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Roll Continues With College And NFL Underdog Winners

Roll Continues With College And NFL Underdog Winners

We’ve begun to understand somethings in college football and the pros and the guys on “3 Dog Thursday” are ROLLING. “Exhibit A” is host T.J. Rives and guests picking a perfect 7 for 7 with Underdogs combined in both last week.

And, with Arkansas, the LA. Chargers, the Packers and the L.A. Rams winning all winning outright last weekend, it was also a huge week on the “money-line,” if you were so inclined off our advice as well.

That brings our total to 18 successful Underdogs handed out over the last three shows. 18! And while, our damage will likely lessen some soon, we might be ready to unleash four, five or more winners again this week.

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You will get the insight, analysis and picks from Brian Edwards of and Vegas Insider, Gary Segars of “Winning Cures Everything” video show/podcast and T.C. Martin of the 5 day a week “T.C. Martin Show” in Las Vegas.

Find out about what the guys think on a Big Ten, ACC, NFC West Underdog and more coming Thursday!

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