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Top Ten Fantasy Football TEs 2021 (Ep. 1042)


Top Ten Fantasy Football Tight Ends

The guys (@GamblingPodcast) kick off their fantasy football preview series for the 2021 NFL season by breaking down their favorite tight ends. Sean and Ryan give out their top ten fantasy football TEs for 2021. They give the fantasy football outlook for Travis Kelce, Darren Waller, George Kittle, Mark Andrews and more.

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Sean – Top Ten Fantasy Football TEs 

  1. Travis Kelce
  2. Darren Waller
  3. Robert Tonyan
  4. Dallas Goedert
  5. Logan Thomas
  6. Kyle Pitts
  7. Cole Kemet
  8. Hunter Henry
  9. George Kittle
  10. Mark Andrews & Tim Tebow TIE

Ryan – Top Ten Fantasy Football TEs 

  1. Travis Kelce
  2. Darren Waller
  3. TJ Hockenson
  4. Mark Andrews
  5. Tyler Higbee
  6. George Kittle
  7. Kyle Pitts
  8. Dallas Goedert
  9. Logan Thomas
  10. Mike Gesicki

Podcast Timecodes

0:00:00 Prerolls
0:01:29 Intro/Welcome
0:04:09 Ryan’s #10 Tight End – Mike Gesicki
0:09:02 Sean’s #10 Tight End – Mark Andrews & Tim Tebow
0:10:45 Ryan’s #9 Tight End – Logan Thomas
0:12:54 Sean’s #9 Tight End – George Kittle
0:16:52 Ryan’s #8 Tight End – Dallas Goedert
0:19:31 Sean’s #8 Tight End – Hunter Henry
0:23:13 Ryan’s #7 and Sean’s #6 Tight End – Kyle Pitts
0:26:50 Sean’s #7 Tight End – Cole Kmet
0:29:36 Ryan’s #5 Tight End – Tyler Higbee
0:32:37 Sean’s #5 tight End – Logan Thomas
0:33:36 Ryan’s #6 Tight End – George Kittle
0:36:45 Sean’s #4 Tight End – Dallas Goedert
0:42:55 Ryan’s #4 Tight End – Mark Andrews
0:46:08 Sean’s #3 Tight End – Robert Tonyan
0:48:49 Ryan’s #3 Tight End – T.J. Hockenson
0:52:37 Ryan’s #2 and Sean’s #2 Tight End – Darren Waller
0:57:26 Ryan’s #1 and Sean’s #1 Tight End – Travis Kelce

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Everyone to the sports gambling podcast. I’m Sean stacking that money. You’re eating with my partner and pigs ride real money Kramer what’s happening, crime dog.

1 (1m 41s):
You know, my favorite thing about fantasy football season is saying zzz

0 (1m 47s):
As Z, baby. Let’s go. We’re taping doodle pre-tape Ryan. You are, as, as the listeners are hearing this, you’re floating down a river in a unnamed state

1 (2m 0s):
Travel. Yeah, I’m certainly I’m traveling. I’m traveling to Utah shown to me. Am I allowed? Not allowed to say that we can’t, we can’t mention Utah.

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It’s not paying us any money. So we are the only state we acknowledge is the one that bruise Rocky mountain cold refreshment, AKA cores light. Yeah,

1 (2m 20s):
Not a river in Utah. And then, you know, maybe stopping in little sunny Las Vegas on the way

0 (2m 25s):
A little dice in Vegas. Oh, this is, yeah. I mean, again, this is, this is when football gets real. Are we going to be doing a whole series of our top 10 fantasy football players by position? And again, you know, these are rankings. We also have now up on the website, we have fantasy football rankings and fantasy football projections, which I’m constantly

1 (2m 47s):
Up to the rankings by the way. It’s great. Real time

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Again. I’m going to be tinkering all summer with these and a shout out to fantasy football editor, Adam Peltier, and all the writers for putting those. It looks great on the site, sports, gambling for that. All right. Enough messing around. Let’s do it. Let’s oh, wait, where the fuck is that? Oh no.

1 (3m 12s):
Oh, it happened, right? I don’t know. Performance issues.

0 (3m 17s):
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0 (4m 6s):
Get the Kramer let’s do a top 10 fantasy football tight ends.

1 (4m 14s):
We flipped the coin before we started recording it. Who goes first?

0 (4m 19s):
Well, I’ll let you go, right? I’ll let you go first

1 (4m 22s):
Because I have the nicer set of tight ends are all right. Number 10. We’re going backwards to forwards. I left some guys out that I was going to fight. Find a way to crowbar like Anthony FERC’s or just he’s he’s on the outside looking in. Obviously you want to check out the ranking sports, gambling

0 (4m 40s):
And the more I’m hearing about FERC, sir, a lot of the stuff is they don’t the Titans coaches themselves. Don’t think he’s going to be taken over in the Joni Smith role. So I know I was probably guilty of it earlier in the basketball season of like, oh, he’s this he’s of a plug and play guy, throw him in there. But according to them again, it’s early, we’re figuring things out, but they, I do take some of these coaches notes seriously when it comes to playing time and, and their roles and stuff like that. Cause I do think that you can, you can figure a little stuff out.

1 (5m 13s):
What we’re seeing here is we’re going to like, I’m going to slowly see the con like the divergence between my best ball opinion and my season long for Exterra guy. I think I liked better in basketball

0 (5m 23s):
Because he can add those scores, those touchdowns, those massive games

1 (5m 27s):
Will be a mess. Anyway, other guys, right on the outside, looking in herb Smith Jr. Noah, no offense, but my number 10 guy, I think I, the more that I read, the more I’m believing that he’s going to see an increase in authentic share, even though they brought in Jalen waddle, even though they brought in will fuller. Mike is Secchi. I firmly believe Sean. And, and just because the quarterback, isn’t someone you fancy doesn’t mean they’re going to find the tight end a lot. And I think part of why I like Gesepe here is because two of them might be limited and where he can throw the ball. And I think is going to be a guy that he’s going to find familiar routes and comfortable throws to get him the ball.

1 (6m 11s):
Honestly, I don’t know if this is an offense that I’m banking on being like a volume or offense. I want lots of players. I will say that in general, Miami dolphins, offensive players are very devalued right now as they should be. I’m a little higher than most than Mike . But I definitely think in this kind of huge mess of guys that I listed, some of them probably the next couple of guys are going to list in a similar tier. I just like the upside here, because I do think too, it is going to be looking to him early and often. And if he’s receiving, you know, a consistent eight target game, he’s going to look pretty, pretty decent at the 10 spot. So

0 (6m 51s):
Micah, sickie not in my top 10. I don’t know I got to do another pass on, but I got him. I don’t think he’s a top 20 tight end.

1 (7m 0s):
Right? Drop him a little bit then.

