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NBA Playoffs Picks Tonight! Player Props w/ Prop Bet Brothers! Fridayz Parlayz, LFG! | NBA Gambling Podcast (Ep. 198)

NBA Playoffs Picks Tonight

NBA Playoffs Picks Tonight

NBA Gambling Podcast Re-Re-RECAP

Huge NBA Playoffs picks tonight episode! Ryan ‘Rich Fat Baby’ McKee is your host. After a high-energy, coffee-fueled intro, Scott ‘Radio Voice’ Reichel joins RFB at the 3:50 min mark to recap last night’s Brooklyn Nets loss at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks. As a Nets fan, Scott does an amazing job of giving a totally unbiased take on why the Bucks are the better team and why he bet them to win the series before it even started. Spoiler alert! He still is picking them in our first Game 7 of the NBA Playoffs Round 2 on Saturday.

Next, at the 17:43 mark, Scott gives Ryan his sports gambling angle on Rick Carlisle’s exit from the Dallas Mavericks. And, as it turns out, total sports betting degens can climb into the upper-crust of the NBA hierarchy. Shoutout to Haralabos.

After that, at the 21 minute mark, the guys preview tonight’s games and give out their picks and best bets: Philadelphia 76ers (-3) vs Atlanta Hawks; and Utah Jazz (-1.5) vs Los Angeles Clippers.

And finally, at the 32 minute mark, it’s time for everyone’s favorite duo, the Prop Bet Brothers: Jong ‘All Day Long’ Lee and Terrell ‘Sweet T-Money’ Furman Jr! They give out their favorite picks for player props tonight – two best bets each. And then it’s time for the BIG sweat segment, Fridayz Parlayz. Get ready to win some big money!

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