Final Hour Of Draft Day – Fantasy Football Best Ball 24 Hour Stream (Ep. 1051)

Final Hour Of Draft Day - Fantasy Football Best Ball 24 Hour Stream (Ep. 1051)

Final Hour Of Draft Day – Fantasy Football Best Ball 24 Hour Stream

The guys (@GamblingPodcast) close out the insane #DraftDay where Ryan Kramer (@KramerCentric) drafted fantasy football best ball teams for twenty four hours straight. The crew is also joined by Adam Pelletier (@AdamPelletier) the czar of SGPN fantasy football. They go over the Draft Day prop bets and break down Kramer’s impressive twenty four fantasy football drafts in twenty four hours as they draft the final team and close out the event. They discuss some of Kramer’s most drafted players including Saquon Barkley, Devante Parker, Jamal Williams and Cole Kmet.

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Speaker 1 (46s): Joe fives with here, you’re listening to S G P N. So do this, let it ride.


Speaker 0 (1m 25s): Welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast. I’m Sean Steck in that money green with my partner in pics, Ryan real money Kramer, Brian what’s happening, crime dog. We are now in our 24. You’ve been up a drafting teams nonstop for almost the past 24 hours. We’re 23 hours. I don’t know. Can we get a minute count? What w what are we looking at here? As we close things out, the stream has it, you know what a shout out to,

Speaker 3 (1m 58s): To restream Dan IO, because in spite of the computer failing, in spite of the internet, failing, the stream has continued 23 hours, two minutes and 40 seconds. I think we’re going to activate the clock here in a second.

Speaker 0 (2m 14s): Yeah, we’ve been powering through not a ton of technical issues and shout out to everyone that’s been hopping on helping you draft throughout the night. Terrelle, Jake hanging out, obviously Adam pellets here also on the line. The fantasies are Donna bills, mafia, Adam, how many, how many drafts have you put in? I feel like you’ve had a nice little total here. I’ve

Speaker 4 (2m 37s): Had a nice, I’ve had a nice stretch right now. I’m real happy. I got to actually look at that. I don’t know. I wasn’t expecting to end up with this many drafts, you know, living that DJ life a little bit. Ah, I’m now up to, I’ve done five

Speaker 1 (2m 53s): In the last

Speaker 4 (2m 55s): Five in the last 24 hours. So this is going to be draft six for me. So should we get in? All

Speaker 0 (3m 1s): Right, let’s do it. Let’s hop in Ryan. I’ll let you be the first one to click in the draft. Make sure we can all get in here. Oh,

Speaker 3 (3m 10s): I’m the first one. Perfect alert.

Speaker 0 (3m 14s): And obviously we’re, we’re streaming live on the, on the old YouTube over there. Oh, shit. I didn’t time this out. Right? I have to deposit. All right. I should have time. You got seven

Speaker 4 (3m 26s): Spots left from what? I’m seeing six spots left. Oh, this is filling fast. All right,

Speaker 0 (3m 31s): Hold on. If you’re thinking about hopping in don’t play six. Okay. Payment processing. All right. Payments, huh? Okay. BBM to now I’m in perfect waiting. Wow. Just got it. The wire, of course, it’s been awesome doing all these best fall drafts on underdog, but of course we are presented by win bats.

And hopefully this has given you guys some good ideas to get down on some, some player props for the season NFL season, right around the corner. And some wind total stuff we’ve been giving out tons and tons of bets. As you know, as we’re apt to do. I, you know, Hey, where I in these teams are, and these players take that information head over to wind, to Get that free $500 risk-free bet terms and conditions apply. But you know, you got to go over to win w Y and B E

Bring Vegas to you in the Palm of your hands. When big with win bet. Oh man. 58 minutes left to go ride in 33 seconds waiting for one person. All right. The draft is filled. We’re going to be doing this live. As we close things out, draft is starting in 59 seconds. I’m drafting in the seventh spot. Don’t even tell me Kramer. No, you are in there. Nine spot. None. It’s not again.

That is going to running the top half of this draft Kramer. Oh, my

Speaker 3 (5m 8s): I’ve only had a couple. I’ve really been on the back end every time. It’s

Speaker 0 (5m 12s): Hilarious. How many nine spots Kramer has been Nick Foles number former? Well, I guess he’s still currently in the league, but a great number nine, Ryan. So enjoy that nine. And in honor of Nick Foles, cock,

Speaker 4 (5m 27s): Sean, you’re out there in no man’s land at 7, 7, 7 painful. Seven’s

Speaker 0 (5m 32s): Weird, but I I’ve ended up with some Kelsey at seven I’ve ended up with some Tyreek hill at seven, and I kinda liked the taking Kelsey and round one just from simplicity. Cause then I don’t draft another tight end the entire time. And I just drafted back up tight end round 18. It kind of makes things simpler with simple systems. I like a good, simple system. McCaffrey goes one overall. We’ve that pretty, pretty common. Throughout these 24 hours of drafts, Ryan update people on the, of course we were doing a prop bedding contest, tied to Ryan’s what Ryan would be doing during the draft, his eating and drinking habits.

Give people an update on the numbers. Quick

Speaker 3 (6m 15s): Update. We’ve this is draft number 23. We’ve completed 22. I’ve consumed 11 LaCroix’s and I might’ve hit the carbonation wall. Bathroom breaks total of 13. I wouldn’t have taken more bathroom breaks than LaCroix. That was interesting. Four times I went with the draft and none of them intentional. I did not fall asleep. Very proud of that. And I have drafted 396 players to this point and yeah, let’s let’s LFG Sean. You’re on the clock. I P I had zero drafts from the seventh spot

Speaker 0 (6m 47s): All day. Tyree kill. Let’s do it. Couple. Let’s see. Couple of soon off took a Derrick Henry and the four spot and a shout out to all the awesome listeners. We still have won a free underdog best ball draft to give away. What, what should we do, Ryan? Who, who should get it?

Speaker 5 (7m 9s): You’re on the clock

Speaker 0 (7m 11s): In the, in the nine spots, something, you know, very well. Steph digs. I avoided Barkley this time. Okay. Brilliant. Okay. You’ve been taking Barkley a lot. He was on the board. It’s too easy to take. And when you’re just going to let me have them, Adam, you’re closing the first round out, you got the 12 and the quick turnaround to a round two. What are you looking to do?

Speaker 4 (7m 29s): God? I don’t know. I’m going to see what running backs are still on the board here. I’m thinking about going to running backs here. I’ve done a lot of receiver running back, but I also, yeah, I think it’s going to be an Achler Ridley draft here to get me started. I just, that I liked those guys too much to let them sit. Where are you at with him off the board? Where are

Speaker 0 (7m 48s): You at with Chubb? I’m not a huge Chubb guy, but maybe I want a Chubb.

Speaker 4 (7m 53s): I mean, I don’t, I don’t hate a Chubb, but I don’t, you know, Nick Chubb, I’m just a little out on Achler has that PPR upside, especially in the half

Speaker 0 (8m 3s): Chubb, you know? Cause it’s not, it’s not that, you know, if you’re taking a running back in the first round or early second, you want a guy who is the guy and with Kareem hunt being so good. It’s like, yeah. He’s half a Chubb. I’m not, he’s not full Chubb Kramer. You’re a second round fourth pick what are you doing? You

Speaker 3 (8m 22s): Know what? Let’s, let’s be different. A J brown. Ooh.