0 (7m 3s):
No, I mean, I gotta, I have to update my ranking. Some of this is more recent, but you know, the big appeal with Kosecki last year was that they didn’t really have the receiver help and that he would be split out and running in that third receiver role, like basically playing a receiver in the tight end position in the slot. And he slot, he’s not going to be doing that this year. They drafted Jaylin Waldo, who I think is going to eat up a number of his targets. You know, you take out the fact that even the quarterback situation alone, I just don’t see it from .

1 (7m 36s):
I think your opinion of two a falls into why I think a sec, he’s

0 (7m 41s):
Going to be more involved because waddles the vertical

1 (7m 43s):
Guy, Fuller’s the vertical guy. And I don’t think you’re sold on his ability to throw vertically. So if those guys end up being more like decoys and Kosecki could be a target hug, that’s all I’m saying. And to put him at 10, maybe I’m putting them higher in the tier just to talk about him. Because I do think he’s a guy that I don’t have enough shares of yet that I need to acquire more shares. I like,

0 (8m 6s):
I like Mike a sickie. I was all in on like a last year. I had him as my number one tight. And again, I, I’m not afraid to say here’s what this is throwing a hot day. No, he, he, he disappointed a little bit, but I mean what they did at the receiver position and sure where he’s at, I, I just, he’s not in my top 10 also, no fan, not my top 10. I’m sure this guy is in your top 10 TJ. Hockinson not in my top 10 as well. And again, I’m a big hockey fan, but I just can’t put in, in a hot, in a position group that is reliant on touchdowns.

0 (8m 46s):
I can’t put in a team or a tight end with an offense that shitty. I just can’t do it in regards to hock. And I love Hawk. I, I hope, you know, I will guy big 10 football. I love hock as a quarterback. I just don’t see it for him this year. Coming in at number 10, for me, he is a Jacksonville Jaguar, gimme Tim Teebo, you know, it’s in line with the heat. I did want to add Tim TiVo into my fantasy rankings and, and put them at the end. Cause you can hit add player and fantasy pros for your expert rankings. I, I actually went with, and again, lower than market on this guy, Mark Andrews, you know, again, still high on that guy.

0 (9m 32s):
I think I thought he was a little bit overrated. He was super high last year. I think a lot of people had them top three, top two. I was down on him and I think just a slight regression for me. I think they’re going to try and get the receivers more involved. And again, you know, Lamar not an amazing passer, but Mark Andrews has been pretty consistent.

1 (9m 55s):
And I mean, you know, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll

0 (9m 58s):
Throw up number four, total fantasy points last year, seven touchdowns. I I’m just, my is showing a slight regression to maybe like five touchdowns. And that’s why I got them in the seven or 10 range here. Just kind of cracking, cracking the top

1 (10m 16s):
10 counter-argument later when I, when he comes up in my ranking, Sean, because I think you’re, you’re, you’re kind of ready to have a down year, last year, but he had a down year and still finished fourth, like, yeah.

0 (10m 28s):
I mean, you could, you could look at it two ways. You could say he had a down year and still finished fourth or he had a down year and it’s a trend of Lamar and him not being able to use him to his full capacity and slowly, you know, teetering out. So that’s kind of the angle I went there. Who’s your number? Nine, 10,

1 (10m 46s):
Right? Nine. You know, I think he’s fairly recently converted to the position, went to my Alma mater, played quarterback cannon for an arm. You know, I’ve heard a lot of people say that Ryan Fitzpatrick coming to the situation hurts Logan Thomas’ ability to put up points. I don’t, I don’t quite understand that argument with Curtis Samuel and term McLaurin on the outside. I think this is going to be a situation where Logan Thomas is going to eat. And I think Logan Thomas is going to eat around the red zone. I think Logan, Tom, and he’s six, six. I think Logan Thomas is gonna eat the seam throw that Fitzpatrick loves to make.

1 (11m 27s):
And he’s an athletic big guy who knows how to box out and use his body again. He’s probably like I’m going to, my number eight guy is probably also in this same tier. But again, these guys are, are kind of the top of this tier where, you know, I’d be fine getting guys towards the back. End of it would prefer a guy like Logan T I just think the volumes going to be there. Maybe you have them higher, but yeah. Okay. So yeah, he, to me, the, the concern here is that it’s not going to be all about these receivers because I’m also pretty high on McLaurin and Samuel. So I, this offense I don’t think is going to produce a ton of fantasy output on a week to week basis.

1 (12m 10s):
But I do think Logan Thomas again and best Paul, I definitely like it more too. Cause I could see him having some nice games where he ha he gets three, four red zone targets and pulls in a couple well,

0 (12m 22s):
And I’ll, I’ll save some of my Logan Thomas points for when I get to him a number five. But I think one thing worth connecting to your and your Logan Thomas, the through line there obviously being Ryan Fitzpatrick and a lot of the good sickies good numbers came with Ryan Fitzpatrick who had, who had an ability to get him the ball and Logan Thomas only in line tight end 19% of the time. So he’s going to be lining up, split out a lot, like a Secchi. And I think that’s going to be a great combination for Fitzpatrick. That’s why I’m a little higher. I’m guessing you have this guy higher than I do Ryan, because everyone does coming in at number nine, George Kittle.

0 (13m 4s):
Again, I love it low

1 (13m 5s):
On George. lower. So let’s go

0 (13m 9s):
First off. I want to thank George. I want to thank Travis for inviting me to the tight end summit Ryan tight end university. They weren’t able to, I read a news story about how they weren’t able to, why they didn’t invite Tim Teebo to the tight end university. And they seriously gave an answer. I’m going to look into the camera, Ryan for this one, George Kittle is the most overrated fantasy football tight end in NFL history because he, he doesn’t deliver. I mean, I liked George Kendall, I as a, as a concept, as an idea, but look at his numbers right off the top of your head.

0 (13m 50s):
How many career touchdowns his shorts Kendall have? He’s been four years.

1 (13m 56s):
Let’s see 10,

0 (13m 58s):
14 touchdowns in four years. He’s never had more than five touchdowns. Why is he a top three Titan every goddamn time? It makes no sense. I mean, 14 touchdowns. Robert Tonyan almost did that last season alone. It’s a touchdown dependent league and he’s coming off of injury. You have a very weird quarterback situation, I think to say the least and 7.9% drop percent. He led the league in drop year. And some of that’s the quarterback play, but it is FCS, rookie, you know, Trey, Lance or Jimmy G ankle fucked up going to be that much better.

