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Top 25 Devy Fantasy Rookie Rankings: Fantasy Football Rookies Classes of 2023 and 2024

Top 25 Devy Fantasy Rookie Rankings: Fantasy Football Rookies Classes of 2023 and 2024

Top 25 Devy Fantasy Rookie Rankings: Fantasy Football Rookies Classes of 2023 and 2024

Over the past few years, we have seen rookies come in and lite up the NFL field, as well as our fantasy leagues. The young talent is undeniable, with this we have to stay up on the incoming college football players. Unfortunately, not everybody has time to sit down and watch football every Wednesday through Saturday. The best way to stay up to date is through articles and rankings, using these we can narrow down what players game we want to watch. I have compiled a list of the top 25 devy fantasy football rookies to watch out for in the future. I have ranked all these players in order as we stand today.  It never hurts to keep up on the changing tides of the CFB, it helps you value future draft picks better. This can give you a leg up on your fellow fantasy managers.


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Top 25 Fantasy Rookie Rankings: Fantasy Football Rookies Class of 2022

Top 25 Devy Fantasy Rookie Rankings: Fantasy Football Rookies Classes of 2023 and 2024

1. Bijan Robinson (RB) Texas Draft Eligible: 2023

Bijan Robinson was a five-star recruit and the top running back in his class when he decided to play at Texas. He has lived up to his high expectations from day one. Standing at 6-0 215 pounds he is a punishing force in the ground game. As a freshman, he rushed for 703 yards which was 3rd in the Big 12. Also, his 8.2 yards per carry was good enough for third in the Big 12. He has continued his dominance on the field this season as well. He is currently second in the Big 12 with 967 rushing yards and 11 rushing touchdowns. While leading the Big 12 in touchdowns from scrimmage with 14.

Bijan Robinson has the strength to run through and over tacklers, however, he is much more than that. He possesses great vision and patience to find the holes at the line of scrimmage. After that, he has to ability to change gears and burst into the second level where he has the ability to make any defender miss. Although he is not the next Austin Ekeler he does possess the ability to be used in the passing game. This dual-purpose ability really cements him on top of my future fantasy football rookie rankings for 2023 & 2024.

2. TreVeyon Henderson (RB) Ohio State Draft Eligible: 2024

TreVeyon Henderson is another five-star recruit and top running back in his class. At the ripe age of 19 years old, he has taken over the Ohio State backfield. This true freshman stands at 5-11 195 pounds, however, he should be able to put on 10 plus pounds to get over 200 come draft day in 2024. He was a dominant high school athlete who possess great speed and skill level. We have seen this already this season as he leads the NCAA in yards per attempt at 7.9. His 845 yards and 12 rushing touchdowns are second in the Big Ten while leading the conference in touchdowns from scrimmage with 15.

TreVeyon Henderson has multiple years of CFB eligible left as he is not NFL Draft eligible until 2024. Already he has shown his next-level intelligence and ability to process the play quickly. This paired with his vision and ability to change direction makes him a force on the field. He also is a dual-threat as he is a great receiver out of the backfield.  However as many young running back due he struggles with blitz pick-ups and blocking. He will only improve in all aspects of his game come draft day, this is why he has landed as the second-best prospect in my future fantasy football rookie rankings.

3. Sean Tucker (RB) Syracuse Draft Eligible: 2023

Sean Tucker is a returning freshman this season due to covid eligibility rules, this makes his outlook a touch more complicated. However, the talent is as real as it gets for this 5-10 210 pound running back. This three-star recruit and 58th ranked running back in the 2019 class, has exceeded expectations.  Currently, Sean Tucker leads the CFB in rushing yards with 1267 yards and in scrimmage yards with 1505.  He has emerged as the heartbeat of the Orange offense.

Sean Tucker does everything you want a running back to do, and he does it well. He has great speed once in the open field, as well as some great subtle wiggle moves at top speed to make guys miss. Along with this, he has an ability to process the play well and use his vision to hit cut-back lanes.  Even as a high-speed guy he has the patience to wait for blocks to set up and then burst into the second level. All of this paired with his receiving ability has really driven him up my devy fantasy football rookie rankings this season.

