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Atlantic 10 Off Season Check In | The College Basketball Experience (Ep. 10)

Atlantic 10 Off Season Check In | The College Basketball Experience (Ep. 10)

Podcast Recap

The College Basketball Experience on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network continues its conference by conference off season check in with the Atlantic 10 Conference. Pick Dundee aka (@TheColbyD) & NC Nick (@NC_Nick) go team by team within the Atlantic 10 Conference. Is this the best St. Bonaventure team ever? Is Bob McKillop and his Davidson Wildcats got the Atlantic 10 exactly where he wants them? Could the Bonnies make a legit March Madness run? Will VCU be dancing yet again? Is Richmond the oldest basketball team in the nation? Could Saint Joseph’s surprise? Will Saint Louis and the Dayton Flyers be in the rebuilding process? What should we make of the new coaches at Fordham and George Mason? Did Umass win the transfer portal for the Atlantic 10? Will Rhode Island and LaSalle be surprise teams in the A-10? Is Duquesne the hardest team to read in college basketball? What should we make of this seasons George Washington Colonials? We talk it all on this special Atlantic 10 edition of The College Basketball Experience.


ATLANTIC 10 Preview


Saint Joes

KP:  Overall: 202 , 194 Adj O / 230 Adj D – Tempo 30th

Projected Starting 5:

G Jordan Hall (10.6 ppg 5.9 rebs 5.7 ast 1.3 steals) *first team all conf potential

G Rahmir Moore (4.1 ppg 2.4 rebs)

G Dahmir Bishop (7.7 ppg 3.1 rebs) *breakout player?

F Taylor Funk (17.4 ppg 5.7 rebs) *first team all conf potential

C Ejike Obinna (1.9 ppg at Vandy)

Projected Bench: Jack Forrest, Erik Reynolds, Charles Coleman, Jadrian Tracey, Kacper Klaczek, Cameron Brown

Newcomers: Charles Coleman (East Carolina), Ejike Obinna (Vanderbilt), Erik Reynolds, Kacper Klaczek

Losses: None


Charles Coleman, 7-0, 245, C, Soph., East Carolina (0.8 ppg) – SAINT JOSEPH’S

Ejike Obinna, 6-10, 240, F, Sr., Vanderbilt (1.9 ppg) – ST. JOE’S


Incoming Freshman


SG Erik Reynolds from Potomac, MD #190 recruit in Nation  *Impact Freshman


Saint Louis

KP:  Overall:  53 , 50 Adj O / 65 Adj D – Tempo 184

Projected Starting 5:

G Yuri Collins (5.1 ppg 6.1 ast)

G Fred Thatch (5.4 ppg 3.7 reb) *breakout player

G Gibson Jimerson (7.8 ppg 1.4 rebs)

G Javonte Perkins (17.1 ppg 3.9 rebs) *POY candidate

C Francis Okoro (40 starts in 2 years at Oregon 3.1 ppg 4 rebs in those 2 years) *Impact Transfer

Projected Bench: Jimmy Bell, Jordan Nesbitt, Rashad Williams, Terrence Hargrove Jr., Martin Linssen, Markhi Strickland, Andre Lorentsson

Newcomers: Francis Okoro (Oregon), Jordan Nesbitt (Memphis), Rashad Williams (Oakland) 


Jordan Nesbitt, 6-6, 205, G, Fr., Memphis – SAINT LOUIS *Impact Transfer

Rashad Williams, 6-2, 185, G, Jr., Oakland (13.6 ppg) – SAINT LOUIS *Under the radar transfer



KP:  Overall:  126th , 183 Adj O / 80 Adj D – Tempo 135

Projected Starting 5:

G Tyson Acuff (3.7 ppg 1.1 rebs)

G Leon Ayers (12.2 ppg at Mercer)

F Toby Akani (4.7 ppg 3.5 rebs)

F Kevin Easley (4.5 ppg at TCU)* Impact Transfer

C Tre Williams (9.0 ppg 6 rebs at Indiana State)

Projected Bench: Maceo Austin, RJ Gunn, Jackie Johnson, Amir Spears, Andy Barba, Austin Rotroff, Mounir Hima, Mike Bekelja

Newcomers: Kevin Easley (TCU), RJ Gunn (D2), Leon Ayers (Mercer), Tre Williams (Indiana State), Jackie Johnson, Amir Spears, Andy Barba


Ryan Murphy, 6-2, 185, G, Grad, Tulane (3.7 ppg) – DUQUESNE

Kevin Easley Jr., 6-7, 225, F, Soph., TCU (4.5 ppg) – DUQUESNE

Treauhn Williams, 6-7, 250, F, Soph., Indiana State (9.0 ppg, 6.0 rpg) – DUQUESNE