1 (14m 37s):
Yeah. I, you know,

0 (14m 39s):
Is capable of massive games. And again, the guy obviously has a great athletic skillset, but again, he’s coming off a serious injury again, between the injuries, the Titan uncertainty has drop issues, low touchdown percentage. I mean, I think he’s lucky to make my top 10. And I said that to him at the summit,

1 (14m 58s):
Coming in with the, the hot, the hot touchdown. I you’re all you’re all in on the touchdown angle. I think here’s why I had a hard time dropping kiddo much further than where I dropped him, which was, was to five. And I, you know what, I was trying to find a reason to push him lower, but I just, I feel like it’s silly because he can have games where he’s such a huge part of the offense. And I, and I’m actually well for sure, but if you’re, if you’re drafting kettle, you’re drafting him early. And I think even where I put them at five, and if you look at my overall rankings, he’s far enough down where I’m not going to be taking him towards the back end of the second round third, early third round. So I’m probably not getting him anyway, but I do think he still possesses the capability to be featured in that offense as the number one receiver.

1 (15m 44s):
And that’s that, that to me is why it’s hard to push them much further down. Now I think we, we effectively do the same thing. We effectively have done the same thing, which is we’ve put them off our board to where we’re not taking. So, but I like, I like how you’re going hot with it. You have a bone

0 (16m 2s):
To pick. He’s never had more than five touchdowns. Can I tell you why

1 (16m 5s):
People love him? There’s this weird thing leaking in from like football guy speak where it’s like, George is just like a block. You know, he’s a, he’s an old school, he’s a throwback tight end. And look, he’s going to have games. And I just don’t think I’m going to end up with a ton of them. Sure.

0 (16m 20s):
So he’s never had more than five touchdowns in a, in a season worth noting, obviously the, the highest ranked fantasy player fantasy tight end last year who had five touchdowns, Eric E Bron came in at 1391 catch or sorry, 91 targets, 56 catches five touchdowns. I mean, I think he’s going to do better than that, but is he going to get you eight touchdowns and 41 catches like Joan who Smith did and in the ninth spot? I don’t know, man. I don’t know. So that’s why, that’s why I got them. Number nine. Who’s your number eight. Yeah,

1 (16m 54s):
My number eight guy again, he’s probably in there with, with Logan Thomas and for me. And maybe he has a higher ceiling because of what the offense could be. And again, just like what I said about George Kittle, Dallas got her. It could very well be the number one target in this offense. And you know, I think it’s interesting because I know that the Eagles are going to produce a lot of receptions, a lot of passing fantasy points this year. And so I want to have, I want to have positions on them and I can’t find myself getting there with taking Devonta Smith as early as Devonta Smith is going. And so it ends up being Dallas. Got her funny enough.

1 (17m 34s):
I have Dallas Goddard and Jalen hurts ranked almost I think back to back in the, in the eighties range, which puts them right in that range of where they’re going, where you can go back to back and stack, whether you’re playing season long or best ball with what I think is pro I would say Dallas Goddard in my eighth spot. He probably, he might have a higher ceiling than some of the guys I’m going to list next. I just, I just don’t know. This offense could look completely different in Dallas God, or it might not be a huge part of it at all. And, and, but I love him at the eighth spot because I think the ceiling is high enough to be appealing. And I think when you’re drafting a tight end in this range, you are drafting a ceiling, not so much a floor, cause especially in season long showing if he turns out to be a guy who was not involved in consistently, you cut them, you pick someone else up.

1 (18m 19s):
Cause I mean, what the tight end position is conservatively 18 deep. If you’re not taping, taking a top guy. So I’m sure you have Dallas got her higher, but I, again, I think, I think that the promise for him is that the ceiling could be enormous. I think with that receiving talent, if he is a featured guy, there’s no reason he’s not receiving seven, eight targets a week. Yeah,

0 (18m 43s):
No. I mean, I have him higher. I’ll see some of the points. I mean, I think the injury issues have been an issue. He’s never been the guy so still on the roster. Yeah. But we expect that to be resolved. I think especially the contract situation, I think is worth noting too, because they’re not giving him a big deal or they’re not extending him before this year. This is a Dallas got hurt here. The keys to the tight end one car, don’t wrap around the pole. Let’s see what you can do with it. And again, the Sirianni offense, it does involve the tight end, a decent amount. He doesn’t have a ton of competition. I mean, Richard Rogers is the backup tight end who at times looked better than her it’s honestly.

0 (19m 27s):
We’ll see. But yeah, I got, I got some more Goddard stuff. Number eight, hunter Henry. I know. Yeah. I’m I’m taking a stand here. I think what is happening right now, the fantasy community and you know, hello? Hello. Hello. This is the, this is me speaking to the echo chamber. That is the fantasy Twitter world where everyone just copies their own rankings and like, oh yeah, that’s right. Yeah. Oh yeah. It’s hard to share because everyone has the same spreadsheet and we obviously have some good guys with spreadsheets, but this is, this is a, this is a gut football handicapper. 1 0 1 they brought in two tight ends, Jada Smith.

0 (20m 8s):
I don’t think his bill is bill Belichick’s type of tight end. He loves him and Gronk and hunter Henry has strong, true vibes. Do

1 (20m 18s):
All this more of the Aaron Hernandez rule. Yeah, exactly.

0 (20m 20s):
He’s gonna end up shootings shooting up. Allegedly. I think there’s a pretty easy scenario where hunter Henry leads his team and targets catches and receiving touchdowns. I know, I know they’re going to run a lot of 12 personnel, but I think hunter Henry is going to show himself to be a much better pass catching tight end than Joe Smith. I mean, you look at the early beat reporter stuff and I do think it’s worth it. Honestly, if you’re hardcore fantasy and gambling and you must be, if you’re listening to a top 10 fantasy football, a tight end podcast, do yourself a favor and subscribe to, or at least peruse some of these like local Reddits for the different teams stuff.

0 (21m 3s):
Cause certain stuff will pop. As far as the beat reporters, et cetera. Pat’s tight in hunter. Henry’s skills are obvious at workout. So I think there’s already some clamoring going on. And I think he’s a guy that’s going to really be able to separate himself. I know they pay John Smith, a decent amount of money. I know they’re going to be running this run heavy offense. It’s going to be different. We might be the quarterback. It’s funny. Everyone just took their same takes on new England. Re put them right back in the microwave, hit five seconds reheated and pulled them out. It’s like the same shit we heard last year. He cam Newton is not going to be the quarterback past week five or six.

0 (21m 43s):
And I think hunter Henry is going to really succeed. Once they put in Mack Jones, who will be their starting quarterback. Brian, before we hear more from the fantasy football tight end preview, shout out props. So up baby brought to you by props swap, oh man, America’s number one app to buy and sell sports bets. You see a ticket. You like, but think the price is too high. I’m sure they’re going to have some, a player props out there. Cause those are fun to get in Vegas. Get those tickets, head over to the wind. Do yourself a nice over hunter Henry receiving yards prop. Then when he’s skyrocketing, you know, as a couple of hundred yards games early, you can list it for sale on props up again.

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0 (23m 9s):
Props, duck, promo code S G Hey Kramer. What are you? What are you doing? Number seven.

