Monday Bombs for MLB and Lady Soccer on 7/31

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Monday MLB and LadySoccer Bombs for 7/31.

Host C.J. Sullivan explains why he is not in the studio and how medical procedures are the greatest excuse to get out of things. C.J. also recaps the Terrence Crawford fight and why Eminem showed up but didn’t rap. C.J. then talks about the Sean Payton/ Nathaniel Hackett / Aaron Rodgers / Robert Saleh controversy and why they are all lame. Jim Irsay continue to be am eccentric rich drunk uncle and speaks an odd truth about Running Backs worth in the NFL. C.J. then detonates bombs for the Lady World Cup match between U.S. and Portugal, and MLB trade deadline bombs for Toronto / Baltimore and Houston / Cleveland. Finally, a ‘Man in a Box’ segment about Pat McAfee’s offensive tweet and box office statistics. Picks with bits are for tobacco use only!

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