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NFL Week 7 Contest Picks – Bottom Line Bombs | NFL Gambling Podcast

Eastside High running from Crazy Joe

NFL Week 7 Bottom Line Bombs

C.J. Sullivan recaps last week’s 4-1 results and blames the lone loss on a Cooler’s early celebratory text.  He then detonates his 5 new Bottom Line Bombs for Week 7 which includes why Russel Wilson might be in a cult, and not the sexy kind.  San Francisco is the pickup artist Mystique, and Jimmy G is their martini-sipping prey.   Dolphins coach, Mike McDaniel, is your Mom’s over eager boyfriend trying to be cool, falling for the ‘ol ping pong trick.  The Carolina Panthers are the high school in “Lean on Me” before Morgan Freeman cleaned it up.   The NY Giants forgot that they are the joke plus a Survivor pick! And finally, a ‘Man in a Box’ segment that includes racist chess geniuses and nauseating baseball playoff songs.  Picks with Bits…For Tobacco Use Only!


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