Leon Ayers III, 6-6, 180, G, Jr., Mercer (12.2 ppg) – DUQUESNE

Pedro Castro, 6-6, 180, SG, RS Jr., Houston Baptist (14.8 ppg) – DUQUESNE



KP:  Overall: 118, 120 Adj O / 128Adj D – Tempo 41

Projected Starting 5:

G Javohn Garcia (10.4 ppg 2.6 ast)

G Noah Fernandes (11.1 ppg 4.2 reb 4.4 ast)

G T.J. Weeks (9.7 ppg 3.5 rebs) *breakout player

F Trent Buttrick (3.0 ppg at Penn State)*Under the radar transfer

C Dibaji Walker (2.1 ppg 1.8 rebs)

Projected Bench: Cairo McCrory, Kolton Mitchell, Dyondre Dominguez, Rich Kelly, CJ Kelly, Michael Steadman, Greg Jones

Newcomers: Trent Buttrick (Penn State), CJ Kelly (Albany), Rich Kelly (Boston College), Michael Steadman (Montana), Greg Jones (D2)

Losses: Tre Mitchell, Ronnie DeGray, Carl Pierre


C.J. Kelly, 6-5, 190, G, Jr., Albany (14.3 ppg) – UMASS

Michael Steadman, 6-10, 215, F, Sr., Montana (9.9 ppg, 5.4 rpg) – UMASS

Rich Kelly, 6-1, 175, G, Sr., Boston College (11.0 ppg) – UMASS

Trent Buttrick, 6-9, 240, F, Sr., Penn State (3.0 ppg) – UMASS


St. Bonaventure

KP:  Overall: 32 , 55 Adj O / 20 Adj D – Tempo 320

Projected Starting 5:

G Kyle Lofton (14.4 ppg 5.5 ast) *all conf potential

G Jaren Holmes (13.8 ppg 5.3 rebs)

G Dominick Welch (11.4 ppg 6 rebs)

G Jalen Adaway (12.2 ppg 6 rebs)

C Osun Osunniyi (10.7 ppg 9.4 rebs) *all conf potential

Projected Bench: Karim Coulibaly, Oluwasegun Durosinmi, Quadry Adams, Ndkock Tadjore, Linton Brown, Joryam Saizonou

Key Newcomers: Karim Coulibaly (Pitt), Oluwasegun Durosinmi (JUCO), Quadry Adams (Wake Forest), Ndjock Tadjore, Linton Brown (JUCO), Joryam Saizonou

Expected Losses: Alpha Okoli, Eddie Creal, Alejandro Vasquez, Jalen Shaw, Jermaine Taggart


Abdoul Karim Coulibaly, 6-8, 215, F, Soph., Pittsburgh (5.2 ppg) – ST. BONAVENTURE *impact transfer

Quadry Adams, 6-3, 190, G, Fr., Wake Forest (2.2 ppg) – ST. BONAVENTURE



KP:  Overall: 87,  77 Adj O / 109 Adj D – Tempo 305

Projected Starting 5:

G Kobe Elvis (5.2 ppg at DePaul as Fresh) *Impact Transfer

G Elijah Weaver (5.4 ppg 2.4 ast)

G Koby Brea (2.9 ppg 1.8 rebs)

F Mustapha Amzil (9.9 ppg 5.6 rebs) *breakout?

F Toumani Camara (12.8 ppg and 7.7 rebs at Georgia) *Impact Transfer

Projected Bench: Daron Holmes, R.J. Blakney, Zimi Nwokeji, Kaleb Washington, Malachi Smith, Lynn Green III, Richard Amaefule

Newcomers: Toumani Camara (Georgia), Kobe Elvis (DePaul), Richard Amaefule (East Tennessee State), DaRon Holmes, Kaleb Washington, Malachi Smith, Lynn Greer III

Losses: Jalen Crutcher, Rodney Chatman, Jordy Tshimanga, Ibi Watson


Kobe Elvis, 6-2, 170, G, Fr., DePaul (5.2 ppg) – DAYTON

Toumani Camara, 6-8, 220, F, Soph., Georgia (12.8 ppg, 7.7 rpg) – DAYTON

Richard Amaefule, 6-9, 230, F, Fr., ETSU (1.5 ppg) – DAYTON


Incoming Freshman


PF DaRon Holmes from Florida #45 recruit in Nation *impact freshman

SF Kaleb Washington from Georgia #131 recruit in Nation *impact freshman

PG Malachi Smith from NYC #141 recruit in Nation



KP:  Overall: 48,  122 Adj O / 14 Adj D – Tempo 107

G Marcus Tsohonis (10.4 ppg at Washington) *impact transfer

G Vince Williams (10.6 ppg 5.2 rebs 1.1 steals)

F Jamir Watkins (7.2 ppg 2.6 rebs) *breakout?

