2023 Edge Rusher IDP Rankings

2023 Edge Rusher IDP Rankings

Welcome to the 2023 Edge Rusher IDP Rankings presented on SGPN. With a reminder, you can catch more rankings and great NFL content of all sorts on our fantasy football tab. Our box set for the pass rusher rankings is for balanced, tackle, and especially for Big Play leagues.

These are the 2023 top 10 Redraft edge rusher IDP rankings. So if you’re interested more in Dynasty leagues. Please, check out our latest overall SGPN IDP Dynasty Rankings we’ve recently published.

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2023 Edge Rusher IDP Rankings

The following list of players includes true positional NFL edge rushers for fantasy football. This is a better-formatted way of looking at these pass rushers that more major sites are adapting to.

1) Micah Parsons – Dallas Cowboys

Parsons is an elite and young edge rusher “slash” off-ball linebacker. So while some superstar veterans may have more refined pass-rushing techniques, there’s no longer any debate about where to rank Parsons versus his competitors. However, he may not be completely flawless yet. It’s his higher-end strength and adaptability that make him an elite IDP pass rusher.

Pound for pound, Parsons looks like the fastest player on the field during any contest. The fact that Cowboy’s defense led the NFL in pressures in 2022 is a big bonus. The news is that Parsons will play more as an edge rusher going forward! So we have no doubt that Parsons can prove to be the #1 IDP valuable edge rusher in his “notorious” third year in the NFL.

2022 Points Allowed Top 16 2023 Edge Matchups (9) – NYG (x2) – WAS (x2) – NYJ – ARI – LAC – LAR – CAR

Worse 2022 Consecutive Bottom 10 Ranked 2023 Matchups (5): WKs 13 to 17 – SEA – PHI – BUF – MIA – DET

Worst Matchups Player Forecast: Parsons is an elite player bringing the game down to his level. NFL IDP Transalation, Parson will still be a very solid play those weeks with his normal upside in tow.

2) Nick Bosa – San Francisco 49ers

Simply put, I have no argument with those putting Nick Bosa at #1. The 2023 matchups off the edge are red-hot this season. Nearly locking down Bosa as the guy to unseat Parsons if things go right.

Sighting that the addition of Javon Hargraves and Bosa’s bigger dependency on sack-related stats is a pain. Bosa is averaging 51.5 total tackles on average the last two seasons, which is a far cry from feeling there’s upside here. Add in the totals of the two returning 49er ILBs and their production, and Bosa almost slipped to #3.

There’s no vacuum of production missing from last year on this defense, either. Enter Hargraves and second-year budding second-rounder Drake Jackson starting on the other end. Plus, we have a perfect case scenario for some form of regression somewhere. Not forgetting either; Strong Safety Talanoa Hufanga broke the position wide open in 2022 for the first time in a decade. The total stat math is pretty tough.

2022 Points Allowed Top 16 2023 Edge Matchups (10) – PIT – ARI (x2) – LAR (x2) – NYG – MIN – CIN (Tied 16th) – BAL – WAS

Worse 2022 Consecutive Bottom 10 Ranked 2023 Matchups (5): WKs 10 to 14 – SEA (x2) – JAC – TAM – PHI

Worst Matchups Player Forecast: We are confident that Bosa will excel in the backfield despite the tough matchups. However, we anticipate that there may be a few instances where he doesn’t produce as much.

Possibly due to a lack of tackling opportunities from the competition within. Nevertheless, we highly recommend keeping him in your lineup. That’s unless you have an equally strong alternative (stud) for those specific weeks.

3) Myles Garrett – Cleveland Browns

2022 Points Allowed Top 16 2023 Edge Matchups (12) – PIT (x2) – CIN Tied 16th (x2) – BAL (x2) – ARI – DEN – LAR – CHI – HOU – NYJ

Worse 2022 Consecutive Bottom 10 Ranked 2023 Matchups (3): WKs 6 to 8 – SFO – IND – SEA

Worst Matchups Player Forecast: Elite and will overachieve any given matchup. Also, note the only reason he isn’t sitting any higher is the addition of pass rusher Za’Darius Smith. He’ll demand more of the production available than any DE ever paired with Garrett as a starter.

4) Maxx Crosby – Las Vegas Raiders

2022 Points Allowed Top 16 2023 Edge Matchups (14) – DEN (x2) – LAC (x2) – NEP – NYG – MIN – CIN (Tied 16th) – BAL – WAS – CHI – NYG – NYJ – MIN

Worse 2022 Consecutive Bottom 10 Ranked 2023 Matchups (2): WK11 KAN and WK12 MIA.

Worst Matchups Player Forecast: Too short to sweat over, Crosby will be solid enough to at least absorb some tackle numbers at the very least. Sloting him anywhere in the top five with our most favorable matchups to start the year. Some might think that it would earn him our top spot in place of Parsons. However, we don’t feel for at least 2023.

Crosby doesn’t have any strong help added across the front line this year. Other guys can distract teams enough not to focus solely on stopping Crosby. They have an aging Chandler Jones, who looked like he lost a step last season. Or an unproven rookie starting opposite of him (Tyree Wilson). And neither is standing out on paper at the moment this year.

