2023’s IDP Diamonds in the Rough

2023's IDP Diamonds in the Rough
2023’s IDP Diamonds in the Rough

It’s never too early to throw out the 2023 dynasty redraft IDP rankings defensive diamonds in the rough, right? After all, with free agency, the NFL draft, and all the other off-season events around the corner.

What better time to know who’ll have a shot at making positive moves in dynasty league rankings? Who comes with potential, no wait, 2023 redraft upside value for instant production?

So as we start to shuffle, drop, and trade prospects on and off our rosters. We’ll need hot under-the-radar replacements by their rostered numbers and their NFL scenarios.

The following defensive players will or could become available over the off-season. They should qualify for the majority of standard-sized and balanced-scoring IDP dynasty formats.

Don’t miss out on a few similar 2023 Dynasty IDP Redraft Ranking Gem options in the Early NFL IDP Free Agency Linebacker Targets. We highlight a couple of stock-up defensive players like Azeez Al-Shaair and Kaden Elliss. IDP plays that all fantasy football managers will want to check out rolling on as we hit this 2023 NFL off-season.

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2023’s IDP Diamonds in the Rough

Reranking Dynasty IDP Redraft Rankings

The scarcest of all the designated individual defensive player positions and hardest to hit, Defensive lineman. We’ll always suggest that it’s a priority position when splitting the hairs on value.

So when we are buying our IDP lottery tickets, we’re going for the longest odds but the biggest payout if it hits. Of course, as listed, we prefer, when it’s right, to go DL/Edge, LB, and then DB. But the players themselves are in no other particular order and sit in the same tier of potential.

Michael Hoecht – DL/Edge – Rams

Hoecht was initially a defensive tackle at first, and that was his designation in a lot of fantasy sites.

When in reality, the Rams had converted Hoecht to more of an edge rusher. For those catching the SGPN IDPro Players Pod, you may have heard this all before.

But now we can confirm our suspicions from before. The reports and stories trickle out just how he made this list for 2023. And that might have been a manager’s bonus who grabbed him as a DT play on some sites.

So, in short order, Hoecht developed into a solid pass rusher from a bulkier interior defender recently. And add in Arron Donald’s injury, plus a little proof this was already in the works.

They had released former rotational starter Terrell Lewis in-season too. Plus, reduced Justin Hollins, the other rotational starter’s snaps down a touch. Presumably on paper, to keep Hoecht on the field as he started.

It paid off big, too, because of this third-year and former undrafted defensive tackle. Transformed into a solid edge rusher that can do it from a 2 to four-point stance.

Or, depending on the defensive package they are in. Transforming into an Aron Donald prototype of sorts and producing DL1 numbers across the board when given his shot around week 12 versus the Chiefs.

Dynasty IDP Redraft Rankings Upside

Summoning all this up with Hoecht. As to why he’s a great target to add for 2023 in standard leagues. One, is Aaron Donald even really coming back as a Ram?

Adding, everything has been a rumor or gossip so far, or has it? But either way, as a pass rusher, and not limited to the interior. Hoecht is going to get paid better somewhere and has a bigger shot after this 2022 performance.

As a Rams’ restricted free agent. We suspect a decent prove-it deal is in order to stay home and play more edge rusher next to Donald as a Ram.

When clearly, they developed this IDP with the intention that if he could. They would move on from some of the other in-house options they’ve gathered. Keeping this Ivy League graduate’s high NFL I.Q. and skillset on the field full-time going forward.

But there’s a warning. This only works best if he remains a designated defensive lineman in some shape or form in fantasy sites. That could change soon to a linebacker position as soon as this year.

Then, he’s only likely best as a designated edge rusher or DL dual play, which will be available on sites like Sleeper and such. If he’s lured away somehow else, which we don’t expect. Considering that the team that did grab him likely has strong intentions if the contact backs it up.

Carl Granderson – DL/DE – Saints

With former first-round Marcus Davenport underachieving and an unrestricted free agent. Along with former first-round Payton Turner needing more time to develop.

Undrafted and is now a fifth-year journeyman. DE Carl Granderson’s little 2022 breakout has it set up for a full-blown 2023 DL1 projection.

With the Saint’s longtime veteran Jordan Cameron not getting any younger. Granderson’s Dynasty window to duplicate the elite-like NFL performances he had in his four starts last season. Recording 4 of his 4.5 sacks on the season, along with multiple high tackle contests.

That dynasty window will potentially open even wider sooner than later too. But only after we see Granderson lock it down again as a solid DL1 option in 2023.

And via a repeat “A” grade on film and fantasy points average for one more full season. At the least, based on the small but notable 4-game sample he gave us last year.

