NBA Finals Game Four Picks (Ep. 1048)


NBA Finals Game Four Picks

The guys (@GamblingPodcast) are back giving out their NBA Finals game four picks with the help of NBA Gambling Podcast co-host Munaf Manji (@SportsNerd824). They talk about some of their favorite alternate line spreads for game four, the latest in the NBA Finals MVP race including the odds for Chris Paul and Giannis Antetokounmpo, plus some leans in their favorite NBA Finals game four player props. Plus some final thoughts on Draft Day! Where Ryan Kramer will be drafting Underdog Fantasy best ball teams for 24 hours straight!

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NBA Finals Game Four Odds

Conf Seed Team Sprd Odds Total Date/Time Team Sprd ML OU
East 3 MIL Bucks 205 6.5 7/13 PHO Suns 155 220.5
West 2 PHO Suns -1.5 -265 6:10 PM MIL Bucks -4.5 -185

Podcast Transcription
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Speaker 1 (56s): Hey, this is Larry, the cable guy. You’re listening to the SGP. Wait, hold on. Say it again. Get your fucking shot.

Speaker 0 (1m 33s): Welcome everyone to the sports cable and podcasts. I’m Sean stacking the money green with my partner and pigs Ryan real money Kramer. What’s happening, crane, dog. I’m

Speaker 2 (1m 44s): So, all right. So I spent some time aligning my manna cheese and organizing my thoughts and doing that and getting ready for the, the big draft day upon us. And during this, this entire time, the league continued to turn Shawn and I came back and it was almost like I didn’t miss anything too. Here we go. Let’s go. NBA finals, adjusted spreads. Let’s make some money

Speaker 3 (2m 12s): Like sands through the hourglass or the days of our league.

Speaker 0 (2m 20s): And this edition of the days of our legs. Scott Foster remains undefeated in all the games in the last 11 consecutive playoff games. Or Scott Foster has been the referee, Chris Paul. He hasn’t won some say there’s some bad blood there between those two divas. That is, that was just what I saw. I mean, I was already going to be on the bucks, but when I saw he was rapping, it was just like, all right,

Speaker 2 (2m 46s): Easy money. And I hope you got on that adjusted spread because it, it, it, it like they always do a five point game becomes a 20 point game. You can get to three to one on your money, Sean. I, the NBA is just an easy money league. It’s like betting on the bachelor. I don’t mean to be offensive to those who like the bachelor.

Speaker 0 (3m 7s): Now, if my wife listened to the show, she would be super offended. Ryan, of course, we’re talking hoops, talking to the association, man. Hopefully people have been listening to our NBA pigs cause they’ve been red hot. Hopefully people are doing what we’ve been doing heading over to win w Y and N B E T dot C O M. Get out over there. Get that $500 risk free bet. Again, they got that sweet part lay boost. You’re already making money. Why not make it a little bit more with the sweet, sweet parlayed boost again?

I mean the win one of the best sports books in Las Vegas and now one of the best sports betting apps again, so easy to download and set up, just go to Debbie Y and N B E more states getting the ad and every day as a, as wind takes over the world, let’s go baby. W Y N N P E Download the app here, joining us on the line to talk hoops. One of the hosts of the NBA gambling podcasts and the MLB gambling podcast and a writer does it all for the network, a true champion of SGPs Munaf Manji Munaf I see it in the zoom video screen and I see her eyes all over the place.

Cause you’re also watching the home run Derby while I helping us grind out game four. Thank you for joining us. What are you sweating out on the Derby?

Speaker 4 (4m 37s): I just got under way a Trey man seen, he just finished his first there, the first round he just had, I think he had 24 and now Matt, Olson’s about to start. I did have Matt Olson to beat him in a first round match up. So I’m going to need some, a piece of magic here from Matt Olson, 25 number.

Speaker 0 (4m 57s): Hopefully, hopefully you cash that get a little heat there. Well, and of course, NBA finals. It’s two one right now heading into game four little updates. We did a tweet out all the people that are alive in our NBA, free roll contests. And of course you can. We’re giving away a thousand bucks basically to whoever nails the team and the number of games in the finals. So right now there’s a, there’s a decently long list of people who are on the bucks and sons and either to win in five, six or seven.