4. Kayshon Boutte (WR) LSU Draft Eligible: 2023

As the second-ranked prospect coming out of Westgate high school a lot was expected of Kayshon Boutte at LSU.  He did not disappoint, as a freshman he produced 735 yards on 45 receptions.  This success has continued this season on a struggling LSU team. Kayshon Boutte has 508 yards on 38 receptions, averaging over 13 yards per reception. Along with this, he leads the SEC in receiving touchdowns with 9. Although the numbers are not eye-popping the talent is there for Kayshon Boutte.

Although he is not the biggest receiver coming in at 6 foot 180 pounds he makes up for it with great athleticism. This is also backed with his ability to change direction in sudden and twitchy movements. He is an extremely tough receiver who is not afraid to test the middle of the field and get physical in the red zone. One thing that may surprise people is his ability to high point the ball, he can win 50 50 balls over bigger cornerbacks consistently. Not only will all of his skills translate to the next level they will help him be highly productive. That’s why he ranks in the top 5 of my devy fantasy football rookie rankings.

5. Marvin Mims (WR) Oklahoma Draft Eligible: 2023

Marvin Mims although only 5-11 177 pounds has exploded onto the college scene the past two seasons. He was a four-star recruit coming out of Frisco Texas.  As a freshman last year he played in 11 games for the Sooners and was a big play machine averaging over 16 yards per reception. He has carried that over into 2021 as he is averaging 23.3 yards per reception and leads the Big 12 He has regressed some in the touchdowns as he only has 4 through 9 games this season after leading the Big 12 last year with 9. Despite this, he is third in the Big 12 in receiving yards with 605.

His speed is what stands out, he has a great long stride speed. He lacks some burst at times, however, this has not hindered him too much at the CFB level. He is improving at the line of scrimmage in his releases and routes. This season he has taken strides to become an overall better receiver. As we look forward to the 2022 season I hope he adds some weight and counties his upward trend to secure his place as a top prospect in the 2023 draft. His untapped upside is what has him ranked as my fourth-best future fantasy football rookie devy rankings.

6. Jahmyr Gibbs (RB) Georgia Tech Draft Eligible: 2023

Coming out of Dalton, Georgia Jahmyr Gibbs was a four-star recruit and ranked as the 8th best running back in his class.  Standing at 5-9 191 pounds he has a solid frame, which he uses in the ground and passing game. In his first two seasons at Georgia Tech, he has proven to be a true dual-threat running back.  In 2020 he produced 460 rushing yards and 303 receiving yards while scoring 7 total touchdowns. This season he has continued his dual-threat prowess. He has produced 524 rushing yards and 368 receiving yards, although he has regressed with only 3 touchdowns.

Jahmyr Gibbs has a super high ceiling as a fantasy asset at the next level drawing player comps to Aaron Jones. He has the ability to change speeds and directions at any moment. His ability to set up blocks at the second level allows him to create on every play. He also demonstrates an ability to run through defenders if needed. All of this combined with his natural stride and feel for the position stand out when you watch him. He will need to continue to improve over the next few years, however, his upside is immense. He has the potential to rise up the future devy fantasy football rankings in years to come.

7. Jaxon Smith-Njigba (WR) Ohio State Draft Eligible: 2023

Jaxon Smith-Njigba was a five-star recruit out of Rockwall, Texas, who was ranked as the fifth-best wide receiver in his class. He chose to take his talents to Ohio State to further develop his already sound game.  However, as a freshman, he did not see a ton of work due to the depth of the position at Ohio State. This season as a weekly contributor he has emerged as a key player for the Ohio State offense. He has taken 35 receptions for 648 yards and 3 touchdowns. He is currently fourth in the Big Ten with 18.5 yards per reception.

As we look forward to next season Jaxon Smith-Njibga has good size at 6-1 188 pounds. This paired with his top-end speed, quick twitch, and roue techniques allows him to create separation at ease. He pairs this all with great lateral movement which helps him create after the catch as well. This yards after the catch ability is what separates him from other top prospects. As he develops he will have a high upside to become a lead receiver at the NFL level. This is why he is a top 10 prospect in my devy fantasy football rankings.