Speaker 0 (8m 27s): Okay. All right. Yeah, none of these. Maybe I go Aaron Jones, but Antonio Gibson, Joe makes a Nick Chubb. Not that appealing to me, honestly. I made may just go Metcalf. We’ll see what the guy in front of me living legends does. He takes Antonio Gibson. Don’t want any part of that. I probably should go Aaron Jones, but I’m going to start going receiver heavy. Gimme DK Metcalf. I see where you’re going. Yeah. And maybe all the draft, you know, you can accomplish it.

Maybe pull off the heralded, Minnesota or sorry, Seattle stack and get him in, lock it and dangerous to pair with him. Aaron Jones does go right after that cloud Edwards 11, have you guys drafted any Ryan? What’s your shares of Clyde Edwards. Hilarious. Gotta be. I’ve grabbed

Speaker 3 (9m 15s): A couple just to grab them. Cause I, I do think there is that version where he’s the guy on an anti Reed offense. That is a top five or offense. And if that’s the case, that’s a lot of points to be scored.

Speaker 0 (9m 25s): Brian, I got to commend you. Your faculty, you seem to be top notch. There’s no speaking. Yeah, no slurred speech. Now I

Speaker 3 (9m 32s): Had some moments in the middle of the night where I felt like the throat was, it was, it was like filled with sludge. Couldn’t quite get the articulations out there. I

Speaker 0 (9m 39s): Did, I did get a text. Just get honey. So,

Speaker 3 (9m 45s): And then I think I said, what about coffee this morning? The two, the two bat signals that I sent out. All right. Where are we at swinging into the third round?

Speaker 4 (9m 55s): Greg? Amanda’s pumped that we talked down Chubb because he gets Camara and Chubb on his team there at the front end of the draft.

Speaker 3 (10m 2s): It’s pretty low. Now that that’s probably the late for Chubb. I wouldn’t mind ended up with Chubb though. No,

Speaker 4 (10m 8s): He’s a huge steel. If he makes it back around to two 10, I just, I like at Claremore at the, at the turn there at the end of the first start of the second.

Speaker 3 (10m 17s): No, I’m on the clock. Once again. Sean’s not reminded

Speaker 0 (10m 22s): How are you? I, I I’m showing no, not on

Speaker 5 (10m 25s): The clock or hold on. What the fuck is going on with this thing we got to get through this hour? Just Patrick,

Speaker 0 (10m 32s): My home’s first quarterback. Crazy. He is he’s number seven on my list, man. Do I go take over? See or here I can talk to myself. Yeah, none of the, none of the running backs jumping out at me. I’m going to go Mike Evans. I don’t have much of Mike Evans. W where are you at with Mike Evans? Adam Love

Speaker 4 (10m 59s): Him all on all on board with that. I think that I think that Tampa offense is going to have them bull re our Lord. Now I’m messing up. Godwin and Evans are both going to be top 24 wide receivers this year. I’ve got both of them and Scott fishbowl. So I’m excited for that. Like having both of those guys. And if you throw Brady in there, love it in best ball formats.

Speaker 3 (11m 23s): I don’t think I’ve taken woods once on this

Speaker 0 (11m 25s): Trip. So three, nine Kramer pull Robert Woods. Nausea. Harris goes, I I’m skeptical of taking him that high. I mean, no, no nausea Harris. I see the angle on it, but the end of the third round, it seems a bit pricey for him. Hmm.

Speaker 4 (11m 43s): Yeah, no, I’m going to turn around and get Godwin here at the start of the first or the start of the end of the third start of the fourth. And now you’re going to, you’re going to

Speaker 0 (11m 53s): Well, and you can do, you can probably get a Godwin, Tonio brown Brady, a little, the trio there. I have one line up with that. And that, that feels pretty fun. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (12m 4s): And I also might at target some Leonard for an hour later. He’s had a decent pass catching role for them as well. So that could be nice or go get some crunk or, oh, OJ Howard as well.

Speaker 0 (12m 17s): Brian, do we say whoever drafts miles Sanders gets a, a free baseball entry assuming you haven’t won previously.

Speaker 3 (12m 26s): So I won’t take them, I guess, as what we’re saying. Well,

Speaker 0 (12m 28s): Actually, if you want to take them, that’s fine. We can come up with something different.

Speaker 4 (12m 31s): Ah, hell. If I knew that was the deal. No,

Speaker 3 (12m 34s): I’m going to stay in a RB zero army zero. Another guy. I have very little shares of Tyler Lockett to go with you.

Speaker 0 (12m 43s): Little shit. No, I know I wanted to do the Metcalf. You can have all the nice toy. Okay.

Speaker 3 (12m 51s): We are under 50 minutes. We were down to single digits on the

Speaker 0 (12m 55s): Living legends take smiles, Sanders. So I don’t think he has a Z in the chat. Yeah. If you’re in the check, confirm you’re in the chat and you will get a free up basketball entry. I’m going Dave Montgomery. The more I read about to-I Cohen and Nagy just saying anymore, we’re going to feed him 20 carries a game. I think there’s something to that. I think he’s going to get a ton of work and yeah. All in on David Montgomery, the more I’ve been drafted.

Speaker 3 (13m 24s): I mean, you see, I think what his name, it says it in an underdog, but you get that a, that, that 300 carry potential. Not many guys have that ceiling. And we saw the productivity, the efficiency at the end of the year. I do think, I feel like the, the Carson Mike Davis miles Sanders David Montgomery tears just off or they’re just too far down the board. All right, what’s next? I’m a, I’m at four wide receiver, zero. Everything else?

Speaker 5 (13m 55s): Diggs brown

Speaker 3 (13m 56s): Woods and lock it. I like that.

Speaker 4 (13m 58s): I jump on Josh Allen here. If he makes it to you, that’s a stretch. It’s a ways for him to go. But if he’s there, I jump all over that with digs.

Speaker 3 (14m 7s): I actually I’m thinking with the zero RB, I’m just going to keep last time. What screwed it up was the re the going for that. The early quarterback. I think I’m going to wait. I have the, maybe you’re right. If Allen’s there, I have to at least entertain it. I, I a don’t think he’s going to be there. B I don’t think, I think I want to go a different direction because I have some cheaper stacks. I have a number of stacks, honestly, that I can play here. Anything from Russell Wilson and Maddie staffer to Ryan Tannehill. So having all these premium pass catchers, it does give you that nicer flexibility around it.

You don’t have to end up with the garbage stacks like I’ve been doing all night.

Speaker 0 (14m 45s): Craig, a man requesting some Odell boat trip music,

Speaker 3 (14m 50s): Baker boat. Last, last round, Chris Carson in the fifth round is a steel is a steel goddammit it’s. It’s like they know who we liked, Sean.

Speaker 0 (15m 3s): Yeah. I don’t know. How are they getting this information on? Who he like Robby Anderson goes, Jess Jacobs, Mike Davis, all the, all the hint. Come on guys. Kyler Murray goes, alright. Oops. I’m on the clock. That was one

Speaker 4 (15m 18s): Hell of an SGP and all greatest hits there.

Speaker 0 (15m 23s): And I got to take Javante Williams ran. Sorry. Well that’s all right. I’m already zero and living legends. We haven’t heard from you. And maybe he was just a random that slipped in that is also drafting. So we don’t hear from living legends in a couple of minutes, we’re going to, we’re going to come up with a new, a way to

Speaker 3 (15m 41s): You’re telling me I got to stack Josh Allen with Stefan Diggs fifth round. Oh, wow. Let’s go. All right. How many Cal pits chairs. Yeah, not a lot. I took a couple though. Yeah, I don’t, I don’t have any, you know, what also makes it tougher for me is that stack is gross because you end up with Matt Ryan. It’s the same with Ridley. I do have a really pits Ryan team. That that could be fun, but that was the problem to me. Like you end up ah, dammit. Or there he goes.

