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USFL Rules Reaction Show | The USFL Gambling Podcast (Ep. 19)

USFL Rules Reaction Show | The USFL Gambling Podcast (Ep. 19)

Podcast Recap

The USFL Gambling (@USFLGambling) podcast on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network reacts to the recent news of the USFL rule book moving into their 2022 USFL season. Pick Dundee aka (@TheColbyD) & NC Nick (@NC_Nick) react to each and every rule that was announced by the USFL and Mike Pereira. Did the USFL get the kickoff right? Will the USFL overtime rules be a huge mistake by the league? What do we think of the USFL and NFL Films making a documentary series about the upcoming USFL season? Will the USFL 3 point conversion work in the future? Is the USFL pass interference better than the NFL pass interference? Why is the 4th and 12 on side kick rule too much? Will we have USFL Fantasy Football? We talk it all and more on this episode of the USFL Gambling podcast.

The USFL Gambling Podcast is America’s number one USFL podcast! Hosted by Colby Dant, Patty C & NC Nick the same trio that brought you “The College Football Experience” podcast. The trio not only serves fresh hot winners to your doorstep but the guys have a rich history and love for the United States Football League.

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