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UFC Vegas 27 Fallout (Winners are Losers) | MMA Gambling Podcast (Ep.40)

UFC Vegas 27 Picks (Loose Chunky) | MMA Gambling Podcast (Ep.39)

UFC Vegas 27 Fallout (Winners are Losers) | MMA Gambling Podcast (Ep.40)

Your favorite mediocre boys (Daniel VreelandJeff Fox) are back in your earholes after very mediocre results at last night’s UFC Vegas 27. Jeff did well at 7-4, but was so chalky he ended up losing money; Gumby was a very mediocre 5-6, which was very on-brand. They figure out what’s next for the big players from the event, and determine that many of the winners are actually losers.

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The MMA Gambling podcast on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network is your home for MMA betting advice combined with maximum entertainment. Every week Jeff “The Arctic” Fox and Daniel “Gumby” Vreeland bring you in-depth analysis on the world of MMA, from a gambling perspective. If you’ve ever felt the desire to choke out your typical boring MMA touts trying to sell you their picks, this is the podcast for you.

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