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High School Jock Stories, HORSE Tips and Sabrina Ionescu Talk w/ Curt Neill | NBA Odds Pod (Ep. 34)


Podcast Recap

Comedian and former high school jock Curt Neill makes his debut on the podcast. Host Ryan McKee interviews Curt about his antics playing high school sports in Oregon, like when future NFL Pro-Bowler Derek Anderson called him a “bitch” and the wild cheering section at their basketball games. They also discuss the NBA HORSE competition, tips on how to win at HORSE, the rise of the WNBA, Oregon Ducks women’s basketball, and rising star Sabrina Ionescu. Finally, the last eight minutes or so is mostly about Curt’s rec league baseball team, The Bandits … not totally sure why, but … the whole episode is unique.

video discussed in the episode …

Curt in a Oregon gambling commercial

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