5) Haasan Reddick – Philadelphia Eagles

2022 Points Allowed Top 16 2023 Edge Matchups (9) – NEP – MIN – NYJ – LAR – NYG (x2) – WAS (x2) – MIN

Worse 2022 Consecutive Bottom 10 Ranked 2023 Matchups (6): WKs 9 to 16 – DAL (x2) – KAN – PHI – BUF – SEA

Worst Matchups Player Forecast: Working in Reddick’s favor is the fact of how much the Eagles like to send their edge rushers. So although they let Javon Hargaves walk and didn’t add any more proven help, we’re sure that it worked out so well last year that this year it’s the reason why they didn’t. So it’s a status quo ranking for Reddick here in the top five.

6) T.J. Watt – Pittsburgh Steelers

2022 Points Allowed Top 16 2023 Edge Matchups (9) – HOU – BAL (x2) – TEN – LAR – CIN (x2) – AIR – NEP

Worse 2022 Consecutive Bottom 10 Ranked 2023 Matchups (3): WKs 1 to 3 – SFO – CLE – LAR

Worst Matchups Player Forecast: This really worked out well with the worse streak of projected matchups. It’s the beginning of the season when everything is a little off, and everyone’s fresh. Likely meaning his worse streak won’t be as bad if Watt’s ready to go.

With just a couple of thoughts here. He’s out of the top five, not based on his recent history of missing games. As well as, the emergence of co-edge rusher Alex Highsmith isn’t much for Watt to overcome if he just stays on the field for a full season for IDP managers.

7) Adain Hutchison – Detroit Lions

2022 Points Allowed Top 16 2023 Edge Matchups (9) – MIN (x2) – ATL – CAR – CHI (x2) – LAC – BAL – DEN

Worse 2022 Consecutive Bottom 10 Ranked 2023 Matchups (3): WKs 1 and 2 – KAN – SEA

Worst Matchups Player Forecast: Referring again to the fact it’s the first weeks of the season, and anything can happen. Hutchinson recorded 52 tackles, three interceptions, and two fumble recoveries in 2022. He also led all rookies with 53 total pressures and added a strong ten sacks as a rookie. While Detroit still does need a few better pieces to become an elite unit up front.

Where more than happy to have the outstanding second-year defensive end in our top 10 this year. The schedule is primed again solid this year, potentially setting him up to take another step towards a top five 2024 edge rusher IDP rankings.

8) Danielle Hunter – Minnesota Vikings

2022 Points Allowed Top 16 2023 Edge Matchups (7) – LAC – CHI (x2) – CAR – ATL – CIN – DEN

Worse 2022 Consecutive Bottom 10 Ranked 2023 Matchups (3): WKs 16 to 18 – DET (x2) – GBP

Worst Matchups Player Forecast: Currently and reportedly at camp but holding out. Hunter’s toughest matchups are not only his toughest stretch. The Packers and Lions landed bottom eight with decimal hairs from being even lower in points allowed. Last season, Hunter only recorded one sack in the Packers and Lions matchups.

That’s just one in four. Although he did dot most of them with supporting tackles and such, like most top pass rushers would in these rankings. So being an elite guy like that, where ever he plays, we’re confident he’ll be as solid as he as a Viking.

9) Cameron Jordan – New Orleans Saints

2022 Points Allowed Top 16 2023 Edge Matchups (11) – TEN – CAR (x2) – ATL (x2) – HOU – NEP – CHI – MIN – NYG – LAR

Worse 2022 Consecutive Bottom 10 Ranked 2023 Matchups (2): WKs 3 and 4 – GBP – TAM

Worst Matchups Player Forecast: It’s such a short stretch with one other two games with the Colts and Jaguars that it’s nearly as tough. The veteran stud normally lives up to enough in divisional contests not to take the big hit. Mentioning we have a sleeper in New Orleans, and so weighing in Carl Granderson, who we believe will see at least 50/50 shots from the weak side this season.

We have no choice but to drop the veteran down this time around. And despite those 11 solid or strong matchups on tap this season. It really comes down to the other players on here needing to be recognized too.

10) Matt Judon – New England Patriots

2022 Points Allowed Top 16 2023 Edge Matchups (7) – NYJ (x2) – WAS – NYG – LAC – PIT – DEN

The edge rusher IDP rankings tough matchup forecast is pretty simple to explain. Before their bye week, they only face two favorable matchups in a ten-game stretch. They are dotting the rest in the second half. This is a little good news. At least in terms of which part of the season you want your stud his freshest. Increasing the odds, some Judon overachieves in some of those tougher first-half matchups.

Throwing in another little warning. His fellow teammates up front started to make a much bigger impact on the defense. Deatrich Wise Jr. and Josh Uche are some names that deeper IDP degens might be familiar with. Between the two, it could cut into Judon’s production somewhat on either side of the stats.

Although they’re likely also the reason he recorded his 15.5 sacks, a career-high last season. Bringing way better pressure than normal years from somewhere else on the D-Line.

Need a little backup? Imagine finding this Tweet after the fact.

Tandem Edge Rusher IDP Rankings

CIN: Sam Hubbard / Trey Hendrickson – 9 – BAL (x2) – CIN (x2) – LAR – TEN – ARI – HOU – MIN

JAC: Josh Allen / Travon Walker – 9 – HOU (x2) – ATL – PIT – TEN (x2) – CIN – BAL – CAR

WAS: Chase Young / Josh Sweat – 9 – ARI – DEN – CHI – ATL – NYG (x2) – NEP – LAR – NYJ

LAR: Joey Bosa / Khalil Mack – 8 – TEN – MIN – CHI – NYJ – BAL – NEP – DEN (x2) –

CAR: Brian Burns / Frankie Luvu – 6 – ATL (x2) – MIN – HOU – CHI – TEN

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