4 Kentucky Derby Betting Trends That Can Break Every Bookies’ Bank

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Since its formation in 1875, the Kentucky Derby has tremendously progressed, offering different styles of racing games. Although the horse’s goal remains the same, crossing the wire first, the kind of trip they’re going to make varies in style. With this, horses need the real ability to complete the dirt track successfully. 

Every year, the Kentucky Derby takes place every first Saturday of May. There were only two times that the Derby got postponed. The first one was during a war where horses got banned, while the second was last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, it’s back to its original placement, opening the most anticipated U.S. Triple Crown Series.

Before a colt can earn his berth at Churchill Downs starting gate, they must pass the prep races and gain qualifying points.  While some horses are already making their way of earning points, bettors are looking forward to a bigger Kentucky Derby wagering game this year. So, how do you win big at the Derby? Is it necessary to pick entries and be aware of the Current odds.

Prep Races Winners 

As they say, “Practice makes perfect.” This is always true and applicable, especially in horse racing. As mentioned, the horses who want to compete in the Derby do not get their slot by choice. They have to go through many trails and prep races, earning the needed qualifying points that will serve as their ticket in the Run For The Roses. 

There are many Derby-prep races happening before Kentucky comes. However, some of the significant ones that offer whopping points are the Santa Anita Derby, Blue Grass Stakes, UAE Derby, Louisiana Derby, etc. Aside from earning a berth once the horses win, these racing events offer promising prizes, which is another reason to celebrate.

If you are a bettor who wants to win big at the Kentucky Derby betting games, then take a  risk on the horses who won the prep races. These colts have made themselves comfortable at the dirt track and should know how to triumph at Churchill Downs. 

Fade The Favorites 

For many years, horse racing aficionados have been fading away from the favorites. This is helpful because the majority of the bettors are always looking for the best racehorse in the room. Although they got the best lines to win the racing game, some dogs can be dark horses and eventually upset these favorites.

Apart from that, bookies make the best way to lure the bettors, promoting more the favorites. Looking at the bigger picture, the value you get is lesser if they successfully win. However, when the dogs triumph in the game, they get lesser bets and offer huge value at the end of the day.

Although the Kentucky Derby has been dominated by the big favorites over the past six years, the trend of fading away from them still applies. Make sure to weigh your options and always refer to the racehorse’s form to compare their achievements, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Three Or More Starts 

Although the prep races would count the number of racing achievements to each horse, look for someone who made three or more stars. If a horse has worked hard and established his form early by participating in fewer starts, then he’s someone you can count on. It means that the horse is determined to vie for notable titles like the Kentucky Derby.

How about the horses who got one or two starts yet win it all? For the past 74 years, there have only been six Derby winners who made a few starts. It means that the majority of the titleholders have been dazzling in the early games. So, when you look for a horse to bet on this upcoming Kentucky Derby, an entry with the most impressive and number of racing resumes is considerable. 

Consider The Dogs

Underdogs are considered as horses who are not foreseen to win the Derby. They either got few racing accomplishments, or they have won a non-influential horse racing game. However, the main qualifying requirement of the Derby is a three-year-old colt and had earned the needed points.

Thus, whatever achievements they made before the Kentucky Derby begins are plus points. They are all equal upon positioning at the gate. When you are a wise bettor, find time to risk on the dogs.  It happened last year when all eyes were going for Tiz The Law, yet Authentic, who was the underdog, reigned supreme, approaching the finish line first. 


The Kentucky Derby is one of the sporting venues where most punters usually head to. It does not only offer fun and exciting wagering games, but the prizes are overwhelming. If you get lucky, then you can bring the most delicious bacon of the day. So, when you want to make practical Derby bets, the trends outlined above are something you can ponder. 

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