How To Breed Your Zed Horse | Zed Run Gambling Podcast (Ep.4)

In the world of Zed Run breeding makes up a huge portion of the game. With the game constantly evolving and the new conditional tournaments, being able to cheaply breed a horse on your own to compete in these events will only become more valuable. Now it isn’t cheap and I’m not about to pretend to have this part of the game dialed in yet but it is fun to smash horses together and see what you get! Hopefully, we can run through the basics for you here and give you some insight into the process.
When you open the breeding tab it will ask you to select a horse. If you own the male it will be placed in the stud barn where others can pay you a fee or you can breed between horses in your stable (I don’t recommend this. It’s cheaper to set up a second wallet address and stable and do it that way.) Now with your female, you’ll either select your male in the stud barn. If you’re looking for something specific you can use the filters to find your stallion of choice. After you select your mate you’ll see the procreating screen then bam you will have your new horse.
Now only two genesis can breed a legendary and only two crosses can make a pacer. Depending on how you arrange the breeding pairs the chart goes as follows: Genesis-Legendary-Exclusive-Elite-Cross-Pacer
Now to me personally the major benefit of breeding IF you have the proper pieces is being able to potentially get a great racer at a discount. The problem is you may have to try it a couple of times with the same pair to get that big winner or find out you have a couple of bad breeders. It can be expensive. It’s cheaper in my mind right now to buy solid racers on the market for below the breeding costs. They’re out there.
Random notes:
Starbase Las Vegas has been having a great series of live Zed events for the Triple Crown races. According to my source, this is going to be a monthly thing going forward. The next one will be the Belmont Stakes on June 11th. If you’re in Vegas that weekend it’s a must-attend event. 12 free horses are given out at each event.
-Social media logins are now available for new users. Great news for expanding the game and getting new users in. People will also be able to rent a horse for an hour to try it out before making their first purchase. I get the feeling we’re going to see a ton of new stables soon.
-Conditional tournaments are finally here! The first Fibonacci Cup Pacers-only tourney went off well and drew a ton of great reviews. Next week will be a Cross only tourney as they work up the breed type ladder. There will be specific tourneys for different Z numbers and bloodlines as well. Huge news for the game as it gives way more value to several existing horses and gives stable owners a reason to breed more.
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