F Hason Ward (6.4 ppg 5.1 rebs)

C Levi Stockard (6.5 ppg 2.3 rebs)

Projected Bench: Jimmy Nichols, Keshawn Curry, Mikeal Brown-Jones, Nicholas Kern, Jalen Deloach, Jayden Nunn, Ace Baldwin (achilles injury, return TBD)

Newcomers: Marcus Tsohonis (Washington), Jimmy Nichols (Providence), Nicholas Kern, Jalen Deloach, Jayden Nunn *impact fresh


Losses: Bones Hyland, Brendan Medley-Bacon, Jimmy Clark, Corey Douglas


Jimmy Nichols Jr., 6-8, 215, F, Jr., Providence (6.1 ppg) – VCU *under the radar transfer

Marcus Tsohonis, 6-3, 185, G, Soph., Washington (10.4 ppg) – VCU


Incoming freshman


SF Nicholas Kern from Saint Louis #184 recruit in Nation


George Washington

KP:  Overall: 227,   187 Adj O / 285 Adj D – Tempo 188

G James Bishop (19.1 ppg 5.1 ast)

G Joe Bamisile (3.5 ppg at Va Tech) *impact transfer

G Brendan Adams (4.5 ppg at Uconn)

F Ricky Lindo (11.4 ppg 10.7 rebs)

C Ira Lee (3 ppg at Arizona)

Projected Bench: Hunter Dean, Noel Brown, Brayon Freeman, Daniel Nixon, Tafara Gapare, Amir Harris

Newcomers: Joe Bamisile (Virginia Tech), Brendan Adams (UConn), Ira Lee (Arizona), Qwanzi Samuels (Florida Gulf Coast), Brayon Freeman, Daniel Nixon, Tafara Gapare

Losses: Jamison Battle, Matthew Moyer, Jameer Nelson Jr., Maceo Jack, Chase Paar, Tyler Brelsford, Sloan Seymour


Brendan Adams, 6-4, 195, G, Jr., UConn (4.5 ppg) – GEORGE WASHINGTON

Qwanzi Samuels, 6-8, 200, F, Soph., FGCU (3.3 ppg) – GEORGE WASHINGTON

Ira Lee, 6-8, 245, PF, Sr., Arizona (3.0 ppg) – GEORGE WASHINGTON

Bryan Knapp, 6-1, 190, G, Sr., Cornell (7.1 ppg: 2019) – GEORGE WASHINGTON


Incoming Freshman


PG Brayon Freeman from Arlington, VA #186 recruit in Nation *impact fresh



KP:  Overall: 70,   20 Adj O / 164 Adj D – Tempo 353

Projected Starting 5:

G Grant Huffman (3.4 ppg 1.2 rebs) *breakout

G Mike Jones (5.1 ppg 1.8 rebs)

F Hyunjung Lee (13.5 ppg 4 rebs)

F Samuel Mennenga  (6 ppg 5 rebs) *breakout

C Luka Brajkovic (10.9 ppg 3.8 rebs 1.8 ast)

Projected Bench: Nelson Boachie-Yiadom, Foster Loyer, David Kristensen, Desmond Watson, Chad Ford,  Styrmir Snaer Thrastarson

Newcomers: Foster Loyer (Michigan State), Desmond Watson, Chad Ford, Styrmir Snaer Thrastarson

Losses: Kellan Grady, Carter Collins, Bates Jones


Foster Loyer, 6-0, 175, PG, Jr., Michigan State (4.2 ppg) – DAVIDSON *Impact transfer



KP:  Overall: 310,  352 Adj O / 119 Adj D – Tempo 343

Projected Starting 5:

G Darius Quisenberry (14.9 ppg at Youngstown St) *under the radar transfer

G Josh Navarro (6.6 ppg 2.8 ast)

G Antonio Daye (17.1 ppg 4.7 ast at FIU)

G Antrell Charlton  (JUCO Transfer)

F Chuba Ohams (6 ppg 6 rebs)

Projected Bench: Patrick Kelly, Rostyslav Novitskyi, Ahmad Harrison, Jalen Cobb, D.J. Gordon, Abdou Tsimbila 

Newcomers: Antonio Daye (FIU), D.J. Gordon (Penn State), Patrick Kelly (Penn State), Darius Quisenberry (Youngstown State), Antrell Charlton (JUCO), Rostyslav Novitskyi (JUCO), Ahmad Harrison, Abdou Tsimbila (Penn State)

