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New Orleans Breakers’ Roster: USFL Draft Results, Rosters, and Roster Analysis

New Orleans Breakers’ Roster: USFL Draft Results, Rosters, and Roster Analysis

New Orleans Breakers’ Roster: USFL Draft Results, Rosters, and Roster Analysis

The New Orleans Breakers and seven other United States Football League teams have completed the 2022 Draft and filled their rosters.  The USFL draft took place over two days and involved thirty-five rounds!  Each round of the USFL draft had to draft a specified position.  The first day consisted of 12 rounds, drafting quarterbacks, defensive ends, offensive tackles, and cornerbacks.  The second day of the USFL draft consisted of rounds 13 through 35.  Positions drafted included wide receivers, safety, centers, guards, linebackers, kickers, punters, defensive tackles, and long snappers.

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New Orleans Breakers’ Roster: USFL Draft Results, Rosters, and Roster Analysis

What Kind Of Team Will Larry Fedora Run?

Before breaking down the New Orleans Breakers’ roster, first, we have to consider what kind of offense head coach Larry Fedora will run.  Fedora is known for having one running back, one tight end, and three wide receivers set in his offense.  He believes an A-back type of player can do more than a traditional fullback.  His offenses normally have a multi-tempo pace and spread the field to create high-scoring opportunities.  He’s spent time as the head coach of Southern Miss as well as North Carolina.  Fedora’s defensive schemes to play to the player’s strengths and at any time can be a 3-3-5, a 4-3, or a 3-4.  This makes it hard for offenses to read and plan ahead.


Kyle Sloter
Zach Smith

The first player taken in the New Orleans Breakers’ draft was Kyle Sloter.  Sloter originally played wide receiver at Southern Miss with Coach Fedora before transferring to Northern Colorado.  His first year at Northern Colorado he played as a backup quarterback, a wide receiver, and special teams.  It was his second year at Northern Colorado in 2016 that he took over the starting quarterback position where he threw for 2,656 yards, 29 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions.  Sloter spent time bouncing around the NFL on the Broncos, Vikings, Lions, and Vikings again but never saw regular-season action.

Backing him up on the New Orleans Breakers’ roster will be Zach Smith out of Tulsa. Transferring from Baylor to Tulsa, Smith took Tulsa into the Top 25 polls in 2020.  In college, Smith threw for 8,223 yards, 53 touchdowns, but had 34 intercepts.  He has smooth footwork but will look to continue to develop reading through his progressions and not turning the ball over.

Running Backs

Larry Rose III
Jordan Ellis

The New Orleans Breakers’ draft team selected two running backs who will be able to complement each other well as a 1A and 1B on the field.  Larry Rose III out of New Mexico State is a shifty runner who dodges defenders and can make the most out of the smallest running lanes.  At New Mexico State Rose ran for 4,558 yards and 37 touchdowns.  Rose also had 1157 receiving yards and five touchdowns.  He has excellent patience and allows his blocks to develop.  I think he will have an opportunity to shine as an early-down and pass-catching back.

Playing with different strengths is running back Jordan Ellis out of Virginia.  Ellis will serve as a short-yardage and goal-line back.  At 5-10 and 229 pounds, Ellis has a compact, powerful frame and often creates additional yardage with broken tackles.  He excels at pass blocking and runs with a very physical style.  While Ellis only ran for 1,997 yards in college, he had 19 touchdowns as a goal-line back.  He will fit perfectly on the New Orleans Breakers’ roster.

Wide Receivers

Shawn Poindexter
Taywan Taylor
Chad Williams
Jonnie Dixon
Jonathan Adams

The New Orleans Breakers’ draft drafted wide receivers that fit Coach Fedora’s schemes perfectly.  The X receiver, which lines up on the left sideline and is normally your bigger receiver, will have Shawn Poindexter out of Arizona.  While Poindexter doesn’t have as much experience, he is 6-4 and a big red zone target.  In 2018, 26% of his catches went for touchdowns.  Competing in the X receiver position will be Jonathan Adams out of Arkansas State.  Adams is 6-2 and has big-play capability.  He’s extremely confident in his hands.  His last season at Arkansas State he went for 1,106 yards and 12 touchdowns.

The New Orleans Breakers’ roster also consists of two players that will fit right into the A receiver position.  The A receiver works out of the slot.  Out of Western Kentucky, Taywan Taylor was drafted out of the 3rd round of the NFL draft by the Titans in 2017.  Now being selected in the USFL draft, Taylor will bring his crisp route running and fast change of direction speed to the Breakers.  He’ll compete at the A receiver spot with Johnnie Dixon out of Ohio State.  Dixon has fast acceleration and can break any play wide open after the catch.  In 2018, Dixon’s eight touchdowns averaged 32 yards per catch at Ohio State.  Last, fitting into the Z receiver, which is the right sidelined flanker, is Chad Williams.  Williams was also a 3rd round pick in the 2017 draft.  He’s 6-1 and plays bigger than his size.  He’s sure-handed and very physical after the catch.

Tight End

Sal Cannella

The USFL draft only had one round focused on the tight end position.  For the New Orleans Breakers’ draft, they went out and nabbed Sal Cannella out of Auburn.  Cannella is 6-5 and an excellent blocker.  He doesn’t have a lot of highlight tape as a receiver, only netting 330 yards in college and 5 touchdowns.  He spent a little bit of time with the Dolphins in the NFL.  Landing on the New Orleans Breakers’ roster he will serve as a run-blocking tight end who is also a big red-zone target.

