NBA Showdown Daily Fantasy Lineup for Celtics vs. 76ers Game 7

NBA Showdown Daily Fantasy Lineup for Celtics vs. 76ers Game 7
NBA Showdown Daily Fantasy Lineup for Celtics vs. 76ers Game 7

You’re running out of opportunities to cash in big for NBA daily fantasy. Luckily for you, this Sunday has a stellar Game 7 matchup, and it’s a matinee. So we’ve sifted through the projections and trends to craft an NBA showdown lineup that should help you make good of the dwindling opportunities.

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NBA Showdown Daily Fantasy Lineup for Celtics vs. 76ers Game 7

CAPT – Malcolm Brogdon – BOS – $9,900

I’m not crazy enough to think that Brogdon is actually going to be the highest scorer in this game. However, sometimes – particularly when you have a lot of high-priced superstars – you need to play down at the captain’s spot to get multiple of the big targets that you want. So I think there are many reasons to love Brogdon and the opportunity he provides for you to do that.

During this series, Brogdon averaged 29.23 fantasy points per game. In addition, he’s averaging over six three-pointers taken per game and has only once missed more than half of them. So while he won’t pace any of the top guys you might think about rostering, he’ll provide some solid stats for his cost and open up the ability to play two of the other big guys.

UTIL – Joel Embiid – PHI – $11,400

With the money I saved in the captain’s spot, I’m splurging on Embiid. With the exception of Game 2, when he was coming back from an injury, he’s been money every game. He’s averaging 55.35 fantasy points a game – and his ability to grab double-digit boards gives you a stable foundation of points to work with. Because he’s less likely to throw up a dud game than some of the shooting-dependant options out there, I’m banking on Embiid.

UTIL – Jayson Tatum – BOS – $11,000

It may seem hypocritical to go with Tatum right after saying I’m looking for stable options, but I actually think he’s far safer of a play than a lot of the other big-priced options. Sure, he started ice cold in Game 6, but he still finished with 47.3 fantasy points and was one board short of a double-double. If that’s his off-night, then I think we’re safe to assume that he’s worth his cost. Also, I can’t imagine him shooting so poorly two games in a row.

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UTIL – Tyrese Maxey – PHI – $8,600

After averaging seven three-point attempts over the first four games of this series, the Sixers have decided to get Maxey the ball more often. As a result, his attempts have shot up to 12 and nine, respectively, over the last two games. He’s also getting to the foul line a lot better as well. He has ten free throw attempts in the previous two games compared to just six in the prior four games.

UTIL – Derrick White – BOS – $5,000

As we get lower into the salary levels, you have to start looking for production off of the bench. The Celtics’ bench is one of the better places to do that. As they showed in Game 6, they don’t like to run a deep bench. In fact, they only went seven guys deep on Thursday. With White being one of them, he should get plenty of minutes. Drilling a pair of his three-point attempts in this one should make him worth the cost.

UTIL – PJ Tucker – PHI – $3,800

PJ Tucker may not be the sexiest choice when filling out a lineup, but then again, who would be for 3.8k? The thing I like about Tucker, though, is the number of attempts he gets. He has at least three three-point attempts in all of the last four games and took seven last time out. Sure, he hasn’t been all that efficient, but like White, he’d just need a couple of those to make you look like a smart man for rostering him.

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