I lay was just, I

Speaker 4 (16m 12s): Was just thinking about that. I was like, you know, I could mess around with that stack a little bit. Tighten slipping off the board here. Damn God, shit. What am I going to do? God,

Speaker 3 (16m 28s): Basically in a real way. Yeah, I did.

Speaker 4 (16m 30s): I was, oh, I got back to backs here. Right? Nevermind. Not even a thought, then go eat in the lane. Oh wow.

Speaker 3 (16m 36s): I have zero shares of that guy. That’s for sure. ETN, I’ve grabbed a couple Claypool shares, but ETA and I have nothing on, so I probably need to find a way to get him on the roster a little bit

Speaker 0 (16m 49s): Lamar off the board. It’s quarterbacks, you know, getting, getting quarterback action. Greg, a man saying dude, Deshaun Watson as the giveaway. All right. Oh

Speaker 4 (17m 0s): Yeah guys. No, no, God let’s have some, well, you know, no work degenerates, but God that’s that, that feels wrong.

Speaker 0 (17m 10s): Drafting your shoulder Watson. He’s going to pull on

Speaker 3 (17m 12s): The clock again. No love given to me. Oh boy. It’s round six. I need, I need a, I need a guy. I think I can be a guy. Tracy Berman. Okay. I got some decisions here.

Speaker 0 (17m 32s): Is there a number of guys sitting right in my wheel house? You know, I, I feel like I drafted a ton of him early, but haven’t gotten much late. Give me Deontay Johnson guy just consistently catches a bunch of passes. I don’t see how that’s gonna change coming up. This season. You’re high on them,

Speaker 4 (17m 52s): Right? It’s half point. So you get plenty opportunities there. 45

Speaker 0 (17m 57s): Minutes, Ryan breaking news, 45 minutes. Hello.

Speaker 5 (18m 3s): You know,

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It’s a little update. Mike Williams. God Herbert Chennault, Mark Andrews, Devante Smith, Tyler, Boyd, Dakota, rain, Prescott Kramer. You’re not coming up. It’s a real negative Evie pick right there. We were getting some negative Evie comments for avoiding of the Dallas Cowboys. They’re their ADP has got to be shook. Now that now that we’ve been plowing through the a underdog system, they still

Speaker 3 (19m 39s): Managed to go in the third round. The receivers. I don’t, I don’t understand

Speaker 0 (19m 43s): Kareem hunt. He goes, now I got, I got two running backs and David Montgomery and Travon Tate Williams. I can kind of go best player available here. Although do I do I go quarterback? Oh, Russell Wilson just went. Munaf sniped him. You wouldn’t have mind one mind, a little, a little danger Russ there letting him cook.

Speaker 4 (20m 8s): It seems like moon offs. Just out here to ruin everybody else’s stacks. Like he’s not in this for any other reason, other than just ruin everybody. Else’s drafts.

Speaker 3 (20m 17s): Take your toys and go home.

Speaker 4 (20m 19s): That was basically, I mean, what do you expect from someone from Houston? Okay, here we go. I love this random Houston, Houston, Buffalo rivalry make the pick day and Juju. You don’t like that.

Speaker 3 (20m 41s): I’m low on Pittsburgh, but you know, maybe big Ben’s makes it the year. That’s a PPR play bunch of catch opportunities. I feel you.

Speaker 4 (20m 53s): Kramer’s on, Kramer’s on the clock now. Yeah. Appreciate

Speaker 3 (20m 56s): That. Adam someone’s cared for. Yeah. Let’s let’s grab another share.

Speaker 0 (21m 2s): Living legends took Jalen hurts with miles Sanders. I’m not supposed to be some random Eagles fan I’m

Speaker 3 (21m 9s): P I’m plucking Curtis. Samuel. Let’s go.

Speaker 4 (21m 13s): And you knew I was looking at him. I like him.

Speaker 3 (21m 16s): Yeah. More shares of them. I do. I do think I’m a little light on him.

Speaker 4 (21m 23s): Samuel is my is tied for my second, most exposure right now with Stefan Diggs.

Speaker 3 (21m 27s): Right. And I really was looking at gas and you’ve been talking to me about a lot about, he might be a good second, second running back. Now we’re going to wait. All right. Okay.

Speaker 0 (21m 43s): Chase Edmonds goes, ah, I don’t really want much chase Edmonds. Gotta be honest.

Speaker 5 (21m 48s): We’re going to do that. Ooh,

Speaker 0 (21m 49s): Adam taking Joe burrow, AKA Stokey Joe. Joey. Oh my

Speaker 1 (21m 57s): God.

Speaker 4 (21m 58s): I’ve done it twice. Now. I feel dirty. I need to shower after this. That just feels bad, but I’m all in on God, man. Right? It really is. But that gives me, that gives me those stacks and I’m getting a little tired of waiting on the stacks. So going out and get in the guys early.

Speaker 0 (22m 17s): Oh, Antonio brown goes, I was going to draft. I was looking to take Antonio brown, but you, you took Brady now. Antonio Brown’s gone pointless. Yeah. And be like Kramer and just not care about quarterback buyer.

Speaker 3 (22m 33s): I mean, at some point you have to stop caring about quarterback. Really? Munaf

Speaker 0 (22m 38s): We’re living in a post QB world

Speaker 3 (22m 40s): And QB zeroes, all the, all the rave, all the kids are doing it these days, the buck needs it. I will say, I do think the super flex has been made for the, a attention span lists, millennials. It’s just I’m I’m I’m I think I’m gonna start planting my flag. I don’t mind super flex. I feel like I’m a little old for it though. I dunno if I like it. Like back when I was a kid, now the quarterback only played in the quarterback position. All right. This flex nonsense. It doesn’t make any sense.

Yeah. And you know

Speaker 4 (23m 11s): What else? A catch a catch for negative one yards was still zero points. That’s fine. The way he was meant to be played.

Speaker 3 (23m 20s): Yeah. If we got rid of Superflex and also got rid of PPR. I know I like PPR too much.

Speaker 4 (23m 27s): I think the world would be a better place. It’s right up there. You know, if crash Davis gave a speech today, he’d say there should be a constitutional amendment. Outlawing Superflex and PPR.

Speaker 3 (23m 38s): I think so. I think so. All right. How many pics do I have to sweat? Okay. Oh, money pics. Do I have to sweat

Speaker 4 (23m 56s): Enough? Who you looking at? You’re going to put it out there. Who you gonna keep it close to the vest so that when nobody Snipes yet,

Speaker 3 (24m 2s): I mean, I’ve been drafted for 24 straight hours at this point. If you don’t know who the fuck I’m drafting, you’re not paying attention.