8. Quentin Johnston (WR) TCU Draft Eligible: 2023

Quentin Johnston was a four-star recruit out of Temple, Texas when he decided to play college ball at TCU.  As a freshman, he produced 487 yards in 8 games. While averaging 22.1 yards per reception which led the Big 12. This season this 6-4 193 pound sophomore has produced 473 yards in 6 games.  Along with 5 touchdowns which are currently third in the Big 12. These numbers do not jump off the screen as a top player. However, if we look past the box score we see the undeniable talent he possesses.

As we look forward to next year I expect him to add some muscle and build his frame-up some. However, his speed and long stride will continue to make him a threat to break any play wide open. Along with his ability to win at the high point in contest catches stand out in his game. He will need to continue to refine his routes and consistency in his junior year. Even with this, his high upside has allowed him to be amongst the top devy fantasy football rookie rankings.

9. Tank Bigsby (RB) Auburn Draft Eligible: 2023

Last season Tank Bigsby burst onto the scene as a true freshman. He became a key part of the Auburn offense seeing 149 touches over 10 games. With this he produced 918 scrimmage yards and 5 touchdowns, he was 5th in the SEC with 834 rushing yards.  This season he has been able to produce 666 yards rushing while scoring 7 touchdowns. He has also added 73 receiving yards, on 10 receptions. Overall this slight decrease can be attributed to a weak surrounding cast.

Tank Bigsby has everything you look for in an NFL running back, including the size with a 6-foot 210-pound frame. He has great lower body strength and leg drive. However, he lacks the overall atheism that the other top prospects possess.  Despite this, he has solid vision and quick feet to navigate through the line and into the second level. Once there he can make guys miss or break through arm tackles. If he has the ability to help improve his overall game next season he has a super high ceiling. This high ceiling is the reason he is in the top 10 of my future and devy fantasy football rookie rankings.

10. Michael Mayer (TE) Notre Dame Draft Eligible: 2023

Coming out of Covington Catholic Michael Mayer was ranked the second-best tight end in his class. However, he has surpassed that and become the top tight end in the 2023 class.  Standing at 6-4 249 pounds he is a matchup nightmare at the CFB level. This has been evident since day one as he produced 450 yards as a freshman. He has continued that success as a sophomore as he has 465 receiving yards which is fourth among the FBS Independents. Along with this, he has 3 touchdowns this season.

When it comes to the tight end position we are always looking for that receiving upside as fantasy managers. Michael Mayer offers that as he runs great routes and has excellent hands. He also has a good ability to high point the ball in contested catch situations. Currently, he is improving as a blocker over his first two years at the CFB level which will only help him at the NFL level. He has immense upside as a fantasy asset at the next level. This makes him a lock for my top 10 devy fantasy football rookie rankings, especially considering the landscape of tight ends.

Top 25 Devy Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings

Rank Name School Class Position
1 Bijan Robinson Texas 2023 RB
2 TreVeyon Henderson OSU 2024 RB
3 Sean Tucker Syracuse 2023 RB
4 Kayshon Boutte LSU 2023 WR
5 Marvin Mims Oklahoma 2023 WR
6 Jahmyr Gibbs Georgia Tech 2023 RB
7 Jaxon Smith-Njigba Ohio State 2023 WR
8 Quentin Johnston TCU 2023 WR
9 Tank Bigsby Auburn 2023 RB
10 Michael Mayer Notre Dame 2023 TE
11 Zach Evans TCU 2023 RB
12 Josh Downs UNC 2023 WR
13 Jordan Addison Pittsburgh 2023 WR
14 Bryce Young Alabama 2023 QB
15 Jermaine Burton Georgia 2023 WR
16 Emeka Egbuka Ohio State 2024 WR
18 Arik Gilbert Georgia 2023 TE
19 Brandon Thomas Memphis 2024 RB
20 Jashaun Corbin FSU 2023 RB
17 DJ Uiagalelei Clemson 2023 QB
21 Marvin Harrison Jr. Ohio State 2024 WR
22 Caleb Williams Oklahoma 2024 QB
24 Blake Corum Michigan 2023 RB
23 Kyle McCord Ohio State 2024 QB
25 Treyson Potts Minnesota 2023 RB


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