NFL Futures: Highest Scoring Team & Lowest Scoring Team (Ep. 1682)

NFL Futures

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NFL Futures: Highest Scoring Team & Lowest Scoring Team

The guys (@GamblingPodcast) continue their NFL Futures podcast series giving their picks for the NFL highest and lowest scoring teams this season. Plus they react to the news that Daniel Snyder is officially no longer the owner of the Washington Commanders.

0:00 Intro

Dan Snyder has been officially removed from the front office of the Washington Commanders. There is a rumor that they may completely rebrand the team and come up with another name, again.

9:09 NFL Highest Scoring Team

The Cardinals and Colts kick things off with the highest odds to be the highest scoring team, both at 200-1. Arizona brings minimal hope as they will be quite limited, and the Colts have some promise due to their weak division but still the situation looks bleak.

Something to consider about this bet is that whoever has the most points is likely to have the MVP. You can probably get better odds on betting the MVP than the team to have the most points, such as with the Bengals and Joe Burrow.

One team to watch for with high odds is the Titans at 110-1. They still have Derrick Henry and have a solid receiving core with Hopkins and CHIG. Overall, their team is solid and at this price it is worth it to take a shot as they have a chance to replicate their 2020 season. At 80-1, the Rams aren’t a bad pick due the genius of McVay and their at times porous defense. If you for some reason believe in Derek Carr, the Saints can be a good play as they have a fairly weak schedule.

Detroit is a viable candidate for the highest scoring team as they were 5th last year and their offense took a step forward while their defense is suspect. As chalky as it is, the Chiefs at 5-1 is still a good price to get in on.

35:09 NFL Lowest Scoring Team

For high power teams like the Chiefs, Bengals, and Eagles, the only realistic situation is if their quarterback goes down and they don’t have a good backup, unfortunately. For how unlikely this is, its not worth it to bet on. Seattle though, struggled to score points later on in the year last season and could potentially repeat this last year. At 22-1, the Raiders have enough variables to slip in points if the situation blows up.

The chalk in this bet is not as enticing as there is a likelihood for so many teams that they have issues scoring and they are all at similar prices.

46:40 NFL Least Points Allowed

Houston is an interesting take for least points allowed as Demeco Ryans can really get this defense rocking which has strong young talent. In addition, when teams aren’t great offensively, their opponents will have less reason to score a hefty number of points. The Packers should have a strong defense combined with an offense that will try to use up the clock often. Denver was in an awful situation in terms of coaching, if this can improve their defense can show out and bring them closer to having an already low average points let up per game.

1:03:10 NFL Futures Best Bets

Highest Scoring:
Kramer: Titans 110-1, Falcons 45-1, Chargers 16-1, Lions 14-1
Sean: Chiefs 5-1, Rams 80-1 Titans 110-1
Lowest Scoring:
Kramer: Jaguars 60-1, Raiders 22-1
Sean: Falcons 20-1, Raiders 22-1, Seattle 70-1
Least Points Allowed:
Kramer: Dolphins 20-1, Packers, 25-1, Houston 70-1
Sean: Houston 70-1, Bucs 60-1, Broncos 20-1

NFL Highest Scoring Team Odds

Conf Team Odds
AFC Kansas City Chiefs 500
NFC Philadelphia Eagles 600
AFC Buffalo Bills 850
AFC Cincinnati Bengals 850
NFC Dallas Cowboys 1200
NFC San Francisco 49ers 1400
NFC Detroit Lions 1400
AFC Los Angeles Chargers 1600
NFC Minnesota Vikings 1800
NFC Seattle Seahawks 1900
AFC Baltimore Ravens 2000
AFC New York Jets 2000
AFC Jacksonville Jaguars 2000
AFC Miami Dolphins 2000
AFC Denver Broncos 4000
AFC Las Vegas Raiders 4000
NFC Chicago Bears 4000
NFC New Orleans Saints 4500
NFC Atlanta Falcons 4500
NFC New York Giants 5000
AFC Cleveland Browns 5000
AFC Pittsburgh Steelers 7000
AFC New England Patriots 7000
NFC Los Angeles Rams 8000
NFC Carolina Panthers 9000
NFC Green Bay Packers 11000
NFC Washington Commanders 11000
AFC Tennessee Titans 11000
AFC Houston Texans 11000
NFC Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13000
AFC Indianapolis Colts 20000
NFC Arizona Cardinals 20000


NFL Lowest Scoring Team Odds

Conf Team Odds
NFC Arizona Cardinals 650
NFC Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1000
NFC Green Bay Packers 1100
AFC Houston Texans 1100
AFC Indianapolis Colts 1100
NFC Washington Commanders 1200
AFC Tennessee Titans 1200
NFC Los Angeles Rams 1400
NFC Carolina Panthers 1400
AFC New England Patriots 1500
AFC Pittsburgh Steelers 1800
NFC Atlanta Falcons 2000
AFC Las Vegas Raiders 2200
NFC Chicago Bears 2200
NFC New Orleans Saints 2200
NFC New York Giants 2200
AFC Cleveland Browns 2200
AFC Denver Broncos 2500
AFC Baltimore Ravens 5500
AFC Miami Dolphins 5500
AFC New York Jets 6000
AFC Jacksonville Jaguars 6000
NFC Detroit Lions 6500
NFC Minnesota Vikings 6500
NFC San Francisco 49ers 7000
AFC Los Angeles Chargers 7000
NFC Seattle Seahawks 7000
NFC Dallas Cowboys 8000
AFC Buffalo Bills 13000
AFC Cincinnati Bengals 15000
NFC Philadelphia Eagles 20000
AFC Kansas City Chiefs 40000


NFL Least Points Allowed

Conf Team Odds
NFC San Francisco 49ers 600
AFC Baltimore Ravens 900
NFC Philadelphia Eagles 1200
AFC Buffalo Bills 1200
AFC New York Jets 1200
AFC Pittsburgh Steelers 1200
NFC Dallas Cowboys 1400
AFC Jacksonville Jaguars 1400
NFC New Orleans Saints 1600
AFC Cincinnati Bengals 1800
AFC New England Patriots 1800
AFC Miami Dolphins 2000
AFC Denver Broncos 2000
NFC Atlanta Falcons 2000
AFC Cleveland Browns 2000
AFC Los Angeles Chargers 2500
NFC Carolina Panthers 2500
NFC Green Bay Packers 2500
NFC Seattle Seahawks 2800
NFC Washington Commanders 2800
AFC Tennessee Titans 2800
AFC Kansas City Chiefs 3500
NFC Detroit Lions 4000
NFC New York Giants 4000
NFC Chicago Bears 5000
NFC Los Angeles Rams 5000
NFC Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6000
AFC Indianapolis Colts 6500
AFC Houston Texans 7000
NFC Minnesota Vikings 13000
AFC Las Vegas Raiders 15000
NFC Arizona Cardinals 15000

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