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NFL Schedule Predictor

SGP NFL Schedule Predictor

This is a web app I built to do pre-season NFL season-long predictions. A way for you to run through the schedule to mark a win for one team and the corresponding loss for the other.

The reason I decided to build this app is because I always noticed that when people ran through a team’s schedule, they would give them x amount of wins. Then when that same person goes through other teams’ schedules they would give them y amount of wins. This app makes sure that there is the same number of wins as losses when going through teams’ schedules so that you don’t go bet the over on every single team and end up with way more wins than losses during the seasons.

For best results use the full screen app on desktop

The app is pretty simple to use:
  • Go through a team’s schedule
  • Click once to mark a win (it will turn green)
  • Click a second time to mark a loss (it will turn red)
  • Click a third time to reset that game
  • When marking a game as a win/loss for a team, it will mark the opponent’s game accordingly
  • Example:
    • Team A vs Team B
    • Marking Team A with a win will go mark Team B with a loss for the same game and vice versa

When filling out the grid on the grid tab, the standings will be updated in real-time to get a clear picture of division winners. Tiebreakers are accounted for to figure out division winners.

I hope this app is useful to everyone who uses it, any feedback is appreciated. Feel free to tweet at me or dm me on twitter at @SpankTrain.


A Kansas State grad and software engineer. Born and raised in Kansas City, KS, but a die hard Broncos fan. Enjoys some degenerate gambling and building software in his free time.


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