1 (23m 16s):
Number number seven is I’m not, I just disclosure. Once Julio got traded, I, I, it would be foolish for me to not put Kyle pits in my top 10. Okay. And I, I like the running back situation, but again, I like, I like Calvin Ridley as you’ll hear later in this series. But again, by putting Kyle pits where I’ve put them, I’m not drafting him, he’s going, he’s going to early for my taste, but I respect the volume. He’s going to see, I respect the situation. Not too different than Goddard.

1 (23m 58s):
If he could have games where he’s featured in a situation where they’re down, a lot of points in there. I mean, they’re Goddard and pits play each other week one. I mean, they, we could, we could see very quickly what these guys are capable of it plus matchup like that. So yeah, I mean, it’s kind of a cop-out cause I, I wasn’t, I was never going to leave him out of the top 10. I do think now with, with Julio out, like there’s an obvious role. We saw what Arthur, Arthur Smith was able to do with the Titans and kind of just maximize the potential of players. He looks like a coach that knows what the fuck he’s doing. So when they took pits, they obviously were taking him for a purpose. And so just from a volume perspective, I think now we’re entering the world where like these guys are all the guys who I think are probably going to average in the six plus seven plus target range.

1 (24m 48s):
And I think that w w with that, and with this guy, his size, and he’s certainly going to be a target around, around the red zone. Yeah. I, I, I’d be curious to hear your take on him because it feels with the, with the heat you’re coming with. I’m guessing he’s not in your top 10. Oh,

0 (25m 4s):
No, he is. I just have him. I have him one spot ahead. I’ll actually, I’ll just do my Kyle pits now. I have him number six. Yeah. I think you nailed it. We’re actually not as high as the market. I mean, a lot of people have Kyle pits, number three, I think that’s just too tough of a that’s too high on a rookie period. And I think him being number six tight end fantasy football would be really good production out of him. And again, I’m pretty skeptical of Matt, Ryan as a quarterback, without Julio and I, and I’m with you to a certain degree, Calvin Ridley, I think you’re going to be higher in Calvin really than I am.

0 (25m 49s):
I mean, I don’t know if it will be possible for me to be higher on, on Calvin Ridley than you, but I just think this Atlanta offense could hit some speed bumps. And I liked the case of them not addressing their defense and still being a good opportunity for the offense. But to me, six sounds right for Kyle pits, seven sounds right for Kyle pits. And when you have him that high, it’s just, there’s just no value in it, either in drafting.

1 (26m 14s):
No. Well, I think the value becomes like you have the tight end cheat code. You have the guy that’s getting 10 targets a week, who’s playing tight end. And I think what I keep coming back to whatever I think or about or feel about Matt, Ryan, I just come back to this Arthur Smith situation and we saw what he did with Ryan Tanner. Like perhaps Ray, Ryan Tannehill, leaving gay step up and all, but like, he will that offense we saw what did some games and

0 (26m 46s):
That’s a good, that’s a good case for them. Anyway,

1 (26m 49s):
Who’s your number seven guy.

0 (26m 50s):
Well, my number seven guy Cole comat and again, he’s probably not in a ton of people’s top tens. This is again, this is Sean football guy. Again, got a good look at him at the tight end summit. Here’s the thing you look at football guy shown Jimmy Graham was actually the number 10 fantasy tight end last year. And a lot of it was dependent on the touchdowns, right? He had eight touchdowns and that’s how he cracked the tight end or the top 10 50 receptions. I mean, who knows what you get out of Jimmy Graham? It clearly, it was kind of like the end of the road for him. He’s not playing this year, right? I mean, I’ll be surprised if they get much out of Jimmy Graham, Jimmy Graham even said, quote, sky’s the limit for Cole commit that isn’t a guy who’s worried about stealing the job.

0 (27m 37s):
This is the guy who’s out in the pasture. They already put them out in the pasture. He’s fine. Passing the torch to coal commit and coal command was a guy who finished strong over the last seven games of the season. His usage increased. He was targeted over five times for game, every one of those last games. And I think there was a lot of stuff that worked in that Trubisky or offense when he came back the second time that they’re going to Institute, once they put Justin Fields in there, and again, Cole cold at getting that local heat. They asked him, they asked the coach who was the bear who stood out the most in OTAs. They, they S it’s coach said, Cole commit the ball, always seemed to find them, regardless of who was a quarterback, AKA Justin Fields, Cole commit Bookit fields had six passing touchdowns, two tight ends in college.

0 (28m 27s):
Take what you will from that. But to me, the Cole commit Justin Fields, best ball stack is juicy. And again, people are kind of on to Justin Fields because of the Russian upside. But I still think the fact that you compare them with Cole kabad, who I think and know no offense to Alan Robinson, there’s a world where probably not the number one target, but certainly a solid number two to, to Alan Robinson.

1 (28m 51s):
And, and you know what, one of the things you have to check the box on to kind of pop into this range. I think touchdowns are great. Like touchstones are important, but I think you can also just look at a target share and say, this is what you’re going to need. And you look at the top guys, it’s hard to find a guy who’s going to really score you on a consistent basis that isn’t averaging north of six targets a game. And so with Cole come at, will you just called out? He averaged 30 targets over the last five weeks of the season, which is exactly six targets a game. Yeah. So yeah, I mean, I, I didn’t have him. I didn’t have the onions to put them in there, but you know, we love that stack with Justin Fields. I definitely have for a guy who’s not in my top 10.

1 (29m 32s):
I have a tremendous amount of coal commit shares in best ball this year. All right, Sean,

0 (29m 37s):
What do you got? Number six, my number six

1 (29m 39s):
Guy. I, this is, this is the, this is where the Stafford love kind of really affects my rankings. Gerald Everett, leaving town. Tyler Hague is still there. And I think, you know, we saw what he could do when he had the, the stage, even with a guy like Jared golf. I mean, we saw it in 2019, not so much last year, but I do think we saw some upside, right? Like we saw some of those games where he had double digit catches even for a hundred yards. So I think you bring in a competent quarterback, you still have Sean McVay, you still have an offense.

1 (30m 21s):
That’s going to be able to run the ball, going to be able to use the play action. And nothing really has changed with the receivers. Other than I think that Stafford is going to push the ball down the field a bit more, which should open Tyler Higby up even more. I would say like Tyler Higbee is the last guy that I, that I would really want to end up with, who I would feel like super confident in. Like if I had to end up with pits on my team, I just, I would still feel like he’s a rookie tied in. So I think Tyler Higbee’s in for a decent, a decent two, two stellar year. I’m going to be drafting him, putting him here, put, puts him in a, in a position where I’m, I’m going to be drafting him more than not higher than market Sean higher than mark.

