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Degen Madness Week Three Picks (Ep. 810)

degen madness week three picks

Podcast Recap

The guys give out their Degen Madness week three picks while breaking down all the upcoming action in this weekend’s games for their March Madness simulation. Can dogs continue their crazy 15-1 ATS run? Plus some virtual NFL Draft and Mock Draft season is upon us!


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Podcast Transcription

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so in listening to the sports gambling podcast, exclusively on S.G.P. The

Speaker 1 (1m 40s): let me get your fucking shot.

Speaker 0 (1m 48s): Ooh, welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast. I’m Sean stack in the money grant with my partner in picks Ryan. Real money. Kramer, what’s happening? Crime dog. What day is it Sean? What day is it? It is Wednesday afternoon when we’re taping this. Jesus week three Degen pigs. Podcast sings of turns since we’ve last spoken. What’s going on, right? Just this, you know, listen, God bless school teachers, but they are not technologist by any stretch of the imagination.

If you want to talk about the reason people are going to lose their, lose their mind. It’s trying to, trying to interpret what these teachers mean with their, with their words. It’s, it’s amazing. Oh. So they’re, they’re instructing your kids on zoom and then you have to deal with the repercussions written instruction to do things within the like Google classroom space. That just doesn’t make sense. Like, it doesn’t make sense to me as an adult who is very competent with technology. Well, right.

And that’s pro, that’s probably part of the problem. You’re too confident. You’re too good at technology. Jesus. Ah, but can’t wait till Thursday,

Speaker 2 (3m 0s): baby.

Speaker 0 (3m 1s): Perfect. Transition to talk real quick. We’re, uh, we’re posting our mock drafts for the NFL already up or NFL writer shown burns posted his, your boy Sean stack in the money green just posted his, you’re welcome. America Kramer’s. We’ll be dropping soon, but we’re about to experience their first NFL virtual draft and I mentioned it in my mock draft but I’m really looking forward to the inevitable a freak out that one GM.

I’m looking at you, Dave Gettleman that doesn’t know how to deal with technology that can’t handle it. They can’t have the it people with them there. There’s gonna be some sort of hilarious consequence of uh, you know, someone not knowing how to answer a zoom call. So a, a, a trade-up doesn’t happen. There’s going to be some sort of cataclysmic uh, impact in the NFL draft because you’re forcing much like teachers who you think would be really into technology. A lot of them were like old school and don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to technology.

And the same applies to the football world, right? These are guys who drew up the plays on the Blackboard there. They like watching a cutting up the old game film. Don’t know how to load it onto a virtual server. Just imagine Dave Gettleman setting up a zoom conference call ride. I don’t know why you’re targeting Dave Gettleman. I think it’s because he’s gone out of his way to say he has computer guys

Speaker 2 (4m 26s): have an analytics department shown. Trust me first of all, much like other fans of the giants within the sports gambling podcast writers sphere in the Slack space, people are starting to turn the corner. It’s the plan is starting to make a little bit more sense. There is a zero, there better be a 0% chance that Dave Gettleman, Dave Gettleman, his hand is anywhere near the mouse.

The keyboard, like Dave Gettleman is the guy in your fantasy draft who takes the guy who’s out for the year because he quote doesn’t know how to use this damn thing. It was set to auto draft. I can’t undo the auto Johnny altcoin internet quickly. Yeah, I uh, I mean certainly they, they’re, they’re going to have, I guess, how do they do this? How, how do they make sure this doesn’t turn into a giant shit show?

Speaker 0 (5m 27s): Well, I think it’s going to, and I brought up Gettleman cause I think even a front of the program, Steve Shermer, who just wrote a Opus on, uh, what the new golf schedule is going to impact the betting world and all the implications. Check that out. but he was even saying there’s, you sold that too short, but you’re not gonna find a thousand words, a deeper analysis of the upcoming golf season anywhere in the internet. I dare you to find that. Anyway, but he, he just shared in our Slack channel.

And again, if you’re looking to kill time right now, the Slack dat sports gambling pop it off. Um, and uh, there is a article here from roto world and it’s a, a photo of Dave Gettleman. Certain staffers were reluctant to share homes with it and it’s a photo of Dave Gettleman. So he’s afraid of letting the computer guy doesn’t trust computer guys maybe or kind of deviant stuff. Is Dave Gettleman into that? He’s worried. He’s really worried.