Speaker 4 (24m 9s): Yeah. He’s not making it there. He’s not making I picked before me. I don’t. I pick after you. And I don’t think there’s a way he makes it to you. And you know how many picks is that? Six picks Jalen waddle. Yeah. I’m a big wall. Waddle. Waddle. How the hell is? Oh God, Jesus. Yeah, there he goes, Greg

Speaker 0 (24m 30s): Again then takes Devontae Parker. Right? How is

Speaker 4 (24m 35s): Jalen waddles ADP higher than Devontae Parker? What are we doing? Folks like will fuller and waddle above. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (24m 44s): It doesn’t make any sense. Cheese can get Parker after those guys. Like when I started before this, this may have started, I was drafting Parker consistently after wattle and fuller. And it just, it, it there’s a couple of situations like that. That just don’t make sense to me. Sean. You were on the clock. Yep. That’s a wing man right there. Thanks. That’s a wing man. Right? Seven minutes and counting. Holy shit. He says folks sharp was our one. There are no camera tricks here. I am. I am this beautiful.

Thank you. I’d like to thank myself for making it through the wee hours of the night with only the help of the chat. Shout out to the chat. Shout out to Tarell for getting up at like five in the morning. I guess it was probably eight in the morning, his time seven in the morning. But that was very helpful. Sean got me. Lots of caffeine, some food that was helpful. What else? Who else do I have to think? Do you think Adam, thanks though. Adam, Adam carried a lot of weight talking to people, given the voice arrest.

It is my turn to pick. I am going to get lock up my second stack with a Higbee woods, Maddie Stafford to go with a Josh Allen Steph digs. I like where I’m sitting on the stacks. I still only have one running back. Sean might be time to hop off the zero RB strategy and start taking some built. Pretty good about all the other positions. So we’ll see how this one shakes out.

Speaker 0 (26m 12s): I have two running backs, seven receivers.

Speaker 4 (26m 16s): God screw it. All right, we’re going to do this. We’re going to get a little weird here. We’re just going to go Tampa running back here and turn

Speaker 0 (26m 23s): Right. I’ve seen a couple of people do that. All right. I think I saw NC Nick do it. It’s late enough to where it’s not horrible. Yeah. I mean, and that,

Speaker 4 (26m 31s): That should round out my running pitch pretty well. I might take, you know, I’ve got all the sudden Terico in his shot up to my most exposed player after the last four drafts. Oh, Aaron Rogers

Speaker 0 (26m 44s): Goes, I was, maybe it got cute waiting too long on him. Problem.

Speaker 3 (26m 50s): Give me some tightened up. I love Logan Thomas this year too. I’ll wait on running back.

Speaker 4 (27m 4s): Okay. We don’t run you back too long though. No, this is where this is where you got to go heavy on it. And there’s some good guys there. Michael Carter’s nice. James Connor might have some upside, especially

Speaker 3 (27m 14s): Tell me about Michael Carter. Why are we so excited about him over like Ty Johnson or

Speaker 4 (27m 19s): I’m actually more excited about Ty Johnson, but I think Michael Carter has a higher, a higher floor. Really? I think it’s going to be Michael Carter and Ty Johnson in that backfield Tevin Coleman feels like he’s just there to be a camp body and the veteran to make sure everybody learns the playbook. Okay. Paul asking about double-tap in the Tampa RBS though, Paul, especially in basketball, you’ve got two guys who basically alternate, who has a good week.

Quite often. One of them is in the top 15 for running backs. I think it was almost every week. Last year at Tampa back was in the top 15. So if I just double-tap them, I lock it down. I got them both. Leonard Fournette also brings a bunch of past catching value. So there might be weeks where both of them end up in my starting lineup. They both could find the end zone. And with Tom Brady, that just gives me that, you know, that investment in that Tampa or offense. That really again makes me feel dirty as a bills fan, being that in on Tom Brady. But again, I consider Tom Brady,

Speaker 1 (28m 22s): Very

Speaker 4 (28m 24s): Tom Brady is very different from Tom Brady and I’m all in on Tampa Brady. So

Speaker 3 (28m 30s): Yeah, I think this late, it’s not the worst move. I do think you probably need to go five running backs though now.

Speaker 4 (28m 36s): Yeah, I think so. And there’s a bunch of guys. I really like at the past catching running backs who have floated in late, you know, guys like Jamal Williams, I could probably also snipe some Phillip Lindsay, if I wanted to, you know, maybe push it a little further. Phillip Lindsay feels like the guy who’s going to emerge as the guy in Houston. So you’re getting him ADP at one 90 right now. So he’s basically free that situation’s a mess. It is, but you know, ball don’t lie at the end of the day and tie rod Taylor helps running backs.

So, oh, what,

Speaker 0 (29m 10s): What son of a bitch took Kenyon? Dre, Greg amend <inaudible> and now a Munaf taken Jalen rager

Speaker 4 (29m 21s): Again, moon off, just turn and heel on us here in the drafts world. Usually that’s my responsibility around the podcast.

Speaker 0 (29m 30s): Henry rugs goes, all right. So I, I need, I need to get some more running back activity gun dude. Now I only have to wear your

Speaker 3 (29m 39s): Tight ends. Looking, looking pretty tight end floor. The tight end cliff is happening. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (29m 44s): I’ve missed the, I missed the tight end angle. All right.

Speaker 3 (29m 49s): Running backs. I like

Speaker 5 (29m 51s): Falling off the board mean to me. All right.

Speaker 3 (29m 56s): So I don’t have any shares of Michael Carter and this is the furthest I’ve seen him slip. So I’m going to grab him right now. I need a running back who has upside. We know, I don’t think we know much about what this is going to be other than he was the second best running back in his college team so that, you know, see how that works. All right, Adam, you’re almost up for a back-to-back or oh wow. It’s magic goes early.

Speaker 0 (30m 26s): No, Adam was probably, well, Adam, you already have two quarterback.

Speaker 4 (30m 29s): I got two quarterbacks. I’ve got a third queued up and it’s not him. All right.

Speaker 3 (30m 34s): And you’re up easily right before Adam. I’m sure it wasn’t going to take him. No,

Speaker 4 (30m 39s): No, no. It wasn’t looking at Beasley. I’m starting to fade him a little bit this year at his ADP, especially in non PPR, but we’re going to take another share of Melvin Gordon and then we’re going to lock down our third and final QB with Matt Ryan looking at locking down some Atlanta stack here, really going in on that one. Matty ice baby

Speaker 3 (31m 0s): Man. I, I was planning on potentially taking Fitz magic a little later. I’ve Samuel and Logan Thomas. That could be a fun, bold little stack there. Oh. And AIG, Dylan goes, he was top of my board.

Speaker 4 (31m 14s): Now guys, Eric wants to know what, what the chances are. Rugs emerges as the wide receiver as the one in Las Vegas. I don’t know if he’s talking about number one, pass catcher or wide receiver one. What are y’all thoughts on that? I mean,

Speaker 0 (31m 27s): It seems like Waller is the number one, but so the, the idea of rugs being the number one pretty slim, but you know, Waller gets hurt. I think rugs gets a ton of work. I mean, he also had a couple of massive games and you know, second year receiver. It’s not crazy to think he’s going to get a little bump as far as just how it looks. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (31m 49s): Yeah. I mean, he’s got, you know, he had 43 targets last year and he was in and out of the lineup, banged up at times, did have two big, long touchdowns, you know, 118 yard game and an 84 yard game. But at the end of the day, they did have the 82 targets of Nelson Aguilar go out the door. And I don’t think they want to throw the ball dizzy Jones 20 times again. So there’s plenty of targets there. The question is what role does John Brown play? I could definitely see John Brown cutting into hunter Renfro a little bit more than he cuts into Henry rugs.

His work,

Speaker 0 (32m 23s): John Brown could be the number one receiver right there. There’s a world where that happens.

