Analytics with MJ and Free Zed Horse Giveaway | Zed Run Gambling Podcast (Ep. 6)

For episode 6 we were finally able to crack a puzzle we’ve been working on for a while. MJ OF MJ Informatics comes on and takes us on a deep dive into his advanced analytics site. It opened up our eyes to a much bigger picture in terms of horse evaluation. His tools give you several data points and charts to get a clear idea of what you’re working with when you’re out on the track. His background in gaming, analytics, and more makes attention to detail something to behold. In addition to all the horse analysis, he also offers a StableView page where you can look at your entire stable in sort of a “cheat sheet” mode. We ask him about some of our weird theories and he handles them with graceful professionalism. We’re having him back next month as a part of our FREE HORSE GIVEAWAY!
To get your chance to WIN A FREE ZED RUN HORSE all you have to do is head over to Apple podcasts and subscribe to the show then leave a 5* rating and review. We’ll add the screen names from the reviews to a digital wheel and spin it for our winner! Thanks to our amazing guests DanShan and MJ we now have TWO horses we’ll be giving away and hopefully more on the way! Only one win per review is allowed. Each review will be submitted to each drawing until it wins.
Random notes: the Zed Run open class rollout continued with a swing and a miss on the Z200-267 tournament. The Z268 was a funny novelty early on but if they want to maximize user fun maybe it would’ve been better to do a Z50+ tourney or something else that could be bred quickly. Breeding fuels the tournament economy so it only makes sense to make the breeding required for the events to be more manageable and realistic…Saturday, June 11 4:00 StarbaseLV will host another live Zed Run event after the Belmont Stakes. If you’re in Vegas get your free tickets here. Two drink minimum…Changes to tournaments remain ongoing with a controversial new prize pool split among each round. If it encourages more players I’m all for it. We don’t need whales killing us every tourney to just keep pulling ahead of the pack. Free tourneys should help level the playing field a little.
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