He says it’s about the coronavirus but he knows what they can do to his computer tracking devices. All of a sudden they see what kind of websites he’s going too. I imagine that though. Imagine, you know, they, they, he gets his senses together. They install something that they can control remotely and then, uh, then they start capturing all sorts of interesting videos of Dave Gettleman in his private life. Look,

Speaker 2 (6m 52s): Sean, I understand you have to take shots cause your word, you’re starting to see this genius plan come together. You see, Oh, rah eyes and the culture changing and you’re having to take more shots. I think the draft will go off just beautifully. Gettleman will not do something ridiculous or stupid. He’ll take a nice big fat guy who can block on the offensive line.

Speaker 0 (7m 16s): So that’s what you’re hoping for. I don’t want to tip your hand, but at number four right now, the giants, I’ll give out my pick. Please do Tristan worse from Iowa. Okay. Because he was the, uh, he was the combine superstar biggest chance of bust at number four. So that’s, I gave Tristin worse, uh, offensive tackle out of Iowa. Do you have a preference in offensive lineman or you just want

Speaker 2 (7m 40s): so you know, it, it starts by, I have no idea. I’m not an offensive line guy. I’m not, I’m not your boss. Robert Mays. Um, but that certainly would fit the Gettleman. Oh, I’m sorry Sean. That certainly would fit the Gettleman mold. Now I kind of hope he trades down. I think there’s going to be opportunity at that spot for someone to want to trade up to either to take one of the quarterbacks right.

Isn’t that where we expect the quarterback clamoring the start right there at five. And to be clear for our mock drafts, we’re doing them, no trade, no trades is it, it just becomes a weird then, um, it’s also really nerdy. Like, I mean, come on. Yeah. And then you’re like computing and hypothetical trades that just the straight first round. Mock and you’re right. No mine on you guys do a seven round mock draft

Speaker 0 (8m 35s): fuck you. Number four is a spot where people will be trained up to get a quarterback. Although I’m hearing sources close to the situation saying that a top 10 team failed

Speaker 2 (8m 45s): is physical. So there are some teams that I think the two a injury thing too, it was always gonna fail someone’s physical. I don’t think that means anything. And I, they did

Speaker 0 (8m 56s): a deeper dive, not only his hip but the wrist. He broke twice.

Speaker 2 (8m 60s): Yeah. But that dude’s from the islands, man, those dudes are just tough. You ever watch BJ Penn fight? But there was no way that dude should have been in the ring with half the dudes. He knocked the shit out of there. There’s something strong about coming from a volcano, Sean, and you know, volcanoes straw. I will tell you this, I did have a dream that the giants drafted to I and I woke up and I do write, didn’t know what to do. I w well, you’re going to need a quarterback after talking about what great value it is to have two quarterbacks under rookie contracts.

Uh, you know, I think if you’re, if you’re talking offensive lineman, I in general, I like the idea of getting a dude from a program like Iowa, uh, rather than someone who just measured crazy. Um, um, you know, I feel like a Derek Brown is also on the table for Gettleman even though they’ve already have a stout upfront, he keeps, keeps talking about size and girth. Look, I just don’t want them to take a wide receiver or something stupid like that.

Anyway, rugs will be available. Ryan, very fast. Speed kills baby. I don’t want that. I don’t want anything like that. I want an offensive lineman. Just something super boring.

Speaker 0 (10m 17s): Well, and you mentioned, uh, people in islands are strong. UFC two 49 we’ll be doing a podcast about that next week. They secured the location. There’s also talk about doing some international fighters on Dana White’s fight Island.

Speaker 2 (10m 31s): So more importantly, what else is going to go on on that Island? Oh, what kind of law?

Speaker 0 (10m 39s): Well, I and I threw this out there. I would, maybe I tweeted her, Matt Jones, the sheriff. Maybe I just thought it, but Epstein Island, right. Lot of bad things. What a great recovery project for Epstein Island. Then to have the ultimate combat, uh, UFC take place on Epstein Island. We’ll re rehabilitate Epstein islands image. I have put the facilities to good use.

Speaker 2 (11m 4s): I have not heard you come in with the, uh, the hot take of the covid. Covid is the

Speaker 1 (11m 12s): covid

Speaker 2 (11m 13s): the ruse to get you to look the other way from the Epstein cover up?

