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The Ryder Cup Preview | Golf Gambling Podcast (Ep. 89)

The Ryder Cup Preview | Golf Gambling Podcast (Ep. 89)

In this episode of the Golf Gambling Podcast on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network, Boston Capper (@boston_capper) makes his grand return to the podcast! After him and Steve Schirmer catch up, they dive right into breaking down the 2021 Ryder Cup! Steve first starts the show with an overview of Whistling Straits and what holes he thinks each teams has an advantage on. Then the two debate over which teams have the edge in key categories. Steve also interrogates Boston Capper to support all the U.S. players who “scare him”.

Then Steve makes Boston Capper go out of his safe space and ponder a world of how Europe wins the Ryder Cup. They finally close the show with their predictions of how the pairings will go on Friday. That helps them identify who has the best chance to play the most matches that then can be targeted for scoring props.


Ryder Cup Preview – How Each Side Wins

The Ryder Cup Preview – Hole By Hole of Whistling Straits

Ryder Cup Preview – Who Has The Edge?

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