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NFL Week 9 Contest Picks - Bottom Line Bombs - Sports Gambling Podcast
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NFL Week 9 Contest Picks – Bottom Line Bombs

We don’t give a damn about your European enlightenment!

C.J. Sullivan recaps his 3-2 week and explains why the NFL trade deadline is not a thing.  He brings his paper and passion analysis from a box in Appleton, WI.  C.J. detonates 5 new bombs for TB/LAR, CAR/ATL, MIN/WAS, LVR/JAX, and SEA/AZ!  His analysis includes the need for insincere apologies,  Community theater defensive celebrations, Byron Allen “Cooooming up next” to own the Commanders, the awful American returning from studying abroad, and IG influencer coaches!   All this and a Man in the Box segment about the power abuse of flight attendants.   C.J.’s picks with bits are for tobacco use only!


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