So again, head over to our Twitter at gambling podcast to see the full list. If you’re in the mix, trying to give away a thousand bucks and well, we will, someone will be the closest. I still think, I still think sons in six, I’m sticking with that. Where have you gone moon off with the series? Have you adjusted your thoughts? I mean, even as a guy who likes sons in six, this was a game I thought Milwaukee was going to win and obviously they to win Jada’s is coming up huge in essentially a more or less elimination game.

Have you changed your thoughts on the series?

Speaker 4 (6m 6s): No, I, when I did the preview all over on our website, I did pick Phoenix in six also. And I’m sticking by it still. I think the league wants this to be extended, right? Especially with this week with not many sports going on, all eyes are gonna be on the NBA finals. So they got to get those ratings up. They got to collect that money. So I think I know we’ll get into game four in a little bit, but I think Phoenix is still the superior team against the Milwaukee bucks.

Speaker 2 (6m 34s): Wow. This is the NBA. All right. If they deployed, what did they do? They deployed the, the cooler. They needed

Speaker 0 (6m 42s): Scott Foster. And again, it’s hilarious. Cause like even the mainstream media now knows the Scott Foster narrative. I saw her buddy Kendrick Perkins, who, I mean shout out to Kendrick Perkins and his agent. Cause that guy I feel like is on every show. Now, every time I turn on and he’s got, he’s got a giant beard. He’s like, it takes up a lot of the screen. He’s got some good takes, but he was, he wanted to get out in front of the Scott Foster narrative of saying, Hey, let’s be real. This was about the bucks playing better.

And they did, but still come on. There’s gotta be something in that Scott Foster narrative. It did the refs didn’t matter in game three, but it was funny that even like a mainstream guy, like Kendrick Perkins is already aware of the Scott Foster narrative and didn’t want to discredit the, the

Speaker 2 (7m 26s): Bucks win at all by saying it was Scott Foster. Well, I mean, look, you can start doing a little bit of layman’s research. I mean, what was the free throw count? Yeah. Okay. So maybe they didn’t matter in the game, but that usually when a team needs to win or when the league needs the team to win, suddenly they’re taking a lot of free throws and that becomes a narrative, right? Moni Williams, smart guy getting ahead of that narrative calling out right away. Like, whoa, what? And now the NBA is like, oh shit, people are going to be looking for this.

We got to calm this down a little bit. Look, they ended up with Phoenix, Milwaukee. Yeah. We, we talked about what would happen if this was the case. It has to go along. It has to go all the way. I think because the NBA is like, fuck, we sold a lot of, we sold a lot of stuff and I don’t think we’re getting those impressions

Speaker 0 (8m 15s): And taco bell shout at the taco bell. But they’re doing that. If the team comes back from halftime, you get free tacos. And I was sitting on Milwaukee minus four. So I thought I’d be in a spot of, you know, sons come back. And then I w but then I realized like, oh man, I, I, you know, I gotta, I wanna find this hedge spot of if they, if I lose my bet, I still get the free tacos. Cause I was doing the math and like, wait, if sons lose by three, then I lose my vet and I don’t get free tacos. They really need to factor in the second half line here, taco bell.

And I should be getting some free taco bell just for bringing this up. You, you, you mentioned the free throws Ryan and son’s shot 16 in Milwaukee is 26. But if you look at it, even closer, sons were getting a lot of the late call, a lot of calls late. And to the point that Booker was caught on Mike, same to the ref. Something like we don’t need these calls now, like the game’s over with a couple

Speaker 2 (9m 10s): Of minutes left, which is pretty funny. They make those calls late. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (9m 14s): So that when you look at the sat lines, it doesn’t look as bad reffing aside. I mean, shout to Yana. I said it did feel like game three last night kind of stepped into a, another, you know, another stratosphere almost 41, 12 and six. He’s only the second player in NBA history to record back to back games of 40 plus points and 10 rebounds in the finals. He’s actually had more 40 point games in the finals. Then Kevin Duran, Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Larry Bird, Karl Malone, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wilt Chamberlain.

