Top AFC IDP Camp Battles I SGPN Fantasy Football Podcast (Ep. 437)

Top AFC IDP Camp Battles I SGPN Fantasy Football Podcast (Ep. 437)
Top AFC IDP Camp Battles I SGPN Fantasy Football Podcast (Ep. 437)

A long-time friend and IDPro colleague at JJ Wenner stopped in. Together with the IDPros, they drop the top ACF camp battles underway. Checking in on who is winning those hot IDP positions known, or not, for producing. Covering from the NFL’s Colts Shaquille Leonard and Zaire Franklin. Down south with Jacksonville’s Devin Lloyd and Chad Muma.

Up north with the Bills and the ILB battles with Terrel Bernard, Tyrel Dodson, Dorian Williams, and even A.J. Klein. Then heading west to the Divine Deablo, Robert Spillane, and Luke Masterson’s situation. This one is hitting all the major AFC team’s battles. And as always, so many more players are mentioned talking about the situations. It’s a must-listen-to update when JJ, Kraig, and Gary have you covered for the latest and hottest IDP camp battles.

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