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Uncommon Fantasy Football League Types | Old-Fashioned Football (Ep. 30) - Sports Gambling Podcast
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Uncommon Fantasy Football League Types | Old-Fashioned Football (Ep. 30)

Uncommon Fantasy Football League Types | Old-Fashioned Football (Ep. 30)

Old-Fashioned Football is back talking about different Fantasy Football league types. Cohost Miranda is back, and they are talking about some uncommon fantasy football league types that add in a little more strategy and involve a little more fun. These varied leagues are just a little different from your normal run of the mill fantasy football leagues.

While talking about different league types, Miranda and Justin bring in a couple of hosts to help talk about some of these leagues. First, Cody Zeeb joins to talk about Vampire, Pirate, and Guillotine leagues. Oh my! Cody talks through these leagues and some of the reasons he likes them as well as a couple of strategies he uses.

After that, the hosts are joined by Gary the IDP Tipster to talk about individual defensive players in your fantasy football league types. Gary talks about some of the reasons he likes it, as well as some of his top current players. Gary also talks about some leagues he’ll be running that you have to try, while donating to a cause close to his heart.

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Uncommon Fantasy Football League Types | Old-Fashioned Football (Ep. 30)

As always, it isn’t all fantasy football as the hosts try Whistle Pig Piggyback Rye 6 year. The hosts discuss the rye whiskey and it’s flavor, as well as how it is in their old-fashioned.

Time Stamps

Vampire Leagues – 10:05
Pirate Leagues – 18:13
Guillotine – 26:45
IDP – 37:33

Tea With Mir – 1:00:42

Canton to Campus: 1:15:33
Team/Conf League: 1:18:50
Time Machine: 1:20:13
Whiskey Review: 1:24:31

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