Super Bowl LVII Coin Toss History and Betting Odds

Super Bowl LVII Coin Toss History and Betting Lines
Super Bowl LVII Coin Toss History and Betting Lines

The Super Bowl is here, and that means it is time for everyone’s favorite prop bet, the coin toss! How can something as simple as a heads or tails call be so inflammatory and fun to bet? The randomness attracts degens of all walks, from hardcore degens to the casual only-on-the-holidays degen, everyone has a take and a bet. But, by looking at the history of the Super Bowl Coin Toss, can we establish a pattern? Is there a best bet to divine based on temperature? Flipper? Playing surface?

The next question is what is the best way to play the betting odds and where can you find the best odds? It depends upon your book, but most do it at a straight-up split with both sides seeing equal betting odds on the coin toss. However, there may be a shift in the odds so it is important to monitor the odds.

History may influence how you bet the coin toss, or you might have another system you invent while watching the Super Bowl pregame coverage.

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Super Bowl LVII Coin Toss History and Betting Lines

Super Bowl LVII Coin Toss History

Looking back at the history of the Super Bowl shows us two key stats. Firstly, there have been 28 instances where the coin toss was heads. And there have been 28 times in Super Bowl history where the coin toss was tails. Clearly the playground maxim of “tails never fails” does not apply during the Big Game.

Flip a coin a few times to do some extra research before you place your bet, or just let it ride like a true degen. The choice is yours!

The second thing we see is that there is a correlation between winning the toss and winning the Super Bowl. Teams that won the coin toss only won the game 24 times. The other 32 times the team that won the toss did not win the big game. There may be an opportunity to parlay your favorite side of the coin with a bet to win the game, but wait to see what our parlay experts say later this week.

Check the betting odds frequently on the coin toss, and be prepared to jump on your favorite side of the coin if things flip your way.

Super Bowl Teams Heads or Tails Toss Winner Super Bowl Champion
LVI LA Rams vs Cincinnati Heads Cincinnati LA Rams
LV Kansas City vs Tampa Bay Heads Kansas City Tampa Bay
LIV Kansas City vs San Francisco Tails San Francisco Kansas City
LIII New England vs LA Rams Heads LA Rams New England
LII New England vs Philadelphia Heads New England Philadelphia
LI Atlanta vs New England Tails Atlanta New England
L Carolina vs Denver Tails Carolina Denver
XLIX Seattle vs New England Tails Seattle New England
XLVIII Seattle vs Denver Tails Seattle Seattle
XLVII Baltimore vs San Francisco Heads Baltimore Baltimore
XLVI New England vs NY Giants Heads New England NY Giants
XLV Green Bay vs Pittsburgh Heads Green Bay Green Bay
XLIV New Orleans vs Indianapolis Heads New Orleans New Orleans
XLIII Arizona vs Pittsburgh Heads Arizona Pittsburgh
XLII NY Giants vs New England Tails NY Giants NY Giants
XLI Chicago vs Indianapolis Heads Chicago Indianapolis
XL Seattle vs Pittsburgh Tails Seattle Pittsburgh
XXXIX Philadelphia vs New England Tails Philadelphia New England
XXXVIII Carolina vs New England Tails Carolina New England
XXXVII Tampa Bay vs Oakland Tails Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
XXXVI St Louis vs New England Heads St Louis New England
XXXV NY Giants vs Baltimore Tails NY Giants Baltimore
XXXIV St Louis vs Tennessee Tails St Louis St Louis
XXXIII Atlanta vs Denver Tails Atlanta Denver
XXXII Green Bay vs Denver Tails Green Bay Denver
XXXI New England vs Green Bay Heads New England Green Bay
XXX Dallas vs Pittsburgh Tails Dallas Dallas
XXIX San Francisco vs San Diego Heads San Francisco San Francisco
XXVIII Dallas vs Buffalo Tails Dallas Dallas
XXVII Buffalo vs Dallas Heads Buffalo Dallas
XXVI Washington vs Buffalo Heads Washington Washington
XXV Buffalo vs NY Giants Heads Buffalo NY Giants
XXIV Denver vs San Francisco Heads Denver San Francisco
XXIII San Francisco vs Cincinnati Tails San Francisco San Francisco
XXII Washington vs Denver Heads Washington Washington
XXI Denver vs NY Giants Tails Denver NY Giants
XX Chicago vs New England Tails Chicago Chicago
XIX San Francisco vs Miami Tails San Francisco San Francisco
XVIII LA Raiders vs Washington Heads LA Raiders LA Raiders
XVII Miami vs Washington Tails Miami Washington
XVI San Francisco vs Cincinnati Tails San Francisco San Francisco
XV Philadelphia vs Oakland Tails Philadelphia Oakland
XIV LA Rams vs Pittsburgh Heads LA Rams Pittsburgh
XIII Dallas vs Pittsburgh Heads Dallas Pittsburgh
XII Dallas vs Denver Heads Dallas Dallas
XI Oakland vs Minnesota Tails Oakland Oakland
X Dallas vs Pittsburgh Heads Dallas Pittsburgh
IX Pittsburgh vs Minnesota Tails Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
VIII Miami vs Minnesota Heads Miami Miami
VII Miami vs Washington Heads Miami Miami
VI Miami vs Dallas Heads Miami Dallas
V Dallas vs Baltimore Tails Dallas Baltimore
IV Minnesota vs Kansas City Tails Minnesota Kansas City
III NY Jets vs Baltimore Heads NY Jets NY Jets
II Green Bay vs Oakland Tails Oakland Green Bay
I Green Bay vs Kansas City Heads Green Bay Green Bay

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