Speaker 4 (32m 28s): I think John Brown is the safe play right now. Henry rugs is the upside play. If he takes that step forward and he’s healthy all year and he’s developed that and he’s not. And he’s that. And he’s that he can emerge from beyond just that deep shot role. And he can have 9,500 targets if he can work more the route tree than just the deep ball. Eric did clarify top wide receiver option. So I think we’re all in agreement. John Brown is the safer play to be the wide receiver one, but Henry rugs has the higher ceiling.

Ryan, can you scroll down the board? And I apologize

Speaker 0 (33m 2s): How many this is draft 22, 23, 23. You’re sure about that. Yeah. You mean, am I sure about it? Do I look like a guy who fucks around?

Speaker 3 (33m 16s): I’m not one of these lazy sleepers. Okay. All night. Everyone slept not me. Nope.

Speaker 0 (33m 24s): Grinding here in the lab. Kirk cousins goes, there was a chance. Maybe I would take a shot on him, but I don’t know. I don’t know what I do at quarterback. I’m really considering drafting big Ben again. No, no. Oh, I got, I got Deontay and Juju. It’s it’s

Speaker 3 (33m 40s): Not a, it’s not a healthy place when you’re relying on that though. Right now, maybe I’ll do

Speaker 0 (33m 46s): You know, do like a three quarterback thing. Cause I only got Justin Fields right now. Need a little stability at the quarterback position. How much

Speaker 3 (33m 53s): Did they pay Emmanuel Sanders, Adam?

Speaker 4 (33m 56s): I don’t think they paid him much. Let me find that for you.

Speaker 0 (34m 11s): All right. Took Tre Kwan Smith. I know, I know people. I know the hate against trick wants Smith and he’s been disappointed every year, but he’s kind of a fun late stack with a Jamis.

Speaker 3 (34m 22s): That’s up more ramps. Ben Jefferson enter the team

Speaker 4 (34m 27s): Kramer to answer your question. They paid him. He’s got 2.8 in base salary. 1.3 and a signing bonus, dead cap number 5.9. So he’s got 5.9 on the books this year and it’s a one year $6 million deal. So he ain’t going nowhere. He probably not. No officially

Speaker 0 (34m 46s): Less than 30 minutes to go on the clock. Who’s got

Speaker 3 (34m 50s): More dead money. Cole, Beasley or Emmanuel Sanders.

Speaker 4 (34m 54s): Sanders has a higher percentage. I know Cole Beasley. The problem is, is he doesn’t is he? Yeah, I know his bed cap is equal to what his salary would be. What his salary would be

Speaker 3 (35m 11s): That maybe they don’t want him around the team though.

Speaker 0 (35m 14s): Ooh, Sammy Watkins. All right. Quintessential,

Speaker 4 (35m 18s): Quintessential guy there. Oh God. What are we going to do with this other one? God, I hate this tier of receivers. I forgot how much I hated this tier shit. This was why I was waiting or waiting on quarterbacks. God will do that. That’s ugly. And I hate it. But terrorists Marshall Jr. Nah, I

Speaker 3 (35m 38s): Think they brought him in for very specific reason. And I that dude, that dude could ball a little bit. So I don’t mind that. I really don’t mind that pig. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (35m 48s): Cole Beasley’s dead cap this year. His dead actually I lied. His dead cap is bigger than I thought it is. That cap is smaller than, than I thought it would be. It’s 2 million this year, one and a half next year. Cole Beasley could be on the block. Actually. I thought that number was higher. He could be in trouble.

Speaker 0 (36m 5s): Do you think they’re, are they really annoyed at him with this noise? It’s just stupid

Speaker 3 (36m 11s): Noise. You know, it’s, it’s unnecessary. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (36m 14s): It’s not a Bill’s move right now. It’s not a, you know, process kind of thing. It’s not a circle, a wagon move. It’s not, it’s not a team first move. It’s a, I’m going to be a Dick kind of move. And that is if they have a manual Emmanuel Sanders in the fall makes Cole Beasley very expendable, especially with Isaiah McKenzie too. I thought that I thought his dad cap number was higher than that. Cole Beasley could be in a lot of trouble. I mean also, yeah. NFL

Speaker 3 (36m 41s): Teams also have a way of finding, finding a way to get rid of you. You violated some rule, you violated something. I think if the bills don’t want Cole Beasley around and if they’re really a culture team, like yeah, those, those types of like go, go send them back to the Cowboys. That’s where he belongs. I mean, it makes a lot of sense, right? Like that’s the kind of people, the Cowboys draft, which is why our positive Evie strategy of avoiding Cowboys typically pays off. And then the other thing, go ahead.

Speaker 4 (37m 7s): The other thing with that is, is Brandon being in Sean McDermott and are both on record as wanting to get to the level where they can take away restrictions for the entire team, which is that 85% vaccination threshold. And they have been adamant that that’s a huge competitive advantage. Yeah. So they’re going to make some fringe moves to make sure they can get closer to that number because they view that as just a huge, huge advantage.

Speaker 3 (37m 31s): I see that as a huge, huge advantage as well. We all

Speaker 4 (37m 35s): Know it’s an advantage. So

Speaker 3 (37m 37s): I, I just think like, yeah, just, it’s such a strange thing to like, you know, again, it’s, it’s like, it just seems like the same reason why Teebo, isn’t going to be around the same reason that Capra ended up not being around is that the NFL teams don’t like distractions, NFL coaches. Don’t like distractions. When do we talk about the next game? What did we not talk about? Anything else? It’s all about the next game. So

Speaker 0 (38m 1s): This Craig amend Jamis, Winston Ryan. He took Jamis. Winston, why would I draft Trey Kwan Smith? If I couldn’t have Jamis Swinston, it’s like, they don’t understand the rules of the game. Come on.

Speaker 4 (38m 13s): And to put them out, he’s out here just destroying

Speaker 0 (38m 16s): My field’s commit stack, which I thought, I mean, I had to, I had to take him early. I mean, Cole command is another guy we should see what is ADP. It was pre and post past couple of days. And

Speaker 4 (38m 28s): He’s gone. You’re the one with the connects over at underdog, right? Yeah. I’ll talk to him. Yeah, let’s

Speaker 3 (38m 33s): Get that. I need a Delta with that to one day Delta, please.

Speaker 4 (38m 39s): I just want to see how much we moved to everybody. Like just give us the ADP’s for everybody yesterday. And today we just want to know who we moved up and down how we cratered Dak Prescott’s ADP has and the Cowboys receivers. Oh man. I’m sure we took a Mari Cooper down at least two rounds. You know what

Speaker 3 (39m 3s): I like Phillip Lindsay too. Let’s go. I need a forthright.

Speaker 4 (39m 7s): Just murdered me Zachias and Lindsay dammit. Shawn. Oh, you can’t get him if Shawn’s drafting with you at 15 seven. That’s so early. God, I thought he was going to be there.

Speaker 0 (39m 21s): I know. I know. Step, step one. Know your draft.

Speaker 4 (39m 26s): Okay. Right. There we go. We’re taking Gronk here. God, I am in on this Tampa on offense and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Go in that heavy, but complete the stack stacks on stacks. Oh God. What am I going to do here for fragile spoilers? I do not like going on in, on the quarterbacks that early. I’m never doing that again. This is awful.

Speaker 3 (39m 53s): I’m telling you. I, I like, I don’t mind trash quarterbacks. I don’t know.

