you’ve listened to me, I’ve made you money, I’ve certainly made you money. Give me a little A follow me at Rich and on all the social different things. And then A if you’re in a clash Royale for some reason, and you’re here as well, I go to youtube.com/rich Slayton and I got a bunch of clash Royale content. So I’m the co the Castro for the competitive professional clash Royale league. So yeah, go check that out. youtube.com/rich slate. Awesome.

Speaker 3 (1h 22m 39s): Sean, my favorite part about Rich coming on when he agrees with me and disagrees with you.

Speaker 0 (1h 22m 47s): Thanks again. As always, for a Rich colon into the podcast rate review, subscribe. Come on guys. We need some reviews. Were the reviews at best to review between now and the kickoff of Madden MAYhem gets A SGP t-shirt and an SGP face mask. Uh, we’re, we got, we’re getting in the A mask game. Kramer, just to go to Sports Gambling podcast.com/merch but the best review between now and when DJ and madness kicks off, we’ll get a tee shirt and a mask free of charge and a, all the money we make off the mask, we’re going to be donating to charity.

So again, check that out@sportsgamblingpodcast.com slash Madden for all the, uh, Madden MAYhem info. And again, subscribe rate review for the Sports Gambling Podcast. I’m Sean stack and the money green and he is Ryan. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter at Gambling podcast. I’m going to talk Shawn, and to give it away a couple of bucks for some touchdowns, I think this weekend. Kramer, let it

Speaker 1 (1h 23m 50s): .

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