Losses: Joel Soriano, Chris Austin, Ty Perry 


D.J Gordon, 6-5, 175, G, Fr., Penn State (0.5 ppg) – FORDHAM

Patrick Kelly, 6-8, 215, F, RS Fr., Penn State (0.0 ppg – 5 games) – FORDHAM

Antonio Daye, 6-3, 190, G, Jr., FIU (17.1 ppg, 4.7 apg) – FORDHAM

Darius Quisenberry, 6-1, 190, G, Jr., Youngstown State (14.9 ppg) – FORDHAM


George Mason

KP:  Overall: 142,  195 Adj O / 102 Adj D – Tempo 176

Projected Starting 5:

G Jamal Hartwell II (5.4 ppg 1.4 rebs)

G Xavier Johnson (3.3 ppg)

G Devon Cooper (12.5 ppg at Morehead St) *under the radar transfer

G D’Shawn Schwartz (9.3 ppg at Colorado) *impact transfer

C Josh Oduro (10 ppg 6 rebs)

Projected Bench: Davonte Gaines, Michael Gray, Blake Jones, TJ Gadsden, Malik Henry, Ronald Polite, Otis Frazier III, Blake Jones, Joel Kabimba

Newcomers: D’Shawn Schwartz (Colorado), Davonte Gaines (Tennessee), Devon Cooper (Morehead State), Joel Kabimba (Stetson), Michael Gray, Blake Jones, TJ Gadsden


Losses: Jordan Miller, Javon Greene, Tyler Kolek, A.J. Wilson, Bahaide Haidara, Greg Calixte


D’Shawn Schwartz, 6-7, 230, F, Sr., Colorado (9.3 ppg) – GEORGE MASON 

Davonte Gaines, 6-7, 180, F, Soph., Tennessee (0.7 ppg) – GEORGE MASON

DeVon Cooper, 6-4, 200, G, Jr., Morehead State (12.5 ppg) – GEORGE MASON


Incoming Freshman


Mouhamed Lamine Mbaye PF from Senegal #231 recruit in Nation


Rhode Island

KP:  Overall: 111 ,   127 Adj O / 89 Adj D – Tempo 134

Projected Starting 5:

G Jeremy Sheppard (11.3 ppg 3.1 rebs 2.8 ast 1.2 steals)

G Ishmael El-Amin (16.2 ppg at Ball State) *under the radar transfer

G Ishmael Leggett (6.6 ppg 2.6 rebs) *breakout player

F Antwan Walker (9.1 ppg 6.5 rebs)

C Makhel Mitchell (9.6 ppg 5.6 rebs)

Projected Bench: Makhi Mitchell, Jalen Carey, Malik Martin, Allen Betrand, Tres Berry, Ileri Ayo-Faleye, Adbou Samb 

Newcomers: Ishmael El-Amin (Ball State), Abdou Samb


Losses: Fatts Russell, D.J. Johnson, Jermaine Harris


Richmond Spiders

KP:  Overall: 65,   46 Adj O / 99 Adj D – Tempo 169

Projected Starting 5:

G Jacob Gilyard (12.3 ppg 5 ast 3.6 steals )*all conference

G Nick Sherod (12.7 ppg in 19-20 missed LY with torn ACL)

F Tyler Burton (12 ppg 7.6 rebs)

F Nathan Cayo (12.2 ppg 4.4 rebs)

C Grant Golden (12.7 ppg 6 rebs)

Projected Bench: Connor Crabtree, Andre Gustavson, Matt Grace, Dji Bailey, Souleymane Koureissi, Isaiah Wilson, Aidan Noyes, Malcolm Dread, Jason Nelson, Marcus Randolph

Newcomers: Aidan Noyes, Malcolm Dread, Jason Nelson, Marcus Randolph

Losses: Blake Francis


La Salle

KP:  Overall: 200 , 181 Adj O / 245 Adj D – Tempo 155th

Projected Starting 5:

G Jhamir Brickus (8.8 ppg 3.4 ast)

G Sherif Kenney (9.6 ppg 1.0 steals)

G Josh Nickelberry (2.6 ppg at Louisville) *impact transfer

G Jack Clark  (9.9 ppg 5.2 rebs) *breakout

C Clifton Moore (6.1 ppg 4 rebs)

Projected Bench: Christian Ray, Anwar Gill, Mamadou Doucoure, Derrius Ward, Daeshon Shepherd, Andres Marrero

Newcomers: Josh Nickelberry (Louisville), Mamadou Doucoure (Rutgers), Derrius Ward, Daeshon Shepherd, Andres Marrero, Khalil Brantley

Losses: David Beatty, Scott Spencer, Jared Kimbrough, Ayinde Hikim


Podcast Transcription


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