Speaker 4 (39m 60s): Oh, you got auto drafted. Hello? I get, oh God, that is not all. I was going to compliment you on that. But he was going to be there later. That’s the thing he was going to be there a lot later for me.

Speaker 3 (40m 14s): Maybe I he’s definitely coming off the board as a guy that people feel is, is a potential league. Winner of mixing gets hurt again. So I will say like P Ryan is a guy that, you know, you should put in your brain when you go to draft with your buddies and it’s a deeper draft. Like that’s a gut. Oh shit. I’m on the clock. All right, hold please.

Speaker 5 (40m 37s): Boom.

Speaker 3 (40m 38s): We’re just all in baby. Let’s go

Speaker 0 (40m 40s): To Sean Jackson. Stafford’s

Speaker 3 (40m 43s): All the Stafford’s targets, but cup are on my team.

Speaker 4 (40m 50s): Yeah. And the question is, is just Ken, you know, Ken P Ryan have any sort of role, if no, makes him doesn’t go out. I mean, and that’s the thing is there is some, there’s some running back targets to be had. There’s not a lot, but there’s a few. He might pick that up and so long as he can hold off the young guys behind him, you know, because they do have some other backs that they like that they’ve gone out and gotten in the past. You know, they’ve got Trayvon Williams, Chris Evans, shock Patrick or Jaquis.

Patrick, who I think is criminally low on the depth chart right now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him rise up to the third back by the time camps, by the time camp broke, but they also drafted Pooka Williams. So

Speaker 0 (41m 33s): I took, just took Kenny gain. Well, rounding out, ran out my fifth running back, but I realized I only have one quarterback and one tight end. The quarterback I have is Justin Fields. So I need to get someone who’s going to definitely start. Sounds

Speaker 4 (41m 46s): Like you’re in the market for some Zach Wilson.

Speaker 3 (41m 49s): I would say we got us. Arnold Wilson, big Ben, did

Speaker 4 (41m 52s): You get you a Zach Wilson Keelan. Kohlstadt going on there? It’s set at sleep 17, 18. The ultimate.

Speaker 3 (41m 59s): I can do that. Bottom barrel stack 1718 stack.

Speaker 4 (42m 3s): Watch this be the lineup that Sean wins. The BBM with just Zach Wilson is QB 15 and Caitlin Cole at, you know, Cubans is like a wide receiver to

Speaker 3 (42m 19s): Feeling cold is coming on the podcast. If that’s the case,

Speaker 4 (42m 22s): God, I will, I will keep trying to hammer that. You know, I’ll try to see if I can hammer my connection there. They chose football coaches at KWC. So that, that ruined that connection a little bit.

Speaker 3 (42m 36s): All right, let’s see here. We’re almost 20 minutes to go. I think we’re going to finish the draft ahead. Perfect. We can ramp down and style.

Speaker 0 (42m 45s): Yes, of course. Thank you guys for tuning in. Thank you all for the draft day. Support underdog,, promo code S G P N for your free entry into the best ball mania

Speaker 3 (42m 59s): To I’m really starting to cramp up forearms back.

Speaker 0 (43m 4s): We need to give out a one more. I feel like I’ve seen this guy a number of times, B S WIS, M B B Swiss 8 1 3. If you’re in the chat, hit us up. Yeah, let’s go

Speaker 3 (43m 19s): Give me some music. Come on. Let’s let’s let’s bring it up to close it out. Well, Munaf

Speaker 6 (43m 25s): Was going to say, he’s going to let me take Zach Wilson.

Speaker 0 (43m 28s): I appreciate the offer, but I’m going. I’m going big. Ben.

Speaker 2 (43m 34s): Let’s go. Oh, that’s an awful decision.

Speaker 6 (43m 39s): That’s bad. He’s a good looking guy. I got, I got, I got Deontay and Juju. What do you hear that? That’s the sound of Isaiah McKenzie entering my team. I am all Kramer. Oh, let’s go.

Speaker 2 (43m 56s): Shane Kenyon is the Swiss eight, 13. He is in the, he is watching. Y’all sweet. You’re in

Speaker 6 (44m 10s): Congrats. Shane. Let’s go, baby.

Speaker 2 (44m 15s): We’re going heavy on the tight ends late here. I never thought I’d do that. Hey, nurse drew sample Hayden, hers, true sample rounding out some stacks. They’re wrapping it up just slightly on suckiest, which just absolutely gone. But that gives me enough there. This is biggest running back team though. I’ve got six backs right now. I don’t know what I did there, but God

Speaker 6 (44m 41s): Can I go Eric E Bron or pat fryer. Fryer. Massive upside. How do you not have a FERC stern fryer, moon camo. All right. I don’t love my running backs. They’re really gross. I want to add another bullet. So I already have nine receivers. Give me the first guy auto drafted. Let’s bring it home. Full circle. Salvin Achmed 18. Again, there could be an opportunity there. I needed a little bit of depth, five running backs.

I love this. This is the team Shawn. I got a Josh Allen mega stack. I got a Maddie Stafford mega stack. I have a J brown. I have Trey sermon, all the hits. Let’s Tyler log into. Are you kidding me, Curtis. Samuel. How did they all fit under the salary cap? Oh my God. My voice is cracked a little

Speaker 3 (45m 31s): Bit. I apologize that wasn’t very fresh. 24 hours in, is it hard to talk for 24 hours straight as a professional radio man? Are you talking to me? Yeah. I’m I’m just, I’m reaffirming. How great. I would say

Speaker 0 (45m 44s): It’s a great achievement rod. Would you say

Speaker 3 (45m 46s): It’s better than winning $200,000 right up there,

Speaker 0 (45m 49s): Right up there. Say it’s right up there with the Millie maker. Unfortunately though, we’re going to have the, the draft will basically, the draft is going to end prior to the time Ryan. So we’ll we’ll have probably not enough time or maybe we can try to do a three man.

Speaker 4 (46m 6s): Yeah. Let’s try to bang one out guys. Yeah. Alright. They go really quick.

Speaker 0 (46m 11s): Okay. Well let’s do it. You are the hashtag crane. God hashtag draft day show some love on the social media with the hashtag track day at gambling podcast. If you had fun and I don’t know how you didn’t have fun. I enjoyed myself. This has been awesome. Kramer. Did you have fun? That’s really? What did I

Speaker 3 (46m 30s): Have fun? Of course I had fun. I’m definitely a little tired. I didn’t really factor in some of the mechanical elements of like, not moving just a little things. The body aches. I was very recently on a river rafting trip and I completely got crushed by a rock and I have this giant purple like bruise thing on my back, but I’m here. I made it playing through the pain. First of all, anyone who handles them mgs from time to time, I went through the whole way. So I don’t want to hear God damn excuse about being tired.

You know what? Here’s a lesson to you. Someone tries to tell you a potheads, lazy, go

Speaker 5 (47m 9s): Fuck yourself. Let’s go. All right.

Speaker 3 (47m 11s): Three men. I mean 24 hours of intense blue light. Are you kidding me?

Speaker 4 (47m 16s): Three man. Weave here. All right,

Speaker 3 (47m 17s): I’ll be in this. I think I can do a private one. Let me see if I can do that.

Speaker 5 (47m 24s): Let’s see here. Cause I think there’s a way to go like this. Create price.

Speaker 0 (47m 34s): Let’s go. So we’re going to do a three man weave here to close things out. Adam Pelletier fantasy football’s are done of Bill’s mafia, myself, Sean, second money. Green of course Ryan real money Kramer. There are only 15 minutes on the clock.