Offensive Line

(OT) Paul Adams
(G) Liam Dobson
(C) Jared Thomas
(G) Steven Rowzee
(OT) Donnell Greene

(OT) Marquis Lucas
(G) Jalen Allen

The New Orleans Breakers’ draft consisted of some very large and physical offensive lineman.  Offensive Tackle Paul Adams, out of Missouri, stands at 6-6 and is 317 pounds.  He was a two-year captain and has the size and traits to play both tackle and guard.  He has quickness on pull blocks and excellent hand strength.  On the other side, Donnell Greene out of Minnesota is 6-5 and 335 pounds.  He can also play both tackle and guard and is a mauling lineman.  Behind them, 6-3 Marquis Lucas out of West Virginia, has strong hands and will serve as excellent backup.

The New Orleans Breakers’ draft class of interior linemen may be a little lesser-known, however, they’re all versatile players who can line up at multiple positions along the line.  Ironically, all four of them are 6-3.  The first guard selected was Steven Rowzee out of Troy.  Rowzee was most recently seen playing for the Iowa Barnstormers.  Next was Liam Dobson out of Texas State.  Dobson was actually drafted in the 2021 CFL draft, but now through the USFL draft will bring his talents to the New Orleans Breakers’ roster.  Behind them will be Jalen Allen out of Charlotte.  A leader of Charlotte’s offensive line, Allen played in their very first bowl game in 2019.  The anchor of the line is center Jared Thomas out of Northwestern.  Thomas has the versatility and talent to play center or guard, as needed.

Defensive Line

It became obvious on day one after defensive ends were selected that the New Orleans Breakers’ draft was going to focus on their defensive line.  After using two compensatory picks, the New Orleans Breakers’ roster consists of eight defensive linemen.  No other team ended with eight defensive linemen, showing the New Orleans breakers are ready to win in the trenches.

Defensive End

Davin Bellamy
Anree Saint-Amour
James Folston Jr.
Nigel Chavis

The first defensive player in the New Orleans Breakers’ draft was Davin Bellamy.  Bellamy played college ball at Georgia.  He has a narrow frame and was known for being able to use his arm length to make tackles that it looks like he was out of.  Bellamy finished his career at Georgia with 135 tackles and 13 sacks.  Next was Anree Saint-Amour from Georgia Tech.  Saint-Amour had a breakout 2018 senior year when he had four sacks, 12 tackles for loss, three forced fumbles, nine quarterback hurries, and two interceptions.  Fitting into a rotation behind these two is James Folston Jr. out of Pittsburgh.  Folston played outside linebacker in college and has the ability to be an excellent edge rusher.  Last is Nigel Chavis out of Norfolk St.  Chavis is a four-year starter who compiled 149 solo tackles, 37.5 tackles for loss, and 14.5 sacks. He’ll face stronger competition in the USFL but has the traits to get after the quarterback often.

Defensive Tackle

Shakir Soto
Connor Christian
Kamilo Tongamoa
Chris Okoye

The first defensive tackle taken in the New Orleans Breakers’ draft was Shakir Soto.  Soto played college ball at Pittsburgh and spent some time on NFL rosters in training camp.  Soto was originally a defensive end, which has translated into him being a quicker-than-normal defensive tackle.  He had 46 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, and 4.5 sacks his senior year when he switched from defensive end to defensive tackle.  I think Connor Christian out of Jacksonville St. will get the opportunity to take the second defensive tackle position on the New Orleans Breakers’ roster.  Christian has excellent hand placement and is quick on the snap.  Fitting in the rotation next is Kamilo Tongamoa, out of Iowa State.  Tongamoa doesn’t have as much experience but is a 6-5, 290-pound monster on the line and will provide excellent depth.  Last but not least is Chris Okoye out of Ferris State.  Okoye is another monster, standing 6-6, who will look to use his imposing size to make the interior offensive linemen uncomfortable.

Defensive Backfield

(CB) Manny Peterson
(CB) Ike Brown
(CB) Adonis Alexander
(S) Dartez Jacobs
(CB) Derrick Jones
(CB) Ja’Len Embry

It was easy to start seeing a pattern in the New Orleans Breakers’ draft at cornerback.  They were adding speed, speed, and more speed.  Cornerback Manny Peterson out of main is known for his blazing speed.  He was a high school track star and is a hands-on defensive leader.  While he was the third cornerback taken, I think he’ll jump the depth chart and get the first chance to lead.  Another cornerback not only known for speed is Ike Brown out of FIU.  Brown is a good man-to-man corner who stays physical and hits hard.  The first cornerback added to the New Orleans Breakers’ roster, Adonis Alexander out of Virginia Tech, is known for his athleticism.  He was an on-and-off starter in college but is a tough player who can match up with large wide receivers.

The only safety from the New Orleans Breakers’ draft, Dartez Jacobs out of Georgia State, has most recently been seen in the European League.  He’s a high-character leader and a hard hitter on the football field.  The depth at cornerback starts with Derrick Jones out of Ole Miss.  Jones is known for his speed and played both cornerback and wide receiver in college.  More depth was provided to the New Orleans Breakers’ roster with Ja’Len Embry out of Northern Illinois.  Embry has great speed and is a very aggressive corner.


Austin MacGinnis

The New Orleans Breakers’ draft only had one special teams player.  Out of Kentucky, Austin MacGinnis has spent some time in professional leaves with the Memphis Express, Dallas Renegades, and the Los Angeles Rams.  MacGinnis started four years in college and went 102 for 104 in extra points.  He was also 51 for 64 in field goal percentage.


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