That being said, I still don’t think Yonis is enough to kind of carry the, the bucks to a series when, I mean, one-off, if we’re wrong and the bucks end up winning the series, what do you think has to happen from Milwaukee’s point of view for, I mean, holiday had a big game quietly, 21, 5 and nine. And I think, you know, obviously Yonis has been playing pretty good throughout the series, but what do you think has to happen for the box to be able to walk away here with a w then he’s got foster for every single game?

Speaker 4 (10m 23s): I like that. No, obviously it’s got to start with Chris Middleton and drew holiday, right? Joe holiday had a better game last night after absolute stinkers in game one and two, he came out and shot the ball. Well, last night, too, like you said, 21 points. It was five out of 10 from three point land eight to 14 from the floor overall. So that’s what they’re going to need. I think they’re also gonna need Chris Milton to step up. He’s going to have to score a minimum of 20 points to really help out this bucks often to kind of take that pressure off of Yonis. I mean, Yonis is getting whatever he wants inside the pain.

If you look at his shot chart, they have no answer for him inside. And like we’ve talked about on our NBA gambling podcast is that the front court of the Phoenix suns is kind of thinning up now with Darrio Sarge out with a torn ACL. And last night they bugged the Andre Eaton in foul trouble early on much to do with Scott Foster of course, but, and that’s,

Speaker 0 (11m 18s): And that’s the sneaky way that they can impact a game is the two quick fouls early. Cause then if you look at the stats, you’re like, oh, I, I, it doesn’t jump out at you, but two quick fouls early, really, especially for a big man, like eight and really restricts your minutes. And that’s, that’s the way hypothetically, if you’re looking to adjust the outcome or kind of, you know, move the ball a little bit to one side, that’s how you do it. Right? Exactly. And

Speaker 4 (11m 44s): Then we saw that the victim last night was Deondre Aden for, for the Phoenix sun. So, but going forward, obviously you’re not going to have Scott Foster, Scott Foster. So I’m looking for those two guys, Chris Middleton and ju holiday to really step up if they’re going to have a chance to get back in the series or possibly even try to win it.

Speaker 2 (12m 3s): Yeah. I mean, I, I w I don’t know. I think, I mean, again, right? Like what happened in this series? The teams have won at home. What do we say about a series?

Speaker 0 (12m 12s): Doesn’t start Ryan until, until a road team gets a victory. And, and I, I guess if I was building the case for a bucks, or if I was a bucks fan, I would hold out onto the hope that they’re eight and one so far in the season at home. So maybe there is a world where they can, where they can get things done and, and kind of keep, you know, keep this momentum up. It actually brings us to a shout out to prop swap head over to prop And it, you know, right. Basically what we’re talking about last week of prop swap customer sold a $500 40 to one son’s championship ticket for $16,000 after the sons went up to oh, in the finals, 30 extra turns.

So, you know, did pretty good on it. He almost got the full 40, and now he basically sold it for minus 400. When, if you wanted to get down on that game, if it was minus 500 everywhere else, if you were just to buy that. And now that guy looks like a genius because after the bucks won, I’m sure Ryan, do you have what the, when has the adjusted price

Speaker 2 (13m 15s): After this? Yeah, the bucks are still two to one and I think,

Speaker 0 (13m 19s): Yes, suns are down to minus 2 65. So that guy sold at the exact right time again. That’s why you want to use prop and use that promo code SGP get $500 bonus on your, on your first deposit, promo code SGP, a

Speaker 2 (13m 35s): Taking that point a little further though. I mean, what has happened in the series home teams have won. The favorites have won and yet, and yet the price has gone from Milwaukee plus 1 65 to Milwaukee, plus 2 0 5. And if anything, you could argue that Milwaukee is kind of trending in the right direction where maybe Phoenix isn’t. So you look, you mentioned it, but Milwaukee has only lost one game at home. This post season, a game to an Atlanta team that gave they were feisty, right? They came out three point win and, and kudos to them.

But again, I don’t see why the bucks are two to one on the series price right now. Love Phoenix, LA, happy for the city. I think happy for a rich fat baby McKee seems like Arizona sports, maybe trending back in the right direction. But I, I think this is going to turn into a three game series and that’s that. And I think any way you can get money that this is going to go along, that this is going to be a series that we’re going to get as many games as possible.

