Sean Payton Trade Reaction + NFL Free Agency Odds (Ep. 1534)

Sean Payton Trade Reaction

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Sean Payton Trade Reaction + NFL Free Agency Odds

The guys (@GamblingPodcast) talk NFL news with their Sean Payton trade reaction takes. Then they give out their best bets for the latest NFL free agency odds discussing who will end up where in the NFL.

With the small break until the big game, what better time to figure out where some top players in the NFL will end up next year, and discuss the big trade that went down today!

Sean Payton is headed to the Denver Broncos to be their next Head Coach, replacing Nathaniel Hackett who is now the Offensive Coordinator of the New York Jets. The Broncos gave up a 2023 first round pick and a 2024 second round pick in exchange for Sean Payton and also received the Saints’ 2024 third round pick. Exchanging picks was a little odd for the Broncos to do for a Head Coach as they already did not have a lot of picks to work with and should be looking to get Russell Wilson more talent or be looking for his replacement.

One of these picks could’ve easily become a future, cheap alternative to the Broncos’ seemingly inevitable QB issue. Historically, former Super Bowl winning Head Coaches haven’t done well in the Super Bowl department when they start a second stint elsewhere. However, the Broncos organization and team structure looks eerily similar to the Saints in the 2010s, so Payton can bring some promise. All in all, there’s still a good chance the Broncos are still underwhelming next year.

Derek Carr:

The Texans (16-1) look like a solid option if they don’t elect to draft a quarterback with their 1st pick, but this would be surprising as they probably don’t think they are just a quarterback away. New Head Coach Frank Reich and the Panthers (6-1) could be appreciative of the leadership and experience Carr would bring. The Dolphins (25-1) have a much better situation to implement a quarterback if Tua’s health truly does keep him off the field.

Kramer: Texans 16-1, Panthers 6-1

Sean: Panthers 6-1, Dolphins 25-1

Tom Brady:

Tom Brady going to the Jets (12-1) looks very exciting as he would get to face off against Bill Belichick twice a year with a good solid team all around with good offensive weapons. With odds this good for a team truly a quarterback away from a deep playoff run, the money would be great here. The 49ers (+140) are likely to get Tom Brady after it sounds like Brock Purdy might be undergoing Tommy John surgery, a recovery that will take him well into next season.

Brady had said how he was interested in being an owner one day and there is a possibility he could go to the Commanders who align with his Amazon ties. Going to the Dolphins would be similar to the Jets even though Miami has better individual weapons. Originally, the Raiders made sense, but Brady and the organization could butt heads.

Kramer: Dolphins 5-1, Raiders 2-1, Commanders

Sean: Jets 12-1

Lamar Jackson:

Lamar Jackson will probably be franchise tagged this offseason so teams will have to give something up if they plan to land the star. Defensive minded Head Coach Ron Rivera could easily scoop a guy like Lamar who makes offense easy, and it would make sense for the Ravens to send Lamar out of conference.

However, the Falcons (+450) would be an interesting option as their offense was exciting this year and they have a valuable asset to send in return with Desmond Ridder. While no NFC East fan wants this, Lamar to the Commanders (9-1) would make sense. However, him going to the Titans (10-1) and them going and getting what they thought Malik Willis might be also makes sense, and would pair Lamar with Derrick Henry.

Kramer: Commanders 9-1, Bucs 10-1

Sean: Titans 10-1, Bucs 10-1

Saquon Barkley:

Saquon has made it clear he understands the business of being New York and the money that goes into it, which is good for Giants fans, but he also declined an offer of 12 million a year. The running back position is not an area of longevity in the NFL which gives them not much negotiating power when it comes to contract time. Barkley and Justin Fields would be an electric backfield for the starved Bears fans. All in all, this contract has been negotiated for a while, but it doesn’t seem like there is animosity in the talks.

Kramer: Not leaving, Buffalo +550, Chicago 8-1

Sean: Buffalo +550, Chicago 8-1

DeAndre Hopkins:

DeAndre Hopkins is a special wide receiver talent in the league, but he is getting fairly old. Still though, some teams seem ready to break the bank for him, including the Giants, Bears, and Cowboys. Essentially, DeAndre should be going somewhere that he will change the trajectory of the offense and not somewhere that is rebuilding. The Giants and Bears fit this script well, but the Giants have to handle Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones first.

Kramer: Bears 9-1

Sean: Bears 9-1

Starting Quarterback of the 49ers Next Season

This seems like a no-brainer as it will be Jimmy G, Brock will probably not be healthy, Tom Brady should go elsewhere, and Trey Lance is injured and bad at football. If Brock does come back though, he could beat out Jimmy G.

Kramer: Jimmy G

Sean: Jimmy G and Brock Purdy

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