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The Green Report: NFL Power Rankings ATS For Week Six

nfl power rankings ats week six

Every sports blog covering the NFL puts out a list of their power rankings where the Patriots are first and the Dolphins are last and where you learn absolutely nothing. For my version of the NFL power rankings I’m going to do NFL Power Rankings ATS, all 32 NFL teams ranked in order of my desire to bet on them. Next to the team name you’ll see their record ATS, the number in ( ) is the team’s average margin ATS.

Green Lights

1. Buffalo 4-1-0 (+5.3) – The Bills have an amazing defense and a rough QB situation which creates a ton of value.
2. Indianapolis 3-1-1 (+2.2) – Great coaching and the numbers they’ve been getting are for a backup QB, however Brissett is legit.
3. Jacksonville 3-2-0 (+2.2) – Minshew Mania is still real, but they have no respect from the public and see a lot of value.
4. Carolina 3-2-0 (+4.4) – As long as they can keep Cam Newton off the field I’m looking to back this Panthers team.
5. San Francisco 3-1-0 (+15.2) – This team is due for a market correction, but the average margin ATS is too big not to include.
6. Green Bay 4-1-0 (+3.9) – GB + Rodgers are often public sides, but their defense and running game are a good formula for covering.
7. New Orleans 3-2-0 (-0.2) – Backup QB playing decent and solid defense giving them great ATS value.

I See You

8. Philadelphia 2-3-0 (+0.8) – OL is playing well, they’re limiting turnovers and flying under the radar.
9. Tampa Bay 2-3-0 (+2.3) – The passing offense can put up points and DL really shows up at times.
10. Detroit 3-1-0 (+3.0) – Market has been slow to correct to this decent / good team.
11. Oakland 3-2-0 (+2.1) – May have to admit Oakland isn’t horrible. Not quite going to say they’re good but I’m getting closer.
12. New England 3-2-0 (+10.9) – More value on this team when mega-spreads come down and they play NFL teams.
13. Seattle 2-3-0 (-0.5) – The team just wins games with Wilson and Carroll.

Have To Bet On Something

14. LA Rams 4-1-0 (-0.6) – Still being priced as NFC Champs, Gurley needs a knee and def not the same as previous years.
15. Houston 3-2-0 (+2.7) – Hot and cold team, too much talent to knock down any farther.
16. Kansas City 3-2-0 (+0.4) – Offense has cooled off and they still can’t stop anyone on defense.
17. Minnesota 3-2-0 (+4.7) – They still got Kirk Cousins. Very obvious fade or ride team based on situation.
18. Chicago 2-3-0 (+0.2) – What happened to this great defense? Oh and Chase Daniel.
19. Pittsburgh 3-2-0 (-1.5) – Third string QB could create some big spreads for a team with some talent.
20. Arizona 3-2-0 (-3.3) – The city doesn’t normally don’t collect trash on Sundays, but Kyler Murray does!
21. Atlanta 1-4-0 (-8.8) – Lot of garbage time possibilities with this offense.
22. Denver 2-3-0 (-1.5) – I really like Philip Lindsay otherwise they’d be lower.
23. Tennessee 2-3-0 (+4.6) – Roller coaster season for our gals. #TitanUp

Beer Goggles

24. Baltimore 1-4-0 (+2.3) – They’re still getting credit for the Baltimore defense of the past.
25. LA Chargers 1-3-1 (-4.0) – Need an OL and DL not playing up to the hype.
26. Cleveland 2-3-0 (-5.1) – Odell has found the next Eli Manning! 4 TDs 8 INTs.
27. NY Giants 2-3-0 (-2.5) – Some value pre Daniel Jones hype, but feels like back to Giants as normal.
28. Dallas 3-2-0 (0.0) – An overrated public team, what’s to like?
29. Cincinnati 2-3-0 (-8.3) – Weak division is only hope for ATS wins.
30. Washington 1-4-0 (-7.6) – Holy shit they’re road favorites after firing their coach!
31. NY Jets 1-3-0 (-5.9) – The team rallying around a Sam Darnold mono death is their only hope.

Time Out

32. Miami 0-4-0 (-18.8) – …although they do have the Redskins at home this week.

The cover percentage and ATS record come from

Sean Green is co-host of The Sports Gambling Podcast. When he isn't giving out his free NFL picks, he works as a stand up comedian, writer and producer. He's currently the head writer and supervising producer on "Ridiculousness" but has also written for Crashletes (Nickelodeon), SFTHF (Full Screen) and Guy Code (MTV Digital). Sean also hosts his own late night sports talk show "Sean's Sports Show".


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