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NBA’s Scariest Players Right Now

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Coming back to the purpose of this article – the NBA and the sheer brutes who participate in this league. Check out our list of players who you would definitely not want to upset in 2020.

Don’t Mess With These Guys!

1. LeBron James
LeBron James isn’t just scary to play against due to his natural ability, he is scary to play against just because of his aggression and physical stature. We are fairly confident that any player in the NBA right now would agree with that statement. It isn’t just his height and width that makes him so intimidating, it is the tattoos and how quickly he can move around the court as well.

At 6-ft 9 and 250lbs, we are pretty certain that you would not want LeBron James coming at you in the wrong way. There are a few guys who don’t mind doing this, however, which is why they have made this list also. 

2. James Harden

James Harden may not have the physical intimidation factor that LeBron James does, but there is something that is particularly uneasy about this guy. To start with, he’s got one of the most rugged and impressive beards in the NBA, which gives him a bit of a mystery factor already. In addition to this, he has a bit of a deathly stare in his eyes when he targets certain opponents. This is intimidating just to watch, nevermind to play against!

We mentioned that James Harden isn’t one of the biggest guys in the NBA, but it’s not like he is a small player. Harden is still 6-ft 5 and 220 pounds, so it’s probably best to stay on the right side of this guy. 

3. Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard is probably the most imposing player of these three, as he is just absolutely enormous in stature. Howard stands at a monstrous 6-ft 10 and is approximately 265lbs. At this size, he almost dwarfs even LeBron James, which is also a reason why he is one of the most successful players in the NBA as well.

Howard appears to be quite mild-mannered away from the court, but when you watch him in action, he is certainly not afraid to make his physical presence known. Much like the other two guys on this list, we would definitely prefer to be on his team rather than play against him, but full credit to those players in the NBA that do go up against him.


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