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The Re-Emergence Of The Trading Card Market w/ Harby & Midwest Box Breaks | Inside Vegas (Ep. 83)

Podcast Recap

The sports trading card market has been on the come up again with major entrepreneur’s getting back into the game after years away. Christian welcomes on Ben Smith, owner of Mid West Box Breaks and Harby to #InsideVegas and talk about why the market has come back to life, how people can invest in players via trading cards, what to look for, the difference in values of brands and players, and how to make money in trading cards again! Also, listen inside for a special discount code for Midwest Box Breaks club!

"Inside Vegas" is a sports gambling podcast hosted by Las Vegas local and professional gambler Christian Pina (@ChristianPina). Each week "Inside Vegas" gives you a behind the scenes look at the world of sports gambling with insightful interviews from both book makers and handicappers. SUBSCRIBE ON APPLE | SPOTIFY

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