2023 NFL Win Totals To Hammer The Under

2023 NFL Win Totals To Hammer The Under

The 2023 NFL season is quickly approaching, and your time to get down on futures bets is growing shorter. One of the bets that you won’t be able to make once the season starts is the 2023 NFL win totals. We’ve already seen an article saying which ones you should hammer the over on. However, which ones should you hammer the under on?

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2023 NFL Win Totals To Hammer The Under

Cleveland Browns (Under 9.5 -135)

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the Cleveland Browns this year. DeShaun Watson will finally get to make a true debut with the team. However, questions of whether he’s the MVP-Candidate from years ago or the guy we saw at the end of last year will linger. Of course, the offense has weapons like Nick Chubb and Amari Cooper. They also added Elijah Moore in the offseason. I still don’t think it’s enough to cause a big fuss over.

The defense had changed as well. With turnover at the defensive coordinator position and some bigger names leaving the defense, such as Jadeveon Clowney and Greedy Williams, I don’t think they did enough to keep the defense at the same level. Not to mention, they play in one of the toughest, most physical divisions in the NFL, the AFC North. Facing the Bengals, Ravens, and Steelers twice a year is not ideal.

Looking at the schedule, the first five games are brutal. Bengals, Steelers, Titans, Ravens, and 49ers. It doesn’t get much more physical than that. They close the season in the last five games against teams like the Jaguars and the Jets before on the road in Cincinnati against the Bengals.

Everybody may be buying the hype and may like their 2023 NFL win totals. However, I’m hammering the under.

Las Vegas Raiders (Under 6.5 -130)

The Raiders look set up to struggle this year. I understand Jimmy Garoppolo has a high win percentage. However, you have to consider those were in Belichick and Shanahan’s schemes. Coming to a new team, which could struggle to block for the injury-prone quarterback, is a concern I have. Not to mention one of their most important players, Josh Jacobs, still isn’t reporting to the team. Could he potentially sit out all year?

This is another schedule that starts brutal. On the road against Denver, on the road against Buffalo, at home against the Steelers, then on the road against the Chargers. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to see this team starting 0-4. Their division won’t make it easy on them, either. The Broncos should be improved from last year, and I don’t think the Raiders can keep up with the Chargers or the Chiefs.

So where do the seven wins come from? Aside from the games already mentioned, they’ll also face the Packers, Patriots, Bears, Lions, Vikings, Giants, Jets, Dolphins, and Colts. If Josh Jacobs doesn’t return to this team, the running back depth is a real concern. The offensive line, in general, is a real concern. Their defensive backfield is also a concern.

This one isn’t a surprise, as they may jockey for position as one of the worst in the NFL. Looking at their 2023 win totals of 6.5, I’m hammering the under.

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New York Jets (Under 9.5 -105)

I get it. The Jets got Aaron Rodgers. He’s supposed to be the Saviour. The Massiah. The missing piece to elevate the Jets. What if he’s not, though? What if he’s a quarterback who had some MVP seasons but is now declining? Last year Rodgers and the Packers won eight games. That was with the 15th easiest schedule. This year the Jets have the 26th easiest schedule. Or, in easier terms, the 7th hardest.

Yes, the Jets have a better defense than the Packers. However, I don’t think it’s enough, given the tough schedule they’re facing. Last year we saw Rodgers struggle to keep up with some of the better teams within the NFC. How do we feel he’ll fare in a tougher AFC division?

He’ll face one of those tough AFC teams right away when the Jets play the Bills to open the season. This should set the tone for the season and how Rodgers and the Jets will fare. I understand the hype. I’m just not a believer in it. I envision the end of the season with a lot of people saying Rodgers should have hung it up. This is a 2023 NFL win total that I’m hammering the under on.

Atlanta Falcons (Under 8.5 +100)

This is another team that I completely understand the excitement over. They drafted the top running back in the draft in Bijan Robinson, anthey d look built to run the ball every single play. However, do we really trust Arthur Smith to get the most out of the talent? Ask Kyle Pitts how he feels about that. Unlike these other teams, the Falcons aren’t in a tough division.

I just don’t see this team taking a step forward with Desmond Ridder, though. They have some pieces, but the quarterback position is a big question mark. If Kyle Pitts has another year like last year, Drake London isn’t enough receiver help on his own for Ridder. The team won seven games last year, but the rushing attack that they addressed with their top pick wasn’t a weakness.

I do think the Falcons are on the cusp of turning into a competitive team. However, I don’t think it happens this year. I am hammering the under on their 2023 NFL win totals.

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