NFL Week 8 Contest Picks – Bottom Line Bombs

Scary but harmless…like the Raiders

C.J. Sullivan recaps last week picks by wondering what happened to MC Skat Kat and why Paula Abdul is better than Britney. Russel Wilson cornball stories are now just red meat to the wolves.  Listeners correct C.J.’s mistakes made and win worst people of the week award. A Special Halloween edition of bombs are detonated for Week 8.

They include Cleveland/Cincinnati and horror movie sequels that stopped counting,  Dallas/Chicago and the house that has an elaborate spooky show,  Detroit/Miami and the real haunted house on a hill,  New England/ Jets and the confusion of Halloween 3, and finally, the party that is New Orleans/Las Vegas.

Survivor Pick is given and a World Series edition of Man in a Box!  Picks with Bits are for Tobacco use only!

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