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2022 Winter Olympics Biathlon 15KM Mass Start Betting Preview and Picks

2022 Winter Olympics Biathlon 15KM Mass Start Betting Preview and Picks

2022 Winter Olympics Biathlon 15KM Mass Start Betting Preview and Picks

The 2022 Winter Olympics continue to fly through each event.  Whether you’ve been trying to catch every single competition or have only followed results, the Olympic Biathlon isn’t an event you want to miss.  The Winter Olympics Biathlon has many different events to catch, some having already taken place.  There are a few remaining including the Men’s Olympic Biathlon 15KM Mass Start.

What Is The Olympic Biathlon 15KM Mass Start?

I find the Biathlon one of the most interesting sports in the Olympics.  Making its debut in the 1960 Winter Olympics, the Olympic Biathlon events have been a part of each Winter Olympics since.  The Biathlon 15KM Mass start was added in 2006.  Athletes start long-distance skiing with their rifles on their backs.  They have four shooting stages where they have to stop skiing and shoot at targets.  Each missed target adds time to their score for the men’s Olympic Biathlon 15KM Mass Start event.  The most common .22-caliber rifle used is the Anschutz 1827 Fortner.

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When Does This Event Take Place?

Where to Watch the Winter Olympic Biathlon 15km Mass Start:  USA, Peacock,
When to Watch the Men’s Biathlon 15km Mass Start: February 18th at 4 AM Eastern, 1 AM Pacific.

2022 Men’s Olympic Biathlon 15km Mass Start Preview

Now let’s talk about some Olympic Biathlon picks.  If you’re going to get up early and watch the Olympics February 18th you might as well have some action on the Olympic Biathlon 15KM Mass Start.  Historically, Germany is the most successful country in Biathlon events.  Here’s a breakdown of some of the Olympic Biathlon participants and some Olympic Biathlon 15km Mass Start bets.

Norway – Johannes Thingnes Boe (+175 outright winner)

Who:   It shouldn’t be a surprise that Norway’s Johannes Thingnes Boe is the favorite to win the Olympic Biathlon 15km Mass Start.  Thingnes Boe won back-to-back World Cup mass start titles in 2018-19 and 2019-20.  He wasn’t as successful in 2021, however, he remains a favorite due to skill and experience.  He has already won three gold medals in these Winter Olympic Biathlon events.  One each in the Olympic Biathlon men’s relay and mixed relay.  The other in the men’s 10km.  Now he’ll look to get another medal in the 15km Mass Start.

Accomplishments:  In the 2018 Winter Olympics Johannes Thingnes Boe won gold in the individual, silver in relay, and silver in mixed relay.  He finished 16th in the mass start.  For Mass Start he has two gold medals and one silver medal in the world championships.  In all events, he has 12 gold, 9 silver, and 3 bronze.  Thingnes Boe holds 54 victories and 90 podiums.

Outlook:  Favorite.  Johannes Thingnes Boe has already been successful during these Winter Olympics.  He received a bronze in Individual, gold in Sprint, 5th in Pursuit, gold in relay, and gold in mixed relay.  He is a solid choice for your Olympic Biathlon bets.  If you can find a top 3 finish wager, I’d recommend it as a top Olympic Biathlon 15km Mass Start pick.

France – Quentin Fillon Maillet (+350 outright winner)

Who:  The biggest threat to Thingnes Boe and also considered a close favorite, Quentin Fillon Maillet from France looks to win his 6th medal of these Winter Olympics as he participates in the Olympic Biathlon 15KM mass start.  He is the current favorite in the men’s 2021-22 Biathlon world cup.  Maillet is 29-years-old and made his World Cup debut in 2013.  Because of his success already this past season, he is an excellent Biathlon 15km Mass Start pick.

Accomplishments:  Quentin Fillon Maillet has already placed gold in the individual and pursuit portions of the Olympic Biathlon.  He also received silver in the sprint, relay, and mixed relay.  Maillet has 10 medals in the World Championships.

Outlook:  Favorite.  Quinten Fillon Maillet is an excellent choice for your Olympic Biathlon 15km Mass Start bets.  He may not be as experienced or decorated as Thingnes Boe, but he is having an excellent season and has been on fire during the Olympics.  He is the first French athlete and first biathlete to win five medals in a single edition of the Winter Olympic Games.  He’s a great Olympic Biathlon pick for finishing top 3 and a good Olympic Biathlon bet to win outright.  He is one of the best if not the best when it comes to accurate shooters.