I like the Phoenix and six angle, because it does seem like it would be freely fucked up if Phoenix doesn’t win the championship. Somehow I do feel like they’re the team that deserves it more. And last thing I’ll say, cause you did say one thing that kinda caught me off guard. Sean, did you say Kobe Bryant has less 40 point games in the finals than Yannis?

Speaker 0 (14m 56s): Yeah, let me, let me pull up the notes. But yeah, he was

Speaker 2 (14m 60s): The oldest in there. That’s the ultimate Kobe hater line. Like, look, dude, that was mostly shack. That was mostly shack.

Speaker 0 (15m 7s): You’re looking to throw shade at Kobe. Just say Yonis has more 40 point games. That’s a shocking that blew my mind.

Speaker 2 (15m 14s): Duran. Not shocking. He just joined super teams, but yeah, I don’t know. And I, and I think, you know, back to what was the spread for game three, Sean, I was boxed minus four bucks minus four. And what was the final game? 20 point game. So I think if you’re going to play the bucks in this one, you absolutely head over to those adjusted points, spreads. And you know, I don’t know what kind of gambler you might be, Sean, but I I’d be happy to sit in that two to one range minus nine and a half plus 200.

And you know, you want to keep going, why not the biggest juice?

Speaker 0 (15m 49s): So this is game four. You’re loading up on bucks. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (15m 52s): We’re to, we’re going to level up. It’s going to give the MBA a nice guarantee of getting through the weekend into another week of NBA basketball, being on the forefront, right? More MBA content, where we can talk about how Charles Barkley can play golf now. And it’s a completely

Speaker 0 (16m 8s): And shout out to Larry, the cable guy, friend of the program put up a pretty good number.

Speaker 2 (16m 13s): Larry, the cable guy, one of the shots of the tournament hole in a shot over the bunker leg. Nailed row. Sorry, we’re getting off on celebrity golf. If you want to have fun bucks minus 14 and a half is plus 400 now. Right?

Speaker 0 (16m 26s): And you’re going, you’re going crazy on bucks. So Milwaukee minus 14 and a half at what

Speaker 2 (16m 31s): I’m saying, if you wanted to go crazy, you can get that afford a one. Okay.

Speaker 0 (16m 35s): And, and, and just kind of coming back to the futures and you said extending the series. I know you’re off the grid, Ryan, but one of my, one of my bets for the NBA finals over you rarely

Speaker 2 (16m 45s): Remind me when you’re doing well on a bet shown

Speaker 0 (16m 48s): Over five and a half games, minus 1 75. That, I mean, again, that felt like easy money. Sun’s in six. I’m still looking at feeling decent at plus four 50. I of course hit my game, won a bet and a Phoenix minus one and a half. I still feel good about that. But what about the NBA finals MVP market? Again, not to self-doubt too much, but on the show we, we were all over or at least me, I gave out Chris Paul as high as, as 25 to one, maybe even 30 to one.

When we went like after game two of that nugget series, I gave out Chris Paul MVP cause the, the sons were plus 900 and he was 2,500. It made no sense. Where are we at with the finals MVP? I know they lost game three, but it still feels like it’s Chris, Paul’s a trophy to lose right now. Would you agree off? Yeah.

Speaker 4 (17m 41s): And if sons, yeah. I mean, we’ve said look at what Devin Booker didn’t do last game. I think Chris Paul has pretty much, pretty much locked this award up Devin Booker three of 14, one of seven from 3.0 only 10 points. So, you know, just based on that Chris ball, if the sons go on to win, he has, is locked up in the, in the books are kind of indicating that I’m seeing that he’s all the way up to minus two 50 for finals right now.

Speaker 2 (18m 8s): Yeah. And Yonis matches the books Moneyline for, for those wonder. Well,

Speaker 0 (18m 11s): And that was another angle that we kind of had on the finals. There was a, there was a decent discrepancy between, I think Yannis was like, plus three 50 for finals MVP, a moon off. I mean, bucks series was like, plus 1 65. He was like three or four to one, depending on where you got it. And that just seemed crazy to me. Who would you think is, is kind of second right now in the finals MVP race, I guess maybe it would be Yannis assuming the end up winning the series.