0 (31m 3s):
Yeah. I mean, you’re making a good case for Higby. He didn’t make my top 10. I mean, I didn’t have any strong bullets against him. For me. It was just kind of a numbers thing. I mean, I got to look at my official rankings. I think I, yeah, I got them at 12 right now, to me that you want to say maybe one thing and take with it, what you will is that it seems like they brought in Matt Safford specifically for the depo, for the deep shot. I mean, they brought into Sean Jackson to, to at, well, I think they’re wanting, they’re going to want to go deeper. And I think maybe that is where Higby was getting some short, garbage that golf was throwing, but that they’re going to really push the ball down with the receivers on the outside with speed.

0 (31m 48s):
And that maybe leaves Higby a little left. It’s a dry there.

1 (31m 53s):
I think I agree with everything you said. I just think it gives them more field to operate with. And I mean, yeah, that’s the good game. If what they’re saying is true, I mean, if you add up the targets that Everett and Hague, we got last year, 120 targets, what’s put you way north into the almost seven target per game. Now, are they going to roll out another, another receiver? I don’t think they’re going to run as much too tight 10 to the tight end stuff. So I do think this is going to be Higby sealing to grab and you know what, as we speak, I almost kind of want it. Can we update our rankings on the fly? Can I, I’m going to bump Tyler. Hey, beat a number five ahead of George Kevin putting George Kittle down to six. So I’ll let you go then I’ll talk about George Kittle.

1 (32m 35s):
Who you already shit on appropriately.

0 (32m 37s):
I’m going well, I, my next guy up next man, up LT three Logan Thomas mean you made a good, good case for him. I mean, as an Eagles fan, I’m going to be worried about how we guard this guy. I think he should be the number two target behind McLaurin. I know there’s a lot of Samuel heat and Gibson out of the backfield Fitz magic. Isn’t really as much a throw it to the

1 (33m 2s):
He’s an inaccurate guy. He likes throwing a bigger targets

0 (33m 5s):
And LT three is big. I think him and Fitz magic are going to have a great connection. Again, same reason why I like a Secchi last year. I mean, LT three coming off 72 catches six touchdowns. And that was with a really bad quarterback situation. You couldn’t get any worse. I think Fitz magic is going to bump that up. I think Logan Thomas in the red zone is going to get him his looks. So for me, the case for Logan Thomas is pretty easy. And number five for the tight end spot makes a lot of sense. What do you got up next? Well,

1 (33m 38s):
I mean, I swapped him, so it’s a it’s Kittle and just to kind of compound here’s, you know, one of the things I like to look at when I’m, when I’m doing these rankings, I like to look at the target charts, both how many targets for a team, or maybe if it’s coach moving, what did he do last year? How many targets are going to go to that position? And then how did that, how did that player fair in the previous year? And when you look at George Kittle, again, maybe I should have been like you and just dropped him lower, but he just doesn’t perform like he’s going to have big games, but I think you’re crazy to take him in the third round.

1 (34m 18s):
And so again, having him this low certainly puts him off our teams for the most part. So not much else to add. The only other thing I’ll say, which I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing, but there is a version. If it is Trey young that they’re running some, some gimmicky shit, Trey, Lance. Sorry, what did that, Trey, you watching the, if they’re running Trey, Lance, I could see a lot of shovel pass the Kittle type stuff. And if he’s getting cheap, stuff like that, obviously he becomes,

0 (34m 46s):
I mean, the scary thing as guys who are down on Kittle is what if he is their number one receiver and there’s a world to that, right? I I’d rather

1 (34m 55s):
Take the bet on it being a brand in ICU or a Deebo Samuel and using the seventh, sixth round, whatever eighth round draft equity to get it versus third round, George Kittle feels steep

0 (35m 8s):
Again. I I, and maybe I just had this bias against the 49ers. Cause I think Kendall and Shanahan, you hate you hate cuddle. You do hate, I do hate kill. Well, no, I mean, I, I want to like George Kittle the thing. Oh, that’s what it was. He all pro snow by Zachary’s should’ve got the all pro they gave it to Kittle. Oh, I’m trying to take my bias away. But you look at the numbers. It’s like, when is anyone ever won their league? Because of George Kittle? I just don’t see it.

1 (35m 36s):
Best serve code Sean. Yeah.

0 (35m 38s):
I mean, they’re putting in the, you know, the echo chamber kids are putting them up there with like Kelsey or wall or like he’s a, he’s a guy he’s in that tier. He’s just he’s he has the ability he has the offense. He just doesn’t do it. So why would I think this is the year and he’s coming off a fucked up injury. If you

1 (35m 58s):
Look, I mean, again, if you look at the games where he was healthy, he did average almost eight targets a game. But if you really look at it, he had a 15 target game. He had a 10 target was like, there was some skewing. He also, the four target came. So my, my take on Kittle would be for him to achieve what people are saying. He’s going to achieve for him to achieve a positive EFE in your draft. He’s going to have to be the number one target. He’s going to have to average these eight targets a game. And I don’t think that’s sustainable period. Now. I just, yeah, it just doesn’t. I’ve given my I’ve given 10 through five now.

1 (36m 38s):
So I think you’re on number five.

0 (36m 40s):
No, F Logan Thomas was my five. I squeezed in my six Cal pits there four. Yeah, I’m on number four, Dallas scattered again, we kind of hit on God or earlier. I think again, him leading the team and, and targets I think is pretty reasonable. It’s weird. There’s a lot of chatter about the legals and Jalen hurts. And obviously we’re going to break that down and in graphic detail for the corporate major, top 10, we’ll have to know when to calm. Oh man, it’s just amazing. And, and people are saying, well, you know, they, he goes my P bottom line five, you know, pass attempts.

0 (37m 21s):
Just don’t see that at all. I think they’re going to be thrown a lot. Cause I, I am worried about the defense. The defensive backfield will have that take for real. No, that bottom five bottom 10. Cause they think they think Jalen hurts is going to be running a ton. Yeah. And those QB runs, they keep drives alive and they keep them on the field. And the more you’re on the field, the more you’re going to pass, like the, if you watch that Colts or offense. And it’ll be interesting to see because obviously Philip Rivers and Jalen hurts very different quarterbacks, but they got the most out of those tight ends. You know, whether it was MOA, Allie Cox, Jack Doyle. And I think they split it up less because they wanted to do 12 personnel and more just cause that was the personnel they had like Mo Allie Cox and Jack Doyle.

0 (38m 8s):
Neither one of them was clearly better than the other. The, for the Eagles situation, Dallas Goddard is way better than Richard Rogers. Now I do think the running backs are going to get involved in the screen game. So that’s going to suck up some attempts. I do think rager will have more targets than he did have previously. And Devonta Smith is this wild card he’s coming in as the number one receiver for the Eagles. How much are they gonna use him? How much do they want to him? He is a smaller frame guy, got her. And again, God has had his injury issues. All that being said, I think they’re going to be thrown a decent amount. And I think Dallas got her. It’s going to get a shit ton of looks.

