Super Bowl Futures Bets: Making A Case For Each Team

Super Bowl Futures Bets: Making A Case For Each Team

The NFL is coming to a close. However, we still have a loaded playoff race capped by the Super Bowl. So, maybe you’re looking to get down on some action for Super Bowl Futures bets. Maybe you have a strong lean towards a team now and want to place a bet before their odds are shorter.

Or, maybe you aren’t sure which team to take. You can place multiple futures bets on teams and still end up profiting if you play your cards right. So, let’s take a look at each team and make a case for why they will not only make it to the Super Bowl, but win it.

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Super Bowl Futures Bets: Making A Case For Each Team

Blind Bet The One Seeds?

The first thing you’re going to think of is just betting on the one seeds for your Super Bowl Futures bets. However, does this payoff? Turns out it does. The one-seed has won the Super Bowl 53.2% of the time. Technically, that means the 49ers (+220) and Ravens (+310) statistically have the best chance to win the Super Bowl.

Whether it will happen, however, is anybody’s guess. That’s what betting is all about. Betting two one-seeds is equally as dangerous. The NFL didn’t introduce playoff seeding until 1975. Since then, in 49 Super Bowls, the number one seeds have only faced each other 14 times. Betting the one-seed seems simple, but will it play out that way this year?

The AFC Contenders

Baltimore Ravens (+310)

The Baltimore Ravens finished the season with the best record in the NFL. They beat playoff teams like the 49ers (33-19), the Dolphins (56-19), the Rams (37-31), the Lions (38-6), the Browns (28-3), and the Texans (25-9). In fact, the only two teams they lost to that are in the playoffs are the Steelers, Browns, and Bucs.

So, can Lamar and company rest up on their bye and make a deep playoff run? The Ravens’ offense was in the bottom half of the league in passing yards. That didn’t matter since they led the league in total rushing yards.

The cold weather games in Baltimore will be won on the ground, and the Ravens have the best rushing attack in the playoffs.

The Ravens’ defense was the opposite of its offense. While they were middle-of-the-road in stopping the run, they were top-10 in stopping the pass. Teams have trouble passing on this Ravens’ defense.

They were third in the league in interceptions, behind only the Bears and the 49ers.

The team has experience on both sides of the ball. They also have the youth to stay fresh. Most importantly, they have a coach who has been doing this for years. John Harbaugh is the only head coach in NFL history to win a playoff game in six of his first seven seasons as a head coach.

He also has the most road playoff wins.

The Ravens also won Super Bowl XLVII with Harbaugh. This Super Bowl is the Ravens to lose, so they’re a solid choice for your Super Bowl futures bets.

Buffalo Bills (+650)

At mid-season, we were all asking ourselves, will the Bills even make the playoffs? Now they sit at the second seed, ready to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers as the heaviest favorite of the weekend. That should tell you how well this team played in the second half of the season.

They finished the season winning five straight games, including beating the Chiefs, Cowboys, and Dolphins. Their defense is also tied with the Ravens in interceptions.

Much like the Ravens, they are middle-of-the-road when it comes to stopping the run. However, they are top-10 in stopping the pass.

The Bills offense has carried this team. They are top-10 in passing yards and in rushing yards on the year. Josh Allen is the heart and soul of the team. However, James Cook has been able to contribute a lot as well.

Pair that with production from Stefon Diggs, Dalton Kincaid, and Dawson Knox, and this team will be tough to stop.

The Bills are entering the playoffs with a huge head of steam after winning five straight. They should have an easier Super Wild Card weekend against the Steelers. After that, all games will be played in Buffalo unless it’s against the Ravens.

The Bills are a hot team and are a great payout for your Super Bowl futures bets at six-and-a-half to one.

Kansas City Chiefs (+1000)

The Chiefs just weren’t the same team this year as they have been the past couple of years. The defense is probably the best it has been in a decade, but the offense struggled far too often.

Patrick Mahomes and his receivers weren’t on the same page most of the time. They’re filled with both young pass-catchers and guys that have mainly been reserves.

Still, even though we watched them struggle, they finished in the top-10 of passing yards on the season. While the defense wasn’t great at stopping the run, they were fourth in passing yards allowed.

If they beat the Dolphins, Patrick Mahomes will play his first road playoff game. It will be interesting to see how he responds to that adversity in a hostile environment.