Speaker 4 (18m 42s): Yeah, it has to be honest. Right? I mean, back to back 40 point games, it’s only been, like you mentioned, it’s only been, this is the second time it’s been done in the NBA finals history. So I think that would be the guy, as far as for Phoenix. There’s not much there. I mean, you haven’t, Chris, Paul’s a war to lose. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (19m 2s): And Booker was actually favored even above Chris Paul coming into the finals, which to me was just crazy. It, it made no sense, like they’re going to give it to a veteran guy like Chris Paul and his, his mid range jumper, even, even in the loss, he was still shooting really well and looked really,

Speaker 2 (19m 20s): It just shows you how much like chalk public money comes in on these, these types of futures market. Well,

Speaker 0 (19m 26s): I think the young kids, they like them, some Devin Booker,

Speaker 2 (19m 29s): Well, I think just apply like the basic logic you might use for fantasy. Like how many versions of this season end up with him do outperforming versus not. And I think, you know, the Booker scenario involved him just scoring a fuck ton of points every game. So the second he had a down game, it’s like, boom, that’s out, Chris. Paul just has to be on the winning team in a lot of the versions where they, where he wins it. He just has to be healthy. And so, yeah, I mean, I saw it all over social media, Shawn, I couldn’t believe it.

Just the Twittersphere is catching, catching the, the same heater that Sean MBA Sean is with these fucking, and even, even futures picks Jeevan

Speaker 0 (20m 9s): Even to start the series though. And again, kind of coming back to what we hit on in the NBA final show sons were minus 200, but Paul was still plus 1 75. Like I, I, I mean, you know, as a, as a market manipulator, it just was screaming hashtag value to me. And it’s, it’s kind of crazy. They didn’t see that coming. All right, moving to the game for kicking off July 13th, AKA tomorrow, if you’re listening to this live six 10 on the west coast, tip-off Kramer, you will be in our five of your best ball draft.

Your draft

Speaker 2 (20m 45s): Day. Will I have to a television to watch the game?

Speaker 0 (20m 51s): I don’t know. Munaf, you’re, you’re an independent party on this issue. Should we allow Ryan to watch the, watch the finals game as well, be distracting, right.

Speaker 4 (20m 60s): I think he’s going to, yeah, he answered the Queen’s going to distract him from, unless he’s trying to kill some hours. And you know, if he’s getting tired, trying to get to the finish line, that might be a good distraction for him. No,

Speaker 0 (21m 11s): No distraction. You can only focus on NBA basketball. I’ll be watching in the studio. I’ll I’ll I’ll come in and give you updates all your water and food bowl.

Speaker 2 (21m 20s): I know I’m going hard for that over on the teams drafted props. So I will not be wasting any time watching the league. It really. And

Speaker 0 (21m 30s): I can’t, again, our studios completely blacked out with like soundproofing and foam and it’s just, we got the American flag, the bright lights. And I just keep thinking it’s the comparisons like an oversea prison where those floating prison interrogation, the off-grid detention center. I mean,

Speaker 2 (21m 48s): I certainly think there’s a chance. I go a little bit crazy. Well,

Speaker 0 (21m 51s): Sleep deprivation will do that to you. And, and depending on how many shares of Daniel Jones you draft, that’s how that’s how crazy we’ll, you know, you’ll be, we see with a lot of Daniel Jones owner shuffling

Speaker 2 (22m 2s): With Daniel Jones from two to 6:00 AM. All right.

Speaker 0 (22m 6s): All right. Let’s talk a game for tipping off six 10 on the west coast box. Now lay in four and a half. They’ve moved to the half point minus 180 5 on the Moneyline sun’s coming back at plus 180 5 total at two 20 and a half odds. Courtesy of wind bet. Munaf what are you looking at for this game? I’m kind of split here, but I, I want to hear your take. What, what, which way you lean in. Yeah,

Speaker 4 (22m 35s): I think that if they’re going to extend this series, this is the opportunity for the bugs to come out and take care of business. Because if this gets up sons three to one, they’re going to wrap it up in game five on their home floor. So I agree with, sorry with Ryan, that load up on the bucks again tomorrow minus four finals artists, alternate lines, alternative spreads, and, and, and take the bucks again tomorrow, because I think that, like you guys mentioned that they’re eight Aiden one at home in the post season so far.