1 (38m 48s):
Yeah. I think the one angle you is what you pointed out that basically going the Eagles were one of the top teams in target shared a tight ends last year. And so that, that number right there, that 30% number is going to probably regress. If you look at the Colts last year, they use the tight a lot still only down at the 22% range. So maybe that would be a counter-argument again. I tend to not, I don’t see too many versions of the Eagles that end up with a, a team that doesn’t have the bottom 10 in pass attempts is crazy to me that that’s just an incorrect.

0 (39m 24s):
Yeah. I, I don’t know. I just don’t see that, that they’re going to be like a team that pounds the rock. I mean, if you follow the Eagles like I do, there was this story of after they had that nice win on a Thursday night in green bay, one of the things that came out that like, you know, Jeffrey Lurie was kind of busting Doug Peterson’s balls for not throwing the ball more. And then he’s like, oh, we pounded the rock, whatever blah, blah, blah. They brought in the point I’m getting at is Nick Sirianni would not have gotten the job in Philadelphia. If his plan was we’re going to pound the rock. That’s just not going to fly in Philly. And between Howie Roseman, Jeffrey, Laurie, they love throwing the ball.

1 (40m 5s):
Just even if you’re paying attention to the national shit, like Laurie wanting to Jalen hurts, you know, to be focused on like that tells me again, what ma maybe they’re, they’re not going to, like you said, they’re not just going to pound the rock. Last thing I’ll say is that the combination of IRTs and Goddard, you know, tremendous amount of again, targets to the tight end. So even if the regression does happen, but there’s only one of them, he could still,

0 (40m 30s):
He’s still in there. I mean, he’s, he’s in a sweet spot where he is healthy. The Eagles’ offensive line is healthy, should be way better than last year. And yeah. And there’s a chance to pick up a huge chunk and targets. Like what are these of these top 10 tight ends? Who is in a situation where they’re gonna pick up a bunch of targets? I mean, again, I mean, I guess for sir, if you’re putting him in your top 10 me would be the guy he’s the other guy, he’s actually a good comparison because it’s basically where they were splitting the two and two guys. Now it’s just one guy and there’s, there’s a, but I would say the difference is why I have got her higher than Higbee is there’s a chance God, or it’s number one and targets.

0 (41m 14s):
I don’t see a realistic path that that’s for Higbee.

1 (41m 19s):
That’s fair. But yeah, no, I mean, gotcha. And you know, I have got her lower than Higbee is just simply the floor. Like to me, the, the floor on Goddard is lower. Yeah. I’m

0 (41m 29s):
Really like the seal, the floor for Goddard is pretty low because obviously Hertz could be a disaster or God, or could it get injured again? Or, you know, like we don’t, or we don’t know the Sirianni offense. Like we think we do. I mean, this is we’re taping. These pre pre-season

1 (41m 46s):
Pre training camp, Sean. All right. Number four for me

0 (41m 50s):
Right before we get to number four, just want to shout at under dog fantasy, love the, a underdog platform. Love doing their best ball drafts. I mean, we’ve done a bunch of episodes where all we do is draft love. It is drafted best ball, mania lineup. They got, they got other stuff as well. They got the MLB NBA finals games as well. They even have the three team leagues for best ball, which is kind of insane, but it’s, it’s like, it’s fun. Yeah, it is. It is fun. Underdog promo code SGP. And for your chance to win 1 million bucks.

0 (42m 30s):
That’s right. I mean, yeah. What more do we have to say stop wasting your time with mock drafts. I mean, mock drafts, you’re going to draft something with nothing on the line, throwing a 25 bucks or better yet free, just sign up at a hundred dollars, roll the dice with best ball traffic. Again, you know, you can be in 250 leagues, right? You don’t have to manage them. Underdog, promo code S GPN was your number four

1 (42m 56s):
Kramer. It’s Mark Andrews. And I think there is this very interesting narrative about Mark Andrews, where he had a good year last year, but he didn’t have a good year last year. And you pointed out the weapons they brought in, whether it be the rookie Bateman or the, or Sammy walk-ins or whatever, as a reason why maybe he’ll get less work. I don’t think this offense is going to take any targets away from the tight end position, 27.8% last year, one of the top shares in the league. So I don’t have that concern. He missed two games, still ended up as the fourth or fifth tight end, depending on your scoring system.

1 (43m 40s):
So I think having some receivers that can actually be receivers Hollywood brown. Yeah, sure. He can stretch the field. But again, I like the teams that are adding these components that can add space for the tight end to operate. I still think Mark Andrews is going to be one of Lamar Jackson’s if not favorite, top, top one be target. I think I have him here because he’s going to be the one, a target. I think he’s going to be the definitely number one, target around the red zone. And again, the offense that they run, if Andrews has the year that most people expect him to or expected them last year and probably expect them to have this year. I think he, he easily is, is right there in the top.

1 (44m 23s):
And I think he’s one of the guys that can flirt with the top tier of guys who just have so many targets coming their way. It’s hard to compete with them. I do think if Andrews gets enough positive touchdown regression this year, he can pop back up. They’re putting him here for means I’m going to be taking him. And, you know, I looked at my best ball teams. And one of the things I noticed is I don’t have enough Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews stack. And I know it’s a little bit more expensive, but I think I want some of it.

0 (44m 54s):
Well, and the Lamar Jackson, you’re getting at a good price. You’re getting out of the discount because again, I go in low, he’s going forth. I think everyone, everyone had Lamar Jackson as their number one. They were drafted him in like the second round and everyone got burned. So now they’re like, well, fuck this guy. I’m not drafting him again. And we’ve, we’ve taken our shots at Lamar, but certainly from a fantasy perspective in the regular season. Yeah. I mean, I, he’s one of those guys getting a Seattle Russell, Wilson Sacco and, and getting some more shares of a Lamar Jackson stack on and, and, and you’re right. You make a good case as to Mark Andrews being the one a maybe I just, I don’t know.

0 (45m 35s):
I I’m a little worried about their passing game overall and that’s why I had them blower. But yeah, I mean, certainly he was the number four fantasy football tight end for him to run a back and get number four again. Yeah. There’s a pretty easy path to that.

1 (45m 48s):
Cause it seems like he just had a poor year. He was inefficient. Like, and I, again, I think, you know, he, if he has one of those big time touchdown years, cause this offense is clicking again, they’ve changed nothing. All they’ve done is brought in more talent. And so it’s, it’s very, I feel silly for not having more shares of the ball,

0 (46m 8s):
Brian, my number three tight end. And I I’m guessing he didn’t make your top 10. Cause I don’t think you would have him this high Bobby. Tanyan why not Robert, Tanya, I just don’t get the case against Robert Tanya. Is it the touchdown regression? Yeah. Cause we’ve had this conversation about touchdown regression before we had with Aaron Jones and just the Packers in general, the Packers seem anti regression. And I think Aaron Rogers is going to play quarterback for the green bay Packers. He’s gonna have a good year and he’s going to throw some touchdowns to one of his few friends on the team. Bobby Tanya, there’s a pretty easy formula where he is number two and targets.