Russian Committee – Alexandr Loginov (+650 outright winner)

Who:  Representing Russia, Alexandr Loginov won gold in his very first Winter Olympics in Sochi as part of the relay team.  Loginov is 30-years-old and made his World Cup debut in 2013.  There has been some drama throughout Loginov’s career as he faced a suspension in 2014 due to drug testing.  His results from prior events were annulled and he wasn’t reinstated until 2016.  His best season was in 2018-19, however, he has still remained consistent in competition since then.  He withdrew from the 2019-2020 Biathlon mass start due to another drug-related incident.

Accomplishments:  Beginning to make a comeback even at the age of 30, Loginov took place on the Olympic Biathlon teams that finished bronze this year in the relay and mixed relay.  In his last world championship event for the Biathlon Mass Start he finished 9th.

Outlook:  Contender.  Starting to build some momentum this year, Loginov remains a contender for the Winter Olympic Biathlon 15km Mass Start bets.  I’d shop lines for a top 3 finish.  However, after winning his first gold as part of the relay team in the 2014 Winter Olympics, look for Loginov to make a name for himself in the Olympic Biathlon 15km Mass Start.

Norway – Tarjei Boe (+1500 outright winner)

Who:  A name you may already recognize, Norway’s Tarjei Boe is the older brother of Johannes Thingnes Boe.  While the majority of Boe’s success came in the earlier part of his career, the 33-year-old is very experienced and is very consistent in the Biathlon.  He finished 8th in the Winter Olympic Biathlon 15km Mass Start fin 2018.

Accomplishments:  Tarjae Boe already has 4 medals from these Winter Olympics.  He received bronze in the sprint, silver in the pursuit, and gold in both relay and mixed relay.  Tarjae Boe will look to get his 5th medal as he participates in the 15km Mass Start.  Boe has 6 Olympic Medals overall, dating back to 2010.  He also has 21 World Championship medals.  While he has been most successful in the relay event, he has finished 4th in the mass start twice in his career. He is having one of his best Biathlon Mass Start years so far, near the top in points.

Outlook:  Underdog to Competitor.  While he isn’t as much of a favorite as his younger brother, Tarjae Boe has been excellent so far this season.  He is a solid bet with underdog odds in the Winter Olympic Biathlon 15km Mass Start bets.  I will be sprinkling at least a little bit of money on him to be an outright winner.

France – Emilien Jacquelin (+1500 outright winner)

Who:  Fairly new to the Olympic Biathlon mass start, Emilien Jacquelin is an intriguing Biathlon mass start pick.  At 26-years-old, Jacquelin made his world cup debut in 2017.  What he may lack in experience compared to some other competitors, Jacquelin makes up in speed in long-distance skiing.

Accomplishments:  So far in these Winter Olympic Biathlon events, Emilien Jacquelin has received silver in both the relay and mixed relay.  In the World Championships, he has three gold medals and two bronze.  One of the bronze medals came in 2020 in the Biathlon 15km Mass Start.

Outlook:  Underdog to Competitor.  While Emilien Jacquelin doesn’t have the experience, he has fresh legs to push through the 15km Mass Start course and is a very good shooter.  The betting odds are good on Jacquelin and he’s a solid Olympic Biathlon 15km Mass Start bet.

Germany – Benedikt Doll (+5000 outright winner)

Who:  Representing Germany, Benedikt Doll, is looking to get his first Winter Olympic medal this year.  At 31-years-old, Doll made his World Cup debut in 2012.  While he isn’t as decorated or experienced as some of the more popular favorites, Doll is very disciplined in his skiing and shooting.

Accomplishments:  In the 2018 Winter Olympics, Bendikt Doll won bronze medals in both the pursuit and the relay.  Furthermore, he finished 5th in the mass start.  He also has 5 total medals in World Championships including 1 gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze.

Outlook:  Underdog.  While Benedikt Doll is a big underdog, Germany has won more medals in the Winter Olympic Biathlon events than any other country. Therefore, Doll has the experience, coaching, and prestige to win from an underdog position.  After finishing 5th in the 2018 Winter Olympics, I think picking him in the top 3 could be a solid Biathlon 15km Mass Start bet.  He is worth putting a little money on outright winner and top 3 finish.

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Look Ahead

Make sure you continue to check back to the Sports Gambling Podcast Network as we are bringing you early previews and Olympic betting picks throughout the Winter Olympics.  Saturday, February 19th will bring you the curling medals preview.

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