Speaker 0 (11m 17s): Well, really it is because people are forgetting whether or not between covid and Carol Baskin killing her husband. Everyone’s forgotten that, uh, Jeffrey Epstein real, he didn’t kill himself. This is the final piece in the the

Speaker 3 (11m 29s): domino. Have we ever seen Jeffrey Epstein and Carol Baskin in the same place at the same time? Who’s the, where are the only podcast talking about Jeffrey Epstein right now. Everyone’s heard about this. Dumb has virus.

Speaker 2 (11m 43s): Okay. And this is a cure for Jeffrey Epstein.

Speaker 1 (11m 47s): Six feet, bro.

Speaker 0 (11m 50s): We’re going to do Degen madness week three picks of course, presented by the

Speaker 4 (11m 54s): sports or presented by MyBookie dot. AIG. We’re also presenting DJ madness to sports gambling podcast. MyBookie dot. A G. they got all the live lines, uh, the totals in game wagering. It’s all happening over at MyBookie dot. G dogs and just been destroying the tournament, stacking up cash. And I was getting a little bum. Ryan just got that covid fever. Uh, no. Sports going on. Colby texting us about how football is going to be canceled, trying to ruin my yoga session.

And then I remembered, Oh my God, I’m up four units on Ryan. Indeed, Jen madness. There is a reason to be happy. Get up on MyBookie data. Do you use a promo code SGP you up to $1,000 bonus bets play when he get paid. MyBookie dot. G

Speaker 0 (12m 42s): dog. Shawn, a remarkable, we covered this on the recap show, but a remarkable 15 and one against the spread 13 and three straight up. Of course we are grading Arizona as a dog where it closed and they opened up as a favorite closed as a, uh, as a dog. And that’s of course the matchup of the tournament so far go Nico Mannion and it couldn’t be a coincidence. Nico Mannion saw himself perform at an extremely high level in DJ and madness helping Arizona to a crazy double overtime win.

And then this week declares for the draft, it couldn’t have been a coincidence, Ryan, we’re sending these kids to the next level. Thanks to Degen. Madness stole my thunder because I was sitting down with Nico Mannion doing a piece for him, uh, coming up next week. Look out for that. I’m sitting down with a, with a couple of the players, Sean and Degen madness and uh, he, he decided to break the news to me before he did to the world via the sit down interview. Couldn’t be, couldn’t be happier for the kid.

It’s just a stand up guy. Really, really spoke highly of you Sean. Oh, well yeah, I call, I dubbed him fireball. He enjoyed the fireball. Mannion Oh God. I just can’t wait until Thursday. Should we just start breaking down and can do it? And really, I mean, I know people are thinking, Hey, we’re just trying to sell this, but that’s some legit good match-ups here. All the spread’s pretty close. Listen, it doesn’t matter where the spread is. It doesn’t matter where any of this bullshit is because the games have just been exciting.

Thursday night we start, we’re in the sweet 16, the 11 seed, Arizona Wildcats, they head to John. I’ve said it a couple times in the show. Where is Creighton trivia? Where is Craig Creighton? Nebraska had to Nebraska where the craving Lusail the three seed. Creighton blue Jays. Just the, it’s just a black hole in my brain right now. Right. They are. Um, and these, these lines should be up at my bookie by the time that you’re to this hopefully if not Thursday morning and, and all this simulation data that uh, you suggest the lines of MyBookie and get all that and of course check out the leaderboard, see where you are in the race for 3000 bucks.

Yeah. So uh, this number, um, Creighton is laying for what I did,

Speaker 2 (15m 14s): I noticed in the simulations and I don’t know if again, I don’t know if the simulations are somehow becoming self aware.

Speaker 0 (15m 20s): The totals all are creeping up a little bit. 91 and a half in this one, the simulation data came to 91.6 with a 4.2 point advantage for the home Creighton blue Jays, one little bit of a, not a nominal AIC data and this one, Sean Aaron, I wish I had the nerd drop for your use of Arizona with a higher max and they lower men in this one.

There were clearly clearly some wonky outcomes in the Sims uh, Creighton winning 63% of the games. I think the number is right on what we think or what we’ve seen in the first round. First couple of weekends, the total a bit higher, probably more in line with what we’re seeing on the court. The adrenaline causing these players the juice up their game. Yeah. And we, we keep mentioning dogs are 15 and one against the spread, but overs 13 and three.

