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Super Bowl 2023 odds – how are the teams’ chances looking before the start

The magic of the Super Bowl is that it has thrown up some wonderful surprises over the years. But unfortunately, as is often the case, the two best teams may not be the two that meet each other in the final.

However, this year is the exception to that rule. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles are the two powerhouses in this season’s NFL. Although the Eagles are going into this game as the favorites, do not be surprised if the Chiefs win.

With both of these teams appearing in the Super Bowl at least once in the last six years, both franchises are full of quality, and both know what it takes to perform at the elite level of American football. 

We will explain why the Eagles are slight favorites and establish what the Kansas City Chiefs can do if they want to cause an upset.

Will the Eagles lift this year’s trophy?

The current NFL odds have the East Coast franchise as favorites. However, as we get closer to the Super Bowl, given the tens of millions of dollars sports fans will wager, these odds are always subject to change. It is by no means a foregone conclusion.

The crucial thing to remember when placing a bet on any sports game or any market is that you should only gamble for entertainment purposes.

If you begin to view gambling as a source of income or if it significantly impacts your relationship with your friends and family, you must seek help immediately.

Even in years gone by, great Super Bowl upsets have taken place when nobody gave the eventual winners a chance. The Giants in 2008 caused one of the biggest Super Bowl upsets and the sportsbooks lost a lot of money that day.

That may be an extreme example but if there’s one thing that the Eagles and the Chiefs have proved this season, they are the best teams in their respective conferences.

If Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown and Jason Kelce can hit the ground running and put in the performances that we all know they are capable of, there’s no reason the Eagles shouldn’t win the title this season.

For Jason Kelce, putting aside the fact that the greatest prize in American sports is on offer, he could land a double whammy if he gets one over on his brother. Travis Kelce will know his brother’s style of play all too well, and you’d imagine the same applies the other way around.

If we dissect the Super Bowls of yesteryear, it often boils down to how well the star man performs for the eventual winners. Jalen Hurts will be the man the Chiefs want to try to keep quiet.

If they can successfully stymie his game and piece together a strategy that works, the Eagles could become unstuck. It’s all to play for in this game, though, and NFL fans across the globe are highly anticipating the clash between these two modern-day titans.

Kansas City Chiefs

So, as we touched on at the end of the last section, the Chiefs will aim to ensure that Jalen Hurts has a quiet night. However, the Eagles will be hoping for the same regarding the Chiefs’ star man Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes has been in great form all season, and it could be a straight shootout between the star men in each team that decides which one of these top franchises will go on to lift the biggest prize in American football.

The Chiefs are no strangers to performing at the Super Bowl, given that they lifted the trophy in 2020. Isiah Pacheco could also put in an inspired performance and help the Chiefs on their way.

As always, the Super Bowl will likely be decided by a few key moments or a complete moment of magic. The Chiefs and the Eagles both have several players who could be the critical factor.


The halftime show entertainment is guaranteed, with pop superstar Rihanna performing live to a worldwide audience of over 200 million. NFL fans from all over the world will be tuning in to watch the action unfold.

Based on how consistently well the Chiefs and the Eagles have performed this season, there will likely be a lot of entertainment during the game as well. We’re going to go against the bookmakers and say that the Chiefs will do the business in Arizona in an extremely close match.


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