Yeah. The loan loss that they had against Atlanta, that was just a bad spot for them. Right. Because they were coming off a seven game series against the nets and overtime. So I think that was just a bad spot. Other than that, they’ve been absolutely fantastic at home. So I’m back in the bucks again, taking the four points

Speaker 0 (23m 21s): In Atlanta, too. Atlanta is one of those weird teams where they, they, I think they won every game one in all their series, a in the playoffs, which was kind of a weird stack considering how hard it is to win on the road in the playoffs. I’ll roll with you guys. I’m a little, for some reason, I’m thinking this game. I know Kramer has been the Alta alt spread God, and I hate to go against, but that’s why I’m, I’m gonna I’ll stick with Milwaukee. Mountain is four and a half, although I’m, I’m worried this there’s a scenario that we’re due for a good game in this, in this finals, in that game, four is going to end up being the good game and that the spread will actually come into play where Milwaukee ends up winning, like by two or three points.

That being said, though, I, I still with the idea that this Milwaukee has figured out enough and Yannis, you know, what he’s shown, I think can carry them to the victory at home. So the fact that I think they’re going to win, I’m just going to lean that they also cover, but I’m not as I’m not as on board with Kramer in the blowout. I, I think it might be a little

Speaker 2 (24m 26s): Closer. Perhaps if you think it’s going to be a close game, maybe it gets to over time where you can take game tied at the end of the regulation.

Speaker 0 (24m 33s): What is it? 15 to one plus 1400. Let’s go. That’s a real soccer Shonda. I needed. I needed that. Well, speaking of soccer, Sean, of course a rip to England and congrats to Italy. People have been floating the idea out on social media. I was seeing a, I think maybe big cab was chairman in Nevada. I forget who else, but that would you consider an option like this in basketball where after first or second over time, it decided by free throws, which kind of sounds crazy.

But hear me out if it was a double overtime and then five free throws as if they were penalty kicks, that is dramatic as hell. I think I would be on board with it.

Speaker 2 (25m 18s): I don’t, I’m fine. Yeah. That’d be fun. You could also, you could also just do like, you know, put 24 seconds on the clock. One-on-one well, that would be, you get to pick one defender for all five attackers, just like in soccer, one goalkeeper. So a better way to do it. Yeah. I love you. Pick, you know, like that,

Speaker 0 (25m 37s): The guy to defend all five guys, 24 seconds per capper shot. The only, the only thing that’s slightly annoying is one-on-one I feel like it’s hard to RAF and there’d be a lot of guys trying to draw files or whatever that would be the only, but how about this? You have to call your own fouls. Bring the honor back to the game.

Speaker 2 (25m 53s): I was going to say, I think you bring an old timer in like shack or someone to be the official. At that point. I liked that idea. I think we’ve figured out how to

Speaker 0 (26m 1s): Fix basketball over time. We, when we had a rec league after the first overtime, because they needed to get you off the gym, it would just become sudden death. And it would be, it’s a horrible way to play a game because the defense is so passive because they don’t want to risk failure. Because if you just hit one free throw, the game is over. We had a couple of sudden death games that just had hilarious endings because someone who would normally not take a shot with just Chuck something up and it would go in and the cable would be over. But it was mostly because they need the gym after.

And I don’t see that being a problem in the NBA.

Speaker 2 (26m 35s): I dunno. You think they got the rodeo coming through Milwaukee? I don’t know.

Speaker 0 (26m 38s): You got a Taylor swift concert. They got to get to. All right. So we’re all, we’re all triple locking the bucks minus four and a half. I’m going to throw an OT at plus 1400 as a DJ. It’s only fire bed. Kramer’s on the alternate lines. They’re moon off. I know, I know you like doing a lot of work on the props, the prop market, any, I don’t know if the numbers are out yet, but any player props for game four, jump out of you or just angles. You’re thinking to taking.

Speaker 4 (27m 6s): Yeah, I don’t see props listed yet on, on my book, but I think one thing I did want to mention about the total is that the first half has gone under, in all three games and the second half has gone over in all three games. And I think that depending on what number you got yesterday, it landed like right on the number. It feels to 19 and a half for two 20. So I think waiting for a live line, if you do like the over might be your best bet. And I think you got to continue riding with this first half under, because like I said, that is three, you know, in the first, through the first three games of the series.