Uh, and yet it’s really been an overs better embedding a paradise. But from that first game, Arizona was the Arizona Michigan state. Yeah. They uh, will, that’ll look like it was dead under. And then we need a double over time. And you got to 133 total points. Arizona, 70 Michigan state, 63 I kind of liked the under here again, I think under could make a run here as these totals have crept up towards the high nineties or sorry, low nineties, high eighties. I of course all over Nico Mannion, Arizona, just watching that, that player, he is a special guy.

Kramer, I’m assuming you’re on Crayton here, Sean. Well, first of all, it’s great for the show that we’re on opposite sides of this one. The favorites are going to be regressing in a big, big way in 16

Speaker 2 (17m 10s): not only that crane is the team who I touted look to be the most impressive,

Speaker 0 (17m 16s): have any of the teams with a victory.

Speaker 2 (17m 19s): Last thing I’ll say, Sean, you love to fade teams coming off of their super bowl and what just happened? Well, they were down five with 30 seconds to go

Speaker 0 (17m 31s): and they

Speaker 2 (17m 32s): to tighten. Now one time, two times tied the game with a three pointer in the waning seconds to win in double over time. That’s a lot of extra quarters to play. Shorter turnaround here. Creighton gets it done, although I will. Looking ahead and Arizona, Washington matchup is almost more intriguing, but I think the favorite gets it done. Let’s move to the 7:00 PM Thursday night game. Sean the of West Virginia, mountaineers as the 11 seed head to beautiful San Diego, California where the Aztecs as the three seeds are the home team with a three and a half point favorite.

88 and a half. Again, total seem to be a little higher. 88 and a half is the total San Diego state winning 60 per 68% of these and the Sims having them win by an average of 3.6 points while seeing 88.2 as the total score. Ah man, I, you know, West Virginia really showed up, but again, I, I think both the three seeds were quite impressive in their first round winds and I’m going to have to back another favorite here show.

I’m not with mr John Denver. I’m not sure.

Speaker 0 (18m 50s): Take me home from Morgantown. Let’s go our cows. Sean, come on. Well I gave you first dibs on, on the pic there. So enjoy San Diego state. I they were, I think they were the one team that actually covered, but in the spirit of Degen madness I will of course back. Okay. West Virginia, I think this could be, and we haven’t seen this much in the tournament because the dogs are actually winning out, right? A lot. I think this could actually be a game where the spread matters, where the spread comes into play and the mountaineers lose, but cover the game.

Okay. And San Diego state didn’t, they kind of started out slow, right?

Speaker 2 (19m 31s): Yeah, and and you have to remember Malakai Flynn was not really involved in the game and it makes me wonder, they won pretty impressively without him. If he gets involved in this one, I think West Virginia could get blown out here. Moving along the Friday, the ninth seat, Ohio state Buckeyes, they had to the debut of the one seeds on Friday night. Shawn Dayton flyers minus four and a half for the Dayton flyers.

87 is the total. This one is up at my bookie. Dot. Ag and opened at five. Sean people are coming in on Ohio state. It’s now four and a half total, 87 the SIM data saw 86 and a half with a 5.2 point advantage for Dayton. Dayton. One 74% of the game, Sean, or are you buying what the public is betting right now? Yep. Yup.

Speaker 0 (20m 28s): I’m, I’m Joe Q public, especially public dog. Has fleas. I don’t care. I’m petting that dog. Give me Ohio state. Plus four and a half. I did like a, we saw in the preview game Dayton, they couldn’t get a topping going. They struggled against Kansas is length in the preview game. Uh, Ohio state, Dave, they beat a pretty solid Auburn team, but they don’t have that size. I think that’s the,

Speaker 2 (20m 52s): you nailed the key Dayton in that Kansas game. They were going against.

Speaker 0 (20m 58s): You’re right. They don’t, but they do have four and a half points. It’s an in state rivalry there. Cutting, get up for this game. Give me a stay. Plus four and a half. I love date. And for all the reasons you said you like

Speaker 2 (21m 8s): the Ohio state, these are the kids who didn’t get into Ohio state. They’re going to date and all right. We started the season thinking at the, the, the, the Torney down in a Hawaii. They, they, they showed up, they played well and they, their season continued to be a season of seasons. And I think this is, you know, they didn’t get to participate in an NCAA tournament and this is what they have. So the CPU kids are going to be coming out, they’re going to be showing Ohio state. They made the wrong call and I think date and roles, we have not seen the one seeds play yet and we have not seen a player of mr Toppins rating, I believe it’s 84 so off the chart he is going to be style I think without the size inside.

