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Top 10 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks for 2019

SGP Top 10 QB's For 2019

On a recent episode Sports Gambling Podcast, Kramer (@KramerCentric) and Sean (@SeanTGreen) go back and forth revealing their list for the top ten fantasy football QBs for 2019. Some controversial picks for Sean and Ryan’s Top Five.

Here is a breakdown of their picks with quotes about each player.

Sean Green’s Top 10 QBs

10) Deshaun Watson

“Normally don’t like to predict injury, but that lung injury he had…it’s his style of play…it’s that he holds onto the ball way too long, and his Houston Texans offensive line has really struggled at times to protect him.”

9) Philip Rivers

“Investing in this Chargers offense, and think because of Hunter Henry that Rivers will get red zone touchdowns…what I like about Philip Rivers is, 32-12 last year, but he did it at a nice yards per attempt at 8 ½. ”

8) Matt Ryan

“The dome games alone, first 11 games of the season in a dome, he had a nice jump in yards per attempt from the previous season, 1.2 yards per attempt, and to me the reason to jump back on the Matt Ryan train…is no more Steve Sarkisian!”

7) Russell Wilson

“He’s up 0.80 yards per attempt from the previous season, 35-7, career high passing touchdowns [in 2018], and ‘RUSSY WILL’… just seems he’s kind of in put-the-team-on-his-back mode, [along with] I kind of like some of the chemistry he developed with some of those other receivers, the tight ends. They don’t have a clear-cut guy who’s going to eat up goal line carries…which is something I factor in for these quarterbacks…and 355 rushing yards, which is a career high for him.”

6) Drew Brees

“Last year felt like a down year for him, [but he had] 32 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 4,000 passing yards…highest completion percentage all-time for Brees, 74.4%…a guy who’s gonna keep drives alive, and with the emergence of Kamara, an easy way to get completions, easy way to get first downs, passing yards…just an easy way to get fantasy points…and I think he’s someone you can get late.”

5) Ben Roethlisberger

“I feel like he’s got that one good year left: I like JuJu [Smith-Schuster] to be the #1 rated fantasy receiver, and I like Roethlisberger to have a big season throwing the ball…coming off a 34-touchdown season, 5,000 yards, big jump from the previous season…this team is seemingly just built around Big Ben.”

4) Aaron Rodgers

“It’s gonna be an F-U mode season, there’s still a lot to shake out with this LaFleur thing…the whole power struggle…[but] a 25-2 touchdown-to-interception ratio…those are Nick Foles numbers.”

3) Andrew Luck

39-15, Frank Reich system, they’re in a dome…getting good offensive linemen to build around Luck…and a dome offense with Frank Reich, who seems to bring innovative play-calling that’s helped the Colts offense.”

2) Patrick Mahomes

50 touchdowns, 5,000 yards…how do you not regress?”

1) Carson Wentz

“What’s not to like about this new-look offense: DeSean Jackson, deep threat on the outside, the speed to open it up for Dallas Goedert and fuckin’ Zach Ertz?!”


Ryan Kramer’s Top 10 


10) Jameis Winston

“This isn’t about on-field leadership production winning…it’s about putting up numbers…Bruce Arians [and the coaching staff] that want to throw the ball down the field.”

9) Kyler Murray

“No matter how good or bad this team will be, they’re going to run a lot more plays than they have, and Kyler Murray is going to run the ball…if Kyler Murray is going to flirt with Michael Vick’s 1,000 rushing yard season, that’s 100 extra fantasy points right there…that’s a six-point [per game] edge.”

8) Matt Ryan

“Playing in a dome, hard to ignore the chance for that offense to be explosive with Ridley and Julio Jones.”

7) Drew Brees

“Like the fact that they’re going to play in a high-octane offense, play inside, and the fact they’ve done it before…he gives you a ceiling, and he gives you a floor.”

6) Cam Newton

“Cam maybe is going to be healthy again this year…based on he’s got a shoulder that’s back together…his upside is so high with the rushing yards, and sprinkle in all the juice from the catches by Mr. McCaffrey.”

5) Baker Mayfield

“I think his ceiling could be huge…Baker Mayfield is the guy who could shockingly have 40 touchdowns.”

4) Deshaun Watson

“It’s because of that ceiling, the fact that the team wants to sling the rock, the have DeAndre Hopkins, they have Will Fuller…he’s going to run the rock, he played through that punctured lung injury…that ceiling is that he could be the #1 quarterback.”

3) Patrick Mahomes

“How many of his points came from him just slingin’ the ball to Tyreke Hill…what does it mean now that Mahomes has a target on his head?…he’s getting drafted silly early…but he’s one of the four guys who you absolutely try to grab, or wait.”

2) Aaron Rodgers

“Touchdown rate will absolutely regress up…he’ll be in supreme F-U mode…he has legit targets that aren’t being suspended…Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers.”

1) Andrew Luck

“When has he had this kind of supporting cast, this kind of offensive line? And he’s in a dome…he could do what Mahomes did last year.”

Top Ten Fantasy Football QBs Video

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