Speaker 0 (27m 38s): No first half under that’s feels like a lock. And I don’t know what it is. These teams have just been slow to start. And Milwaukee is an interesting team too, because I felt like their shooting was really bad. Those first two games and got a little bit better in game three. It just seemed like less they’re shooting up better. They just got some better looks. It’ll be interesting to see how the sons and, you know, Booker. He only had what, like 10 points last night. It’ll be interesting to see how he bounces back. I’m not a big player prop guy, but I’ll, I’ll throw out a Booker over points just because I think he is, he’s such a pure shooter.

I don’t think he’s going to have two off games and they’ll probably adjust it enough to keep things interesting. So I’ll throw that out as well. Give me Devin Booker over points. Assuming that it posts that something reasonable there.

Speaker 2 (28m 28s): Yeah. I mean, I, I can tell you what it is shown. I’m looking out, pull that up. Devin Booker points, 27 and a half. Yeah. Give me the over. It feels a smidge lower, right? Yeah.

Speaker 0 (28m 39s): I mean, he’s, he, he’s good for high twenties, most games. I know he’s on the road, but I just don’t think. And who was on him? Most of the game, it was holiday. I think who I think did a D you know, obviously did a decent job on him, but he just, he had some bad shooting luck too. I, I think over as the play for him, even though I do like the box laying four and a half, all right. As we close things out here, moon off any, any locks for a Kramer’s draft day, which will be happening tomorrow.

Again, 1:00 PM Pacific underdog, fantasy promo Kadesh GPN because we’re giving away 15 free entries in the best ball mania to of course your chance to win $1 million. And it’s free. You get free entry fees, a promo code as GPN. And if you were looking for some extra entries, hop in the live stream, it’ll be on our YouTube and we’ll be giving away 15 throughout the course of the, of the draft. I know we’ve have some totals out for your, what do we got the number of a LaCroix consumed throne breaks 112

Speaker 2 (29m 47s): And a half LaCroix consumed over under nine and a half bathroom breaks over under 20 and a half teams drafted. And by the way, shout out to Terrelle. Cause he broke all this stuff

Speaker 0 (29m 56s): Down. It’s a great article over it. As a brew

Speaker 2 (29m 59s): Bosely, as you can possibly break down how many times I’m going to go pee. He has data. He went back

Speaker 0 (30m 6s): And checked the film on some of these prop bets. It was pretty hilarious. But any of these, a as a player, prop guy, any, any leans on a Kramer’s a player props for drafted tomorrow. Yeah. Give

Speaker 4 (30m 17s): Me the over on that 20 and a half teams drafted. I go conservative. I think we’ll to get up to maybe like 25, I think I’ll do it. Yeah. They want me to go up to like 25 beds

Speaker 0 (30m 26s): And little nugget here. I think that is the lock. As far as these Kramer player props little nugget here too, is if it’s taking a while for the full traps to fill, because there has to be other, other lunatics drafting it 2:00 AM west coast, time, 5:00 AM on the east. Kramer may also w we have discussed, you are able to draft three man teams. I can do whatever the fuck I want. You can probably rattle through a few three man teams, which will count towards your overall teams drafted and players drafted.


Speaker 2 (31m 0s): There’s also a decent chance that I have other random slow drafts come up that we can talk about. Cause I I’ve gotten so excited about drafting and I have like seven slow drafts going concurrently right now, along with these, tomorrow’s going to be intense. And I think what’s going to be funny is if my opinions are like the guys that I’m ahead of market on right now. Yeah. If I’m right at this time and I have a, I have a spike where I draft 25 teams. God damn. I’m going to have a chance at this million.

Speaker 0 (31m 29s): Oh yeah. All right. That’ll be a fun. And thank you for participating in the sports Galen podcast. Make sure you check out Munaf Manji on the sports gambling podcast, NBA gambling podcasts on the sports gambling podcast network. The MLB gambling podcast puts out a ton of written content and you can follow them on Twitter as well at sports nerd 8 2 4. Munaf thanks for calling in man. Thanks for having me guys. All right. For the sports gaming podcasts, I’m showing a second, the money green and he is Ryan.

Oh man.

Speaker 2 (32m 2s): See you in a couple of days, Kramer.

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