He’s going to be stuffing it down. Ohio state’s stupid Buckeye throat, 7:00 PM another one seed the Kansas Jayhawks, they host the Michigan Wolverines who of course part of the opening night, just absolute mindblowing finish Butler where they then of course ran the table and over time in one 49 to 40 after that magnificent game tying shot, the Kansas Jayhawks are five and a half point favorites.

83 and a half is the total here. This is the lowest total of the remaining sweet 16 games. Kansas winning 68% of the games, the simulation data showing Kansas winning by 5.6 while scoring a total of 83.1 Shauna. I mean are you giving me first pick on this one? Yeah, I’ll let you go. You need the help. You gave me the favorites baby. I’m telling you the one seeds, they’re quite good.

They’re the, the the one seeds and I’ve been saying this all torn and been wrong about these damn dogs, but Kansas is going to roll here. We saw what their size did too. A really good team in Dayton. I think that same size is going to create a problem here with Michigan.

Speaker 0 (23m 9s): Yeah. As a bouquet. Uh, that guy was a matchup nightmare. Not to mention Kansas will hit their free throws. Michigan will not. Well, we’ll see. We’ll see. Ryan, I’m back in Michigan. Gimme a Michigan plus five and a half. This team just doesn’t know how to lose friend of the program. Just a montane. Oh, okay. Has he, I looked in his bracket. He’s in ninth right now, but he does have seven of his eight elite eight teams alive. If he has, but he needs Michigan to upset Kansas.

So I know he’ll be on that game.

Speaker 2 (23m 41s): So team, does he not have,

Speaker 0 (23m 43s): um, I think he may have Villanova as one of his eight. I’ll have to look at it, but yeah, pretty impressive considering the field, the, I mean, the brackets all over the place right now. And even the people that are up there, the top couple of three, a lot of them don’t have much of their final four left or certainly don’t have both the, uh, championship games. Right? I mean, it’s gonna get interesting moving along to Saturday. Oh, Ryan, before we do that,

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Speaker 0 (25m 23s): Sean Saturday elite eight times. No, the final day of sweet 16 action. The Texas tech red Raiders they had across the state to take on the hou. Houston cougars were a Texas tech is a small favor to half with a 90 point total. Sean. The simulations were basically a dead heat coming to about 90.1 points and Texas tech one 53% of these match-ups there.

There’s not much separating these two teams.

Speaker 6 (25m 59s): Aye.

Speaker 0 (26m 1s): I think it’s your turn to take the choice. Sean D I’ll go Texas tech here. I think their win over posi finally take a favor and it’s a half winter over Florida state was more impressive than Houston’s went over Seton hall. I though Seton hall was a little, uh, a little bit fraudulent and Houston very much fraudulent. Certainly could have blown that game. Texas tech was just Aiden control against the Florida state team that a lot of people, even in Degen madness and regular quote unquote March madness people had that Florida state team making them run.

Certainly a much more talented team. I don’t think the talent discrepancy was his big for the cougars. It should be a good game, but I’m happy to lay the half point with the Texas tech red Raider. They also have, you know, they’ve done it before, at least a couple of them have from last season. Yeah. Veteran experience. They got down to Houston. They did not expect to have this home game. I think the virtual settings,

Speaker 2 (27m 1s): well show out, they will carry this team to an unlikely victory. Uh, you know, let’s not sleep on this Houston team again. They were, I believe Ken Palm had them writer right in the, the, the 10 to 20 range overall. Let’s not sleep on them. I think they have a grand opportunity here. Houston gets the win this game. I have all these higher total games where I’m like, man, I just can’t see it. I think this is an underplay for me as well.

Speaker 0 (27m 32s): Yeah. 90 feels really high for this game. And then going back to Michigan, Kansas, I kind of liked the or yeah, Michigan, Kansas. I don’t mind the over at 83 and a half. That feels low. It does. Especially if, I mean both teams can get hot, especially Kansas and Kansas is great for those easy put backs, easy points in the paint. Um, that can really make a difference.