0 (46m 51s):
He was, he had 59, 59 targets last year. He was only a couple behind Aaron Jones. I think he could easily exceed Aaron Jones, the 11 touchdowns to me. I know he was chasing the MVP a little bit with some of those, but overall he seemed like he really liked throwing the Robertsonian in the red zone. And just in general, like they seem to have a legit connection on the field. I I’m, I’m kind of kicking myself for not having it more in best balls, but just looking at him. I mean, 52 catches on 59 targets, insanely high catch rate.

0 (47m 33s):
Again, he’s not, he’s not in that, in that elite tier of Kelsey and Waller. And that, that is the only tier for me, but right behind it, I think he is. And, and I’m not going to be surprised if he gets you a nine, 10 touchdowns again, nine, 10 touchdowns and maybe more catches like you get 65 catches. You’re going to be number three, a fantasy football title again, ending again. I think he’s the guy that runs a back. Give me Bobby Tanyan I’m guessing he’s not in your top 10 and no,

1 (48m 2s):
It’s tough. I mean, with the felt like he had a pretty good year for his targets to still only be 59 across the entire season, he was carried there based solely on touchdowns. And I think what scares me is that makes the floor really, really low. I mean, there’s a lot of versions of this where Tanya, you know, Aaron Rogers, this is the quarterback, but

0 (48m 25s):
You don’t think Jordan Love would want to throw it to Tanya. I mean, I guess you wouldn’t get those texts

1 (48m 30s):
That way. Look, I, I like your you’re stepping out here. I it’s just, I have outside the top 10 because I, I it’s just too much uncertainty right now and I’m certainly not gonna put them up in this realm. I’m certainly

0 (48m 45s):
Not gonna put them up. No risk it, no biscuit.

1 (48m 49s):
I like it. I like it. My number three guy, TJ Hockinson. I mean, this is just, it’s simply a volume play. And, and w w Detroit lions, they, they had a 558 targets last year, which is pretty pretty high. 22.9. Went to the tight end. That’s only going to go up. I don’t know who we’re going to catch. Oh, I don’t know. Burchard Perryman. We’re just going to roll guys out there. There’s TJ Hockinson is going to average. He’s gonna, he might lead the league in average targets. The reason he’s not in the, you know, your, your elite super sexy, these tight ends. Fuck Kelsey Waller tier is because the offense probably is going to suck.

1 (49m 31s):
And I think there’s running backs that are going to steal points around.

0 (49m 34s):
Yeah. And you nailed it. I don’t think you want to talk about teams that are going to be and bottom five pass attempts. I think it’s going to the Detroit lions.

1 (49m 41s):
No, I think they’re going to be throwing so much because they’re going to be down.

0 (49m 45s):
I don’t, you need to establish the run. Even when you’re down 10 points. That’s what Dan, Campbell’s going to get away from the game plan. You think Anthony, Lynn’s going to adjust. I

1 (49m 55s):
Just would be so bad. I’m with you. Like maybe it keeps them out of being a top five pass attempts team. But I think there are going to be enough targets for, for TJ Hockinson to not eat. He can hopefully score some touchdowns, but if he is sitting there at the end of the year with averaging nine targets a game, I won’t be surprised. And if he’s averaging nine targets a game, it’s gonna be real fucking hard for him to not to be the top three tight ends. So well,

0 (50m 25s):
And I think comparison, we want to about past attempts per game, I’m looking at the bottom five last year. Any, any guesses as to who the bottom five would be last year, because there’s a couple in here that would be surprised.

1 (50m 38s):
I mean, I’m kind of also looking at a list, but I’m sure that the giants and jets are in that list.

0 (50m 44s):
Baltimore is actually the least amount, 25.9, new England, 27.5 Tennessee, 30.1 jets 31.2. So you want to talk about a bad team that still doesn’t get up there. Pass attempts. I think the jets are comparable or offense comparable. Adam Gase, comparable shittiness, comparable quarterback play. So that’s why, that’s why I’m out on, on hoc.

1 (51m 9s):
All I’ll take the, but the Detroit isn’t a bottom five or whatever you said. Pass attempts team.

0 (51m 15s):
Well, I mean, they’re in a dome, of course we hate domes.

1 (51m 20s):
I just think it’s going to be a lot of checkdown Charlie now in the F in like a, the FFPC and tight end premium leagues, Hockinson becomes even more interest. He’s a little

0 (51m 29s):
Sneakier there, but I think again, you look at the, I just don’t think he’s going to get there touchdowns wise. That’s why he didn’t. I didn’t have him in my top 10. I don’t think he’s getting, I mean, you, everyone in the top 10 last year had six touchdowns or more. I don’t think he catches six touchdowns. I think Jared, golf’s a guy that,

1 (51m 52s):
And I just think he’s going to, he could add, he could clear the majority of tight ends by two targets a game. And I think that’s going to matter, like at the end of the day, that will, that will, that’s a crazy stat. Not, not, I mean like the, the field, like after Kelsey and Waller again, Kelsey, last year for reference Kelsey averaged a 99.7 targets, a game wall or 9.1. All right, the next George George Kittle in his injury riddled season 7.9 and then Logan Thomas 6.9. All I’m saying is that if Hockinson averages nine, he’s going to be too clear of most tight ends. So that extra opportunity should now I agree.

1 (52m 32s):
I, the offense should suck. So I’m worried. Who’s your number two guy. Yes, we have the same number two number, number one in number two guys,

0 (52m 40s):
Right? Yeah. I mean, Darren Waller, number two, Travis Kelsey, number one. I mean, you can get cute. And I got cute last year, as far as making a sickie a number one, but yeah, I mean the, the Raiders 146 targets for Darren Waller last year, the guy’s a beast they play in, they didn’t play in a DOE or they did play in a dome last year, still in the dome check number two and targets last year, Nelson Aguilar, 82 targets. That’s out the window. Who’s it going to go to probably Waller’s going to get some of that. I mean, Henry rugs should have more, but he only had 43 targets, hunter, Renfro 77. Like who are you worried about them not throwing the ball to, I still think they have a ton of issues on defense, Darren Waller.

0 (53m 27s):
He’s just playing at a high level. Like what’s not to like about Darren Waller, 33%

1 (53m 32s):
Of the target share to the tight end. They actually led the NFL. So it could go up. I feel, you know, in a strange way, I like Waller at the back end of the second round, early third round more than I like Kelsey in the first round. And again, like you, you walk through through whatever version

0 (53m 54s):
Of out Darren Waller is you have to draft Derek Carr with the stack, which is just not fun, even though Derek Carr’s numbers by all accounts are good fantasy numbers for attempt your stack. Yeah.