You can’t write the Chiefs off, though. Patrick Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks in football. Travis Kelce is one of the best tight ends in the game.

Even in a down year, he was among the top tier of tight ends. Plus, as stated earlier, this is the best defense the Chiefs have had in years.

Then there’s also Andy Reid. Reid is near the top of the coaching echelon, and Kansas City has been in the Super Bowl for two of the last three years.

Reid, Mahomes, Kelce, and this talented defense make it hard not to consider the Chiefs for your Super Bowl futures bets at ten to one.

Houston Texans (+4000)

Some might say the Texans can look back at this year and call it a success just based on the fact that they are in the playoffs. However, I don’t think the Texans will be satisfied with that.

They made all the right moves in the offseason to put themselves in the position to win.

The offense has been phenomenal, starting with rookie CJ Stroud. I know rookie quarterbacks rarely succeed in their first playoff games. However, Stroud seems to be of a different breed.

He has guys like Nico Collins and veteran Dalton Schultz to throw to. Not to mention Devin Singletary, who has playoff experience with the Bills, has been running the ball very well.

The Texans were fifth in the league in passing yards. The run game came on late but was very successful towards the end. The Texans weren’t as good against the pass, but I already mentioned how weather may force some of these games to become slow, grind-it-out games. The Texans have the top rushing defense among AFC playoff teams.

Can the Texans continue to ride the wave behind the CJ Stroud excitement? Can defensive rookie Will Anderson get enough pressure on opposing quarterbacks to force teams to run the ball against the Texans to avoid turnovers and sacks?

You might think they have an outside shot. However, this team believes. Sometimes, a little belief is all you need for your Super Bowl futures bets to pan out.

Cleveland Browns (+3500)

The Browns surprised a lot this year, including myself, with the amount of success they had, especially when you look at the fact that they lost their star running back, Nick Chubb, and had a carousel of quarterbacks.

However, veteran and former Super Bowl winner Joe Flacco has come on to this team and been their best quarterback of the year.

The real story is the Browns’ defense. Myles Garrett is an unblockable animal that has dominated offensive lines all year. The whole unit has done an amazing job.

While they have given up some rushing yards, they’re second in the league in passing yards allowed. If they get ahead of you by enough points, it’s hard to catch up because their pass defense is so good.

The offense has kept the wheels turning despite injuries, as well. They had the seventh-most rushing yards. The only AFC playoff team with more than them is the Bills.

The passing game was struggling for a while until Joe Flacco stepped off the couch and onto the field and started slinging the ball with no fear. Amari Cooper and David Njoku saw their stocks rise immediately.

Aside from Browns fans, most will say the Browns can’t win the Super Bowl. Why not? They beat the Ravens once this year, and that was before Flacco was on the team.

Their defense is probably the best all-around defense in the AFC playoff bracket, and they believe in themselves. The Browns are a dark-horse team with juicy 35/1 odds for your Super Bowl futures bets.

Miami Dolphins (+1600)

The majority of bettors have already written the Dolphins off. They struggled against teams with winning records. They’ve struggled against the teams they’ve played that are in the playoffs.

Not to mention, they’re about to hit the road to play in one of the coldest playoff games on record in Kansas City.

You can’t just write this team off, though. Sure, they go against a really good Chiefs defense in Arrowhead in the cold, but the Chiefs haven’t necessarily been a powerhouse team.

The Dolphins have also been very well-coached the past two years. They almost won a playoff game last year with Skylar Thompson as the quarterback.

Tua stayed healthy this year and helped the Dolphins have the second-best passing attack in the league. He’s throwing to a guy the Chiefs know well in Tyreek Hill.

The Hill revenge angle may be one of the best reasons the Dolphins could win this weekend and then keep moving forward. Their offense is electric, whether it’s Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Raheem Mostert, or De’Von Achane.

The defense was decent this year, ranking in the top 10 in rushing yards allowed. With the talent on offense, you can’t just write these guys off. The Dolphins are well-coached and are the fastest team in the NFL.

They are worth considering for your Super Bowl futures bets.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+12000)

The Pittsburgh Steelers are probably the hardest team to make a case for. Their offense is in the bottom 10 in rushing and passing yards. The defense is right in the middle for passing and rushing yards allowed.