Speaker 2 (27m 55s): Saturday night, 7:00 PM the final game of the sweet 16 the Colorado buffaloes had to LSU to take on. We tag is where the LSU tigers are. One and a half point favorite. Sean 92 and a half is the total SIM data. LSU one by an average of 1.8 points. 92.4 total points. 53% of these games were won by LSU. This feels like another one. Pretty, pretty dead. If you look at the rosters, Colorado has the better players at the top.

LSU probably the better team. The home court may come into play here. Are these kids used to playing at such close to sea level elevations? We’re not sure. Uh, I, I, you can have Colorado. Sean, is that what you want?

Speaker 0 (28m 48s): I’ll take Colorado. Are you kidding me? The buffaloes.

Speaker 2 (28m 51s): Another home. You’re, you’re on six road teams. I’m on six home teams. What could possibly go wrong? I just think we saw LSU get a team performance. And what I, what I like about that in the CPU world is we don’t know what’s going to happen game to game with these coaches and their game plans, right? We’ve seen, we’ve seen game plans where the star player is essentially not involved and then the next game they’re heavily involved. So, um, I like this LSU team because I think someone else can step up.

It wasn’t their best player was Emmett Williams last game that kind of took over for them.

Speaker 0 (29m 26s): Well and, and to your point, and it’ll probably lead us to the next game here. I’ll take Colorado just because fucking I like Colorado. I lost on them. I, I, I, I wanted to bet on Colorado and both Kentucky the they drew each in the first round. So now this is my chance to make it up with Colorado. Get those Buffalo’s going. But to your point where you’re talking about LSU where you don’t know who’s gonna show up, but it seems like the not one guy, they rely on so much great examples.

The Washington Huskies, right? They beat Baylor 55 to 54 beat Louisville 55 to 52 and they’ve got a great rotation of guys that all come up in a pretty big way. Yeah. I mean they have the stud and steward inside, but then you know, so Honus just sodas coming out of nowhere. Just drain in threes and let, let’s talk about that Sean. Cause Sunday night is the beginning of the elite eight, the first two games. In fact of the elite eight we’ll see the Washington Huskies head to either Nebraska or Arizona.

They will take on the winter of crate and Arizona. Sean doesn’t matter who it is right now. As soon as that line posts at my bookie him or those Washington Huskies, they, this team is, they’re getting to the final four. So if I was making the line, I would probably look to see, I would look to make Creighton three points. Arizona pick them. Maybe Arizona meant minus a half. I think wa I mean Washington has, she like you have to throw the seed out at this point.

Um, they, they’ve, they’ve showed up twice and they’ve done it with 55 points both times. And they’re consistent in, in the way they spread the ball around. Different guys come up at different times. Stewart, like you said, dominant force down low. So wholeness comes out of nowhere. But even a JCS cousin Carter, he’s, he’s had some pretty good games. This team is Washington in the final like next time of course. And I ever, you thought I was crazy when I said Washington 40 to one Sean, you can still get them for eight to one but they’re eight to one right now.

Wow. You shouldn’t hear in the elite eight. Real quick, look at those futures. Uh, Kansas four-fifty date and five 50 San Diego hasn’t played a game at this crazy go stay in Houston. Seven Oh one West Virginia 50 Virginia and Washington, eight to one Creighton in Ohio state. Nine to one feels a little disrespectful for Creighton. Texas tech 12 Arizona 14 LSU, 14 Michigan 15 Colorado 16 well, of those, of those bigger Longshots, Arizona and Michigan, I think still at 1415 no one still have some value train and nine Oh one is disrespectful.

That is, and maybe it’s cause they got to run in, I mean there were, they gotta run into Washington. Maybe that’s why they have to be in Arizona and Washington. Two teams I’ve loved in this tournament and I don’t know what I’ll do if they have to play each other. But I do think Washington is just, man, they’re gonna make a run. Look out LA. And the other potential match up a little bit different because we know Washington will be on the road. We don’t know where Virginia

Speaker 2 (32m 40s): is going to play. They either will be at home against the West Virginia mountaineers or they will be on the road in San Diego to take on the Aztecs of San Diego state. I I, you know, I think if Virginia is at home, there may be there around a pick ’em against West Virginia. I think if they’re in San Diego state we’re looking at three and a half.

Speaker 0 (33m 3s): Yeah, I, Hmm. I I

Speaker 2 (33m 5s): boy. If your San Diego state, this is a, and you’re, you’re loving this because Virginia is the kind of team that you just destroy with athleticism and San Diego state. What did, what did you say their future was? MyBookie San Diego state is the third favorite along with Houston at 71 wow. Euston quite high are there. I didn’t catch that. I was, as I was reading about Houston that high with, with a a a dog.

