How To Take A Dive with Sean Green | ZED RUN Gambling Podcast (Ep.8)

Look no one likes losing. For those of us with a competitive streak, the idea of it is revolting. But in Zed Run, the ability to take some losses to stay in your winning range is a must. Not everyone has the firepower to hang in the higher classes. The worst thing that can happen is getting a horse stuck in C1 that you can’t get back down to a competitive level. You have a good horse that can’t win. I have one of those and it’s very frustrating. But what we’re going for here is using the data we have to put ourselves in the class we can be most competitive.

Now if you have a horse that’s in discovery it’s easy to find a weaker distance and pound that in hopes of being assigned a lower class out the gate. But not everyone will have that opportunity so my advice is to go to or and learn to dial in where you’re more likely to finish in the 8-12th range. When you find a horse that has a distance preference for winning odds are they have one for losing too. Look around at some of the top stables and how they run their horses. You’ll see them hit the podium followed by bottom three finishes pretty regularly. Let’s not kid ourselves a 25% winner is incredible and extremely rare. They’re still not winning 75% of the time. Let’s understand that and try to use those losses to our advantage. By continuing to monitor your results and making the proper adjustments to the data you can get there much easier than entering races blindly.

Zed Bulletin: New features continue to be rolled out and the quick entry might be my favorite to date. Instead of guessing where others are entering you just have to be one of the first twelve to enter. Well done they must be listening to the show…On the other hand, the Z11-100 tournament was something of a disaster. Way too big a range there. Asking Z75s to compete with Z12s is just ridiculous. I’m all for specialized tourneys that get more people involved but let’s be realistic about the competition in these fields…The Budweiser sponsorship seems to be turning some heads and getting noticed in the mainstream community. These types of deals give a lot of hope for the long-term health of the game…Make sure you leave a five-star rating and review at Apple Podcasts to have a chance at our first FREE HORSE GIVEAWAY. We’ll be doing the first one in the next few weeks.

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