They are being led by quarterback Mason Rudolph, and their best defensive player, T.J. Watt, is injured.

Sure, they have talented pass catchers in George Pickens and Diontae Johnson. They also have Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren, who have played well and played complimentary football much better recently.

I’m still having trouble finding the positives for this team aside from the fact that the payout would be 120/1.

The bright spot? Coach Mike Tomlin. Tomlin just hit his 17th year of coaching a winning season. He’s coached them to a Super Bowl before and is one of the best current coaches.

Is some of it luck? Definitely, however, whichever team wins the Super Bowl will have some luck on their side. Therefore, maybe the luck will be on your side if you take the Steelers in your Super Bowl futures bets.

The NFC Contenders

San Fransisco 49ers (+220)

Based on the odds, the 49ers are the favorites to win the Super Bowl. When you look at how their season went, it is easy to see why.

The only game they dropped when they were fully healthy was against the Ravens, which is why I still like the Ravens a little bit more. However, there aren’t a lot of negatives to say about this team.

They are top 10 in passing and rushing yards on offense. They are top 10 in pass defense and still in the top half of rush defense. They have playmakers all over on both sides of the ball.

The offense runs through Christian McCaffrey, but Brock Purdy has done a great job getting the ball to Brandon Aiyuk, Deebo Samuel, and George Kittle. You can’t call Purdy just a game manager.

This team made a deep playoff run last year, and we’re still debating on whether they would have won if they weren’t starting a third-string quarterback. Everybody is getting healthy, and they have a bye week to make sure they get healthier.

Shanahan has coached them very well, and this seems like a team that’s destined to make the Super Bowl.

Can they win it with last year’s Mr. Irrelevant at quarterback?

That is yet to be seen, but you have to throw them in your Super Bowl futures bets, even if they are the favorite.

Dallas Cowboys (+750)

The Dallas Cowboys have been in the playoff race for the past handful of years, yet they still haven’t been able to win it. Will this be their year? Dak Prescott is playing very well and is being considered for MVP.

He’s throwing mostly to CeeDee Lamb. However, Brandin Cooks and Jake Ferguson are also getting looks.

Lamb has been un-coverable and has helped the Cowboys gain the third most passing yards in the league. The rushing attack with Tony Pollard and Rico Dowdle hasn’t been as on par with the passing game. However, it’s still been serviceable.

CeeDee Lamb may be the best wide receiver in the playoffs right now. He’s had eight games over 100 yards this year and finished the last three games with four touchdowns and 443 yards. That’s an average of 147 yards a game and 1.3 touchdowns.

The defense is also top-five in passing yards allowed. Unlike the AFC, where it will be cold games that may lead to more running, the NFC will have some nicer weather or be played in domes.

Look for the NFC playoffs to have a lot of passing, which benefits the Cowboys on both sides of the ball.

Mike McCarthy is an experienced coach, and this team has been in the race plenty of times these last handful of years.

This could be the year they get it done, and you have to consider them in your Super Bowl futures bets.

Detroit Lions (+1800)

The Dan Campbell-led, knee-biting Lions have turned their organization around in just a few short years. Trading away Matt Stafford for Jared Goff looked like a mistake initially.

However, he’s done a good job spreading the ball around to guys like Amon-Ra St. Brown and Sam Laporta. Unfortunately, rookie sensation Laporta will likely miss at least one week of football.

This team has played gritty and tough all season. Not only on defense, though. They’ve run the ball very well behind David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs.

The Lions were fourth in the league in passing yards. While they may not have been near the top in rushing yards, they did lead the league in rushing touchdowns.

Their defense also played well. They have strong pass rushers and excellent run-stoppers. They allowed the second least amount of rushing yards to opposing teams this year.

Most importantly, this young team believes in themselves. They’ve clawed their way from the bottom of the NFC North and have created a winning culture.

Dan Campbell helped this team start its winning ways in the second half of last year, and it’s carried over right into this year. They took the NFC North, and it was never really in question, and now they’ll look to take the NFC playoffs.

You could do worse than betting the Lions for your Super Bowl futures bets.

Tampa Bay Bucs (+6000)

Coming from the closest and grossest division in football, the Bucs were able to steal the division from the Saints and Falcons. Now, they will head into Wild Card weekend to face a Philadelphia Eagles team that has dropped five of their last six games. Perhaps one win is all they need to start propelling themselves forward.