Kwity Paye – DL/DE – Colts

An early injury “kinda” derailed Kwity Paye‘s 2022 second-year breakout call made by many IDP analysts. But on average, the numbers were there overall. The film does everything but argues that it wasn’t on par. So knock on wood that in his infamous third year. Another injury doesn’t occur.

Paye can take his solid DL1 sack and combined tackle averages from 2022. And apply them for more than 12 contests this time. Hence, a reminder. He’s a strong dynasty IDP DL1 redraft rankings gem again for dynasty leagues this year.


Willie Gay – ILB – Chiefs

It was a pretty strong blow when Willie Gay showed up during the first two weeks of the season. Only to turn around and be suspended for four games due to a violation of the NFL’s personal conduct policy. But his 2023 IDP redraft rankings aren’t likely going to get the dynasty boost it could.

When we think they should be based on his weekly output when he did play. The fact that the Chiefs did indeed create snaps for their second linebacker for a change.

For the entire season, and even with a replacement, those four contests. So on average, 2022 production and role together.

It’s all plenty enough to land Gay a projected and solid LB1 2023 status. That’s with an entire season next year, and he continues to dot splash plays and such here and there.

Especially in standard IDP league-type formats. Where he’s likely only seen as a fringe player when looking at his 2022 total LB2 score.

Divine Deablo – ILB – Raiders

Another 2022 second-year player had his breakout call derailed by injury. The Raiders Divine Deablo has one more chance heading into his third season on this list as a strong option.

As it sits, he’s the only higher-end talent at the position for the Raiders. So locking down the production of any team’s best linebacker for any reason comes into play.

And with the small sample prior to the injury that lingered. Deablo averaged solid LB1 numbers across the board. And although it wasn’t as on par as we’d liked to have seen it.

Any IDP production default does count. And at this point, it would take two significant additions at linebacker, via the draft or free agency, to change that.

Monty Rice – ILB – Titans

Perhaps our longest of long shots. The Titans drafted Monty Rice in the second round not that long ago. And after missing multiple contests over the years, he finally got healthy enough to play.

In those five games, he did start, with at least 50% of the defensive snaps available played. Rice averaged slightly over 9 tackles a contest, which isn’t shocking considering the state of the Titans at the time.

But for a guy that’s been on the shelf a lot, he was on par enough on film. He did dot a few splash plays along the way, looking at the Titan’s roster situation right now.

Rice is a leading candidate to start for a team that could struggle again in 2023. And that alone lands him here as way too early, and the deepest dynasty IDP redraft ranking LB1 hidden gem.

Jordan Whitehead – SAF – Jets

Jordan Whitehead fell well short as a projected DB1 option in standard formats. At least after a very appealing and aggressive signing by the Jets last off-season.

With multiple reports on different ways and how he was brought in from Tampa Bay to secure the missed tackles in the secondary and such. But all in all, at the peak of his 2022 season, Whitehead only draws a DB2 tier when it comes to his IDP production.

But now. The exact path that we’ve seen 2021 free agents John Johnson and Rayshawn Jenkins take this past season.

Well, it’s precisely how we think it’ll play out for Whitehead this coming season with a bounce-back. Because now, like they did last season. Whitehead has a year under his belt at running this Jets secondary.

That and keep in mind, they really could still stand more help to free up Whitehead some. So if or when they do add a defensive back with any degree of talent.

Hang tough because it’s likely going to help Jordan Whitehead more than it could possibly hurt him. At least, considering the role, he has on this New York defense.

Kamren Curl – SAF – Commanders

This one is more of a confirmation for IDP managers in standard leagues that might not know of him. As the majority of these IDP NFL defensive players likely are.

The Commander’s strong safety Kameron Curl is a very productive piece on average. So if you happen to be looking at last year’s dip in production via his overall fantasy score, don’t be followed.

If it weren’t for the injury and missing some time with it lingering, Curl would have been right on track. And likely would have kept the pressure up post-injury to be a projected redraft rankings gem in 2023.

And boosting his dynasty value right back in the top 10, where it was before the first week of the 2022 season.

Marcus Williams – SAF – Ravens

Another confirmation, the Ravens signing Marcus Williams to a great contract wasn’t a joke. And before he had a lingering injury, take him out.

He was overachieving way beyond a shadow of a doubt based on his previous career as a fantasy football play. But by the time he got back in the game, this cooled off a bit, which is very understandable on the Ravens’ part.

But we see no reason to believe that going forward and not facing an immediate playoff run situation. The Ravens will deploy Williams as they intended and did at the beginning of last season. So despite his over-IDP score in 2022. In 2023, with an entire season, we’re projecting he’ll have more than just an upper-tier DB1 average overall.

And then it’ll be too late. Locking him in the total tackle and fantasy football points DB1 range. Hence increasing the following year’s redraft rankings. And securing him now, but more of a solid lock dynasty IDP redraft gem that might be under the radar at the moment.

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