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Hold ‘Em or Fold ‘Em I SGPN Fantasy Football Podcast (Ep.35)

Hold 'Em or Fold 'Em I SGPN Fantasy Football Podcast (Ep.35)

SGPN Fantasy Football Podcast Recap

Welcome to Episode 35 of the SGPN Fantasy Football Podcast! This week, Rod Villagomez welcomes back Scott Reichel to the show. Scott and Rod give you ten names that are being tossed around as possible drop candidates heading into the first set of byes.

Has Ronald Jones shown you all you need to see for the rest of the season? Is Allen Robinson who we thought he’d be now that Justin Fields is in control of the Chicago offense? Can you blame another rookie quarterback for the lack of fantasy relevance for Brandon Aiyuk? Are we just flat out done waiting for Cole Beasley to do anything roster worthy again? We answer all these questions about your future waiver wire adds and more on this week’s episode.

If you’re new to the show, you’re in for a treat. Our show flows a little differently than most. We cover ten separate categories of a larger overall theme. The panel puts three minutes on the clock to discuss each. It’s the fast-paced, hard-hitting fantasy football conversation you need to win your league.

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The SGPN Fantasy Football Podcast is your 1.01 of fantasy football podcasts. Each week, Rod Villagomez (@rjvillagomez) loads up the clock for ten rounds of fantasy football analysis with a special guest every episode. From redraft to dynasty, IDP, to Best Ball, we’ve got you covered with the best fantasy football strategies.