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Tomi from Zed Bets | ZED RUN Gambling Podcast (Ep. 7)

For this week’s episode, we had the pleasure of catching up with Tomi from Zed Bets who has a wild story about his involvement with Zed that culminated with the first Digital Derby in Las Vegas. His stream with partner Sean on Twitch was the first one in the Zed Run space to offer parimutuel odds and gives a real glimpse into the future potential of the game. I met him at the first live Zed event I attended here in Las Vegas for the Kentucky Derby and loved the backstory and what these guys have already been able to accomplish in this space. Hopefully, the red tape and all the legal stuff get worked out and we’re all able to download his Zed Bets app one day so we can place irresponsibly large wager on our horses. It’s people like Tomi with their creative spirit and ingenuity that truly make Zed Run an exciting place to be.

Zed Bulletin: With the recent uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market at large Zed announced on their blog that they’re moving 80% of the WETH supply into USDC to stabilize the game a little and ensure the payouts keep coming…the Belmont Stakes event at StarbaseLV was a great way to close out the Hybrid Triple Crown Series. GVG Genetics took down the big prize for the stables competing and there were even a couple hours of an open bar! Hopefully, we see more of these in the future as they bring the community together in a fun way…Speaking of live events I’m looking to get one together the first week of the NFL season in September. Ideally, we can line up a venue and get something fun together…NYC skins are available to everyone that enters ten paid races by 6/19…follow up to the Analytics with MJ episode, after going a couple of months in tourneys without hitting a quarterfinal podium I’ve now cashed two weeks in a row with a 3rd and 2nd place finish. Got killed in both semifinals but I’m moving up!