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Super Bowl LVII Underdog BIG GAME Strategies

Super Bowl LVII Underdog Fantasy Strategies

Super Bowl LVII Underdog Fantasy Strategies

SGPN is back with the Super Bowl LVII Underdog Fantasy Strategies article! It’s our last take on this season via the Underdog App. Single-game entries are never easy, but Andrew is back to deliver the goods with profitable lineup recommendations. Underdog is a super fun app that offers the “Drafting Itch” you crave in the preseason and parlays it into a week-by-week or game-by-game DFS format.

In this article, we’re breaking down “The Big Game” from Underdog, don’t miss out before it’s filled up; spots will go fast. Thank you for following along, and best of luck!

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Super Bowl LVII Underdog “BIG GAME” Strategies

“The Big Game”

Underdog Fantasy Big Game Battle Royale Contest


Teams- Philadelphia Eagles VS. Kansas City Chiefs

Full PPR

Draft Size- 4 Teams

Draft Rounds- 4

Total Entrants- 113,304

Max Entry- 150

Total Prizes-$500,000 – $50,000 to 1st Place


Passing TD 4 points, Interception -1 point, Fumble lost -2 points, Passing Yards 0.04, Rushing Yards 0.1, Rushing TD 6 points, Reception 1 point, Receiving Yards 0.1, Receiving TD 6 points, FG Made <50 3 points, FG 50+ 4 points, FG Missed -1, XP Missed -2 points, XP Made 1 point, 2-PT Conversion 2 points.

The Underdog Fantasy Big Game Draft Flow


1 – Hurts, Mahomes, Kelce, Brown

2 – Smith, Sanders, Goedert, Pacheco

3 – MVS, McKinnon, Gainwell, Smith-Schuster

4 – Toney, Butker, Elliot, Scott

Others who I’ve seen get drafted- Moore, Watson


How Many Drafts Will You Do?

I think this is important to talk about. How many drafts do you plan on doing? If you draft only a few, you probably want to take 2 to 6 and try to get what you think the stone-cold locks for the game are.

Mainly trying to get the potential winning lineup that you think most people will have. Take a few risky plays on the next 3-9. That way, you can diversify your player exposure while also possibly getting a unique team build part of this.

If you plan on loading up more than 15, then the world is your oyster. You can go through and draft a bunch of different combos, get risky, be conservative, and really be able to hone in on some game flow and scenario builds.

To Stray or Not to Stray?

Think about this for a minute. If 1 percent of the teams drafted have the winning lineup, then… *Calculating… that means 1,133 teams have the winning lineup.

With a top Prize of $50,000, they would each get $44 and some change. “Not Great, Bob!” My point here is that it’s ok to stray from the ADP and build a different team.

With that said, don’t be crazy and grab players toward the bottom half of the draft in the second round. Be smart and mindful of the average draft position.

One other thought process I want to bring up is that of do you block your opponents. Above I stated that it’s ok to stray away from the ADP, which it is, but you should also be mindful of what builds the other teams are working with. Allowing a team to get unique at the top of the draft could cost you and us all.

For example, if you are drafting from the three spot, the first team takes Mahomes, the second team takes Kelce, and if you don’t take Hurts at three and decide to take Brown or Smith, then the team in the four spot could take Hurts and then the leftover of Brown or Smith.

In theory, this would make that team harder to beat due to it being a great unique at the top of the draft. Something to think about, at least.

Game Flow Matters

As I referenced a few paragraphs above, game flow and scenario builds are more than likely ways you are going to find the winning team combo. Hopefully, more of a contrarian build if you are lucky. You do have to draft at least one player from each team.

Game flow should matter in most cases. Think about a scenario where the Chiefs dominate the game that would lend our thinking to a draft of possible Patrick Mahomes, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Jerick McKinnon, and Boston Scott or Jake Elliot.

Or if the Eagles dominate, then you could have AJ Brown, Devonta Smith, Kenny Gainwell, Harrison Butker, or Kadarius Toney. The case being that those players would probably score a bunch in that specific scenario.

Of course, we could have plenty of other scenarios as well. You could have a very close, low-scoring game that favors the kicker scoring.

It could be a really high-scoring slugfest where there are points galore, and the quarterbacks and skill position players eat up all the fantasy points, while the kickers only get 5 or 6 because they only kicked extra points.

Could this be a wonky ground-and-pound game from both teams, and the running backs hold the key to winning? Options are plentiful.

Think about what are a few game flow scenarios you believe can happen and try to build your teams around those.

Underdog “The Big Game” Rankings

Jalen Hurts

Patrick Mahomes

Travis Kelce

AJ Brown

Devonte Smith

Dallas Goedert

Isiah Pacheco

Miles Sanders

Jerrick McKinnon

Marquez Valdes-Scantling

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Kenneth Gainwell

Kadarius Toney

Harrison Butker

Jake Elliott

Boston Scott

Skyy Moore

Quez Watkins

Justin Watson

Noah Gray

Zach Pascal