Speaker 3 (47m 54s): We’re getting the link put out. Where are you sending link? Ryan? I had a clue. Well, you’re not in this chat with me. So I’m going to, I’m going to text it to you, Sean. Fine by me. All right.

Speaker 4 (48m 9s): There we go guys. I’m just hoping I cashed in on some of this. I did. I was not expecting this much action. When I started today, when I started it looks like we’re waiting on one person. Okay? Yeah, I’m in, we’re waiting on Sean.

Speaker 0 (48m 24s): All right. I’m loading, loading in here. All right. I’m in. Yes, let’s go. So why don’t you move on, right? I need

Speaker 4 (48m 33s): A 32nd like bumper on strategy here for this. I haven’t done it yet. Well, I, I

Speaker 3 (48m 41s): Freestyled it earlier and what I came up with is that I, I, again, this is just like, this is not a tournament. So this is just us three, banging our heads for and letting the underdog take the VIG. But I believe the strategy is you want to get as much of the top shelf. So in my mind, I think Kelsey becomes the top guy. I’ll reveal my strategy too. I think a guy like Kelsey becomes the top guy because maybe you don’t care which running backs you get. And I think you favor pass catchers. The running backs, the running backs will fall. I don’t know though.

You’re you’re going to see the team is going to be so stacked. It’s fun. It’s a fun way to

Speaker 0 (49m 16s): Adam is number one. I’m two you’re three. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (49m 18s): So I mean, I picked two in a row. Adam picks two in a row. You’re in the middle. You don’t have to wait a lot for this pick these picks. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we finished before the 13 minutes really is up. We’ll see.

Speaker 0 (49m 31s): 13 minutes, 44 seconds left to go. Before we reach the amazing 24 hours of live streaming

Speaker 4 (49m 40s): Talk, this tight end thing. But I can’t, I can’t sit at the one, one and let, let a running back go. I’m going to let y’all jump all over him. Oh, I’m all over Kramer shed. Did you give me love Kelsey?

Speaker 3 (49m 55s): Yeah. And I I’m actually gonna, I’m gonna unsurprisingly fire on, on my two favorite pass catchers. Because again, I think, well, you guys are fucking maniacs. Give me Christian McCaffrey.

Speaker 4 (50m 11s): I was, I was hoping Sean would pass on Waller here and I could fire that one up Kelsey and Waller.

Speaker 0 (50m 16s): Yeah, you guys are fucked

Speaker 4 (50m 18s): At nah, forget this. This is what we’re doing here. We’re just going to do this. We’re going to get weird here. We’re going to get weird. I’m going to go. I’m going to go to the top three running backs right now.

Speaker 0 (50m 29s): Cook Kelsey Ridley digs wall or McCaffrey kumara. I’m not I’m on the clock. I got to get me. It’s

Speaker 4 (50m 36s): So weird. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (50m 39s): I went Derrick Henry. This is dangerous.

Speaker 3 (50m 42s): A dangerous crack territory. Ah, God, this is weird.

Speaker 0 (50m 51s): Josh Allen off the port and then large action. Jesus. Yeah. Give me Patrick moms. You got the stack? Yeah.

Speaker 3 (51m 7s): In the first one I did. I had Kelsey digs, Alan and Mo Deandre

Speaker 0 (51m 12s): Hopkins goes to Kyler Murray.

Speaker 4 (51m 15s): I’m just going to lock that down. God. I

Speaker 3 (51m 17s): Think that’s what you need to do. Stacks on stacks. Just

Speaker 4 (51m 20s): Stacks on stacks on stacks guys. God.

Speaker 0 (51m 24s): All right. You guys are in trouble. Cause I got my home’s Kelsey

Speaker 3 (51m 30s): And now I’m going to come back with my Kramer.

Speaker 4 (51m 34s): Can you throw the board up or no? There, the guys are wondering if we are the viewers. I thought I had it up. I’m sorry. Hold on Austin. Eckler and Barkley go.

Speaker 3 (51m 43s): My third and fourth ranked running back. Yeah. I’ll take them there. Devontae Adams. I just took, you could see how this is a dangerous way to play fantasy because your team is awesome every time. Yeah. How could you not

Speaker 0 (51m 60s): Be super excited about your team? DK. Metcalf goes, yeah.

Speaker 4 (52m 3s): You know what’s coming next. Just stacks. Yeah. I mean you might as well just,

Speaker 3 (52m 11s): Oh and so this worked out perfectly. Cause now I get my, my seventh ranked running back in Mr. Kim acres, and then I’m gonna, I’m gonna complete a little, what am I doing here? I’m going to complete the, a long lost art of a stacking Lamar Jackson to Mark Andrews. Not quite as a lead at the tight end position as you guys, but I got no tight ends right now. So I don’t know.

Sean Waller and Kelsey and Kelsey, I haven’t touched a tight end yet.

Speaker 4 (52m 52s): This is going to happen. I can’t believe I’m about to do this. God, this is just getting weird. Yeah. Isn’t this fun. This is super weird.

Speaker 0 (53m 2s): Adam took Kyle pits. I took Justin Jefferson.

Speaker 4 (53m 7s): I’m trying to take Keenan Allen now. God. Oh God. No, I don’t want to go home. I want to do another one now. Jesus. Yeah. I mean the,

Speaker 3 (53m 18s): The amount of opportunity you have. I mean the,

Speaker 4 (53m 21s): I was wondering why everybody was doing these and I see it now.

Speaker 3 (53m 26s): It’s a, it’s very diabolical. I, I think we’re, we’re starting to get to that point where the wide receivers are going a little less impressive, but I still got my guy island Robinson and I think I wrap up the running back room. Jonathan Taylor, just a little bit too much value right here. I’m going to sneak him over Aaron Jones. But for running backs, I should be done there. God.

Yeah. I just go receiver and running back like

Speaker 0 (54m 1s): Quarterback and tight ends are done. I got Patrick my homes and Hertz. And then I got Tyrique Devante. AIJ Brad. Cheston Jefferson, Michael Thomas, Kelsey

Speaker 4 (54m 10s): Wallets. I just finished the stack God all in on that LA stack. Wasn’t planning that.

Speaker 3 (54m 19s): Yeah, it does place a premium on the, the top stock options, right? Like the premium stack quarterbacks. Cause you don’t really want to end up with a non-premium stack.

Speaker 4 (54m 32s): Dan bear cats asking wouldn’t you just deny stacks and try to screw everybody else over. I was thinking about that for a second. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (54m 40s): I’m not high in Clyde Edwards Hilaire, but there’s just something funny about having the entire chiefs off.

Speaker 4 (54m 46s): Just playing the chiefs. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (54m 48s): Then I’m going to play the chiefs this way.

Speaker 0 (54m 52s): Anytime the chiefs score a touchdown, you guys are in trouble. Just remember that.

Speaker 3 (54m 59s): Yeah. I mean you start thinking a little bit at this point in the draft, but nah, not really. I mean the piles of past catchers are just, yeah. I mean, Adam’s got the nice Russell Wilson stagnant the

Speaker 4 (55m 9s): Seattle stack now just all in on that. I know. And I didn’t put Matt Ryan with Kyle pets, but that just seemed too weird for me going and getting Matt Ryan in this format.

Speaker 3 (55m 25s): Oh, just load up some more run a wide receivers. Take both Tampa guys.