1 (54m 9s):
It’s a real cheap stack. You’re getting the quarterback for free, but still make it your stack. I mean that shouldn’t, you know, the more that I, as we were kind of diving in and finalizing rankings and stuff, one of the things I did kind of come back to, which, you know, I punt on tight end a lot, but I I’ve circled back to the thought that there are some guys here who I think I, I am going to start drafting more of, because I, I wouldn’t mind ending up with one of these top five guys. I wouldn’t mind ending up with some guys who I think have a very

0 (54m 40s):
High forward look if you like Robert Tanya. No, I, I know. And I, and I mean, his ADP is like rock bottom for me though.

1 (54m 48s):
Like, especially in season long, why not take the elite pass catcher who happens to play tight end when everyone’s taking their elite pass catchers in the second and third round. And that’s, that’s kind of where I’m at. Like, I think I’m going to end up with more Waller. I think I’m going to start sneaking some, some high, I don’t

0 (55m 5s):
Have it. I don’t have, I don’t have anyone or I don’t have, I have very few shares of Waller, you know, doing this exercise realized it made me realize I, I, when we do these basketball drafts, I gotta, I gotta grab me some more time. I think,

1 (55m 21s):
I think we’ve, we’ve too often. It’s either Kelsey earlier. No one. And I think to me, like if I look at the first five rounds and I want to talk about getting five elite, like most likely pass catchers or running backs, I’m I, I I’ve become a lot more okay. With some of these guys being one of those five guys and,

0 (55m 41s):
And just looking at my, my rankings at my best ball draft strategy, I could come away with Darren Waller and Robert Tanya and not trapped another tight end and barely use a much capital. Well, I mean, yeah, again, no, I mean, Robert, Tony ans ADP is like, no one believes in Robert. Tonyan just me and Aaron rod.

1 (56m 1s):
You look at the, when you look at the board of tight ends, I think taking one of those top guys, pairing them with one, one of those guys in that tier, like to me, w w however you like the tight end position this year, you probably have a log jam of guys from like eight to 17 that are all relatively similar. You can make cases why they’re going to have good years or bad years. And I think you pair one of those guys with an elite guy in best ball. That’s a great strategy. Now in season long, the reason I like getting the elite guy is you don’t have to worry about scrapping and playing the waiver wire game. That’s the other side of the argument, though, right? Save that draft equity for a position that’s harder to play the waiver wire game with Kramer

0 (56m 44s):
Overall PPR consensus ADP for Robert Tanya, AK Bobby T. I mean, he’s

1 (56m 49s):
Probably outside the 10th round, right? 1 71, Jesus, that, that, that I questioned that consensus, but I do think he’s going, you know, what, org in the wild he’s probably going around fixer and that

0 (57m 8s):
Tight end is the ESPN 11th for MFL fan tracks.

1 (57m 14s):
That makes more sense. And that that’s probably in the Logan Thomas for most, for most people like Logan, Thomas Kosaki, Noah fan, or Smith, maybe Tanya, and all in that tier. And that’s here for me too.

0 (57m 26s):
And we haven’t really hit on Travis, Kelsey, but again, just legit beast. He, he doesn’t miss games due to injury. I mean, I think the last game he missed, he didn’t even really miss a technically because he got knocked out of the game. And that was the end of their season. It was that Titan’s chief’s playoff game where he had an awesome first half and then got lit up, got a concussion. But yeah, I mean, coming off another 11 touchdown hunter in five catches, 14, 16, just set a career record in yards.

1 (57m 59s):
He’s great. He had two games all year with less than seven targets.

0 (58m 4s):
His floor is insanely high and his ceiling is insanely high. Like there’s a world where he get, he gets 1500 yards in a 17 game season.

1 (58m 13s):
Yeah. And this is back where now, like, you know, not to get into the value of a replacement, it’s an interesting conversation because tight ends will be deeper and you will have the population of the analytics, people that say, wait, play the stream, or just play matchups. But when you, when you can pick up a T a guy who plays a position where most everyone else is getting 30% less of the target share it, there is a certain cheat code aspect to it. And I think, especially in this year where there’s a lot of question about a lot of the guys being drafted in the top, the top round, especially, but you could argue throughout the first two rounds to end up being able to take Darren Waller with that, like at that swing, maybe with your first pick and the third there at 3, 2, 3, 3, that’s not the worst because you’ve gotten a stud running back.

1 (58m 59s):
You’ve gotten a stud wide receiver. Now you’ve locked up a stud tight end. So again, I’m not typically the guy. Here’s my thing, though. If I do that, I’m not drafting the quarterback. I’m not wait. I’m not spending the equity on that team in the quarterback room. So, and

0 (59m 14s):
The Kelsey’s sorry, are we talking about just

1 (59m 17s):
In general, even Kelsey for like a season long, I, it would be pretty unlikely to Kelsey and then also spend a lot of draft capital on Patrick, my homes now, basketball again, I think you’re almost kind of pigeonholed into it, but you know, maybe we need to have that model. You know, you don’t have to stack the first guy you draft you don’t, you don’t. We’ll see. It’s a lot to invest. Second and third round pick second and first round picks first and third round pick. That’s a lot to invest in a stack.

0 (59m 47s):
And here are B strategies, zero RB. I’m just saying anchors strategy,

1 (59m 52s):
Stack, kill, or Kelsey with Patrick Mahoney homes. That’s a lot,

0 (59m 56s):
It’s not a bad, it’s not a team. It’s

1 (59m 58s):
You got to have some of that, but it’s also like that’s a lot to invent that team. You’ve spent a lot on that stack your end. You’ll probably get a lot back though, right? Maybe hashtag investment.

0 (1h 0m 11s):
All right. That does it for our first of our fantasy, top 10 fantasy football tight end series. Make sure you download the SGPs app, give it a rating and review every Monday drafting winners for a merchant Monday, kind of pick some random reviews, hook them up with Merck, tweet out the winners. Every Monday at gambling podcasts, post a winner in our slack channel, which you should be in. If you want to hang out, chat with us and a bunch of other hashtag there’s only please. How many minutes did we do on tight end?

1 (1h 0m 44s):
And that’s what I was saying. Shit. We were going to do a tight 30. It looks like we’ve done about an hour. Well, yeah,

0 (1h 0m 51s):
Again, I wish I had a ton of energy coming from the tight end summit Ryan feeling on top of the world. Football is almost here.

2 (1h 1m 1s):
Thank you for participating in the sports gambling

0 (1h 1m 3s):
Podcast for the sports gaming podcasts. I’m Sean stacking the money green and he is Ryan. Good luck to your tight end. Sean Craig

3 (1h 1m 10s):
Bled it. .

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