Some Of The Biggest Ever Sports Betting Wins

It is difficult to express just how eager the global public is for gaming. Lotteries, casinos, and sports betting are all popular options. Whatever the occasion or sport, one can almost certainly find a place to place a wager on it. Even if one can’t place a bet at the moment, one may be able to get a bookmaker to create one.

Some of our most sacred institutions in the United States participate in and support gambling. Financial firms are the world’s biggest bookmakers.

Even though few things grab the human mind as often as athletic events when it comes to placing bets.

In 2020, the worldwide sports gambling market was valued at $203 billion. A total of around 31 thousand companies employ around 197 thousand people in this field. Over $150 billion is wagered secretly on sports in the United States each year, as per estimations from the American Gambling Association Since the American Gambling Association has been showing more interest in sports betting legalization.

The sports betting market in the United States is massive nowadays and hundreds of sportsbooks can be accessed both locally and globally. There are so many providers out there that it can be confusing for a newcomer to find which bookie would be most ideal for them. This is why people should refer to reliable sources such as the best sportsbooks reviewed by experts from SportsLens, to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages each particular provider has for themselves, as well as more information about what differences one can come across between one provider and another.

Here are some of the best sports betting wins in history:

 $14 million

During the 2016 Championship Series, a lucky bettor won $14 million on a wager between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros. In a series of wagers, the bettor let it run for six games. The player was said to be Eastern European and under 30 years old. In Las Vegas, he was placing bets with a variety of bookmakers. Game six of the series on November 1, 2017, was the decisive one for him.

$1.2 million

To his credit, Adducci took a risk by wagering a whopping $100k on Tiger Woods to win the 2018 Masters. After Woods shattered the record and earned his second major title in almost a decade, his future gamble paid off.

£1 million

This was the moment Fred Craggs’s wishes came true when he scored £1 million from a little 55p  stake on the lottery. An eight-fold aggregate bet had been placed by him on a variety of horse races throughout the world. When the man from Yorkshire, UK went to put another wager at the same neighborhood bookmaker, he noticed he had earned seven figures. With a no-limit wager, he could have won up to £1.4 million. However, a million pounds is still a nice sum of money!


One of the biggest wins of Mike Futter’s career was on his horse, which made Mike even more famous than before. One of the Belfast-based gambler’s 11 bingo rooms, Monty’s Pass, won a wager in 2003. One of the horse’s owners was given £348,000, and he was also granted a bonus of £400,000  for placing a wager. 


In the world of sports wagering, Charles Barkley is a household name. After placing a $500,000 wager, he won $800,000 when the odds were stacked against him. Yes, I think that’s a fair amount of money. During the 2002 Super Bowl, Barkley predicted that New England would win the championship game. As a 14-point outsider against the mighty St. Louis Rams, the Patriots had little chance of winning.


Mick Gibbs is among the unlucky ones who came out on top despite the astronomical odds. Gibbs, a carpenter by trade, placed a £0.30  wager on a 15-leg aggregate of +166666600 odds and won £500,000. Even though just one of his 14 forecasts came true, the most recent game between Villarreal and Borussia Dortmund went to penalties and earned him a tidy sum.


In the world of professional poker, Eric Lindgren is a household name. There was something unusual about his victory this time. Several professional golfers vowed one day that he’d never play four rounds of golf in a row, shooting under 100 each time, using his own equipment in his bag. Lindgren surprised them and won $340,000 from their bets, making him the winner of the tournament.


However, despite the fact that the United Kingdom is known for having the biggest accumulator wins, the United States is also a frequent winner. A $5 combination bet in Las Vegas won $305,375 for a fortunate player. On Friday and Saturday, he placed bets on a variety of professional and collegiate basketball games. The punter’s ticket soared after he accurately predicted the outcome of all 12 NBA games.


Gerry Mcllroy was certain that his son, Rory Mcllroy, would win the English golf major tournament in 2005. A bet of +55500 was made between him and his pals. Gerry received £100,000  and his pals received £80,000  as a result of the wager.

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