Speaker 0 (55m 30s): Yeah. I don’t even like some of these running backs. I’m drafting like Nick Chubb and, and Joe Mixon, but they’re just they’re so, I mean, what am I, I’m not going to get cute. Not trap these guys. I mean, you can see

Speaker 3 (55m 41s): How the angle is. Definitely. I definitely think you go a leap pass catcher to start these things. Kramer. You got to scroll down the board there. No, my bad

Speaker 4 (55m 50s): Slacking. A little bit in your job, you know, just a, just a little bit 11 minutes left Ryan DJ more and tee Higgins now. All right. Two. I need another running back. Shit. I don’t even know wheelie Zeke. You’ll Elliot be drafted. That’s the prop right now? No.

Speaker 3 (56m 9s): Well I have four running backs. I don’t need any more or

Speaker 4 (56m 12s): I don’t, I don’t think I need him either. I mean Tamara sodium Gibson.

Speaker 0 (56m 19s): Yeah. Listen to my five running backs. Derek Henry Aaron Jones, Clyde Edwards, Hilaire Joe makes and Nick Chubb.

Speaker 3 (56m 26s): I thought you were going to take a Robbie Anderson and a DJ more. I’ll take some of my favorite number twos here. Oh God. Ah, fuck it. Give me George Kittle to Kindle. Andrew’s in Hockinson that’s not a bad title

Speaker 0 (56m 44s): To Smith. Just so I get the stack.

Speaker 3 (56m 47s): All right. Rest of my players are wide receivers now. You’re right. These go so fast.

Speaker 0 (56m 56s): Richard Sherman. That was a crazy story. He remains in police custody. It sounds like he like broke into someone’s house. Crashed a car. All right. P Richard Sherman. Adam. You’re on the clock. Oh wow.

Speaker 3 (57m 9s): Well running the clock down. All right.

Speaker 4 (57m 11s): We’ll just do that. Give me more time to think. Geez, God, this is ugly. I’ll go chase Claypool. I guess I like the upside, like I’m scrolling past guys like Cooper cup and you know, Jamar chase. Just cause I’m like, I don’t think they have the upside at this point. I’ve got the floor guy set with Hopkins and Metcalf. Just not even trying. And this is best ball, right? Kramer. It’s not it’s set. Set a lineup each week.

Speaker 3 (57m 42s): It’s best ball. It’s mayhem. That’s what it is, Sean. You’re

Speaker 1 (57m 45s): Up? Six seconds. Absolute chaos. Oh

Speaker 3 (57m 48s): Shit. Oh, Sean’s about to auto-draft. Oh, GMR chase. Not a horrible book. All right. I got to do it. It’s metaphorical. And it’s also to spit in the face of that dude who told me I was doing it wrong with the last two picks in my three man draft as a sign and an image and a general a message to Cowboys nation. I will make your filthy fucking receivers. My last two picks let’s fucking go.

This is the only place that they’re fit on my team at the bottom of the roster, eating the bench, getting splinters on their fucking ass. No, it’s a little aggressive. I’m sorry. I’ve been up a lot. All right. For 24 minutes and 20 minutes. 20 seconds to go. I think that, I think that’s it. I think that’s Sean. You’re auto drafting again. I guess

Speaker 0 (58m 40s): I’m bleeding the clock. I’m trying to time. I see what you’re doing. Okay.

Speaker 4 (58m 44s): Oh God. I need, I need another tight end. And the question is, is it Gerald Everett? Is it will distally or is it Donald Pahrump? That’s a lie. We all know what the answer is. We all know exactly what I’m doing here.

Speaker 5 (58m 59s): Do we?

Speaker 4 (59m 0s): Yeah. Just wait in here. Gonna run this one down, close it out. I’m going to end with two tight ends in this draft. And somehow at no point, did we draft Ezekiel Elliott, Naji Harris, Donald power,

Speaker 3 (59m 19s): Jen, some love. And literally we are saying this, Shawn, I know the draft started a little bit later, but the stream ticker just flipped over to 24 hours, 24 hours. Since we came on the air, can we get, can we get a standing ovation sitting ovation? Y’all stand too. We can keep clapping at him. Keep it going. I like the ambience

Speaker 0 (59m 46s): Polluting Ryan real money Kramer, as he concludes the, this massive undertaking. Wow. What a ride? Ryan? Any, any thoughts here as we close out your 24 hours of, of drafting, any shout outs, any thoughts? What’d you do it again? It sounds like we are going to do it again. This is a good time to do it. The dead time in sports.

Speaker 3 (1h 0m 11s): Yeah. I’d like to thank the family for the support and the tuna salad. That was great. Like to like to thank Colby and Sean for their, their PA hang around the office. As I was grinding out hard, hard work, and they were sleeping. I’d like to thank the fans. I’ve heard a rumor that we’ll we’ll get into, but if you, if you watched, if you were here for the whole thing, shoot us an email might work on a little, little token of our appreciate of my appreciation for you hanging out with me for 24 straight hours or most of it.

Yeah. And most importantly, I’d like to thank fantasy football, Sean, for making this possible underdog, promo code S GPN. Remember you get that. You still get that free entry. You can catch up.

Speaker 0 (1h 1m 1s): How many entries do you have currently Ryan? Well, let’s, let’s pull it up on the underwater. As we close things out, two minutes left to go on the 24 hour stream,

Speaker 4 (1h 1m 12s): But what’s the final. Where did, where did we end on the props there? Kramer. That’s the real question. Final rundown, man. Thank you for reminding me. What you guys in the big screen. We don’t need to see me. Okay.

Speaker 3 (1h 1m 24s): I’m sharing. I’m sharing something. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. We’ll get this back up. Oh man, what happened? Let’s get the share up. We got to finish this in style.

Speaker 4 (1h 1m 33s): Andrew Robb claiming he was here for 18 and a half of the 24. It

Speaker 3 (1h 1m 36s): Was here for a while. Let’s let’s run it down. 24 drafts completed in 24 hours.

Speaker 0 (1h 1m 45s): It goes over 20 total, 24 over the total. LaCroix’s

Speaker 3 (1h 1m 51s): I I I’m sorry guys. I didn’t make it under 12 and a half. I only got 11 down. You

Speaker 4 (1h 1m 56s): Got time. I think you could shotgun to here.

Speaker 3 (1h 1m 59s): I don’t want him. I don’t want to see, I don’t want to sell carbonation for a little while. Bathroom. We got over with 13 picks auto drafted only four. Shout out to me for that one. That, that was a hell of

Speaker 6 (1h 2m 11s): An accomplishment. I double drafted a couple of times,

Speaker 3 (1h 2m 13s): Including during that last draft by accident did not fall. Thank you very much. And the final, the final count total number of players drafted I’m stalling for a little bit of time. As the clock runs down, Sean, take a guess. Before I put it on the screen,

Speaker 0 (1h 2m 33s): Total players drafted. I mean, you can do a hundred and sixty four, four hundred and thirty two hell of a day. You’re going to run the numbers. We’ll get those contests winners. They’re $500 big thanks to DJ nation. Everyone who helped cram stay awake and get all these drafts done. Shout out to you guys in the chat. And as, as we like to close things down with 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 24 hours have been hit.

Thank you for participating in the sports gambling podcast for the sports gambling podcast. I’m Sean sack and the money green. And he is Ryan.

Speaker 3 (1h 3m 15s): Sean. Who’s got a better than us. No buddy. All rise, baby. Let’s go football next month. We’re here.

Speaker 6 (1h 3m 23s): Let it ride.

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