Speaker 0 (33m 32s): They do have a home game but they are the home dog. San Diego state at seven Oh one. If you’re looking for a safer chalkier play, I do have them winning the tournament in my bracket. So I’m going to ride with them still as, as the team to what it all. But, uh, San Diego state seven Oh one that feels pretty generous. Well, and I think too, you gotta look at the rosters and you gotta you got to see like which teams have the guy that can

Speaker 2 (33m 55s): take it over. And you know, Michigan and Arizona are good case studies where we’ve seen Nico Mannion take it over. Oh yeah. We’ve also seen Xavier Simpson do too much. And that to me could be the difference. And I think probably why Houston is getting some respect because Caleb mills, but he, he, he’s, he has the ability to show up and show big, I think, in this matchup.

Speaker 0 (34m 21s): Anyway, I’m looking forward to the game shown. No, it’s a great slate of games. Sweet 16 rolling right into the elite eight and then, uh, yeah, man, it’s just been an awesome, it’s been awesome. A tournament so far.

Speaker 4 (34m 35s): It’s, it’s crazy how entertaining these games have been. We’re going to throw out a lock and dog as we always do here on the sports gambling podcast. But before we get to that, make sure you check out PropSwap. That’s right. your place to buy and sell major sports bets and Hey, it could be kicking off any moment here. Baseball sounds like they’re going to be doing some stuff, UFC that’s happening use the promo code S.G.P.

The you get up to a hundred percent match up to a hundred dollars. So basically you deposit $100, you got $200 in your account, this deal is going to end soon. Get in while you still can. You want to have that free 200 bucks when sports comes back and it’s going to be awesome. So load up on that cash. And of course is the place that allows you to buy Vegas bets even though you’re not in Las Vegas, you can actually buy Vegas sports tickets. So cool opportunity there

Speaker 0 (35m 38s): and uh, should be back up and running soon. But more importantly, get that $100. Now government’s giving you the $1,200 turn it into $1,300 excellent ROI as they say in the business. promo code S G P. Sean, can we make a big announcement? Yes. I’ve made this determination with the, the consult of no one else, but we’re pleased to announce that Degen madness we’ll have a third place game. Oh, okay.

Saturday night, April 18th as a precursor to the championship to saying we’re giving people more gamble. It only seemed to right to have a 6:00 PM game before the championship game. Warm up game. I like it. Got to get the crowd going. You got to talk about the championship game on Decky gotta give an opportunity. One last opportunity for their senior CPU. The get some more running. Maybe we’ll see a little bit more of greeny in the third place.

Game. Get into anything else you want to bring up, Sean, about Degen madness other than that, I have been doing nothing but looking forward to it. No, it’s, it’s God bring us alive. Yeah. So, uh, stay tuned. Make sure you check that out Thursday through Sunday night. And, uh, if you’re listening to this, we’re about to tape a podcast with very special former NFL quarterback. So stay tuned to the feed sports gambling podcast in the iTunes. Throw us a five star review, but before we close things out, Kramer, well, who’s your lock? Who’s your dog for week three of Degen?

Madness ah, man. Um, you know, all right, I’ll lock up Dayton. I think they get it done. Date and minus four and a half. My dog. I only one dog. Shawn, give me the Houston Cougar. That’s a pussy ass. What do you want me to do? You can I give you this 100 mock parlay? Sure. All right. Uh, cause this is what I would do in the real sweet 16.

I’d pick three teams. I really like par. Lay them on the money line. I know you’re, you’re not, yeah, I’ll, I’ll say this. Parlay the favorites for Thursday and Friday. That’s my dog. You like 10 to one. You like 10 to one. Sean, we’ll give you 10 to one. I’m going to for my lock, lock up a Michigan plus five and a half. They keep that close. And for my dog gimme, the Arizona Wildcats, Nico fireball Mannion to win outright and destroy Ryan’s 14 parlay before it begins.

No, no, please don’t do that. Thank you for participating in the sportsgamblingpodcast and for the sports gave me podcast name Shawn stack in the muddy green and he is Ryan. Good luck this weekend, Sean. Thank you, Kramer. Let

Speaker 1 (38m 37s): Brad.

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