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SoBet – Join the Social Betting Revolution


Have you ever thought to yourself that sports betting is just a little too rigid? Do you hate looking for different kinds of lines, props, and specials across a number of sportsbooks to find the one you’re looking for? Well, maybe then it’s time to take the rigidity out of the sports betting world with SoBet. 

SoBet is a peer-to-peer betting platform that allows you to bet on whatever you want, whenever you want, against whoever you want. 

How it Works

To get started, head to to create an account. From there the possibilities are endless. SoBet’s game feed has lines consistent with major sportsbooks for loads of sports. They feature baseball, basketball, football, hockey, MMA, and more. When you see something you want to place a wager on, you use the intuitive functions to send that bet to one of your contacts to challenge them to that wager. It’s that simple. Plus, if you don’t like the line, you can change it, as long as there is someone else on the other side to take that bet. 

The best part of SoBet is that since no actual money is transferred through the site, there is no rake. That’s right, SoBet doesn’t take a dime from you – they simply track and log your wagers with all of your social contacts. 

What’s Next

While SoBet is currently a free web application, there is an app coming in the Spring. The app will give you all the same goodness as is available now, plus a number of other great features. Soon you’ll be able to send those wagers to people via text or QR codes. There will also be a feed specifically to show what people are currently wagering on. 

And if all of that isn’t a reason to get behind SoBet now, they’ll also have a premium option that will give you the latest and greatest in betting analytics. The premium features will include an analysis of recent trends in the SoBet market as well as content fed in from a number of high-quality outside sources. So you’ll be able to see picks, advice, and tips all right in the app as well. 

Be sure to get in on the earlier adopter stage of this social betting revolution by going to


Daniel "Gumby" Vreeland has been an MMA writer for over a decade. His credits include FloCombat, Fight! Magazine, The UG and MMA-Manifesto. In addition to writing, "Gumby" hosts the Top Turtle Podcast and is a member of the UFC's ranking panel. In addition to having a purple belt in jiu jistu, Gumby was also a seldom used D3 relief pitcher.


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