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Bottom Line Bombs – NFL Week 18 Contest Picks

Hey, I’m like Darrick Carr, but not terrible!

C.J. Sullivan recaps last week and talks about how the NFL can’t admit to ever being wrong.  It’s thoughts versus prayers in the battle to honoring Damar Hamlin.  C.J. then detonates 5 new Bombs for KC/LVR, TB/ATL, DAL/WASH, LAC/DEN, and DET/GB.  Analysis includes: Carr Sibling dribbling,  Safe Ukrainian War Zones, Fake Game Footage, Russ Cult Wilson, and TV Debuts.  All this and a ‘Man in a Box’ segment on Dry Januarys, Dispensary workers and Dave & Buster.    All picks with bits are for Tobacco Use Only!


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