Baker Mayfield has rejuvenated his career in Tampa. He’s played gritty and tough. He’ll also likely be a dog throughout the playoffs, and we love Baker as a dog.

Baker has been throwing to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and winning just enough games. This team is only in the top 10 in one spot, and that’s rush defense.

Still, they have looked better than when Tom Brady was their quarterback, and it’s hard to fade Baker. If they can just get past the Wild Card weekend, they could gain enough steam.

They can beat teams like the Eagles and Cowboys and make their way to face the 49ers.

If they win that far, there’s no reason they can’t win the Super Bowl. It’s a risk, but I can see the argument for a Super Bowl futures bets on Tampa.

Philadelphia Eagles (+1600)

Everybody is fading the Eagles at this point. They’ve lost five of the last six games and just haven’t looked like the same team. Still, this is the same team that made the Super Bowl last year and almost beat the Chiefs. They looked better last year, but is it possible they are primed for another run?

Jalen Hurts is good at throwing and rushing the ball. The whole team starts with a powerful rush attack. The run game is versatile in the fact that it can be led by DeAndre Swift, Jalen Hurts, or even Kenneth Gainwell.

The passing attack isn’t bad, either. A.J. Brown and Devonta Smith haven’t been as dominant as last year. However, they’re still an excellent receiving duo. Add in Dallas Goedert, and they are still a good passing team.

Unlike last year, the defense has struggled a lot this year. Whether it be the injuries that they’ve been unable to overcome or the new defensive coordinator this year, they’ve had trouble stopping people. However, they are getting a little healthier.

This team has the playoff experience. Sometimes, that is what matters. Siriani is a good head coach, and the playoff moments won’t be too big for the team that was just here last year.

Perhaps they turn things around, and the playoffs go more like their first 11 games when they went 10-1. I can’t blame you for betting on last year’s Super Bowl contestants for this year’s Super Bowl futures bets.

LA Rams (+4500)

At times, it is easy to forget that the Rams were in the playoffs and won the Super Bowl just two years ago. Trading Goff away for Stafford was a +EV move the first year.

Last year, Stafford was injured, and the team took a step back because of it. However, he’s healthy now, and they brought in the insurance of Carson Wentz just in case.

Let’s start with the Rams rushing attack. They were just outside of the top 10 in rushing yards. However, Kyren Williams has the run game in a better spot than it was two years ago.

In the passing attack, some can argue they’re better as well. They still have Cooper Kupp, who is healthy and a menace on the field. However, they also have Puka Nacua, who has been an excellent rookie addition to this team.

You can’t overlook the defense, either. With Aaron Donald on the field, he can become a game-wrecker. He’s not the same player he was several years ago.

However, he’s experienced, he’s smart, and he’s a great football player. Then there’s head coach Sean McVay—one of the best minds in football.

You can’t overlook this team’s experience. In fact, it’s what makes me feel like they are worth a flyer for your Super Bowl futures bets. Can Stafford and company get it done one last time before he decides to ride off into the sunset?

Green Bay Packers (+9000)

The Green Bay Packers are the youngest team ever to make the playoffs. While that can mean inexperience, it can also mean that they’re fresh and won’t be as worn out as some of the older teams. The Packers defied the odds this year by making the playoffs, and perhaps they are a team of destiny.

Aaron Rodgers’s first year out, they make the playoffs and maybe make a run? As a Bears fan, I can’t support that type of thinking. However, Jordan Love has played well with his young crew of receivers.

Since returning from injury, Aaron Jones has been one of the most productive backs in the past five weeks. So, can the Packers keep the magic going?

The defense has played better down the stretch as well. However, I think the Packers’ chances all come down to the game plan that Matt LaFleur can cook up.

He’s been a good coach for them, and what a mark on his resume if he can make a deep playoff run his first year without Rodgers.

Again, I’m a Bears fan! I’m taking the Packers to lose the first round. However, they’re young, they believe, and on paper, they are capable of making a run. Bet them cautiously for your Super Bowl futures bets.

My Top Super Bowl Futures Bets:

49ers (+220)
Ravens (+310)
Bills (+650)
Rams (+4500)

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